It was a standoff, two stallions flaring their nostrils.

Zack and Mark, the black muscle-stud and the blonde cop, had behaved like a couple of jocks on their night in Las Vegas ....... the boxing, drinking, girls. But half drunk and half asleep their macho night out had ended in their grappling together passionately. However, when it came to the ultimate sex act, both guys refused the very idea of getting fucked. But it was that same masculine pride, the very testosterone flowing through their veins, that finally resulted in the challenge.

'I'll fight you for it,' Zack said. 'That is, if you're man enough.'

'Shit, man, I could take you in a heartbeat, so fast your fucking head would spin.'

It had to come to this. The two studs sat at a table, facing each other in classic arm-wrestling pose. The challenge had to be a contest of strength or of sex. And this was both. Two macho buddies, alpha males, proud of their raw masculinity. They could show male love to each other, be best buddies, but never surrender their ass. No, they were top men, vain, arrogant. And yet ...... one had to surrender to the other. One was to be dominated in the most extreme way that one male could dominate another.

'I've never lost at arm-wrestling,' Zack growled. 'You should submit right now, buddy. Surrender your ass.'

'Fuck you, asshole,' said Mark. 'It's your ass gonna get ploughed.'

They took a deep breath, flexed their biceps .... and the fight was on. Their eyes bored into each other, their arms strained, veins standing out ...... but nothing moved. Their great strength was equal, their determination implacable. The laughter was gone, the mood had become tense. This was serious.

Seconds became minutes and sweat began pouring down their faces and bodies. Their eyes penetrated each other with looks of defiance and intimidation, and their shoulders, biceps bulged with exertion. One man gained the upper hand and pushed the other arm back slightly, but the other retaliated and the stalemate continued.

It seemed like an eternity, but finally each man felt his strength ebbing. It was only a matter of time. Then it happened. One of them found a reserve of strength from deep within and with a howl of triumph forced the others man's hand flat on the table.

It was over. They stared at each other, one in triumph, the other in defeat.

The winner smiled. 'You lost, man. I'm gonna fuck your ass.......'


Zack stared out of the window in dazed disbelief. He had never been beaten before, and certainly never when the stakes were this high. But now his ass was the prize. He turned away from the window and stared into the cop's beautiful face.

'Nobody's ever beaten me at arm-wrestling, man. But I guess if there had to be a first time I'd rather it be you than any other guy in the world. You were great, buddy. You're an incredible guy.'

He held out his hand in congratulations and Mark shook it warmly. 'Zack, you know as well as I do that we're equal. That last burst of strength was just good timing on my part. But, man, you don't have to don't anything you don't feel like .......

'No!' Zack cut him off. 'Don't say it Mark. A fight's a fight and you won. I knew the price to pay was when I challenged you. And now my ass is yours.' Again he stared out of the window. 'It's just that the only other guy ever to fuck me was Randy, and I still remember the pain as he hammered me.'

Mark laughed. 'Oh, I know how Randy fucks ..... I remember the feeling. Randy takes what he wants and fucks like a jackhammer. Every guy in the house has been on the receiving end of that big weapon of his at one time or another. But you see, buddy, Randy and I are cut from different cloth. I don't fuck in anger, I don't fuck to cause pain. I want the guys I fuck to get off on it, to remember it, and to come back for more.'

'Yeah,' Zack smiled. 'Just ask Jamie, uh? I've seen how that kid looks at you. Every time you come home he can't wait to feel the cop's dick in his ass.'

His smile faded as he stood up and pulled the tank over his head, then dropped his shorts. Naked, he faced Mark. 'OK, man, let's get it over with. I can grit my teeth and take my punishment like a man.' He fell on his back on the bed.

Mark stared down at him. 'Man, you are so fucking gorgeous. I guess I wanted to take your ass the first time I saw you naked ...... but I'm not gonna do it.'

'What? But you won, man. My ass is yours.'

'Like I said, Zack, when I fuck I want the guy to love it, not close his eyes and 'grit his teeth' as you put it. Besides I have other ways of getting off. Now I've sobered up I'm horny as hell but there's something great that Bob taught me to do the first time I came to the house.'

As Zack stared in amazement Mark, wearing just his boxer shorts, walked over to the closet and gazed into the full-length mirror on the door. His jaw clenched, his muscles flexed and he began to run his hands lightly over his spectacular naked chest. He moaned softly as he felt his pecs, then the ridges of his washboard stomach, then ran his hands up over his shoulders and down to stroke his perfect biceps.

He spoke softly to Zack, but kept his eyes fixed in his own mirror image. 'Man, you should try this some time. It's incredible getting off on yourself ...... gives you total freedom. You can do just what you want, cum when you want, stop when you want. Look at that guy in the mirror. He's fucking gorgeous ...... and he's gonna make me shoot my load.'

Zack could hardly believe his eyes. He had never seen, never imagined, anything like this .... a stud getting off on himself. It was a brand new experience .... and one that made his dick hard as a rock. He stroked his cock lightly as he gazed in awe at the sight.

Mark dropped his shorts and began to pose naked before the mirror. First he raised his arms, flexing his biceps, then he pressed his fists on the sides of his waist, pushing his shoulders forward and flaring his lats in a classic bodybuilder pose.

'Oh, man,' Zack moaned, 'that is fucking incredible. You look magnificent, buddy. My dick's stiff as a pole.' Then he shouted 'Oh, shit, man!' when he saw what came next.

Mark has moved his hands back to his chest and was squeezing his nipples hard in his fingers. He twisted them viciously and threw his head back as the pain increased. His tousled blonde hair flew wildly and his eyes began to stream tears. His tits were on fire and the pain radiated over his chest. His cock stood out rigid from his golden pubic hair and he began to talk to the man in the mirror.

'Oh, yeah, stud. Let me see you torture those tits, man. Yeah, feel the pain in your chest ..... take it, stud. Look at that hard dick. Shit, man, the pain's gonna make you cum. Let me see you shoot your load, fucker.'

'NO!' Zack shouted at the pornographic image in the mirror. 'Don't cum, man. Please, don't shoot yet.'

Mark dropped his hands but still stared at himself. 'But he looks so fucking hot, man. Look at that fucking jock getting off on himself. Nothing else could make me cum like him. What else could I do with my cock?'

Zack was whimpering now. 'Fuck me, Mark. You are so fucking gorgeous .... I need you, man. I need to feel that cock in my ass.'

Mark smiled. 'You know how looking at a beautiful men gets me off, Zack. It's a question of which one of us looks best.' He finally turned to look at the man on the bed. 'What can you do for me, stud?'

Zack was shuddering with desire for this spectacular man. 'Look!' he said and stretched his naked body, spread-eagling it on the bed, wrists up to the bedpost, feet spread at the bottom. He flexed his gleaming ebony muscles hard, desperate to turn his buddy on, to pull him away from the mirror.

Mark shook his head. 'Gotta admit it, man. You do look fucking magnificent. What do you want from me?'

Zack was pleading now. 'I want you to fuck my ass, sir. Please, I want to watch that gorgeous body hammer my ass.'

'Nah, when it starts to hurt you'll change your mind.'

'No .... No!' Zack stretched even higher to the bed posts. 'Look, man, tie me up. Tie me to the bed and fuck my ass.' He was almost sobbing with desire. 'Please, sir. Let me feel your dick inside me, I beg you.'

Mark smiled ..... a confident, arrogant smile. 'That's it buddy. I knew I could make you want it ..... crave it. Take a good look at me, man. Beautiful, no? I know what I can do to guys, how much I can turn them on. I didn't need to fight you, Zack. I knew that just by looking at me you would submit to me ..... want me inside you.'

He moved quickly. He used his own discarded T-shirt to tie one of Zack's wrists to one bedpost, and Zack's tank to secure the other wrist at the other corner. Instinctively Zack pulled at his wrists and Mark looked with satisfaction at the spectacular ebony body straining and writhing, muscles gleaming as they flexed.

'Perfect,' Mark smiled. 'That's just so you can't touch your cock. Did I tell you that every time I fuck Jamie he shoots his wad without even touching himself? You're gonna do the same, buddy. I guarantee it.'

Zack's heart was pounding, breath heaving as he watched the big cop come closer. But then he shook with frustration and yelled 'NO!'

Mark had turned around and was looking in the mirror again. 'Hell man, I don't know which one of us is the bigger turn-on. The guy in the mirror looks pretty damn good.' He began to stroke his already rigid cock and used his other hand to squeeze his nipple. 'Oh, yeah. That's it, man. That's what's gonna make me cum!'

Zack was straining to get free in a frenzy of desire. 'No, man, please, not like that. Don't do this to me ....... I want your cock, man. Please. You want me to beg? Well, I'm begging you, sir. You've won, beaten me. I submit to you. You are the best.' Now he was sobbing. 'Please, sir. Please fuck my ass.'

Finally Mark was satisfied. The fight had been nothing. Instead, by the sheer force of his incredible beauty, he had reduced the big, arrogant, macho black stud to a beaten, pleading man. The alpha top-man was offering his ass in submission, begging to get fucked. Mark smiled down at the bound bodybuilder, then dropped to his knees.

He grabbed Zack's ankles and pushed his legs backward, gazing down at the black ass raised vulnerable before him. He moved his hips forward and pressed the head of his dick against the hole.

'You sure you want this, buddy?'

'I've got to have it man. Please.'

'OK. This is not Randy now. There's gonna be no pain ..... only total pleasure as you feel my cock slide inside you ...... like this.'

They locked eyes as Mark slowly pushed his stiff rod over the sphincter and into the hot recesses of the ass that by now was a furnace. His cock shuddered as he felt the soft, velvet membrane of the black man's ass. He pushed further, slowly, until the head of his dick came to rest against the hard muscle at the back.

Zack had never felt anything like this before. He could hardly believe that this Greek God was causing the exquisite sensation that shot through his whole body. He smiled up at Mark, his buddy. The two macho jocks, after their night out on the town, were now making spectacular love to each other. He felt the rigid pole resting against the muscle deep in his ass.

Mark spoke softly. 'This is the moment, buddy .... something you've never felt before. This is how it really feels to be fucked by me.' In one quick, final push, the head of his cock pressed against the firm muscle and then passed over the inner sphincter, burying itself in the deepest, secret recess of Zack's gut. Mark watched Zack's eyes open wide, his head shook from side to side, and he howled.

'Oh God, man. Oh, God, that's incredible. Oh, man. I love it. I love you, Mark. Please, man, pound my ass.'

The cop's superb body became a machine as he pulled his hips back, then plunged his shaft deep inside the black ass, again and again. Zack watched the veins bulge in the straining muscles as the naked cop hammered him, watched the beautiful face gleaming with sweat, jaw clenched, eyes wild. Mark was electrified by the incredible sensation in his cock. He was used to fucking his boy but this was different. This was no boy ..... it was a rugged, powerful bodybuilder, struggling in bondage, offering his ass to him.

The pounding was long and ecstatic, but finally the intense sensations they both felt had to come to a climax. Mark spoke softly. 'Now, Zack, I want to see that huge black club of yours shoot its load all over you. You look so fucking incredible, I want to see your final act of submission. You ready, man?'

Zack groaned, 'Whenever you say, sir.'

'OK, stud. Admit it, I am the best. Submit to me!'

Zack pulled frantically at his bound wrists, he screamed, 'You've beaten me. I submit, sir!' His black cock shuddered and a huge spurt of white liquid blasted high in the air, and splashed down on the straining, gleaming chest. As Zack felt the cop's huge eruption inside his ass he shot again, and again, until he was soaked in pools of his own semen. The two men took great gulps of air and it was a long time before their heaving bodies came to rest. They had not broken eye contact, and still gazed into each other's smiling face.

Zack spoke first. 'You are the best, Mark. There's nobody in the world like you.'

Mark grinned. 'No, buddy. We are the best. There's nobody like us.' Then he laughed. 'Amazing what two jocks get up to when they decide to hit Vegas.'


After sleeping in each other's arms for what was left of the night, they woke late and ordered breakfast from room service. Freshly showered, wearing the thick white robes provided by the hotel, they sat facing each other over the huge breakfast. Oddly, they were a bit shy with each other after the extraordinary night they had spent together. When they spoke it was small talk.

'Jesus, I'm starved,' Mark said. 'Can't remember when we last ate.'

'You know time stands still in Vegas, pal. We crammed a lot into one night.'

'Yeah, 'crammed' just about covers it,' Mark, grinned, remembering the feeling of his cock in the tight ass. That remark was followed by another long silence as Mark gazed out of the window.

'Where are you, buddy?' Zack asked.

'Oh, thinking about Jamie as a matter of fact.'

'You miss him, don't you?'

'Yeah, a whole lot.'

'Me too. I miss Darius. I've really come to love that kid.'

After another long silence Zack said, 'When are you working next?'

'Oh, not for a few days. I worked three twelve-hours shifts so now I've got four days off.'

'OK, buddy, you were in charge last night. Now let me take over.' Zack picked up the phone and made two calls. The first was to reception asking to extend the room for another two nights. The second was to Darius's cell phone. There was a pause, then:

'Hey, you doing OK, kid? Listen, you know how I said whenever I call you have to come to me? Well I'm calling now. Here's what you do. You get Jamie, throw a few things in a bag and get Randy to drive you to Burbank airport. You and Jamie get on the first flight to Vegas. Use the credit card I gave you. Hop in a cab and come to the MGM Grand, room 814. Mark and I will be waiting for you both. You got all that? Good. See you, kid.'

Zack put down the phone and grinned at Mark. 'See, buddy, that's the great thing about having boys. You call ..... they come. Just like that.'


There were five of them in the big cab of Randy's truck ..... Bob in front with him and the three boys squeezed into the rear seat, all on their way to Burbank. Bob's flight was to San Francisco where senior management of his financial services firm were having a two-day retreat. Darius and Jamie, of course, had been summoned to Vegas. Pablo was here to see them off.

In the United section of the airport Randy hugged Bob tight. 'God, I hate it when you go away, buddy, even for a couple of days. I'll miss the hell out of you.'

Bob smiled. 'Well, looks like I'm leaving you in good company. Seems you'll be all alone in the house with Pablo. Treat him well, big guy.'

Over at the Southwest Airlines gate the three young boys were talking excitedly. Darius and Jamie had been in a panic getting ready ever since the call from Zack. Sure they were eager to see Las Vegas for the first time, but especially thrilled that they had been summoned there by their masters.

'Now dudes,' Pablo said, 'I want a full report from you when you get back. Dying to know what those guys want you there for. Wonder if you'll all be in the same room. Now that's a hell of a fantasy, even for you Darius.'

The two flights took off more or less at the same time. Randy threw his arm over Pablo's shoulder as they walked back out to the parking lot. 'Guess it's just you and me alone for the whole weekend, kiddo. Sure you don't mind?'

Pablo looked up at Randy, his face glowing. 'Mind, sir? It's a dream of mine to be alone with you for so long.'

'You're right, kid. I've been so busy I've neglected you. Time to get reacquainted ..... do something new together.'

They didn't speak again until they were in the truck on the way home. Pablo stared out of the window lost in thought and Randy said, 'Unlike you to be so quiet. What's on your mind, kid?'

Pablo turned to look at him in that direct way he had. 'Well, sir, me and the guys were talking.'

'Shit,' Randy laughed. 'Mark always says when he hears those words he knows he's in trouble. OK, kiddo, shoot.'

'Well, sir, it's like this. Jamie wanted to really show Mark how much he loved him. He wanted the cop to totally dominate him and the only way he knew was to ask Mark to whip him. So that's what happened and Jamie loved it, pain and all. Now they're closer than ever.'

'Hell, kid, I've already whipped you ..... several times. You have something else in mind?'

'No, sir. It's just that, now we're alone I really want to give myself to you, really want you to use me, dominate me. I want to show you I'm your boy, that I'll take anything from you. Anything, sir ..... even if it hurts.'

There was a silence as Randy looked at the road ahead. 'Hmm. There is one thing I've never done to you. Not to anyone except Bob. Never thought you could take it. Still don't think you can.'

'Try me, sir,' Pablo pleaded. 'Please. I want to show you how tough I am. Like I said, I'll take anything from you. You can do anything at all.'


They were silent for the rest of the drive home. Randy was emotional as he thought of Pablo's request. God, he loved the kid for his toughness, for wanting to prove himself yet again to his master. Randy had caused pain to a lot of guys... he never held back .... but with Pablo it was different. He loved the boy like a son ..... hell, he was his son, by adoption ..... and he was afraid of hurting him. Still, if that's what he wanted ......

Pablo was in a state of nervous apprehension. He remembered how proud Jamie had been when he showed up with whip marks over his naked body. His master the cop had really worked him over. That's what Pablo wanted, to be dominated by his master. But now he wasn't so sure. He knew how Randy could be, how tough and ruthless he was, and Pablo's bravado was now tempered by fear at what the big construction boss was going to do to him.

When they entered the house Randy said simply. 'My room in ten minutes, boy.' Alarmed by the gruff tone of his master's voice Pablo ran first to his own room, then to the room shared by Randy and Bob. In the kitchen Randy pulled a beer from the fridge and sat down to think. He had to admit, he was looking forward to what he was about to do to his boy.

When he went upstairs Pablo was standing by the bed, buck naked.

'What's that in your hand, boy,' Randy asked. Pablo held out the leather collar to him like a ritual offering.

'This is what Zack used on Darius, sir. I was told to take it off him and we've had it in our room ever since.'

Randy's eyes narrowed. 'God, you really want this, don't you, kid?'

'I really want it, sir.'

Randy took the collar and Pablo bowed his head. Randy buckled the collar round his neck and stood back to admire his boy.

'God, you're beautiful, kid. Now I'm sure what I'm gonna do to you. You asked for it, and there's no turning back. Get on the bed.'

Pablo lay on his back and watched as Randy pulled off his T-shirt. As always, the boy gasped when he saw the incredible bodybuilder, stripped to the waist in jeans and boots. He took a deep breath as his master knelt on the bed astride him. Randy reached forward, put his fingers on his boy's nipples and twisted them hard. Pain shot through Pablo's chest but he didn't make a sound. Tears spurted from his eyes but he gazed steadily at the pale blue eyes of his master.

'Yeah, boy. You're a tough son-of-a-bitch, alright. I always knew that, but I doubt you can take what comes next.'

He reached over to the bedside table and pulled a jar from the drawer. He eased back on the bed so he was kneeling between Pablo's legs. Then Pablo gasped and almost shouted out in alarm. Randy had pushed his left hand into the jar and pulled it out, covered in thick lubricant. He made a fist and, with his other hand, smoothed the cream over it.

Pablo watched in horror. Now he knew what was going to happen to him. Darius had once told him a rumor that Randy had done this to Bob to punish him. At least, it began as a punishment but ended up bringing them closer together than ever. But, Jesus, look at that fist. It was huge. Pablo was on the verge of protesting, but his pride stopped him. Besides, Randy had said 'there's no turning back,' and he meant it.

'You ready, boy?'

Pablo answered in a firm voice. 'Yes, sir!' He bent his legs, pulling his feet toward him so his ass was exposed and vulnerable.

So it began. Pablo felt the fingers stroking the sphincter of his ass, gently at first, then with increasing pressure. He felt one finger enter his hole, then two, then three as Randy loosened him up. There was no pain yet, but Pablo clenched his ass muscles in anticipation of what was to come. He heard the deep voice again.

'Look at me, boy. Don't take your eyes off mine. And remember, you're the boss's boy.'

Pablo felt all four fingers enter his ass, then the thumb, and the widest part of the fist rested against his sphincter. This was it. Pablo breathed hard and gazed at his master's rugged face. The pressure increased, Pablo gasped and just managed to stifle a scream as the fist pushed, harder and harder. The pain was building, became excruciating, but just as Pablo knew he could take no more, it stopped. He gazed wide-eyed up at his master.

Randy smiled at him. 'I'm inside you, Pablo. Your master's fist is inside your ass.'

It was true. Pablo felt a fullness in his ass that he had never felt before, a sensation that sent spasms of ecstasy radiating from his ass through his whole body. Now his eyes left Randy's face, moved over the broad shoulder, down the flexed bicep, the veins bulging, down over the forearm and the wrist ....... that disappeared into his ass! His eyes filled with tears as he realized that his master had exerted total control over him. He was being fist-fucked by the man he loved most in the world.

'How do you feel, kid.'

'Sir ...... it's the best feeling of my life. Thank you, sir.'

Carefully Randy curled his fingers slowly into a fist inside the boy's ass and began to turn it, round and back, feeling the hot, velvet membrane of the young ass. Pablo floated into a world of exquisite pleasure. It was not only the incredible feeling in his butt, but the knowledge that his master was subjecting him to the most private sexual act possible. They were joined in a way no other act could join them.

But as his entire body shuddered Pablo knew that his climax was close. 'Please, sir,' he moaned softly, 'you're gonna make me cum.'

'Not yet, boy. I want to enjoy your ass a bit longer. I'll tell you when.'

He pulled his fist back a little, then pushed it deeper into the ass. He turned it round, pulled back, then pushed again. The fisting was gentle and sent Pablo into a place where he had no control. His cock was pulsing and he knew he could not hold back. And it was then that Randy pushed his fist hard into the inner cauldron of his ass, and he heard the voice ...... 'Now, Pablo .... Now!'

And Pablo had the most explosive orgasm he had ever experienced. He opened his mouth and drank in the stream of white cream that poured from his cock, again and again. He swallowed mouthfuls of his own cum, as it splashed over his face, into his eyes and hair. He could hardly breath, his heart was pounding, and in his hypnotic state he was aware of a final sharp pain in his ass as the fist pulled out of him.

As his eyes began to clear he looked up through the film of semen and saw the glorious face of his master smiling down at him and heard his voice. 'That do it for you, kiddo? Is that kinda what you had in mind?'

Pablo was beyond thought. He had felt his master's fist in his ass. It was sensational. He had proved he was truly Randy's boy. But all he could manage to say was, 'I love you, sir.'


Randy was wiping his hand with a towel. 'Only thing is, kid, you've shot your load, big time, but I haven't. Can't let that happen.'

He grabbed Pablo's ankles, pushed his legs high in the air, and with one swift move, plunged his rigid cock into the now tender, warm greasy hole. Pablo gasped as he felt the cock rub against the sensitive walls of his ass, sore from the invasion of the huge fist. But as he regained control of his muscles he clenched his ass round the huge cock as it pounded inside him. He squeezed, then released, and squeezed again, as if he were fucking his master's cock. Randy went through the roof, his face poured with sweat as he pistoned savagely as only he could.

It didn't take long. Soon he threw his head back and screamed, 'I love you, Pablo. You're my boy!' and he let loose a stream of cum inside his boy's ass. When his orgasm subsided he was laughing and fell forward, crushing the young body beneath him. Pablo was ecstatic as he looked at the wild, swarthy face. He began to lick the sweat from it, running his tongue hungrily over the brow, the cheek, the neck, then up to the eyes that he kissed passionately.

After they regained their breath they hit the shower together, Pablo on his knees as he soaped his master's legs and pressed his face against the thick piece of meat swinging between them. Randy looked down through the water and steam at the upturned, adoring face of the boy he had fucked in every way. Finally he turned off the water and smiled down at him.

'OK, kiddo. Food! We gotta eat, especially after all that. Dry off and get in the kitchen .... Now!


After the frenzy of the afternoon the scene was now one of domestic calm. Dressed in only old boxer shorts Randy sat sprawled in a chair watching his boy prepare dinner. He admired the lithe young body, barefoot and shirtless in just surfer shorts ..... and still wearing the leather collar. As Pablo moved efficiently round the kitchen preparing food, Randy reached down to his boxers and stroked his crotch.

'Jesus, you're beautiful, kid. And that ass! Guess I didn't stretch it too much. Still the same bubble butt I fell in lust with when I first saw it.'

Pablo stopped and looked at Randy about to reply, but Randy cut him short. 'No, kid, keep working. I just want to watch you. Pay no attention to me.'

And so throughout the meal preparation Randy watched. His feeling was one of lust, sure, but mostly of pride in this beautiful young kid who had given himself to him. It was the pride of ownership, of knowing that this tough, resilient boy was his. He smiled as he saw the concentrated look on his boy's face, focused on his task. He saw muscles ripple in the young body as it moved round the room. And when his back was turned he saw the incredible ass, the perfect round globes bulging under the thin cotton of the tight shorts.

And that's what did it. Randy rubbed the bulge in his shorts harder and suddenly groaned loudly as he felt his cock rear up and shoot a sticky wad of cum in his boxers. Only then did Pablo look round at him and smile.

'See what you do to me, kiddo,' Randy grinned, looking down at the huge wet stain spreading over the front of his shorts. He jumped up. 'OK, kiddo, now let me help you with dinner.'

Surprised, Pablo said, 'You've gotta wash your hands first.'

'Yes, sir,' Randy grinned. 'You're the boss, chef.'

Randy was given the job of peeling the corn while Pablo chopped onions. That always brought tears to his eyes, and soon they were running down his cheeks. When Randy saw this he moved close and licked the tears from his face, kissed his cheeks and pressed his lips against the boy's eyes. He had never felt so tender toward anyone in his life. But then he felt his sticky, wet crotch pressing against Pablo's leg and he pulled back.

'You want me to change my shorts before we eat?'

'Not at all, sir.' Pablo gave his mischievous, sideways grin. 'Looks perfect to me.'


And so they ate outside in the late afternoon sun. All tension was gone ..... they were at peace. Pablo had proved once more how tough he was, had submitted his ass to the ultimate act, and Randy had unloaded his juice twice, once inside his boy's ass and once simply looking at his beautiful young body. As the meal began Randy reached forward and unbuckled the collar from Pablo's neck.

'We'll save that for later, eh? I have a feeling we're gonna have a great weekend ...... just the two of us.'

They laughed and chatted easily together, about the other guys, but mostly about Pablo and his future. Randy was overwhelmed with affection for the boy, and Pablo's eyes shone with total adoration. But by the time the meal was over Randy noticed the boy could hardly keep his eyes open.

'Tired, kid?'

'Kinda bushed, sir, yes.'

'Come with me.' Randy took his arm and pushed him gently across the lawn into the long grass under the trees. He pulled him down to the ground and they lay in the cool, soft grass. Pablo turned and pushed his back against his master's chest, his ass resting perfectly against the bulge in Randy's shorts. The big construction worker wrapped his arms around the drowsy young boy's near naked body.

Randy whispered in his ear, 'You know something, kiddo. I'm real proud to call you my boy ...... real proud.'

Pablo smiled, almost asleep now, and murmured, 'Thank you, sir. I love you, sir.'

And then they were asleep.


While these two men were winding down, two other young guys were winding up to a fever pitch of anticipation. Darius and Jamie had gazed down excitedly from the plane window as they flew over the Sierras. And now, wide-eyed, they were staring out of the taxi at the extraordinary, over-the-top sights of glittering Las Vegas. This was their first time, and they were blown away.

At the hotel their excitement reached a climax as they rode the elevator to the fourth floor and rang the bell at Room 814.

'Come in,' a deep voice shouted. 'Door's open.'

Timidly they entered the room and closed the door behind them. They gazed in awe at the sight of two muscle-gods, one black as ebony, the other a golden blonde, lying on their back on the bed, wearing only undershorts. The boys expected an effusive greeting but that's not at all what they got.

'Stand there,' commanded Zack, pointing to the foot of the bed. The two boys nervously took their place, their hands lightly clasped behind their backs.

'So what do you say, buddy,' Mark asked Zack. 'Think they'll do?'

'Hmm, dunno,' Zack said. 'The black one looks like he has attitude. Have to knock that out of him.'

'The blonde looks nervous, though,' Mark added. 'Still, I like that in a boy. He can be worked on. OK, boys, turn around.'

They turned their backs to the bed and heard Zack say. 'Oh, yeah, great asses. Provided we can do what we like with them.'

Mark laughed. 'Guess we'll just have to find that out.'

Jamie was confused and nervous. He had no idea what was going on. It was as if Mark and Zack had never met them before. But when he stole a glance at Darius, his friend smiled and winked at him .... he had lived this fantasy before. And that made Jamie relax. If Darius was OK with this so was he. In fact, he was starting to get excited, his cock growing stiff in his pants. Then he heard Mark's voice.

'OK, boys. You'll do. You look like a pair of hot young studs, so we're gonna put you to work. Turn around ..... and get naked.'


TO BE CONTINUED in 'A Trial Of Strength .... Part 79'


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