Steve was fucking Mark's boy. It was a crazy thing to do, but he was not thinking straight ...... he wasn't thinking at all. His lust had overwhelmed all restraint and inhibition.

The night before, the beautiful, macho stud, who looked exactly like Randy, had been introduced for the first time to the mind-blowing experience of sex with men. After incredible sex with Randy and Bob his fantasies had been unleashed and now here he was, the next afternoon, alone with the virile young Jamie.

They were lying on the grass, naked after a swim, and Steve had asked Jamie a question that had been obsessing him. 'I really want to know how it feels to put my cock in a guy's ass. Can you help me out there? Can I ..... do it to you? Just for a minute to see how it feels?'

The question had stunned Jamie. 'Oh, sir. I dunno, sir. I wouldn't mind it.... wouldn't mind at all. I mean, you're very beautiful, sir. But I'd have to clear it with Mark. He'll be off work soon.' He frowned as his mind recalled the words of his master the cop. 'Then again, he did tell me to take good care of you sir, to give you whatever you wanted. So maybe ....... I suppose ...... you said just for a minute, sir?'

Soon, for the first time in his life, Steve was fucking the ass of a man, and he was electrified by the sensation. 'Tell me how it feels, Jamie. Tell me what my cock feels like inside you. I want to know just how it feels to have a man's dick inside you.'

But Jamie didn't respond. Instead, he was looking with horror over Steve's shoulder. He began to whimper, with increasing desperation ...... 'No, no, NO!'

Steve turned his head to look in the direction of Jamie's gaze ..... and reality crashed in on him. Behind them stood a cop in full, black uniform, legs astride, arms at his sides, fists clenched. It was Mark, and the expression on his handsome, Nordic blond face was as hard as stone.

He looked first at Jamie. 'You ..... get out of here.' Jamie grabbed his shorts and ran for the gate. Steve stood before the cop, frozen like a statue .... and waited.


Their concentration was so intense that, despite the heavy silence, neither man heard the truck pull up outside. Darius had picked Pablo up from work and as they got out of the truck they were almost knocked over by Jamie who rushed past them, barefoot, wearing only surfer shorts.

The gazed after him as he ran down the hill, then they opened the gate quietly to see what had caused his sudden flight. It took a split second to realize that something major was going down. Without a word Darius grabbed Pablo's wrist and pulled him out of sight behind the house. They ran round the back, through the back door of their house and upstairs to their bedroom.

They stood at the window and looked down into the garden. They had a perfect view. Their jaws dropped as they took in the scene ..... the uniformed cop standing menacingly, fists clenched, in front of the naked, terrified Steve.

Pablo whispered anxiously, 'Dude, we shouldn't be here. We shouldn't watch this. Come away from the window.'

'Are you crazy?' Darius hissed. 'It's not every day of the week you get to see stuff like this. This is gonna be awesome, dude. Here, I'll just open the window a crack so we can hear.'

Pablo too was transfixed by the scene but still protested. 'I still say we shouldn't watch.'

'Look,' Darius said in exasperation. 'Randy's gonna want to know what went down here, so we're just witnesses and we'll report back to him. Got it?'

'Well,' Pablo said dubiously. 'If you put it like that ......'


The next few minutes were a blur for Steve. Mark suddenly made his move, smashing his fist into Steve's jaw, sending him sprawling on the ground. The cop dragged the stunned, naked man across the lawn to a tree, pulled his arms upward and handcuff them around the tree. Mark's muscles flexed in anger as he gazed down at the helpless stud at his feet. Finally he spoke.

'What was it you asked my boy just now? Let's see now .....'Tell me what my cock feels like inside you. I want to know just how it feels to have a man's dick inside you'.' Mark smiled grimly. 'Well that's real simple, Steve. I don't have to tell you. See, I'm gonna show you how it feels. You're gonna find out just how it feels.'

The muscle-stud pulled frantically at the handcuffs round his wrists. His eyes widened in horror as he looked up at the towering cop, and he screamed a long, echoing, 'NO!'

Upstairs Darius whispered to Pablo, 'Totally awesome, dude. He's gonna fuck him. Steve must've fucked Jamie and that's why he ran away. Look, look .........'

Mark was still gazing down at Steve in silence, prolonging the man's terror. Steve pulled against the handcuffs and began to reason, to plead. 'Please, man. Don't do this. Just let me go and none of you will ever see me again. I was wrong ...... what I did was inexcusable, crazy.' He swallowed hard, in mounting desperation. 'But you've gotta know, it was not Jamie's fault. I persuaded him. He wanted to ask your permission but I talked him into doing it. Please let me go, man.'

It was as if Mark hadn't heard a word. His hand went down to his bulging crotch and he began to unzip his pants. Steve gazed up at him in terror.

'No, man, please. Punish me, beat me ...... but not that. Not my ass. I can't take that .... no way!'

But Mark was moving to a beat of his own. He was seeing Steve but not hearing him. And in his mind he saw the agonizing picture of Steve fucking his boy. Silently he dropped to his knees, grabbed Steve's ankles and pushed his legs backward. He spoke with a mix of anger and sadness.

'Is this how you did it to Jamie, Steve? You looked down at his ass and grabbed your cock like this?' Mark pulled his own cock from inside his pants. What made it rock hard was the sight of this helpless bodybuilder, coupled with the blazing image of what the man had done to his boy.

'Then what did you do, Steve? Did you press the head of you cock against his beautiful young ass? Like this? Did he look up at you scared?'

Steve was shaking with fear. He pulled helplessly against the handcuffs and pleaded again in desperation. 'Please, man. Not my ass. I've never done anything like that. I can't take another guy's dick in my ass. Do anything to me. Not that. I'm begging you, man.'

Mark's voice grew harder. 'Is that how he begged you? Is that how my boy begged you not to fuck him?'

'No, it wasn't like that ......'

Mark wasn't listening. 'But you didn't care, did you Steve? You needed to be inside the hot young stud. So you did this ........' He clenched his jaw, his eyes blazed and he plunged his cock deep inside the virgin ass. The screams of the naked prisoner echoed round the hills.

'Wow!' Darius and Pablo flinched at the upstairs window. They could hardly believe what they were seeing. The uniformed cop was magnificent, kneeling before the naked bodybuilder whose whole body was arching and flexing in pain that radiated from his tortured ass throughout his body. His arms were stretched tight above him, his biceps bulging as he pulled frantically at his wrists, handcuffed round the tree.

It was like his muscular body was being stretched on the rack as it was tortured by the god-like cop. His face was twisted in pain, eyes screwed shut, screams exploding from his mouth as he felt the iron rod plunge deep into his gut. Mark looked down with satisfaction at his tortured captive. He pulled his cock back then plunged it again deep into the burning hole, empowered by the renewed screams that erupted from his mouth.

The cop smiled as his shaft started to piston in and out of the ravaged ass. 'That's it, asshole. You wanted to know how it feels to have a man's dick inside you. Well now you know. Now you know how my boy felt when you fucked his ass ...... the ass that belongs to me. Man, I'm gonna enjoy hurting you. You're gonna really feel this man's dick inside you, shithead.'

Steve was drifting into a state of near-oblivion as pain racked his body. The only sensation he had was the agony in his ass as the piston plunged in and out. He was aware of nothing else ....... until he opened his eyes. In his delirium he saw the incredibly beautiful cop, the blond muscle-god in a black uniform. Steve started to hallucinate, watching in awe as the body rose and fell against him, and he felt the rough serge of the pants thud against his ass. Mark's exertion had loosened the buttons of his shirt that was now open almost to the waist, revealing a sweat-soaked white T-shirt clinging to the hard muscles of his chest.

The day was still furnace hot and both bodies were running with sweat. Mark's shirt was wringing wet and he said breathlessly, 'About time to get serious about this, man. Time to strip for action. Letting go of Steve's ankles Mark quickly pulled off his black shirt then yanked his white T-shirt over his head. He grabbed the legs again, behind the knees, and forced them hard down to the ground, so the ass arched upward. He growled down at the agonized face.

'Time for you to know how it feels to be ass-fucked by a real man, Steve. I'm gonna rip you open.' The pounding rhythm increased ....... but the pain lessened. Instead, Steve was hypnotized by the sight of this incredible cop, stripped to the waist, his beautiful naked torso streaming with sweat that poured down onto him. He saw the body pounding against him again and again, and felt the exquisite, rasping heat in his ass.

The man was stunning, glorious ...... and he was inside him! This muscular, shirtless cop had tied him up and was fucking his ass, was punishing him, dominating him. Steve was electrified by the desire to give himself to this man, to offer his body to him. He had never before felt the overwhelming need to be savagely used by another man.

His delirium deepened and he became enraptured by the glorious man pounding his ass. He saw the stunning face, the muscles flexing above him, pouring with sweat, saw the steel-blue eyes piercing his. The pain in his ass had vanished, replaced by an exquisite pain in his cock, a searing heat that radiated from his cock, down his legs, through his entire body. He was on fire.

He was unaware of his screams, unaware at first of the creamy wetness that began to soak his chest. Then he saw it. His own cock was erupting with streams of semen, pouring down onto him. At the same time he felt another heat deep inside him, heard the cop moan, and realized that Mark was emptying his juice deep inside his gut.


But they were not the only two orgasms at that exact moment. Upstairs the two young men were gazing in disbelief at the scene below them. They were speechless as they watched the shirtless cop ravage the ass of the naked bodybuilder chained to the tree.

Without even knowing it each man had reached over to his companion, pulled his cock out and was stroking it furiously. When they heard the shouts of the two muscle studs they couldn't hold back. Each pounding the other's cock, they shot their loads over the window until the glass was covered in white cum, obscuring the incredible tableau below that had driven their orgasms. In their excitement Darius and Pablo smiled wide-eyed at each other. Then they heard voices.

Steve was sobbing. His mind was a blur, but through the confusion he knew he had to make one thing clear. He gazed up at the heaving body above him. 'Mark, please, you have to know that it was not Jamie's fault. Please don't punish him. He loves you, man. He talked of nothing but you. It was because you told him to give me anything I wanted. He was trying to obey you, man. It wasn't his fault. You gotta believe me.'

Mark's anger and lust were draining from him and his mind suddenly became clear. 'Jamie,' he said to himself. Then louder, 'Jamie.' Then yelling toward the house, 'Jamie!' He ran inside and saw Darius and Pablo coming down the stairs.

'Jamie, where's Jamie? Have you seen Jamie?'

'Yes, sir,' Pablo said. 'As we came in he was running out of the house ...... nearly knocked us over. He ran down the hill.'

'But, sir,' Darius added breathlessly, 'he was barefoot. He was only wearing his surfer shorts. You know, the faded one's he ........

But Mark cut him off. 'Jesus Christ. Oh shit. I gotta find him.' He ran outside, grabbed his shirt, dashed through the gate and sped off in his truck. Halfway down the hill he passed Randy's truck coming up. Inside Randy turned to Bob wide-eyed. 'That was Mark ...... driving like a bat out of hell. What the fuck.........?'


'Now no fantasizing, punk. Just tell us exactly what happened.' Randy and Bob stood before the two boys and listened as the whole story poured out, in colorful detail, despite Randy's insistence on just the facts. The boys fell over each other, taking turns to relate the entire drama, right up to their own orgasms all over the window.

When they had finished Darius said, 'Now if you ask me, here's what I think ......'

'Well we're not asking you, punk, and we don't wanna know what you think. Thanks for the report. Now go inside and stay there. And clean that window! Capiche?'

'Yes, sir,' they said in unison. As they ran inside Darius whispered to Pablo, 'See, I told you we should watch. Somebody's gotta know what's going on here.'

'What do we do now, though?' asked Pablo.

Darius gave an exasperated sigh and rolled his eyes. 'Go back upstairs and watch some more, dickhead. Jeez, dude.'


Randy and Steve were still in their work clothes (suit and tie for Bob, jeans, boots and tank top for Randy) as they walked over to the tree where Steve was still lying on his back naked, his eyes closed, arms stretched upward and handcuffed round the tree. As he heard footsteps he opened his eyes and looked up at the men who had introduced him to sex the night before.

He groaned. His thoughts were still racing ...... the mess he had made of everything by fucking Jamie, the horror of his punishment by Mark. But overriding all that was his confused mix of disgust and elation at the memory of getting his ass fucked by the magnificent cop, and his own spontaneous orgasm. And now, as he faced Randy and Bob, he burned with shame and embarrassment. Randy grinned down at him.

'So, I hear that you got your ass fucked real good, Steve. Pity. I was saving that pleasure for myself. I like breaking a man in. Still, if you're gonna get your hole ploughed for the first time you can't do better than Mark. Shit, just look at him. The man's a fucking god. He could have anyone he wanted, man or woman, and you were the lucky guy.'

Randy's eyes travelled over the cum-soaked chest. 'And I see he made you shoot a fucking monster load over yourself, man. No surprise there ...... anyone would.' Then he laughed out loud at the thought of the habitual therapist question. 'And how did you feel about that, Steve?'

Steve blushed and moaned. 'Shit, I've messed up so bad. You guys really gave me the best time of my life, then I go and do that to Jamie. I was just so turned on by you guys that I needed more, I guess. You can do whatever you like to me, Randy, I deserve it. Beat me, hurt me. I need to be punished.'

Randy grinned. 'Oh, that's right. You don't know my rule in this house, do you? Here it is, Steve. You fuck up, you get punished and that's it ..... it's done ...... in the past. You messed up, you fucked the cop's boy, and Mark punished you big time. That was his business, not ours. And it's finished. So get over it, Steve.'

'It's not as easy as that,' Steve groaned. 'Look guys, just set me free and I'll get the hell out of here, out of your lives. I can't handle any more of this.'

Bob smiled down at him. 'Afraid you're gonna have to, Steve. Mark left here in an all-fire hurry and still has the key to the handcuffs. Only he can set you free.'

The horror and embarrassment of his situation caved in on Steve and he groaned. 'Oh shit. This is fucking unbelievable.'

Bob took pity on him. 'Look, at least let's get you up off the ground. Here, let me help.' He hauled the big, naked body toward the tree and Steve was able to twist his arms behind him until he was sitting up against the tree. Then, strugling some more, he pushed himself slowly upward until he was standing, his arms still cuffed behind the tree.

Now that he was upright the pool of cum covering his chest began to run down his body, over his groin and down his legs. His body and face were streaked with dirt and his muscles gleamed with sweat in the late afternoon heat.

Randy and Bob stood back and gazed in admiration. 'Hell, man,' Bob said, 'you really are one hell of a hot stud. Look at that body, that face. You look so fucking great you make my dick hard.'

Randy grinned. 'You too, uh? Look at this,' and he cupped his hands round the bulge in his pants. He stood back and looked at Steve quizzically. 'You know man, seeing you there in bondage makes me want to whip that gorgeous body of yours. That would be a real turn-on.'

'Do it then, man,' said Steve. 'I deserve it. Thrash me and I'll leave and you'll never see me again.'

'Nah ...... too easy, man.' He thought for a second. 'So, you'll leave and we'll never see you again, uh? I don't think so Steve. I have a way of punishing you that'll make sure you always want to come back. And I'm not gonna lay a hand on you.'

Steve waited in nervous anticipation. So did two faces at the upstairs window, though not so nervous ...... enthralled would be more like it. Darius breathed, 'Hell, dude, today just won't quit. We'll be beating off to the memory of this day for ever.'


Randy turned his attention to Bob and ignored the naked man chained to the tree. 'Hey buddy, time you got out of those work clothes. Come here.' Randy reached forward, loosened Bob's tie and unbuttoned his shirt. He pushed it off, then pulled the T-shirt over his head and threw it down. He stood back and gazed at his shirtless lover, his muscles gleaming in the setting sun.

'Hell, man, why would I bother with anyone else when I've got you? You're so fucking gorgeous. Let's see now, what's the first thing that always happens when we get home from work? '

'You fuck my ass, sir.'

Randy grinned. 'So why should today be any different?'

Quickly he unbuckled Bob's belt, unzipped the pants and they fell to the ground. In a second he was naked. Bob was thrilled to hear Randy's voice become rough, guttural. 'On you back, boy. Right here, in front of the asshole tied to the tree.

Steve gasped as Bob fell on his knees in front of him, then onto his back at his feet. The handcuffed man looked at the glowering construction worker and was shocked to feel his own cock start to get stiff. Randy wasted no time. He fell on his knees in front of Bob, ripped open his pants and pulled out his rigid cock. Roughly he pushed Bob's legs up, brought his dick up to his hole and with one brutal push, buried it in his lover's ass.

Two shouts pierced the silence ....... Bob's as he felt the familiar, glorious sensation of his master's cock penetrating him. And Steve's as he gazed in awe at the sight of the naked bodybuilder being ploughed by the construction worker. Nobody heard the excited young voices of the boys watching from upstairs.

Steve found himself falling under the same spell as when he first watched Randy fuck his lover. He was enthralled at the sight of the muscular physique under the tight, grimy tank top, the dark, intense, demon face, the hips moving powerfully back and forth as the thick rod pistoned in the bodybuilder's ass. Bob was pounding his own cock in his fist.

Steve was being driven to a frenzy as he pulled frantically at the handcuffs behind the tree and his dick became rock hard. He wanted desperately to touch the sweating bodies. 'Come closer,' he breathed. Let me feel your bodies, guys. I can't take this. I need to feel you. I need to touch my dick. I gotta get free.' His muscles rippled as he bucked and strained against his restraints.

But the men ignored him. They were close. The pounding got faster, the breathing heavier, until, with ecstatic shouts, their two cocks erupted, Randy's inside the furnace of the ass, the other spraying cum upward in a high arc, all over the chest of the construction worker. 'Yeah, man, you're the best,' Randy breathed. 'Fucking awesome. God, I love you.' And he fell forward onto the naked body.

Suddenly they heard a shout and felt hot liquid raining down on them. Steve was going wild. His arms and shoulders stretched and bulged as he struggled to get free and he felt his cock explode in his second spontaneous orgasm of the day. In disbelief he watched his semen stream all over the sweat-soaked muscles flexing and writhing at his feet.

Upstairs too, there were shouts of joy as the two boys shot their second load of the afternoon. As cum streamed down the glass Darius look at Pablo and burst out laughing. 'Shit, dude, and we only just cleaned the window after the first time.'


An hour later the earlier frenzied atmosphere in the house had turned to gloom. Mark had finally returned home empty handed. No Jamie. Quietly Bob took the handcuff key from him, went outside and released Steve who quickly got dressed.

'I gotta get out of here, man,' Steve said.

'Yeah, I understand. But I'll call you tomorrow, OK?' Steve drove away and Bob returned to the kitchen.

As Darius and Pablo busied themselves getting dinner ready, Randy and Bob sat at the table and watched Mark sit with his head in his hands. 'He's gone,' he groaned. 'I looked everywhere. Couldn't find him.'

'He'll come back,' said Bob gently.

'I don't think so,' Mark said. 'And it's all my fault. I told him to get out ...... the words he was terrified of hearing. He thinks I threw him out.'

'Of course you didn't, man,' Bob said. 'We all know that.'

'But he doesn't. That was always his worst fear, that I would get rid of him. And now it's happened. God, I love the kid. I don't know what to do, guys. He's gone. He's got no clothes, no money. What the hell will he do?'

'Bob's right, Mark,' Randy said. 'He'll be back. And if he doesn't show up by tomorrow, we'll all work together looking for him.'

As Bob and Randy tried to reassure Mark, Pablo was listening intently. He turned to Darius and whispered, 'Hey, dude, think you can handle dinner on your own? Something I gotta do.'

'Sure, kiddo.'

'I need the keys to the truck. Thanks, dude. See you soon, I hope.'

Clutching the keys Pablo left the room quietly, unnoticed by the guys at the table. He ran up to Jamie's room and stuffed one of the boy's T-shirts and sneakers into a back-pack. He ran back downstairs to his dog Billy, his faithful Doberman who went everywhere with him. 'Come on, boy. We got a job to do.'


Down the hill, across Figueroa and just over the Pasadena Freeway is the Arroyo Seco, an expansive, green wilderness area where a person can lose himself. During the day it was frequented by hikers, but at night it was home to coyotes, deer and the occasional bobcat. It was also home to the homeless, where people down on their luck would spend the night in the thick brush. And it's here that Pablo headed.

He had been to the Arroyo Seco a couple of times with Jamie, who had lived there for a while back when he had been homeless. They had hiked and explored there and Jamie related stories of his days and nights living rough in this wild place. Pablo had a hunch that Jamie believed he was homeless again as he had been evicted from the house by Mark. Made sense that he would head here.

But where to start? Parking the truck Pablo set out of foot, with Billy at his heels, and they began trudging through the grass and bushes. Fortunately there was a bright full moon, but it didn't help much as the area was huge. They slogged on for a while, but it was like looking for a pin in a haystack. Suddenly Pablo stopped and pulled out Jamie's T-shirt and sneakers that he had stuffed in his backpack. He looked down at Billy, whose brown eyes gazed up at him.

'Now I know you're not a bloodhound, kid,' Pablo said, 'but let's give this a try.' He held the shirt and sneakers against Billy's nose. He knew the dog loved Jamie, ever since the boy had saved his life when he had been attacked by a pit bull. Still, this was a longshot, and Pablo said, more in hope than conviction, 'OK, Billy. Jamie! You know Jamie. He's your friend. We need to find him.'

Billy cocked his head to one side with a puzzled look, confirming that he was no bloodhound. But then he seemed to take an interest in the shoes, burying his muzzle into them, and suddenly turned and took off, his nose in the air. Pablo stumbled after him but soon lost sight of him. Then he heard barking and followed the sound. 'Bingo!' he said to himself.

He came across the pair almost hidden under a tree on a grassy slope. Jamie was sitting hugging his knees, trying to pull his face away from the long wet tongue licking him. He looked up as Pablo approached.

'What the fuck are you doing here?' he said gruffly. 'Come to gloat that I've been thrown out of the house and you're still there? It's OK for you. Randy adopted you so your safe, but I always knew Mark would get rid of me one day. I deserve it too, after what I did.'

'Hey, hey, slow down, dude.' Pablo sat on the grass beside him. 'First of all, he hasn't got rid of you.'

'He told me to get out of there.'

'Asshole. That was only because he didn't want you to see how he punished Steve.'

Jamie looked up at him. 'He punished him?'

'Yeah. Fucked his ass real good. It looked incredible. Steve pleaded with him not to but, well, you know the cop.'

'How do you know all this?'

Pablo paused. 'We .... er .... we saw it. Darius and me. We were watching from an upstairs window.'

Jamie saw the mischief in Pablo's eyes and grinned for the first time. Pablo was on a roll, now. 'But listen, kiddo, Steve made it clear to Mark that nothing was your fault, that he persuaded you.'

'But I let him fuck me, and Mark saw it. He threw me out. He'll never want me back.'

'That's not true, dude. He came looking for you and couldn't find you. He's real beat up about it. Looked kinda desperate. He told Randy and Bob he loves you and doesn't want to lose you.'

Jamie whimpered and began shivering hard. He was shirtless, barefoot, and in the semi-desert climate of Los Angeles hot days can quickly cool into cold nights. Pablo grabbed the backpack. 'Here, put this shirt on, and your sneakers.' Jamie did that but still shivered. Pablo threw his arm round him, pulled his head to his chest and held him tight. Jamie started to sob uncontrollably.

'Man, I really fucked up this time. I really love him, but I can't go back. I feel so ashamed. Why would he want me, anyway? Just look at him. He can have anyone he wants, man or woman. Why would he choose me?'

'But he did choose you, Jamie. Hell, have you seen the way he looks at you? He's crazy about you, kiddo. Like the sun shines out of your sweet ass. Come with me and see for yourself.'

Jamie pulled away. 'I'm not going back there, dude. No way. I just can't.'

Pablo jumped up in exasperation. 'OK, asshole, have it your way. I just don't understand one thing. You say you love him, but you're gonna let him suffer. You're gonna be the cause of his pain and loneliness. Way the go, Jamie. Come on, Billy. We're done here.' And he started to walk away.

'Wait! Are you really sure he wants me back?'

Pablo cocked his head, with his trademark crooked grin on his face. He spread his arms wide. 'Hey, dude. This is me, Pablo. Would I lie to you?'

As Jamie struggled to his feet he was smiling for the second time that night.


It was late but Randy, Bob and Mark were still hunched over the kitchen table nursing the latest of many beers. Their mood was morose. Darius hovered nearby, not sure whether to stay or leave. Randy looked up.

'Hey, punk. Where the fuck's Pablo, anyway? You said he had to go out? He should have cleared it with me.'

'I know sir, but .......' He was saved from making up some lame excuse by the sound of a truck pulling up outside. 'Talk of the devil.' Soon the door opened and Pablo walked in.

'Where the fuck have you been?' Randy growled. 'I thought I told you that if ever you go out at night .......'

Pablo interrupted. 'I'm sorry sir. But I had to do something. I have someone with me.'

Through the door walked a sheepish, bedraggled-looking Jamie, body streaked with dirt, eyes stained with tears. He looked nervously at Mark who stood up with a deep sigh of relief. As he walked toward the boy Jamie flinched, but Mark held out his arms and Jamie fell into them. His words poured out in a heap.

'I'm sorry, sir. I was gonna stay away but then Pablo came and he talked to me ..... a lot ..... and he convinced me that you ........ If it wasn't for Pablo, I ......' and he started to sob.

Mark was steady as a rock. 'Not now, kid. We'll talk later. Right now you're gonna go upstairs, take a shower and wait for me. When I come up I'm gonna make love to you. All night. Is that clear?'

'Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.' Jamie turned and on his way out gave Pablo a long, tight hug. 'Thanks, dude,' he stammered. 'You saved my life. I owe you .... big time.' And he left the room.

Mark looked at Pablo, smiled and shook his hand. 'I guess that goes for me too, kid. I can't thank you enough for what you've done.' He turned to Randy. 'Hey big guy, you've got one terrific kid here. He's a hell of a guy. You should be proud of him.'

Pablo glanced up at Randy and grinned a shy grin. Randy smiled back, his eyes glowing with affection and pride. 'You did great kiddo ..... awesome. I'm real proud you're my boy.'

'Thank you, sir. He just needed a friend.'

'I've neglected you lately, kid. I've missed you, and I'm gonna make it up to you. I've got something real special in mind for you. We'll talk tomorrow. Now take Darius away and tell him your story. He needs that fantasy file of his updated.'

'You betcha,' said Pablo, taking Darius's arm and dragging him away.

'Shit, what a night,' said Mark, slumping in relief at the table. 'You know, guys. Jamie's still so damned insecure. I've gotta find some way of convincing him that he's really my boy and always will be. Do something to show him he really belongs to me. And I have an idea.' He grabbed pen and paper from the dresser and started to draw. 'Here, guys. What do you think of this?'


Early next morning, having made love to Jamie most of the night, Mark leaped out of bed. 'OK, kid, we're going out. Put on that muscle T-shirt of yours, the one with no sleeves. It's about time I proved to you who you are.

Jamie felt dazed but did exactly as he was told. As he followed Mark through the kitchen he saw him grab a scrap of paper from the table. They drove in silence down to Figueroa and eventually pulled into a small parking lot.

Marked turned to his boy and said, 'Jamie. I'm going to ask you this just once. Think hard before your answer. Do you really want to belong to me?'

'I don't have to think, sir. Yes, sir. More than anything in the world.'

'OK. That's all I needed to hear.'

Jamie looked up at the sign over the small building they were entering. 'Tattoo Parlor.' In a few minutes we was sitting in a big chair, in a daze, while Mark spoke to the tattoo artist and explained the sketch on the paper he had brought. The artist made a stencil, and was soon rubbing liquid over the shoulder of Jamie's bare right arm. In a few minutes he was ready.

'Jamie,' Mark said. 'This may hurt at first but I want you to look at me all the time, and remember what you told me outside. His blue eyes held Jamie's with a piercing look. I'm going to own you, Jamie.'

Jamie flinched as he felt the needle prick his arm. There was ensuing pain somewhere in there but Jamie didn't feel it. With the buzz of the needle in the background he gazed into his master's eyes and realized what was happening to him. He was being branded! The emotion of the moment was so intense his eyes filled with tears that soon overflowed down his cheeks. Mark's gaze was solemn and steady.

It took a long time, and when it was over Mark said, 'Come here, boy. Look in the mirror.' Jamie looked at his shoulder and saw on his deltoid muscle two letters, MM, intertwined. Mark gripped Jamie's chin and turned his face toward him, looking deep into his eyes. 'That's the mark of ownership, Jamie. 'MM ..... Mark Matsen.' He owns you. You're his property. You will live with him, obey him, do whatever he orders you to. He will use your body, love you, protect you. He is your master. You are his boy. Do you finally accept that, Jamie?'

'Absolutely, sir.'

Mark's face relaxed into a smile and he brushed the tears from Jamie's cheek. 'And tomorrow this cop is going to take the man he owns on a trip up the coast. You remember that shack in the dunes where we first made love? We're going there again. I'm gonna fuck your ass raw. And once and for all, I will take full possession of my property ...... of my boy.'


TO BE CONTINUED in 'A Trial Of Strength - Part 64'


Rob Williams

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