'So, peace at last,' Bob grinned. 'Feel's great doesn't it? And we have you to thank, buddy.' Bob threw his arm round Mark's shoulder. The cop had just got home from his shift and was still in his uniform. He blushed a little as he replied.

'Just did what I had to, man. Randy was being a jackass so I took over. Nothing to it.'

They were referring to the upheaval the architect Lloyd had caused with his sexual compulsion and his lustful fixation on Randy, the big construction worker, master of the house. It had threatened to destroy the relationship between Randy and Bob and tear apart the group of six men. But Mark had punished Randy and Lloyd and harmony was restored.

'Still,' Bob said. 'I owe you big time, officer. Anytime I can do anything for you, just say the word.'

'I just might take you up on that, stud,' and Mark kissed Bob lightly on the mouth.

'So, back to work,' Bob said. 'Better see how young Jamie's getting along.'

'How's that going?'

Mark was proud of his boy. Bob had chosen Jamie to be his part-time business assistant and he had made a big success of it so far, taking on more and more of the accounts, bookkeeping and payroll for their expanding construction company.

'It's going great,' Bob said, 'except we're expanding so fast, I'm thinking I might have loaded too much work onto him. He's such a perfectionist, and he's in there right now sweating over a minor error in the books he can't locate. To make matters worse he had an argument earlier with Pablo and Darius, so he's in a terrible mood. I better check on him.'

Bob and Mark had been drinking beer in the bedroom and now Bob went through the door to his adjoining office. Mark smiled as he heard Bob speak encouragingly to Jamie. But his smile became a frown as he heard Jamie's voice rising in anger and frustration.

'I can't get it to balance,' Jamie said loudly. He was sitting at his work station and banged his hand hard on the desk. 'It won't come out. This always happens. It's too complicated for me. You've given me too much. I'm better off working on cars in the Motor Pool. You forced me into this.'

'Come on, Jamie. It's not that bad. Let me give you a hand.'

Jamie's temper was rising. 'Don't baby me. You always do that. Makes me feel useless.'

'Hey, hey,' Bob said in a conciliatory tone. 'Where's all this coming from all of a sudden? You're just frustrated, is all. The discrepancy's not large. Just throw in an error correction and forget about it.' Bob put his hand on Jamie's shoulder but the young man threw it off.

'Fuck you,' Jamie said. His anger was rapidly spinning out of control and his old insecurities loomed up. 'I need to find the mistake. I need to prove myself and I've failed. Just because everyone here loves you, you don't know what it's like to be an outsider. You think you can do what you like with me. Well, I've got news for you. You're not my master, Mark is, and he'll beat the shit out of you if he thinks you've been working me too hard. I hate this job and I hate you. You're an asshole. And I quit.'

'Jamie, Jamie ..... just take a deep breath and relax,' Bob said soothingly. 'You know you don't mean any of this.' Bob again reached out to the agitated boy but Jamie pushed him hard against the work station. Caught off balance Bob fell backward to the floor, pulling the computer with him. The huge crash unnerved Jamie who stared in horror at what he had done. In a blind panic he rushed out of the room and fled from the house.

Mark had heard all this and resisted intervening in the argument. But now the crash made him run into the office and he bent to help Bob.

'Jesus, man. You OK?'

'Yeah, yeah. But that's more than I can say for the computer.'

'What the fuck was all that about?'

Bob pulled himself to his feet. 'It's probably been building for some time. As I said, I may have loaded too much work on him. He only works a few hours a day but it should really be a full-time job. It's my fault more than his.'

Mark clenched his fists. 'The hell it is! My boy does not insult my best buddy, one of his masters, and get away with it. I don't care what the explanation is. There's no excuse for behavior like that and I'm damn well gonna make that brutally clear to the little fucker.' Mark turned and strode out of the house, leapt into his truck and peeled away.


He didn't have far to go. Jamie was staggering down the hill, almost falling as he ran. Mark pulled in front of him and leapt out of the truck. His eyes blazed as he confronted the breathless boy.

The cop's tone was steely. 'Get in the truck.'

Jamie's body heaved. 'Leave me alone. I hate my job, I hate Bob and I hate you too. You let him work me too hard. Bob's an asshole.'

Mark couldn't believe his ears. He knew that Jamie was bordering on hysteria, and he brought the back of his hand across his face, sending the boy sprawling on the ground. He growled threateningly, 'I said, get in the truck, boy.'

Jamie looked up at the uniformed cop, at the anger etched across his handsome face, his penetrating blue eyes, and the muscular body heaving under his uniform. He was totally intimidated by the sight of his master towering over him and the hysteria drained from him. Meekly he pulled himself to his feet and hung his head.

'Now! You gonna obey me, you little fucker?'

'Yes, sir,' Jamie whispered. He opened the truck door and pulled himself in.

Mark climbed in beside him, did a U-turn and drove back up to the house in silence. When the truck stopped he turned to the terrified Jamie. 'What have you got to say for yourself?'

'Do you want me to leave the house, sir?'

Mark slammed his hands on the steering wheel. 'No, dammit! I want you to apologize.'

Jamie cleared his throat nervously. 'I don't know where to begin, sir. I don't know what came over me. I was in such a bad mood. I really fucked up, I know. I didn't mean a word I said. I love Bob and I love working with him. I love you too, sir, more than my own life. And now you'll send me away .......' And tears began streaming down his face.

'Jesus you make me so fucking mad sometimes. Did I say anything about getting rid of you? Though I probably should. But a boy of mine does not act like a hysterical girl. You have to pay. You have to make amends.'

'I know sir,' Jamie said in a small voice.

'Here's what's gonna happen. First you're gonna apologize to Bob. The man is a fucking saint, he's been a mentor to you, and you fucking insult him. You're coming in right now and try to apologize.'

Mark leapt from the truck, walked round to the other door and pulled Jamie out by the scruff of his neck. Grabbing the top of his T-shirt he marched him through the gate, into the house and upstairs to Bob's office.

'OK. Do it!'

Jamie gulped and knocked timidly on the door. When he heard 'Come in,' he nervously turned the handle and walked in, with Mark behind him.' Bob was still clearing up the mess of the broken computer.

Mark's voice was cold. 'This boy has something to say to you.'

Bob looked up at Jamie who was wiping his sleeve across his eyes. He cleared his throat and spoke slowly. 'First of all, sir, I love and respect you. I didn't mean any of those things I said to you. I loved my job here, though I realize you won't want me anymore. There's no excuse. What I did was horrible. But I hope that one day you will be able to forgive me, sir.'

Bob was moved by this little speech and took a step toward Jamie to comfort him. But Mark frowned and shook his head slightly as a warning. Bob realized Mark was in charge so he said quietly, 'Thank you for the apology, Jamie. We'll talk later about your job here. But Mark is your master so I leave him to decide what comes next.'

'Thank you, sir. I'm sorry, sir. I love you, sir. I just .......'

But Mark cut him off, grabbed his shirt again and marched him out of the room. When they were in their bedroom Mark grabbed a beer from the small fridge there and sprawled in the armchair, still heaving with anger. Jamie stood nervously in front of him, waiting to hear his fate.

'OK. First, you will pay Bob a hundred dollars a week until you've covered the cost of a new computer. Understood?'

'Yes, sir.'

Mark paused. 'I'm seriously disappointed in you and it kills me that you insulted Bob like that. I've never been so angry with you. You know I have to punish you, don't you?'

'Yes, sir. Are you going to whip me, sir?'

Mark thought hard before coming to a decision. 'Did you ever have a dog?'

Jamie blinked in surprise at the question out of nowhere. 'N .... no, sir.'

'Well let me tell you something about punishing a dog when he misbehaves. You don't whip it .... never works. The worst punishment you can give a dog is to separate it from the family. And that's what's gonna happen to you for the next twenty-four hours, starting tonight. You will not come down to dinner with the other guys, and you will not sleep with me. You'll sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed. I'll leave you to imagine what happens tomorrow.'

'Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.' Jamie welcomed his punishment, welcomed the chance to make amends. And he felt overwhelming relief that it seemed Mark was going to keep him as his boy.

'OK, strip naked.'

Quickly Jamie obeyed, kicking off his sneakers, pulling his shirt over his head and dropping his jeans. He stood naked watching as his master finally began to take off his uniform. He unbuttoned his shirt and threw it off. As Jamie looked at the white T-shirt stretched over the stunning torso he felt his cock start to swell. Then the T-shirt came off and Mark stood stripped to the waist.

After a hard day's work and the stress of the last hour the cop took a deep breath and stretched his muscular arms over his head. Jamie could not control a gasp as the watched the glorious body, the wide shoulders tapering down to the small waist, the black uniform pants tucked into high, shiny boots. The man was magnificent and Jamie's cock became rigid, standing straight out in front of him.

Mark pulled off his boots and Jamie wanted desperately to reach forward, as he always loved pulling off the boots for his master. Not this time, though. Mark unbuckled his belt and soon stood naked, making Jamie quiver with desire. The cop then pulled on jeans and a V-neck T-shirt and was ready to go down for dinner. He looked at Jamie.

'That has to go,' he growled, slapping his boy's rigid cock. 'During your punishment period you will not touch it ...... no orgasms. And I'll make sure of it.' He reached down to his uniform on the floor and unhooked the handcuffs from his belt. He quickly pulled Jamie's arms behind his back and cuffed his wrists.

'On your knees.' Jamie knelt on the floor at the foot of the bed, naked, handcuffed, a picture of dejection and contrition.

The cop looked down at him. 'I hope the next twenty-four hours will make you realize the gravity of what you have done, and give you a chance to show me why you should still be my boy.' And he left the room.


That evening dinner was a subdued affair. Everyone knew about Jamie's gross misbehavior and knew that Mark was punishing him, so they were not surprised the boy was not at dinner. But they didn't dare raise the subject. It was completely in the hands of the cop.

Later, when Mark entered the bedroom Jamie was in exactly the same position as when he had left. He raised his bowed head and watched in silence as the beautiful cop stripped naked, the way he usually slept. Despite Jamie's best efforts at restraint, his cock again grew hard as he looked at the stunning naked body of his master.

'Go and piss,' Mark growled.

Jamie ran to the bathroom, his wrists still handcuffed behind his back. He aimed his cock at the toilet and breathed a sigh of relief as he pissed profusely into the bowl. When he ran back Mark said, 'Lie on the floor.' Jamie immediately complied, and Mark threw a light blanket over him.

'That's where you'll stay all night. You should know that after a long day on the motor cycle I'm feeling real horny. Normally I would give your ass a good long fuck until I creamed inside it. Then I'd hold you in my arms all night. But this time I'll probably just masturbate and fall asleep alone. Just want you to know what you'll be missing.'

Jamie's misery was complete. He heard the bed creak as Mark's powerful body fell onto it. There was silence for a while, but then he heard his master's breathing become heavy. Soon he was groaning and Jamie could hear the sound of Mark stroking his cock. The cop began moaning, fantasizing to himself as he masturbated.

'Yeah, man. Let me see that perfect ass. I'm gonna fuck you, boy. Yeah, feel that cop's big dick sliding in your hole. Give your ass to your master, boy. Let me touch that beautiful body. Oh yeah, man, your ass feels incredible. You're making my big dick rock hard. I can't hold back, kid. I'm gonna shoot my cum into your ass. Feel you master's juice pour into you. Here it comes, boy. Aaagh!'

In a frenzy Jamie pulled frantically at the cuffs behind his back. He could not see Mark, but as he heard his master's scream, he imagined his glorious naked body flexing, his head thrashing from side to side as his cock erupted over his gleaming chest, then up over his square-jawed, god-like face. He imagined the semen streaming over the cop's body and desperately wanted to lick it off.

But he had been forbidden even to cum. With a supreme effort he held back his own orgasm in an effort to obey his master. Tears streamed down his face as he imagined the cum pooling on the beautiful body, knowing that it belonged in his ass. He was overwhelmed with despair and frustration. As he heard his master's breathing subside he slumped in abject misery.

Mark had been right about the agony of separation. Jamie felt it now, felt the sharp, piercing pain of longing for his master's touch.


But the pain was not Jamie's alone. Mark's own feelings were a whirl of contradictions. He was still deeply angry and disappointed at his boy's behavior. His anger was heightened by the fact that Jamie had insulted Bob. Mark had always held Bob in the highest esteem. He loved him, had occasionally made love to him and once recently even fucked him. He would do anything to avoid Bob being hurt or disrespected. So he was mortified that it was his own boy who had caused the affront. By punishing Jamie to the maximum he had to demonstrate to Bob just how seriously he regarded his boy's behavior.

But it wasn't easy. Mark loved the boy. He saw in him a lot of how he himself had been at his age. In his youth Mark had felt like an outsider. Always a stunningly beautiful boy he had been shunned and mocked by the other boys who were jealous and needed to find a flaw. Resentful, he had been running right on the knife edge of the law when a cop, instead of turning him in, had taken him under his wing, resulting eventually in Mark becoming a cop himself.

So he understood Jamie well, understood his frustration, his insecurity, and his flaring temper. Jamie had lived much of his life on the streets where anger and violence were the currency of self-protection and survival. That is what had erupted this evening. Mark loved the boy's toughness, his masculinity. But he grinned ruefully at the old saying, 'You can take the boy off the streets but you can't take the streets out of the boy.'

But Jamie was no longer on the streets. He had a home and a master, and Mark knew it was essential to punish him for this eruption of the street urchin's instincts. However, as Mark lay alone in bed after his orgasm he longed to have Jamie's beautiful young body beside him, to hold him, tell him everything would be OK. He hated the thought of the young man lying handcuffed naked on the floor, miserable, rejected.

But it had to be done. Being a master was tough. And Mark knew that the following day would be even worse.


The next day was Saturday, so all the men were home. They had got up early and taken a pre-breakfast dip in the pool. All, that is, except Jamie who was yet to appear. There was an air of expectation about the group, and they didn't have long to wait.

Mark went inside the house and reappeared with Jamie. There were wide-eyed looks all round and the boys especially were riveted by the sight. Jamie was buck naked, his hands cuffed behind his back, and he was held from behind his neck by the stern-faced cop. The embarrassed boy was fighting back tears.

'Listen up guys,' Mark said, 'and take a good look at this man. He has disgraced the house. He has committed the unforgivable sin here of striking and insulting one of his masters, the man who has shown him nothing but kindness. He has offended me and all of us. He's my boy so the punishment will be mine. He will be separated from the group in disgrace all day. You will ignore him, not speak to him, until I say his punishment is over.'

There was a stunned silence. Mark's tone was so commanding that it forbade any response. The cop pushed the naked boy to a tree at the edge of the garden. He unlocked his wrists, pulled his arms behind him round the tree and re-cuffed them. Jamie stood naked, his back to the tree, and hung his head in shame and embarrassment. Mark strode back to the others.

After he sat down there was a long, uncertain silence that was broken by Randy. 'Hey, boys, where the hell's breakfast? Bring it out here ..... pronto.' Darius and Pablo ran off to the kitchen, and Bob looked at Mark and spoke softly.

'You know, man, you don't have to do this for me. I forgave him long ago.'

'And that's exactly why I'm doing it. You're a fucking saint, man, and I'm outraged that my boy disrespected you so badly. He has to pay, and there's nothing more to say about it.'

And nothing more was said. Gradually the silence over breakfast disappeared and the usual rowdy conversation ensued. Occasionally the boys stole glances over at their buddy who stood limply, helplessly against the tree, but they did not dare to say or do anything to help him. As Mark had instructed, they did their best to ignore him, but found it very hard.

The one who found it hardest of all was Mark himself. He knew what he was doing and hated himself for subjecting Jamie to so much anguish. As he glimpsed his beautiful, naked young body slumped in bondage he desperately wanted to end the punishment, but he knew he had to endure it as much as his boy did.

As for Jamie himself, his overwhelming sensation was shame. He was being exposed to the other men in naked humiliation, ostracized from the group, standing apart in miserable silence. Part of him wanted to run screaming from the house and never return. But he kept his eyes on his master, the magnificent cop, and knew that he would do anything to regain his respect, even if it meant the mortification of being displayed in utter degradation.

'Time for another swim,' said Mark after breakfast. He stood up, stripped off his T-shirt, dropped his jeans and stood naked in the growing warmth of the sun. Jamie took a sharp intake of breath at the glorious sight of the cop's muscular body and there was no way he could prevent his cock from getting hard. His humiliation was complete as the other guys saw him standing there, his cock standing straight out from the forest of his pubic hair.

And so the day wore on. The guys engaged in the usual horseplay, joking, cursing, chugging back beer, talking about the week they had had. But always there was the knowledge hanging in the air that one of their buddies was standing nearby, handcuffed and in the pit of despair.


Lunchtime came, and the men ate ravenously. As they leaned back at the end of the meal Pablo glanced over to Jamie, then looked at Darius who gave him a slight nod. Pablo stood up, held himself erect and took a deep breath.

'Sir,' he said to Mark. 'I know what you told us, and I know I'm not supposed to say this. Punish me if you want, but I was wondering if you would allow me to take some food to my friend.'

There was a stunned silence. Randy looked up at his boy, his adopted son, and felt a warm glow of pride. Pablo was risking a lot by asking this and it took a deal of courage. But he was simply being loyal to his friend and Randy admired the hell out of him. 'That's my boy!' he thought to himself, allowing a slight smile to come to his lips.

'Look,' Mark said, winding up for a refusal, but a look of entreaty from Randy silenced him. There was another long pause, and finally Mark turned to Pablo.

'OK, take him a bowl of food. But do not speak to him or touch him. Just place the bowl on the ground in front of him. Then come straight back.'

Pablo did as he was told. He heaped leftovers from lunch into a bowl and took it over to Jamie. He risked a look into his eyes, with a slight smile of encouragement and support, then placed the bowl on the ground and returned to the table.

For some time Jamie's nostrils had been full of the smell of cooked food and he was ravenous. His courage was bolstered by the bravery of his friend in daring to say what he had, and by the encouraging smile in Pablo's eyes. Now he had to eat ..... and there was only one way.

There were no furtive glances now. All five men gazed at the bound man, riveted by the sight. Jamie slowly worked his hands downward behind him, sliding them against the tree. He bent his legs, stretched his aching arms backward until he was finally able to fall to his knees. The bowl was now within reach.

'Jesus,' breathed Darius softly. The men were mesmerized by what came next. Leaning forward, his arms stretched even tighter behind him, the naked boy lowered his head toward the bowl. The smell made his mouth water and he lost all sense of shame as his hunger drove him. He dropped his face into the bowl and began noisily to chew on the food and suck it into his mouth. He munched, slobbered ...... like a starving animal. He was eating like a dog.

The group of men gazed uneasily at the stunning sight, their feelings a mix of awe, sympathy and an overwhelming desire on the boys' part to help their friend. The effect on Mark was startling. He turned his head away and took a deep breath to avoid the tears that formed in his eyes. 'God,' he murmured to himself. The sight of his boy enduring this total humiliation was killing the macho cop. He felt the touch of Bob's hand over his and when their eyes met he was comforted by the smile of infinite sympathy on Bob's face.

After Jamie had emptied the bowl nobody moved. The naked boy stayed on his knees, slumped forward, his head bowed in shame. Gradually, slowly conversation resumed and the men managed to spend a genial, if rather subdued, afternoon. Sometime later Randy called for another round of beers, which Darius brought out quickly from the house. But by now the spirit had drained from the group as they gazed at their drinks silently, sullenly. Finally Randy glanced at Bob, then gazed directly into Mark's haunted blue eyes.

'It's time, buddy,' Randy said softly.

All eyes were now focused on Mark. He looked at them in turn and realized that each was silently pleading with him to end the punishment. At last, he reached into his pocket and pushed something across the table to Pablo. It was the key to the handcuffs.


Pablo reacted quickly. He grabbed the key and ran over to his naked friend, who had by now managed to ease himself upward, back into a standing position. Pablo was able to unlock the handcuffs behind him right away and Jamie's arms fell to his sides. Pablo ran round the tree just in time to catch the exhausted body as it slumped forward. He held him tight, kissed his forehead and his cheek and whispered in his ear.

'It's OK, dude. It's all over. You did great.'

At the table Darius looked eagerly, questioningly at Randy who nodded to him. Like a shot Darius sprang to his feet and ran to join his friends. He wrapped his big arms around them both, and the three young men held each other in a warm embrace of mutual support.

Pablo whispered into Jamie's ear again. 'You wanna take a shower, dude?' Jamie opened his tear-stained eyes and nodded feebly. From the table the three masters watched as Pablo and Darius, one on each side, supported Jamie across the lawn and, with some difficulty, helped him into the house.

Randy shook his head. 'That's three terrific boys we've got there. They stick to each other no matter what. I admire the hell out of that.'

Mark was silent. He wiped the back of his hand across his damp eyes, then stared straight ahead. 'Jesus Christ,' he breathed. Fuck ..... fuck!'

Randy reached across the table and put his hand on Mark's shoulder. 'Hey, man. Don't beat yourself up. He's your boy, he misbehaved badly and you did what you had to do. I'd have done the same to Pablo if he fucked up. Sometimes it's tough being a master.'

There was another long silence. Then Bob grabbed Mark's hand and gazed steadily into his eyes. 'Go to him, man. He'll be desperate to hear your voice.'

Mark shook his head as if he were coming out of a trance. 'You're right. Of course he needs me.' He shot to his feet. 'Thanks guys. Thank God I have buddies like you.'

He ran, stumbling, across the lawn and into the house and took the stairs two at a time. In the bedroom Darius and Pablo were standing around waiting for Jamie to come out of the shower. Mark pulled them close and put his arms over their shoulders.

'I wanna thank you guys. You've been great to him. He's real lucky to have buddies like you. But I'll take it from here.'

The two boys smiled at him and, feeling the cop's touch and hearing his words, they both had the stirrings of a hard-on. Quickly they left the room. Mark took a deep breath and waited. After a while he heard the shower shut off, the door slid open and Jamie's naked body appeared. His face was covered by the towel he was using to dry his hair so he couldn't see.

'Hey, guys. Would you hand me my ........ '

He broke off suddenly as he lowered the towel and saw, not the boys, but his master the cop. Mark stared at the beautifully proportioned body, lean muscles streaming with water, damp, tousled hair falling over his handsome young face. For a second he couldn't believe this was the same boy he had punished so thoroughly. He was so fucking beautiful.

They stood gazing at each other, Jamie nervous about what came next. He was hugely relieved to see a smile spread over Mark's beautiful, tanned face. Mark opened his arms. The boy stumbled forward and fell into his master's arms, uttering a small whimper like a young, lost animal who has just found his home.

The big arms crushed him in a fierce bear hug. Jamie started to sob as he rambled incoherently. 'Thank you, sir. I messed up ....... I don't deserve ..... thank you ..... the punishment ..... may I stay, sir? ...... I'll sleep on the floor ..... just don't ..............'

'Shut up, kiddo,' Mark said softly and stopped the flow of words by pressing his mouth against Jamie's lips. They kissed each other hungrily, squeezing each other tight, both with a growing hard-on. Finally Mark held Jamie at arm's length and looked into his tearful gray eyes.

'It's OK, kid. You've paid the price, and now it's all behind us. Just don't ever give me a reason to punish you again. It's too tough on both of us.'

'OK, sir. Never again. I promise. I love you, sir.'

Mark grinned and held out his arms. 'Look at this, kid. You've made me soaking wet.' He looked down at his T-shirt that was drenched with water from Jamie's wet body. 'You're gonna have to do something about that.' He leaned forward and stretched his arms above his head.

Jamie took a sharp intake of breath. He knew what his master wanted him to do. He reached forward, grabbed the T-shirt behind Mark's head and slowly pulled it forward. It slid slowly up over the glorious wet body ..... free of the pants, up over the hard abs, over the chest and shoulders, then over the face.

Jamie threw the shirt on the floor and Mark stood up straight, his sculpted muscles gleaming wet. He was shirtless, the top of his white shorts just visible over the slim waist of his jeans. Jamie had a raging hard-on. He couldn't believe that he was undressing this magnificent man.

'What about the rest?' Mark smiled.

Jamie fell to his knees and unbuttoned the jeans, pulling them down around the cop's ankles, revealing Mark's white boxers and his muscled thighs. The boy gasped as he saw the huge bulge under the thin cotton of the shorts. He couldn't help himself. He fell forward and threw his arms round the hard, sinewy thighs. He clamped his mouth over the bulge in the shorts, tasting through the cotton the warm smell of his master's huge tool straining beneath it. He breathed in the faint trace of urine where the cop had dripped after taking a piss. The boy lost himself, grinding his face and mouth into the shorts, stopping just short of biting into the cock.

He wasn't thinking now, or waiting for permission. He reached into the opening at the front of the shorts and pulled out the rigid dick. Instantly he slid it into his mouth and lowered his face until the head of the cock rested deep in the back of his throat. He pulled back, then pushed forward again, until the piston was plunging deeper and deeper inside his mouth. He was in a trance as he heard the deep groan of his master watching his boy service him.

Suddenly Mark pulled his cock out and Jamie looked up at him, startled. But Mark was smiling. 'And now, kiddo, I'm gonna make love to you like I've never made love to you before.' He reached down, picked the naked boy up bodily and threw him down on the bed.

Jamie fell heavily on his back and looked up in awe as he saw the god-like man, his master, step out of his jeans. Naked, Mark fell forward, his arms bracing his body on either side of Jamie's face. Jamie could hardly breathe as he gazed at the stunning face above him ..... square jaw, straight Nordic nose, high cheek bones, steel blue eyes and tousled blond hair. Incredible! Mark's chiseled body heaved as he looked hungrily into the eyes of his boy.

'You ready to get fucked, boy? You ready to get your sweet ass ploughed by a cop?'

'Oh yes, sir. Do anything. Rip me open. I wanna feel your rod in my ass.'

'You like being my boy? You love me, boy?'

'Oh yes, sir ...... aargh!!' He screamed as the massive shaft plunged suddenly into his ass, all the way deep, deep inside his burning body. Both bodies shook and their cocks erupted with cum simultaneously as their screams of euphoria rebounded around the room. It was the jubilant physical release of the pent-up mental suffering they had both endured.

But after they came neither man lost his erection. The passionate, savage fucking began again almost immediately and continued for a long, long time as the cop took repossession of his enraptured boy. The onslaught was repeated again and again that night, and between exploding orgasms they slept, locked in each other's arms.

Master and boy were united again. The past was the past. And their future was more secure than it had ever been.


The next day, Jamie had two interviews. One was about business, the other pleasure, but they both were to have an impact on his future.

It was early in the morning when Mark's cell phone rang. Bob asked Mark if he could spare Jamie to drop by his office next door for a talk. Jamie looked startled. 'He's gonna fire me. I know he is. No way he'll take me back to work after what I......'

Mark cut him off. 'Only one way to find out, kid. Don't keep him waiting.'

Jamie ran into the main house, knocked timidly on Bob's door and went in. His anxiety made him plunge right in. 'Sir, Mark already told me I have to pay for the broken computer. I know that what I did .....'

'Be quiet Jamie and tell me something. How much do you like your job at the Motor Pool?'

Jamie was taken aback. 'Pretty much, I guess.'

'And how much do you like working here part-time?'

'Oh, I love it, sir. Best job I ever had. I love the challenge.'

'Good. Then how would you like to work for me full time?'

Jamie's eyes opened wide. 'After what I did, sir? I can't believe .....'

'Look, Jamie, you're a perfectionist. You got frustrated and angry when you couldn't balance the books. Anyone else would have just thrown in an error correction, but you needed to find your mistake. It's that kind of precision, dedication I need. So how about it?'

Jamie's eyes shone. 'Oh!' he gasped. 'Working for you full time, sir. That would be awesome. I don't know how to thank you, sir. Of course I'll have to ask permission from .....'

'I already mentioned it to Mark and he's OK'd it. So that's settled. Now one more thing. Come here and sit at the computer.' Jamie did so and saw on the screen the same page of figures that had caused his earlier frustration.

Bob said, 'See this figure here? Now move the decimal one place to the left.' Two clicks later and Jamie watched as the figures scrolled down, there was a 'ding', and the account balanced.

He stared in relief and Bob laughed. 'See, all your problems, your tantrum, your punishment, all because of a single, misplaced decimal point. Not worth it eh? Get your priorities right, kid.'

Jamie threw his arms around Bob. 'Thank you, sir. Is it OK to say I love you?'

'Sure it is. Especially since we'll be working closely together from now on .... full time.'


The other conversation Jamie had that day was with Mark. They were clearing up loose ends from the previous day's trauma and Mark asked.'

'Are you OK now, kid? I know the humiliation was something fierce and you felt thoroughly degraded. Is there anything I can do to correct that ...... help you regain your masculine self-confidence? I love that macho toughness in you. I want to see it again.'

Jamie hesitated. Then he looked up at Mark with a slight smile. 'Well, sir. Me and Pablo were talking the other day and I said ...... well, I said that I loved getting fucked by you of course, but once in a while I would like to be a top man and fuck someone's ass.'

Mark gazed at him in surprise. 'Do all you boys feel like that?'

'Pretty much sir. Darius fucks Pablo, of course, but he'd like to take on someone else too.'

'Hmm. I let you fuck me that once but that's not gonna happen again, me or any of the masters, of course. But I understand what you all want, and I think it would be good for you. I'd love to watch you fuck.' He hesitated and a smile spread over his face. 'You know, I've just remembered something I said some time ago when I'd got through disciplining someone?'

'What, sir?'

'I said, 'Let me make this clear. The guys in the house are off limits to you ....... unless of course we get horny and call you in to service us all. You never know' .......'

'Who were you talking to, sir?'

Mark laughed. 'Lloyd! I was talking to Lloyd.'


TO BE CONTINUED IN 'A Trial Of Strength - Part 59'


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