"So what do you think, officer?" Bob asked as they looked down at the twins. "Think they'll do?"

Bob and Mark had just finished introducing the shy identical twins into the joys of sex, a first for the boys as their sexual activity up to now had always been an act of survival ..... play for pay. But they were besotted with Bob and their sole purpose now was to please him ..... in every way possible. They had shown spectacular aptitude for sucking the dicks of the two men and had then discovered the lure of leather as they licked their own cum off the cop's motorcycle boots.

The twins looked up anxiously as they waited for Mark's response to Bob's question. Mark stroked his jaw and smiled as he said, "Well, I've gotta say, they're pretty damn special. Trouble is they're gonna need a really exceptional master. He has to be stunningly beautiful, of course, an alpha male, someone who's in complete control, someone who can protect and teach them. And most of all ....... someone they totally worship." He grinned. "A guy that spectacular doesn't come along every day of the week. Any ideas, buddy?"

Bob grinned at him, then became serious and looked penetratingly at the twins. "Kyle, Kevin ...... do you want to be my boys?"

Their gaze was clear and steady and they spoke in unison. "Yes, sir. Please, sir."

"Then it's a deal," said Bob.

But later, as they sat together eating the meal the twins had prepared, Bob still detected a reticence in them. "OK, guys. You've got something on your mind. Out with it."

The boys looked at each other nervously and finally Kevin spoke. "Sir, you said we're now your boys ...... but ....."

Kyle completed his sentence ........ "but we don't think we can be properly until we ..... that is, until you ..... until .......

"....... until I've fucked your asses?" Bob said. "You're right there, kid. And that is gonna happen. It has to." Seeing them flinch slightly he softened his tone. "Look, I know you've never done that before, but there's just one thing I want to know. And you have to be sure about this. Kyle, Kevin ..... do you want me to fuck you?"

Their eyes opened wide. "Oh, yes sir," said Kyle. "More than anything in the world," said Kevin.

"That's all I needed to hear. Then it'll happen tonight ..... with the assistance of the officer here. Everyone OK with that?"

"Yes, sir," said the twins. Bob smiled at Mark and raised his eyebrow questioningly. "And you, officer?"

Mark grinned. "Wouldn't miss it for the world."


The twins had been told to wait for Bob and Mark in Bob's bedroom. When the men entered they looked down at the bed and tears came to Bob's eyes. The twins were lying there naked, gripping each other's hands, wide-eyed with an expression of nervous excitement. They knew what was going to happen to them..... for the first time in their young lives.

But, as before, Bob didn't want them to be afraid, didn't want them to do anything under duress. He crouched down so he was level with them and spoke softly. "I'm gonna ask you one last time, guys. Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes, sir," said Kyle. "Absolutely," Kevin added.

"But you're still scared. Why?"

They glanced at each other as if summoning the courage to reply. "Well, sir," said Kevin hesitantly. "It used to hurt like crazy before ..... when ..... when he tried to do it. That's why we ran away from home ....... so we wouldn't have to."

"When who tried to do it?"

Again there was hesitation and this time Kyle spoke. "Our dad, sir ..... when we were young. He often tried to put his dick inside us but it hurt so much we wouldn't let him. We kind of protected each other."

"Son-of-a-bitch!" The muttered curse came from Mark as he looked down at them, clenching his fists. As a cop Mark saw plenty of violence, but nothing enraged him like sexual abuse of children, especially by a parent. In fact that was the only time he had lost his professional cool when he once beat the crap out of a guy he caught in the act. He was reprimanded and made to undergo anger therapy. (That's how he met the therapist Steve, whom he subsequently persuaded Randy to see.)

But now Mark was not only mad, he was reluctant to touch these damaged young men. He took Bob to one side and said, "I'm not sure I can do this, man."

Bob tried to reassure him. "It's OK, buddy. It's different now. They were kids then. Now they're adults, and they really want this. It'll take away their fear, maybe even obliterate the memories."

"Yeah, you may be right. But you have to be first, Bob. They're totally in love with you" .... he grinned ..... "not to mention lust. You have to be the first man to put his dick in their ass."

Bob and Mark went back to the foot of the bed and began to strip. The twins looked up wide-eyed as they saw the T-shirts come off, then the jeans and finally the shorts. They gazed at the magnificent naked bodies and their cocks instantly stood up rigid as poles. Kyle breathed, "You are so beautiful sirs, both of you." There were tears in Kevin's eyes as he pleaded, "Sir, you have to fuck us, sir. Please. We really need to feel your cock in our ass. Please don't be afraid of hurting us. We really, really want it."

Bob smiled down at them. "You really do, don't you? OK Kevin ..... you first." Again he crouched at the foot of the bed and this time he grabbed Kevin's legs behind the knees and pushed them back. He looked down at the creamy white ass, lowered his head and licked the soft round globes. His tongue came closer and closer to the almost-hairless hole until he finally tasted it, then pushed his tongue inside. He heard Kevin's reaction, something between a sigh and a moan, and felt the hole instinctively tighten round his tongue.

Bob's dick had become rock hard as he tasted and smelled the damp sweetness of the young ass. He finally pulled his face back and said, "God you have the most beautiful ass, Kevin. Now you're gonna give it to me, OK?"

"Yes please, sir." Bob knelt on the bed, pushed the legs further back and smiled down at the wide eyes staring back at him. "You OK, kid?"

"Sir," said Kevin. "Sir, do you think you will ever come to love Kyle and me? I mean really love us."

"Let me show you," Bob said.

He pressed the tip of his cock ever so lightly to the hole of Kevin's ass. He could feel it trembling against his cock and saw Kevin's eyes flinch. He increased the pressure but instantly felt the hole squeeze tight shut as instinctive protection against the intrusion.

"You have to relax, Kevin. Relax your ass and then it won't hurt." He tried again but the same defensive reflex occurred and the hole squeezed shut again. "Push down a bit ..... that'll help." For a second the hole opened slightly, but instantly closed again and Kevin pushed his palms against Bob's chest.

"I'm sorry, sir," Kevin almost wept. "I don't think I can. I'm scared it'll hurt like it always did."

"Don't worry," Bob said softly. "Take your time." He saw the boy concentrate hard and close his eyes, and he knew that wouldn't help. He gently removed the hands from his chest, leaned further forward and pressed Kevin's wrists down on the bed beside his head

"Kevin. Open your eyes and look at me. That's better. Now this is me, your master. Forget everyone else ...... forget the past."

"I'll try, sir."

Bob once again pressed his cock against the ass, but this time he paused and spoke softly. "Kevin, you know what you asked just now? Well here's the answer. I already do love you, both of you. And I mean, really love you."

Bob heard the gasp, saw the brown eyes fill with tears and felt the hole relax, open and welcome him in. His cock slid smoothly past the sphincter and into the warm velvet of the virgin ass. The boy didn't resist and as Bob's cock slid deeper inside he felt the muscles close softly round it.

He watched the tears start to flow down Kevin's cheeks, saw the boy take several deep breaths as his body shuddered, then went rigid. He heard his shout and saw a huge stream of white liquid blast from his cock, over his chest, then up over his face and into his hair. "Oh, oh," Kevin gasped and Bob was afraid for a second he would pass out.

"It's OK, Kevin, everything's fine. I'm inside you ..... my cock's in your ass. And you just shot a spectacular load of cum. You've just been fucked for the first time ...... fucked by your master. And that's just the way it should be."


Mark had gazed down in awe at this incredible initiation, had seen the man he loved ease his way gently into the inner depths of his boy for the very first time. And Mark's first thought shocked him. He, Mark, wanted this! He wanted Bob to do that to him ..... just like that. The two men had fucked before, but not like this, and Mark wanted it just like that because it looked so amazing. When this was over, he thought, he would beg Bob to fuck him just the way he had fucked Kevin. And Bob would look into his eyes, tell him he loved him, and ease his cock deep inside him. Mark almost shot his load thinking about it.

But first there was someone else begging for Bob's cock. Lying shoulder to shoulder with his brother, Kyle had watched the whole thing as if it were happening to him. The twins always felt each other's pain and shared each other's joy and Kyle had only barely stopped himself from cumming when his brother shot his load. His heart was pounding as he knew what was to happen next.

As Kevin's body subsided he felt the big cock withdraw and he too knew that he was about to see and feel something almost as exciting ...... watching his master fuck his brother. Bob had not yet cum and his cock was still roaring hard as he slid over to Kyle and pushed his legs in the air. As before, he pushed his dick against the smooth ass, but this time it was different.

Kyle had watched Bob, felt his brother's fear and reticence. He had heard Bob say he loved them both and trembled at his brother's orgasm. So it was as if he himself had already gone through the initiation, had already been fucked. Now he was more than ready to actually feel his master's cock in his ass. And he did ..... easily, smoothly ..... as he watched the magnificent, muscular body lower itself into him. And just like his brother, he shuddered, screamed, and instantly came all over himself.

Bob had held back his own orgasm but now he could wait no longer. He smiled and said to both of the twins. "And now, boys, you are really gonna get your asses fucked by two of the most beautiful men you'll ever meet. And you're gonna love it. Come on Mark .... give me a hand here."

Mark was so turned on his cock was like a rock. He knelt beside Bob, shoulder to shoulder, turned his face to him and the two men kissed. Then they turned their attention to the boys. Bob was already inside Kyle and now Mark slid his rod easily into Kevin's wet ass. They began slowly at first, but it was the twins themselves who wanted more, wanted it harder.

"Please, sir," Kevin said to the gorgeous blonde cop. "Please fuck me hard, sir. I want to feel you pound my ass."

Bob smiled at Kyle. "Guess that goes for you too, uh, kid?"

And so the pounding began and the four men soared into a world of lust and exhilaration. The sight was spectacular. Two stunningly beautiful muscle-gods ..... one dark like Superman, the other a blonde god ..... poised over the lithe young twins, their chiseled bodies falling on them in unison, again and again, hammering their asses. They were yelling, whooping with joy as the young men burned with an ecstasy they could never have dreamed of even in their wildest fantasies.

By sheer force of will Bob and Mark delayed their climax as long as they could, but finally Bob gave in and shouted, "OK, guys ...... you all ready? Here it comes ..... !" The sounds of their voices was deafening as four orgasms exploded simultaneously. For the first time in their lives the boys felt hot streams of cum blasting deep inside their virgin asses, and once again their own juice poured over their heaving chests. It was a spectacular climax ..... the ultimate baptism, their young bodies anointed with sweat and semen.

The twins had finally been fucked. They had been possessed. And Bob was their master. There was no doubt about that ...... none at all.


There was a post-script ....... and Mark got his wish. After a short rest Bob made the twins get up, stand by the bed and watch. "You'll see now," he said. "There's no sight in the world like two beautiful muscle-studs making love to each other."

Mark lay on his back, and his fantasy was fulfilled. Bob did to him just what he had done to the twins. He pinned Mark's wrists to the bed, and just as his cock was poised at the entrance to his ass he smiled down at the gorgeous blonde face and said, "And the answer is, that I already love you, man. I mean ..... really love you." And he penetrated the ass of the muscular cop.

The twins watched in awe, reached over and stroked each other's cock. And pretty soon there were four more simultaneous orgasms. For the third time that day the twins shot their load, this time watching it splash on the stunning men in each other's arms. In a few minutes all four men were lying on the bed exhausted.

As he was falling asleep Bob felt Mark's lips brush his cheek and heard him whisper, "Early shift tomorrow, buddy. Up at crack of dawn. So I'll sleep in my room. Besides, you look so comfortable with your new boys. Love you, buddy."

He stood up, picked up his clothes and went silently to the door. He looked back and smiled as he saw the twins asleep on either side of Bob, their arms over him, their hands linked on his chest. He shook his head and murmured, "One hell of a guy." He left and closed the door quietly behind him.


When Bob and the twins finally stirred the next day Mark had already left for work. It was Bob's cell phone that woke him up and he answered it groggily.

It was Randy's voice. "Jeez, still in bed? Must have been some night."

"Yeah, it was ...... we'll talk."

"The twins there with you ...... and Mark?"

"The twins, yeah. Mark went to work."

"But he helped you break in the twins, right?"

"Sure." Bob was non-committal. He knew he had Randy's OK to do whatever he wanted with Mark, but the experience had been so intense that he didn't want to get into it with Randy right now. Besides, hearing his lover's gruff voice had already stirred his cock and suddenly he missed him like crazy.

"What time will you guys be home?"

"We're taking our time. I've spoken to Lloyd and he's doing design stuff on the site today so there's no real work for us 'til he's finished. So we'll be home late afternoon-ish. We had a great time ..... well, except for the fight and all .... you heard about that from Zack." There was a silence, then Randy's voice came back softer than before. "Buddy, I miss the hell out of you. I mean, we've all been having a blast up here and you've been with Mark and ......"

"I know, Randy. I feel the same ..... I need you, buddy. I'll make it up to you."

"You bet your sweet ass you will." Bob could almost hear his devilish grin. "Hey I thought I'd ask Lloyd over for dinner," Randy said. "So see if your boys can cook up something real special, OK?"

Bob smiled. "I'll get right on it, boss. Drive safe."


The day was mellow, despite all the activity. The relationship between Bob and the twins was now fixed. All uncertainty and apprehension had gone as the boys now knew exactly what their position in the house was. They were Bob's boys, they were sure of that, and now they could relax and enjoy themselves. They still had that afterglow from being fucked for the first time and the thought of spending the day alone with their master thrilled them.

"OK, guys," Bob said, "down to business. Big dinner this evening. Our architect Lloyd is coming ...... you haven't met him yet ...... so we'll be ten altogether, including you. Think you can handle it?"

"Of course, sir," said Kyle. "We'll need to get more food though."

So Bob took them grocery shopping and then did some work in his office upstairs as they worked in the kitchen. By late afternoon everything was ready. The twins had put two tables outside, end-to-end, and thrown a huge white cloth over them. They rustled up ten chairs and set the long table perfectly for dinner.

Mark came home around five and looked bushed. "Rough shift," he said as he hugged Bob. "I'm gonna kick back upstairs for a while."

Bob gazed down at the impressive display on the table and threw his arms round the boys' shoulders. "Great work, guys," he said. "Looks terrific." At that moment they heard the sound of tires on gravel from outside and doors slamming. "And just in time by the sound of things," Bob said. "Seems like the circus has come back to town.

And a circus it was. The gate crashed open and Darius burst in, followed by Pablo and Jamie, all talking at once. Randy and Zack came in more slowly and Bob raised his eyes at them. "Looks like the clown car just rolled in. Been this noisy the whole trip?"

"Don't ask," groaned Randy and took Bob into his arms. "You sure are a sight for weary eyes, stud. I've thought of you and your ass all the way back. After dinner you wanna be my fuck-buddy?"

Bob grinned, "Is that a request or an order?"

"Hmm ..... playing hard-to-get. Guess I'll have to take you in hand."

"Can't wait, sir," said Bob.

The three men chatted while Darius and Pablo regaled the twins with details of their trip, and in the general hubbub nobody noticed Jamie slip away.


When Jamie first arrived with the others he had touched the hood of Mark's truck and felt that it was still hot, so he knew Mark had recently got home. He must be upstairs relaxing. So now he unobtrusively left the noisy reunion and ran up to their bedroom.

Impulsively he pushed the door open, then stood still and gasped. Sprawled in the deep armchair was the magnificent cop, his eyes closed, tousled blonde hair falling over his chiseled Nordic face. He was still in his uniform though his black shirt was open to the waist, revealing the gleaming white T-shirt underneath, stretched over his muscular torso. His legs, in his high black motorcycle boots, were stretched out on the floor in front of him.

Jamie stood like a statue. The only part of him that moved was his dick, growing quickly stiff in his shorts. The two had been apart for only a couple of days but it was almost as if Jamie was seeing his master for the first time. God, he was beautiful, Jamie thought, and he was the cop's boy! He didn't know what to do. He didn't want to leave, but he didn't want to wake him either. He would just stand there and stare at him, he thought, his cock now rock hard.

But the decision was taken out of his hands when Mark stirred. As he dozed he had heard the door open and now he slowly he opened his eyes. He was still groggy but gradually the hazy vision before him came into focus.

"Wow," he breathed. "God, it's like I'm still dreaming." The boy standing before him was the iconic image of a young surfer. His blonde hair was disheveled, as if he had just come out of the waves. His handsome young face was deeply tanned like the rest of his body. He was wearing a loose, faded blue tank top, surfer shorts and sneakers with no laces. There were still streaks of dry sand on his legs.

A grin spread over the beautiful young face. "I'm home, sir," he said. "I missed you."

"Me too, kiddo. I dreamed of you last night. And I hear you're quite the hero. Zack called me and told me you broke up a big fight single-handed."

Jamie blushed. "Not really, sir. I just thought what you would do and I yelled 'Freeze'."

"And they froze. Works every time. I'm real proud of you, kid. So, what you gonna do for me now you're home? I had a real rough day, been on that bike for eight hours, and now I'm horny as hell. You're a tough guy now, breaking up fights and all, so you're the man ..... but you still wanna be my boy?"

"More than ever, sir. You look so beautiful there."

"So show me." Mark sighed deeply, put his hands behind his head and slouched deeper in the chair staring at the young surfer dude across the room.

Jamie felt his cock pulse and he just managed to stop himself cumming in his shorts just looking at the gorgeous cop. He had to show his master just how much he wanted to be his boy, how much he loved him, worshipped him. He was in a kind of trance as he kicked off his sneakers, unbuttoned his shorts and let them drop.

All he was wearing now was his loose tank top, and he sank to his knees as an act of devotion. He fell on his stomach and looked up at the police officer on the other side of the room. Without taking his eyes off him he began to pull himself slowly forward on his belly. Mark watched mesmerized.

The boy was dragging himself along the floor. The tank top rode higher and exposed his perfect white ass, framed by a perfect tan line at his waist and the top of his bronzed legs. The round globes flexed as he crawled, the shoulders rippling as he pulled himself forward. The handsome young surfer was performing a ritual homage to his master ..... and it was one of the most erotic sights Mark had ever seen.

"God that's beautiful," he breathed. "Come on, boy. That's it. Show me ..... show me how much you want me, kid. You look so fucking hot like that ....... your ass ...... it's perfect. That's it, boy. Crawl for your master ..... crawl, boy."

Inch by inch Jamie pulled himself forward, his eyes fixed on the god-like cop. He flexed his ass, and his shoulders ached as he came closer and closer. And finally he was there. He reached forward, grasped one of the boots and pulled himself forward on his stomach until his face was on the foot. And he started to lick, to demonstrate total obedience by making love to his master's shiny boot.

He worked his way upward, savoring the taste and smell of the leather. He was hypnotized by feel of the boot, pressing his face against it, licking, sucking, as he moved higher. When he reached the top he fell back down and rested his cheek against the foot of the boot in a final act of worship.

Mark had always been aware of how much people admired him, lusted for him. But this was intense ..... this beautiful young boy, the boy he owned, was debasing himself in an extraordinary act of homage to his master. Several times Mark almost shot his load as he watched in awe, and finally he knew he had to bring it to an end.

"Stand up, boy," he said gently. Jamie pulled himself to his feet and, still wearing just his loose tank, stood before the cop sprawled in the chair. Mark looked at Jamie's cock, standing out rigid below his tank. He said, "Jamie, you know how I get off looking at beautiful men, and you are one of the most beautiful boys I have ever seen. Will you do anything I tell you?"

"You know I will, sir."

"Then make me cum ...... just by looking at you."

Sprawled in the chair, keeping one hand behind his head, Mark moved his other hand casually down to his crotch and began to stroke the bulge in his pants lightly. He watched as Jamie began to stroke his own cock, his muscles rippling under the loose tank. Mark's voice spurred him on. "God, I love you, kid. I love that body, that ass. I own you, boy, and you know what I'm gonna do to you later?"

"No, sir." Jamie murmured.

"When we go to bed I'm gonna watch you strip and when you're naked I'm gonna tie you down to the bed." Jamie's heart was pounding as he stroked his cock harder. "Then I'm gonna take off my belt and lay it across your beautiful ass. I'm gonna whip you, boy. You feel it? Can you feel your master whipping your ass? You're helpless now, struggling...... can you feel it?"

"Yes, sir," Jamie groaned in ecstasy. "Oh, sir, whip me hard, please, sir. My ass is yours. I belong to you, sir." He was in a fantasy world where he saw himself loved, dominated, whipped by his master. He narrowed his eyes and became hypnotized by the image before him ..... the glorious uniformed cop sprawled in the chair, taunting him, teasing him. He couldn't hold back any longer.

In his euphoria he shouted, "Please, sir, whip me harder, sir. Please, let me cum for you, sir. I'll be good ..... I'll make you cum too ....... now ......!"

A long stream of white juice spurted from his cock, arced high and splashed down onto the cop's handsome face, then onto his uniform, the T-shirt, the pants and the boots. Mark stopped stroking his crotch and put both hands behind his head. As he felt himself splashed with his boy's warm juice his body shuddered, tensed and he felt his own cock explode under his pants.

The cop had creamed his shorts. The two men hadn't touched. They had just watched ..... imagined ...... fantasized. And they had made each other shoot a hot load of cum, testimony to their beauty, and the passion they felt for each other.

"Come here, Jamie." Mark held out his arms and Jamie fell into them. They held each other tight, without saying a word, until they heard the voice of one of the twins shouting up to them. "Sir ..... dinner's ready!"


Dinner was a noisy, festive affair and the celebration had already begun when Mark and Jamie appeared from the house. The glow surrounding them was unmistakable. It was obvious they had made spectacular love and the whole group burst into applause and wolf whistles. Mark grinned and blushed, while Jamie acknowledged the applause by bowing from the waist with an elaborate flourish of his arm.

"Hey, dude," shouted Darius. "You get yourself arrested again? I hear some cops can be real rough on a hot-looking young dude like you."

"Aw, nothing he can't handle," grinned Mark. "After all, he's tough enough to break up an angry brawl from what I hear. Must have been some fight."

"Hell," Randy laughed, "you know me and my boy when we lose our cool."

"And now we both have to go and see Steve for a therapy session," said Pablo proudly.

"It's nothing to be proud of, kid," said Zack. "It's the price you pay for losing your temper."

"Yeah right," said Pablo. "Like having a session with that hot stud Steve is punishment! I can't wait."

Darius shouted, "Now that's something I should get on video," and any further protests were drowned out by raucous laughter. Mark and Jamie took their places at the table and the twins brought out the rest of the food and sat down too. Bob took that as his cue, banged a knife against his glass for silence and got to his feet.

"A few announcements before we eat. First I want to welcome Lloyd who's with us all here for the first time. You all know him as our architect, but he's our buddy too so he's earned a place at the table enjoying the twins' great cooking." Another burst of applause, that died down as Bob raised his hand.

"And talking of the twins" ..... he smiled down at them ..... "I'm proud to introduce Kyle and Kevin to you all ...... as my boys!" The cheers this time were loud and heartfelt and Randy shouted above them, "What the hell took you so long?"

Again Bob called for silence. "As you know, the twins have a paid job taking care of the house and preparing our meals." He glared down at Pablo and Darius. "And that does not mean they're your servants. They're not here to follow you around and pick up after you."

"So who's got that job?" asked Darius with mock seriousness."

"That's enough out of you, punk," said Zack. "Besides, don't you have an announcement of your own?"

"I do?" he asked in a panic."

Zack spoke softly to him. "Sure you do. It was your suggestion and I went along. I spoke to Bob and Randy and they're on board. So break the news to the twins."

Darius hesitated, but then his sense of the dramatic got the better of him and he sprang to his feet as Bob yielded the floor to him. He puffed himself up and began, "OK, guys, well I've been thinking ......"

Big groans all round and Randy moaned, "Oh God save us, not again."

"No, listen up, you guys. See, Zack's guesthouse is almost finished and I thought, well ..... see ..... I had this brilliant idea .......and I suggested ...... just a suggestion, mind you ......"

"Shit, dude," groaned Pablo, "just cut to the chase why don't you?"

Ignoring him Darius continued, "So I suggested to Zack that it would be perfect for the twins. They can help around his place too, and in return the guesthouse is their home. And Zack agreed." Darius looked at the twins. "So, guys, what do you think?"

The twins looked up at him in stunned silence. "If you like," Darius added, "I can help you paint the walls inside ..... you choose the color ..... and when it's finished you'll be all set ..... ready to entertain in your own home whoever happens to come by," and Darius looked pointedly at Bob.

"OK," Bob laughed. "I get the point. And as they are my boys I get to spend the first night with them when they move in. We'll make it one hell of a housewarming!"

A silence followed as everyone looked at the twins. Slowly they stood up, walked round the table, put their arms round Darius and both kissed him hard on the lips. Pablo laughed, "Go easy there, guys. Not the lips ..... they're mine."

Darius pulled away and looked dazzled. "Hey, not a bad idea, though," he said. "Shit, wouldn't that be one for the fantasy book!"

"Down, boy," said Pablo, pulling his lover down beside him.

"OK," Bob shouted. "That just about does it. And tomorrow after work Randy and Pablo have their therapy date with Steve. And no, Darius, before you ask ..... you and your camera are definitely not invited."

"I've got a question," yelled Randy. "Any chance you could do us all a favor, Bob, and sit down so we can eat? I'm fucking starving."

Bob sat down beside him and grinned, "Fuck you."

Randy put his arm round him. "I don't think so, asshole. You got that the wrong way round."


The next day as Randy drove to Steve's Beverly Hills office after work he was in a surly mood. He still resented having to subject himself to therapy ..... and he hated Beverly Hills. Not his scene at all ..... plus there was never anywhere to park. "Fuck that," he growled as he parked his truck in a red zone.

Still, he had to agree to a joint therapy session for himself and Pablo after they had both let their legendary anger get out of hand at the beach, resulting in the big brawl. Randy had already had a few sessions with Steve some time ago, though never with Pablo. This time Steve had suggested on the phone that Randy come to him alone for the first half hour and then have Pablo join them.

"I think we should have some time to sort things out, you and me," Steve had said. "Try to take up from where we left off."

As he rode up in the elevator Randy was reminded of his first visit to Steve ...... a disaster that had ended up with Randy slugging the therapist and leaving him gasping on the floor. He chuckled to himself as he recalled the last time they had met, a few weeks ago, after Steve and Bob had spent the night together in San Francisco. In a rage Randy had stormed into Steve's house, met him in his driveway, beaten him and brutally fucked his ass, leaving him lying in the dirt. They hadn't seen each other since.

It was late and the receptionist had gone home, so Randy walked straight into Steve's office. And there he was, looking up with a welcoming smile on his face. 'Jesus he's gorgeous,' was Randy's first thought. Just like the first time they met Randy was struck by the uncanny resemblance between Steve and himself. 'Such a fucking stud,' he thought and felt his cock swelling in his jeans.

"OK, doc, here I am," he said. "So let's see now ..... where did we leave off?"


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength ..... Part 89"


Rob Williams



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