Pablo, Darius and Jamie had the house to themselves for once. Randy and Bob were still not back from Laguna and Mark was still at work. When the boys heard a car start up outside they ran to investigate and saw Bob's SUV pulling away. "They're stealing the car!" Jamie yelled and they all took off after it. The driver obviously panicked and only got a hundred yards up the hill when he swerved and the car spun across the road and stalled in a ditch.

The three boys caught up with the car quickly, opened the doors and pulled the stunned driver and passenger out. In the blur of angry reflexes they didn't get a good look at the guys, just enough to know they were young males.

They dragged them back to the house and Pablo yelled to Darius, "Let's teach them a lesson, dude." In a few minutes the guys were tied to a tree, one facing Pablo, the other Darius. Pablo's notorious anger impulses ruled the scene and he yelled, "OK, dude, let's show them who's boss around here."

But Jamie stood on the sidelines hesitating. "Hey, dudes, don't you think we should let Mark deal with this? He'll be home any minute. He'll know what to do."

"Bullshit," Pablo yelled. "We can take care of assholes like this." They punched their victims, then Pablo pulled the belt from his jeans and swiped it across the young guy's chest. As the captives sobbed with fear and the pain of the onslaught Jamie tried to restrain his friends.

"Hey, go easy, you guys," he persisted. "Let's just wait and turn them over to Mark."

But Pablo and Darius were not listening. The howls from the victims increased as the guys laid into them. The action was so intense, so loud, that nobody heard the Mercedes pulling up outside, nobody heard the gate opening ..... but they all heard the deep voice bellow, "STOP." Randy and Bob were back, and they stood in amazement, trying to take in the scene.

"What the fuck's going on?" Randy yelled. "Who the hell are these guys?"

The three boys all talked at once. "These jerk-offs were stealing Bob's SUV ..... we caught up with them ...... we're teaching them a lesson ....." Jamie cut in, "I thought we should wait for Mark ....." Pablo sneered, "Nah, we can handle these pricks ourselves ....."

"OK, that's enough!" Randy's commanding voice brought silence, except for the muffled sobbing of the guys tied to the tree. In an attempt to calm things down Bob said in a softer tone, "Pablo, Darius, come away from there. Jamie, go untie those two."

In less than a minute the small group stood watching as the two young guys tried to recover, rubbing their chafed wrists, wiping their eyes. They turned to face their captors and stood together, heads bowed. Now that the action was over everyone got a good look at them for the first time. They were young, both around twenty, both scruffily dressed, same height, same slim build, same light brown hair.

Then slowly, they raised their heads and looked up with fear in their eyes. The group gazed at them in amazement.

They were identical twins.


There was a stunned silence, then Bob addressed the twins. "Is it true?" he asked. "Were you stealing the SUV?"

"Yeah," one of them said nervously.

"Why?" Bob asked calmly. "Were you joyriding?"

They hesitated and did not reply.

"You heard the man," Randy shouted, clenching his fists. "Why did you take the fucking car?"

Startled by the ferocity of this menacing man one blurted out, "To live in."

"What?" Randy snapped.

"To live in," said the other boy. "We had nowhere to live and we saw the SUV and thought we could live in that. So we took it."

His brother added quietly. "Lots of homeless people live in their cars ..... we've seen them. But we didn't have a car."

Again there was a silence as their surprising answer sank in, but before anyone could speak the gate opened and Mark came in. He was home from work, still in his police uniform, and he stopped in his tracks gazing at the odd tableau. "What the hell's going on here?" he asked.

The twins were startled by the sudden appearance of a cop and one said, "Oh shit, now we're really fucked."

Randy's anger was building and he jabbed his finger at them. "No, asshole," he shouted. "You fucked yourselves the minute you broke into the car."

Bob quietly explained to Mark what had happened and he frowned, disturbed by the attempted theft and by their boys' violent reaction to it. He walked over to face the twins. "You confessed to the gentleman here that you were stealing his car?"


"OK," Mark said matter-of-factly. He quickly handcuffed their hands behind their backs and pulled their wallets from their back pockets. "On the ground." Clumsily and with some difficulty they sat on the ground and hung their heads.

Mark opened the wallets and said to Bob and Randy, "I'm gonna run a make on them. They won't make a move, but keep your eye on them anyway." He walked some distance away and pulled out his cell phone.

"Jesus, what's going on?" The voice was Zack's. He had finally heard the commotion from across the street. Bob once again explained what was going on and the three men faced the boys.

"Why the fuck did you beat up on these guys like that?" Randy asked.

Pablo stepped forward. "I take responsibility, sir. It was my decision. I thought what you would have done .... taught them a lesson ..... and I did the same. It's what you trained me to do, sir."

Bob looked over at Randy and rolled his eyes. There was some truth in what the boy said. Pablo continued his explanation.

"Darius was just following what I did, but Jamie said we should have waited for Mark to come and take charge. So I'm responsible, sir. I wanted you to be proud of me, so we tied them up and whipped them good."

Pablo faced his master with pride, though the look on Randy's face was starting to give him second thoughts. Randy took a deep breath and said quietly, "We have to talk, kid ..... after all this has been settled. For now, don't move ..... any of you."

Mark came back and the four men discussed the situation. "They're clean," Mark said. "No priors, never been in trouble with the law. There's not much in their wallets, no money, no credit cards. But I'll have to run them in. It was attempted grand theft auto."

Bob sighed heavily and they all looked at him expectantly. "Mark ......." He chose his words carefully. "What sentence do you reckon they'll get from the court?"

"Hmm ...... first offence, they admit guilt, and they didn't get more than a few yards. They're young. So no jail time. They'll most likely get probation and community service.

Randy looked at Bob. He knew him well. "What's on your mind, buddy?"

Bob sighed again. "Just look at them. Jesus, stealing a car to live in! Poor kids. I hate for them to get stuck in the criminal justice system." There was another silence and again Bob spoke carefully. "Mark, what are the chances you could turn them over to me, let me put them on probation ..... let me give them community service?" He grinned uncertainly. "We are a community here, after all, and we sure need service around the house."

"Shit, man, you can't be serious," Randy growled. "That's all we need, two asshole felons running around here. No can do, right Mark?"

Mark ignored Randy and smiled at Bob. "Jesus, man, what are you ...... a one-man Salvation Army?" I remember you pulled the same stunt when Jamie first showed up and tried to beat up Pablo. You persuaded me to let him off, too."

"Yeah and look how that turned out," Bob grinned, looking over at Mark's boy.

"Shit, you sure know what buttons to press, buddy." Mark weighed up the situation. "OK, it's very irregular, and I know you don't like the idea Randy, but let's give it a try. I'll release them to your care Bob, with a warning. I just hope you know what you're doing. And at the first sign of trouble, the deal's off, OK?"

"OK, officer," Bob smiled. "Thanks man." A look passed between them of respect, affection ..... and a lot more besides.

Mark walked over to the twins and pulled them to their feet. "OK, you guys, it's your lucky day. The gentleman here has offered to take charge of you. So I'm releasing you into his custody ..... on a trial basis. You try anything, anything at all, and I'll throw your asses in jail so fast your heads will spin. Just so you know, there are six guys living here. I live upstairs, the boys live next door and these gentlemen live in the main house. So you'd be crazy to pull any stunts. Now, what do you have to say to the gentleman?"

The twins looked at Bob and muttered reluctantly, "Thanks."

"No, let's try that again," Mark said forcefully.

They looked up at the uniformed cop in fear, then turned back to Bob and said loudly and in unison, "Thank you, sir."

Mark uncuffed them and looked at the IDs in their wallets. "Which one of you is Kyle?"

"Me, sir." Mark looked at the other boy, "So you must be Kevin. OK here are your wallets."

"So that's it," said Bob. "Kyle and Kevin it is."

From then on Bob took in charge. "OK, Pablo, Darius, you ripped the clothes these guys were wearing so I want you to find two spare pairs of shorts and T-shirts for them. I'll take them down to the basement and they can shower there. When did you last eat, you two?"

They looked at each other and Kyle said, "We had a bag of chips this morning."

"Jesus," Bob groaned. "OK, when you're clean and dressed I'll take you to the kitchen."

As they all dispersed Mark said to Jamie, "Come upstairs with me, boy."


In their bedroom Jamie faced the uniformed cop uncertainly. He knew he had been part of the group that roughed up the twins and was scared he'd be guilty by association. But he relaxed when he saw Mark smile at him.

"It's OK, kiddo. I know what went on and I know you urged the boys to lay off and wait for me. Your instincts were right, you did the right thing. But why didn't you call 911 right away?"

"Well, sir. We didn't know why the two guys did what they did and I know what it's like once you get arrested. I had a feeling they'd get treated better if you dealt with them."

"Right again, Jamie." Mark smiled. "You're one smart kid, and I love the hell out of you."

He ruffled Jamie's hair, but then pulled back and frowned. "Trouble is, you were one of the group so I have to punish you." He rubbed his jaw thoughtfully. "You know, I once saw a cop arrest a boy like you, and how do you think he dealt with him?"

"Don't know, sir."

"He cuffed the boy, made him get on his knees, pull out the cop's dick and give him a blow job. Then he had to drink the cop's cum all the way down. You think that punishment would fit the crime here?"

"Absolutely, sir," Jamie grinned, gazing at the Nordic, chiseled features of the spectacular cop, his master.

"Hands behind your back, boy." Mark quickly handcuffed Jamie, and the boy fell on his knees. With his hands cuffed behind him there was only one thing he could do. He leaned forward and pressed his face against the rough serge of the cop's pants. He managed to get his teeth on the zip and, with some difficulty, jerked it down. With his mouth he pulled the fly open, then buried his face in the crotch, feeling the shape of the rock-hard dick through the cotton of the white shorts.

He pushed his tongue in the opening of the shorts and curled it around the thick cock, pulling it until it sprang out rigid. Jamie looked up at his master's gorgeous face and said, "Now, sir?"

Mark clamped his hand behind Jamie's head and said, "Yeah, boy. Take your punishment like a man." He pulled the face forward onto his cock and the steel rod penetrated the young mouth, all the way to the back of his throat. Jamie choked and instinctively tried to free his hands, but he was tightly cuffed, his face pinioned on the long shaft. He was at the cop's mercy.

Mark sighed with relief as he felt the pressures of his day dissolve in the glorious sensation of his cock in his boy's mouth. He looked down at the blonde young stud and gloried in the knowledge that this handsome face was his to fuck as he wanted. He felt intense love, but he was also aware of his power to dominate and protect the boy at the same time.

And so the god-like cop began to fuck his boy in the face. He really needed this and, grabbing Jamie's tousled hair, pulled the face back then down once more onto his rigid cock. The sight of the boy and the incredible sensation in his groin made his strength surge; his whole body flexed and he lost all restraint as he pounded the beautiful mouth. He heard the boy gag, saw tears streaming down his face as he struggled to service his master.

Jamie's head was held between the cop's hands in a vise-like grip and his throat was becoming raw as he felt the head of the cock slam deep inside him, again and again. But he clenched his throat muscles tight round the cock, knowing the pleasure that gave to his master. The pounding seemed endless and he was not sure if he would last much longer when suddenly the cock pulled all the way out. He looked up in surprise at his master, at the wild blue eyes shining down on him.

"You ready to drink your master's juice? You wanna taste the cum of a stud cop, boy?"

"Yes please, sir ......" Jamie began, but his voice was stifled by the huge piston penetrating his mouth one last time, filling it, slamming against his throat and erupting in a flood of thick, sweet juice. Jamie felt like an electric charge had shot through him, his body jolted and he felt the explosion in his shorts as they filled with the juice of his own orgasm. He swallowed frantically, gulping down every last drop of the police officer's cum.

His eyes were closed, his body heaving as he breathed deeply through his nose. He was trembling in a world of fantasy so exciting that it scared him. Suddenly he felt the cock pull out of his mouth, felt strong hands under his arms pulling him to his feet. Still dizzy, he opened his eyes and saw the smiling blue eyes of his master.

"It's not over yet, boy. You know how I am when I've been riding that motorcycle all day. You know what always happens to you?"

"I get my ass fucked, sir," said Jamie.

"Damn right, kid. OK, you know what to do." As soon as Mark took off the handcuffs Jamie stripped naked.

What came next was the daily ritual that Jamie always looked forward to ...... undressing the uniformed cop. He raised his hands and slowly unbuttoned the black shirt, exposing the white T-shirt stretched over the cop's chest. He pulled the shirt off and hung it neatly round a clothes hanger. He ran his hands over the expanse of the T-shirt, feeling the muscles of the hard pecs underneath. He knew just how to run his fingers lightly over the nipples in a way that caused Mark to take a sharp intake of breath.

Next Jamie pulled the bottom of the T-shirt clear of the pants waistband. He pushed it up the sides, feeling the slim waist, then the flare of the lats until he was able to pull the shirt over the shoulders, over the head, and clear. Carefully he folded the T-shirt and placed it on the dresser. The cop was now stripped to the waist and Jamie stared at him, as awestruck as he had been the very first day he saw his glorious body.

Mark flung himself into an armchair and Jamie turned his back to him, astride one of his legs. He picked up the shiny boot, pressed it under his crotch, and felt his master's other boot press against his ass as he pulled the boot free. The move was repeated on the other leg, and then Mark stood up.

Jamie carefully removed the heavy belt, with all its cop paraphernalia, and laid it on a chair. He put his hands round the slim waist, unbuttoned the waistband and pushed the pants to the floor, followed by the cotton shorts. Mark stepped out of them and stood naked, his cock hard again, even thought he had so recently cum in Jamie's mouth. He watched as Jamie picked the pants up, folded them neatly and hung them on the same hanger as the shirt. He picked up the shorts and, with a grin at Mark, held them to his own face and breathed in deeply.

Mark walked up to him and hugged him in a tight bearhug. "You're the best, kid. You deserve a reward. What's it to be?"

"Sir, I want my master to fuck my ass. It belongs to you, sir."

"Damn right it does," Mark smiled and pushed Jamie backwards onto the bed. "I only just shot my load in your mouth, kid, so this is gonna take a long, long time."

And that was just fine with Jamie.


Downstairs in the kitchen there was a confrontation of a different kind. Before he talked to the twins about the future Bob let them put together a meal for themselves, using anything they wanted from the fridge. It was their first test, and Bob was in for a surprise. Instead of making a rough sandwich and stuffing it into their hungry mouths they actually cooked a simple, very nutritious meal ...... a cheese and mushroom omelet, warm spinach and smoked salmon.

"Very impressive," Bob said. "Where did you learn to do that?"

"We worked in a restaurant for a while," said one of them. "Learned a lot about food .... cooking and serving ...... what's good for you and what's not." They sat at the table across from Bob and ate hungrily. It was obviously their first proper meal in a while.

They had showered and dressed in the shorts and T-shirts Pablo and Darius had provided. Now that they had cleaned up and looked a bit less tense Bob got a good look at them as they ate. He had to admit that they were very handsome young men, with their angular faces, light brown hair and eyes and sexy mouths. They were thin, no doubt undernourished, but well-proportioned, with what's usually described as swimmers' bodies. Decent food and a few sessions with Randy in the gym and they'd look really good, Bob thought.

When they had finished eating they looked nervously at Bob, waiting to hear their fate. Bob took a deep breath. "OK, first things first. You say your names are Kyle and Kevin, but how do I tell you apart?"

They glanced at each other, shared a private smile, and spoke in tandem. "I'm the one with the looks....." "... and I'm the one with the brains." As they smiled shyly at each other Bob's heart melted a little. Then they were serious again as Kevin said, "Kyle has a birthmark on his neck ..... see, there."


"Nineteen," they said together.

"Right, now before we begin, a few ground rules. You will call me "sir" at all times. If it comes to that you will address everyone in the house as "sir", including the boys you met first. And you will never, ever, lie to me. Is that clear?"

They gazed at Bob's stern but beautiful face and said softly, in unison, "Yes, sir."

"OK, two good-looking, apparently intelligent guys like you, nineteen, everything to live for ..... how the hell did you get into this state ...... hungry and homeless? Where are your parents?"

"Dunno," Kyle said and again they spoke in tandem, completing each other's sentences. "They threw us out ...." "When we were fifteen......" "They said we were getting too close to each other."

"What the hell does that mean?"

They paused uneasily. Then Kyle seemed to pluck up courage. "The thing is, sir, Kevin and me we've always been close, ever since we were kids. All we've ever had is each other. The welfare wanted to put us in foster care but they would have split us up so we ran away. At school we kept to ourselves, so the other kids beat us up and we dropped out of school. When we were older we thought of going into the marines, but they would have split us up too. See, we don't care what happens to us just as long as we can be together."

"What about the restaurant?"

This time Kevin explained. "That was a good job ...... until ......"

Bob's voice was soft and persuasive as he said, "Guys, you have to tell me everything."

Kevin cleared his throat. "The owner wanted ...... well he wanted Kyle and me to have sex with each other in front of him while he watched ...... " Kyle picked up the story. "That's happened to us before, sir ...... even our dad. Anyway, we got out of the restaurant fast."

"And since then?"

"Well, basically we've hustled. Seems that the only thing people want from us is sex, so that's how we made money ..... men, women, three-ways ...... didn't seem to matter. Just as long as we could be together. But for a long time now we've never had anywhere to live." He hung his head. "That's why we tried to steal your car, sir. We're very sorry about that, sir, by the way."

Bob stood up and paced the room with his back to the twins. His mind was racing, he was angry ...... and there were tears in his eyes. Then he turned to face them. "OK. I have to speak to the other men in this house to see what we can do for you. But one thing I can promise you is that whatever happens you will be able to stay together."

"Thank you, sir," Kyle said. "Now I suppose that in return you'll want us to suck your cock or have sex with each other so you can watch."

Bob slammed his hand on the table and they jerked back, startled. "No, god dammit! Look, the other thing I promise you is that in this house nobody will ever make you have sex, with each other or anyone else. You will never do that again for money as long as you're here. Is that good and clear?"

"Yes, sir," the twins said in unison.

"OK, we'll talk more later. In the meantime I've got a job for you. There are six men living here, plus the big black guy who lives across the street, so there will be seven of us for dinner. And I want you to cook it. There's a ton of food here and everything you need to prepare a meal. You say you enjoyed working in the restaurant, and I saw what you cooked for yourself, so let's see what you can do. Healthy food and plenty of it. You up for that?"

They looked enthusiastic for the first time that day. "Sure, sir. Provided we can both do it together."

Bob smiled at them for the first time. "Is there any other way with you guys?"


Bob left the twins in the kitchen and had a talk with Randy and Mark to clear a few things. Then he called a meeting of the whole group out in the garden, Zack included. There was a mix of emotions and opinions among them, and some resistance, but Bob knew how to win them over.

"OK quiet down. The first thing I have to tell you is that you three boys don't have to cook or serve dinner this evening. It's being done for us." He knew that his words would bring lusty cheers and they did. "And if you all agree to my plan, that's the way it will always be. You boys all have full-time jobs now with the company so, with any luck your servant days are behind you."

Bob related his conversation with the twins, their history and concerns, and he suggested that they be given a tryout in the house. "We said recently that we would look for live-in help to do all the cooking and household chores. Well maybe that help just fell into our lap."

"Or just tried to steal our car," Randy growled.

"Why should we give them a chance after what they did?" Pablo said.

Bob's eyes flashed. "As I recall, Pablo, before you came here you had been shunted from one foster home to another, then abused by the Baxter family, and Randy made this house a sanctuary for you. And you, Darius, were homeless, living rough, when you showed up on our doorstep and were taken in. You, Jamie, were one of the homeless skinheads who attacked Pablo, but Mark agreed not to arrest you ..... and the rest is history," he said, grinning at Mark.

Bob paused and let the impact of his words sink in. Then he moved in for the kill. "I've been talking to Randy, Mark and Zack and we all agree that you boys need to take a step up in the world. So you will be in immediate charge of the twins ..... their masters if you like. It's time you learned how to treat boys of your own ..... and I don't mean with your fists." He looked meaningfully at Pablo who blushed.

"By the way, we have also mentioned that you will need an assistant in the office, Jamie, and you, Pablo, with the vehicle maintenance, but we'll leave that alone for a while and just see where all this leads. But first things first ..... and the first thing is dinner. Let's go in and see if my little gamble has paid off.

As the guys crowded into the house they looked in astonishment at the meal table. The twins' restaurant training had obviously been thorough ...... a beautifully set table, cloth napkins instead of the usual paper, silverware properly arranged, glasses for water, wine or beer. There was a huge bowl of salad in the middle of the table that looked like a meal in itself. And best of all a smell coming from the oven that made their mouths water.

Randy put his arm over Bob's shoulder and smiled at him. "You son-of-a-bitch. Looks like your 'little gamble', as you call it, is paying off big time. You are one hell of a guy. Not often you meet a gorgeous muscle-god who doubles as a saint. All you need now is someone to keep you in line."

Bob grinned. "I've already got someone ....... talking of muscle-gods ......"


After dinner Bob stayed with the twins to supervise the cleanup while the others paired off. Mark and Jamie went up to their room. Zack said to Darius, "We have to talk," and took him across the street to his house. Randy looked at Pablo and said, "We need to talk too ....... my room upstairs ..... now."

In the bedroom Randy threw himself into an armchair and gazed up at his boy standing uncertainly before him, almost at attention. It was Pablo who spoke first. "Sir, did I mess up or something? Like ..... what I did to those guys."

"Tell me something, did they resist ..... threaten you or something?

"No, sir. But they tried to steal Bob's car so I had to punish them. You would have punished them, sir. And I got real angry."

"Ah ..... anger," Randy smiled ruefully. "Yeah, anger's been a buddy of mine ever since I can remember."

"Sir," Pablo persisted, starting to get emotional. "Everything I do is to make you proud of me. I try to copy you, do what you would do." Tears filled his eyes. "You're my hero, sir."

"Yeah," Randy sighed. "A hero with clay feet. Kid, I'm sure you've heard how I beat up Bob recently when he had sex with Steve. Bob was not resisting or attacking, and yet I used my fists and a whip. Well, that was my anger talking and I was wrong, dead wrong. It's something I'll regret 'til the day I die. So if I gave you reason to think you should beat up on those twins, I was wrong there too."

"But sir," Pablo said, "I wanted to show you I can be tough ...... a real man."

"Jesus," Randy sighed and tried a different approach. "Tell me kiddo, do you think Bob is a real man?"

Pablo was surprised by the question. "Of course, sir."

"Have you ever seen him be violent?"

"No, sir."

"Then how is he a real man?"

"Oh, Bob is real strong ...... inside, kind of. "He knows what he's doing, real confident, super smart. And he's good to people ...... like he was with the twins ...... with all of us boys actually. Everyone here respects and loves him. Oh, yeah, Bob's a real macho guy." He grinned. "Quite apart from being totally gorgeous."

Randy gazed at his boy. "Kiddo, if you had any confusion or doubts when you came in here you've just answered them yourself. See there are lots of ways to be strong, to dominate another guy, without using your fists."

"There are?"

Randy stood up and said, "Take your clothes off, boy." The two men quickly stripped naked. "OK, here we are, naked, no weapons, no whips. How would you try to dominate a guy like me?"

"With my fists, sir. You know my double forearm smash is pretty damn ......"

"Forget the forearm smash," Randy interrupted. He dropped down onto the bed and lay on his back. "Now if this were you lying here, how do you think I could dominate you?"

"That's easy, sir. You'd fuck my ass good." There was a silence as Randy smiled up at his boy and raised an eyebrow. Pablo frowned ...... then light dawned. "Sir, you don't mean ..... like ..... me sir? Like, I should .......?"

His words trailed off and Randy said, "You wanted to prove to me that you're a real man. Think you're man enough for this? Man enough to dominate me?"

Pablo felt his cock surge and it stood out stiff as a poker. He felt a burst of adrenaline flood his body. It was a surge of testosterone, as his masculinity was challenged and he felt his young body pump and flex as he rose to the challenge. Randy watched him grow before his eyes.

"Sure, I'm man enough," Pablo growled. "I don't need my fists to dominate you. Watch this."

He fell on his knees and hooked Randy's legs over his shoulders. But it was not Randy he saw any more, not his master, his adoptive father. Lying before him was a big, rugged, masculine bodybuilder, a muscle god, and he, Pablo was going to overpower him. Sure, he was man enough.

"You're beautiful," he breathed. "Real macho, a real stud. And I'm gonna take you, man. I'm gonna fuck your ass."

Just as Randy would have done, Pablo pressed his cock against the man's ass and without hesitation plunged it deep inside, watching with satisfaction as the handsome, stubbled face flew backward with the sudden shock of the penetrating pain. His eyes opened wide and he stared up at the beautiful young boy tensed over him. Instinctively he raised his hands to push the boy away to relieve the pain, but Pablo was fast and pinned Randy's wrists to the bed above his head.

"No, you don't," he said. "Your mine, now. This is what it feels like to be fucked by a real man."

Pinned to the bed Randy was surprised by the strength and power of the boy. He watched the muscular young body rise up, then slam down on him, his stiff rod thrusting deep inside him. Randy had intended this be all about the boy, but now he found himself struggling against an onslaught that shocked him in its ferocity. The boy really was strong and intent on demonstrating that strength.

Again and again Randy felt his boy's cock piston in and out of his ass, bruising his gut as it slammed against his inner sphincter, then over it. He gasped with pain and the unaccustomed sense of subservience as his body, his ass, were overpowered by the force of muscular youth. As Pablo watched the naked construction worker writhe and flex his strength redoubled and his cock became a jackhammer.

"Yeah, man. Feel your boy's cock in your ass. Now you know I'm a man. You know I can take you. But here's something you weren't ready for."

And suddenly he stopped, with his cock deep inside his master. He pulled back slowly and very gently eased his cock back inside, sliding past the smooth velvet of the ass and coming to rest deep inside. And so he began gently massaging Randy's ass, gazing into his eyes. The contrast from the savage fuck took Randy's breath away and he looked up at a face that was no longer wild. It was gentle now, loving, as the deep brown eyes smiled down at him.

The boy was making love to his master. "You were right, sir. This is the best way to dominate a man. I know how you feel. And I can make you beg like this. Just like this."

Randy was in an ecstasy that he had not felt before ...... the absolute joy of being fucked tenderly by his boy. He breathed deeply and fell in love all over again with the beautiful young man stroking his ass ..... and blowing his mind.

"God, I love you, Pablo. Your cock feels incredible in me. Please, kiddo, let me feel your juice in my ass. Please, I want you to cum." Pablo smiled but there was no other reaction. He just kept caressing his master's ass with his dick. "OK, you want me to beg? I'm begging you Pablo. You're the man. You win. Please cum inside my ass."

"Will you cum too ...... without touching yourself?"

"Oh, yeah. You're doing it right now. You're making me shoot, kid. Please cum, man. I beg you! ...... Aaaah!"

Their shouts and their orgasms were simultaneous as Randy's cock erupted and rivers of cum streamed over his powerful chest. Pablo's body shook as he poured his own hot juice inside the waiting ass of his master. Their eyes met and they smiled at each other, with a newfound love and respect. It was a while before their orgasms abated and their bodies became still.

Pablo breathed, "I see what you mean sir. That was better than fighting. Did I do good, sir?"

"You did great. Seriously, kiddo, I never realized you were such a man. You totally dominated me there. I look at you in a whole new way. I'm just wondering if I can still call you boy."

"Of course, sir. I am your boy, sir. And you just taught me something new. Thank you, sir."

Suddenly the door opened. "Oh, Jesus, sorry guys ..... I didn't realize. I'll come back," Bob said.

"No, it's OK buddy. Don't go. Stay. I've just been giving Pablo a lesson ...... and getting one from him. And you, my man, were the model of perfection I used as an example. You're the real teacher here. Listen, buddy. I know you're tired, but would it be OK if Pablo stayed the night here with us?"

"The pleasure would be all mine," Bob beamed. He quickly took off his clothes and got into bed, with Pablo between them. He reached over him to touch Randy's chest and laughed. "Jesus, you're soaked ..... and it's sticky. No need to ask what's been going on here. Pablo, you better put your head on me until this guy dries off."

Pablo was in heaven as he laid his head on Bob's muscular chest and felt behind him the hard body of the master he had just fucked.

"Everything OK with the twins?" Randy asked Bob.

"Sure," Bob said. "They were exhausted. They're asleep in the basement room ...... curled up together. I tell you, buddy, those two are full of surprises. They had a rocky start with us but I gotta say, I'm starting to like them ...... a lot. There's a ways to go, of course, probably more surprises to come...... but I like them. And I think they like me, too."

"Of course they do," murmured Pablo as he drifted into sleep.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength ...... Part 85"


Rob Williams

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