Pablo had a big surprise as he and Randy set out for their weekend fishing trip. Randy stopped to pick up Steve ..... he was coming with them. Steve was Randy's former therapist who had only recently been introduced to sex with men by Randy and Bob, then been punished by Mark for putting his cock into Jamie's ass. The remarkable thing about Steve was that he looked exactly like Randy. They were like twins.

Now the three men were at their secret spot at the lake, and Steve had gone for a swim to wash off the grime of the city. Randy had his arm round Pablo as they sat on the small beach watching Steve swim.

'You really like Steve, don't you sir,' Pablo asked.

Randy laughed, 'Sure I do, kid. A man who's the image of me ..... what's not to like?' He became more serious. 'Listen, kid. I want to explain something. Now here's the deal. Steve has to learn how to be with a man. I'm gonna let him fuck you, but not like he tried to fuck Jamie .... that was pure lust. He's gotta know that there's a lot more to it than that ...... affection, warmth, respect. It's called making love. I can't teach him that ..... but you can.'

'Me, sir?'

'Yeah, and you'll learn something too. See, kid, with an ass like yours you're nearly always gonna be the one who gets fucked. But the guy on the bottom, if he's a young stud like you, can control the top guy, show him the way, make it real special ..... special like you always make it for me.'

'Thank you, sir. But I'm not sure I know how to do that.'

'Just be yourself, kiddo. You're my boy, my son. I know what you're made of. You can be good for Steve. And you're sure gonna have a hell of a time getting fucked by that gorgeous son-of-a-bitch. Just remember this: whatever you do, I love the hell out of you, kid .... and you belong to me. Here, help me unload the boat.'

A few minutes later the rowboat was in the water and Steve was walking out of the lake, his gleaming muscles streaming with water. Randy jumped into the boat and called Billy in after him. 'Now, Billy and I are going fishing. In the middle of the lake I'll throw a line in the water and then doze for an hour or so. I'm leaving you two alone. You have my full permission to do whatever you like with each other.'

Without another word he pushed off into the lake and the two men were left alone on the beach, in silence. They gazed at each other uncertainly. 'Well,' said Steve at last. 'That was a surprise. So here we are, just the two of us.' His ruggedly handsome face broke into a smile. 'Hi Pablo. So what now?'


The two men had not yet found the balance between them. Looking so much like Randy, Steve was definitely in the 'master' category. But he was brand new to all this .... groping his way in a new world. Pablo, however, was Randy's adopted son and knew he was loved and protected by the big construction boss. So, although he naturally addressed Steve as sir, Pablo was the one with the confidence, the one who had been given a mission by Randy.

So it was Pablo who took the lead. The characteristic crooked grin charmed Steve as the boy said, 'How about a beer, sir?'

'I see you know how to take care of a man,' Steve smiled.

'You don't know the half of it, sir ...... but I hope you'll find out.'

Steve pulled on an old pair of boxers while Pablo, still in his shorts, got two beers from the cooler. They lay on their stomachs on the grass and drank in silence. Then Steve turned to face Pablo and said, 'Tell me about the house, Pablo. I made a false move there, fucked up big time, and got the punishment I deserved. So help me understand the cultural dynamic there.'

'Excuse me, sir?'

Steve laughed. 'Sorry, kid, that was therapist lingo. What I mean is, how does everyone fit in there? How do things work?'

'Oh, that. Well, sir, maybe I should go back a ways, tell you some of the history.'

As Steve listened he became engrossed in the story, engrossed in the boy and his charming enthusiasm. Pablo talked fast, and each time he turned to look into Steve's eyes Steve found himself falling under the spell of this young boy, with the exotic brown face and perfect, naturally beautiful physique. The attraction wasn't exactly sexual, not yet, even though Steve felt a stirring in his groin. It was the kid's warmth and youthful eagerness that attracted him. Underneath that was a confident virility that marked him as no ordinary boy.

Pablo had in the back of his mind the task Randy had set him, but he was really taking his advice of just being himself. He liked this new man, Steve, and was turned on by him. He was really handsome, like a more gentle version of Randy. Naturally Pablo talked a lot about Randy and it was clear to Steve that the boy worshipped him. As Steve admired Pablo's youthful, masculine self-confidence he could easily see why he and Randy were such a perfect match.

Eventually the flow of talk ended and so did the beer. Pablo stood up. 'Could we go for a swim, sir?'

'That'd be great,' Steve said. He stood up and was about to shed his boxers, but left them on when he saw Pablo run into the water wearing his thin surfer shorts. The two men swam out a way, then back, and when their feet touched sand Pablo playfully doused Steve with water. The fight was on as they tussled in the water, holding each other as they rolled over the wet sand. Pablo was surprisingly strong and the muscles of both men flexed in friendly combat as they streamed with water.

Steve was gasping. 'No more, kid ..... you win. Truce?'

'OK, sir.' They both stood up and instinctively looked down at the bulge in each other's wet shorts. It could have been an embarrassing moment but Pablo started to giggle, then threw himself face down on the grass. Steve stood over him, mesmerized by the sight of the boy's ass. The thin beige shorts were still soaked and clung to the perfect mounds of his butt. The thin fabric was almost transparent and Steve had an overwhelming desire to cup the globes in his hands.

But he resisted the temptation and flung himself down beside the boy. After all their exertion there was a breathless silence as Steve ran his eyes down the smooth brown skin of Pablo's back, ending at the perfect ass. He couldn't hold back any longer. He ran his hand down the boy's wet back and rested it on his ass.

'You have the most beautiful ass I've ever seen, Pablo. Is it OK for me to do this?'

'Of course, sir. Randy said whatever we wanted.'

'How about this?' He moved his hand up to Pablo's face, cupped it behind his head and pulled the face toward him. 'I've never done it like this,' he said. 'God, I want to kiss you, boy.'

'I want you to, sir. Please.'

Their lips met gently, tentatively at first, then with increasing pressure as they tasted each other's mouth. Steve ran his tongue over Pablo's lips, then eased it inside his mouth. His cock was now rock hard. He eased his body against Pablo's and held him close, their chests touching and their hard cocks pressing against each other through the thin, wet fabric. They rolled over the grass, Pablo loving the feel of the strong arms around him and the sight of the dark, chiseled features that were so much like Randy's.

They kissed gently for a long time, then Steve ran his tongue down Pablo's neck, down his smooth back to his waist. Pablo flipped over onto his stomach and Steve rested his cheek against the wet shorts covering the beautiful ass. He took a deep breath and exhaled in a long, satisfied sigh. After a while, he suddenly flipped Pablo over onto his back, and leaned directly over him, their bulging cocks resting against each other. Steve gazed into the boy's eyes.

'God, I want so much to ....... I dunno ..... to hold you, Pablo, be with you ...... I don't know ...... I can't explain it.'

'You want to make love to me, sir.'

Steve smiled into his eyes. 'That's it ...... that's what I want. I've never done that with a guy before. But you're such a beautiful kid.' He frowned slightly. 'I want to fuck you too, but not like I did with Jamie. I don't want to hurt you, Pablo. You have to want it ...... really want it.'

'He does, believe me,' a deep voice said, just as Pablo's face was slobbered over by a long wet tongue. Randy and Billy had come back. The hour had flown by and the two men were so engrossed in each other that they had not heard the boat pull up.

'Thought you two would be finished by now,' Randy said. 'Still, don't let us interrupt you. Pay no attention to us. We're just gonna sit way over here and watch. If that's OK with you?'

It sure was. Steve felt more comfortable knowing that he was not doing anything with Pablo behind Randy's back, and Pablo was eager to demonstrate his sexual prowess to his master. So they did as they were told and again became so absorbed in each other that they lost the awareness of anyone watching.

They went back to their passionate embrace and finally Steve breathed, 'Pablo. I'm so turned on. I've got to have your ass, kid. My cock is so hard I've got to be inside you.'

Pablo smiled, broke free and stood up. Lying on his back Steve pulled off his own boxers and his cock sprang up, rigid. Pablo turned around with his back to Steve, his ass on clear display through his shorts. He glanced up at Randy with his crooked grin and Randy smiled back. They both knew that this is where Pablo would take charge as Randy had said he would.

On the ground Steve gazed up at Pablo's back, and the bulge of his ass under his shorts. He gasped as he saw Pablo untie his shorts and begin to lower them very slowly. They slid down from his waist, gradually revealing the mounds of his ass, until finally they dropped round his ankles.

'Aaaah,' Steve gasped as he looked up at the stunning, naked ass. 'That is incredible. God, it's beautiful.'

Moving slowly, Pablo bent his knees and lowered his ass toward Steve's cock until he was able to support himself on his hands on the ground, on either side of Steve. Finally he felt the head of Steve's cock resting against his crack. He paused, and again looked up and caught Randy's smile as his master gave a nod of encouragement.

Steve was going wild, arching his hips upward in a frenzy trying to enter this boy's amazing ass. 'God, I want your ass, boy. I want to be inside you. I want to fuck you, boy. Please .........' Randy smiled with satisfaction. The master was begging his boy!

Pablo had mercy on the pleading man and lowered his ass gently down onto the rigid shaft. As the cock slid inside him, inch by inch, he heard a deep moan behind him as Steve felt the inner heat of the moist ass. Pablo sighed with pleasure as he came to rest, sitting on Steve's prick; he felt the rod all the way inside him. He rose up and fell back, each time causing gasps from the man beneath him.

Then he did something he had never done before. Balancing on his hands he spun round on the spindle of Steve's cock until he was facing him, with the rod still deep inside him. Steve's head thrashed from side to side as he felt the boy's ass revolve round his cock. Then he looked up and saw Pablo facing him, smiling. The boy fell forward, placing his palms on the muscular chest, and he began twisting Steve's nipples in his fingers.

Steve went into a state of ecstasy he could never have imagined. He felt that prefect ass rising and falling on his cock, felt the exquisite pain in his nipples as the young man worked them hard. He had no control over his words. 'Oh, my God. That's fucking incredible. So fucking beautiful. That's it boy, you're fucking my cock. It's on fire. Work my chest, man. You fucking son-of-a-bitch. Rip my tits, sir.'

His body began to spasm and he sobbed, tears pouring down his cheeks. Pablo was awestruck by the sight of the dark, rugged face reduced to a passionate frenzy of begging, pleading. Steve was hypnotized as he gazed up at the beautiful boy rising and falling on his cock, torturing his nipples. His body was ablaze as he felt the pain in his chest and the extraordinary sensation in his cock.

Calmly, the boy asked him, 'Do you want me to make you shoot?'

'Oh yeah. Please fuck my cock, sir. You look so beautiful. Work my nipples, my chest is on fire. I'm so deep in that gorgeous ass. Oh, God. Make me cum, please, sir.'

Pablo glanced up at Randy and said, almost imperceptibly, 'Okey dokey.' He raised his hips up high so the cock came clear of his ass. Then suddenly, dramatically, his ass fell back down on the rigid shaft, which penetrated his ass, all the way over the inner sphincter, coming to rest deep inside. He clnched his ass muscles hard.

'Aaaaah!' Steve screamed as he felt his cock erupt deep inside this magnificent boy. 'Oh, God. I'm cumming. I love you, boy. I love you!'

Pablo watched the face thrash, wild-eyed, saw the body arch and flex and felt stream after stream of hot juice stream inside him. He grabbed his own cock and it took only a few strokes for him to shoot a massive load of creamy juice over the man's heaving chest, up to his neck and over his face. In a trance Steve looked up at the boy and moaned, 'Thank you, sir.'

Regaining his breath Pablo gazed down at the sinewy, cum-soaked body, at the wild, tear-stained face, and was awestruck at how he had reduced this man to a sobbing wreck. The man had the same rugged looks as Randy so it felt like he had conquered his master, made him beg, call him sir. Pablo looked up at Randy who was smiling at him, shaking his head in disbelief and admiration.

'That's my boy,' he said.


'Now I understand,' Steve said. Half an hour had passed and he and Randy were standing, looking down at the ground. After all his exertion Pablo was tired. He had curled up with Billy and fallen into a deep sleep. Lying on his side, with Billy's back pressing into his chest, he had his arm over the dog and his face buried in his fur. 'Now I understand how you came to love this kid, enough to adopt him. He's something special.'

'Yeah,' Randy breathed. As he watched a smile play over Pablo's sleeping face, watched the beautiful, smooth body rise and fall gently with his steady breathing, tears came to the big man's eyes. 'Yeah, he's special alright. I never thought I could love a kid like I love him. I'd do anything for him ...... defend him with every ounce of my strength.'

They sat for a while talking softly, and eventually Billy stirred. Without waking Pablo, the Doberman stood up, stretched and whined a little.

'What's up, pooch?' Randy said. 'Need some exercise? Wanna go for a walk? Hey, Steve, let's take him for a walk through the woods. We won't wake the kid. He's bushed. He'll sleep for a long while yet. Come on, Billy.' He threw a small blanket over the sleeping boy.

Eager to run, Billy followed the two men eagerly into the thick forest. Randy and Steve were now wearing jeans, boots and T-shirts as they were going through some dense undergrowth. It was a warm, lazy afternoon and the two men chatted easily while Billy ran around them, sniffing the ground, poking into bushes.

In a way it was a bit like the therapy sessions Randy had with Steve when they first met. He talked intimately about his life, how it had changed when he met Bob. Steve listened with rapt attention, feeling closer and closer to this amazing man as the time flew by. Suddenly the trees cleared and they found themselves on the gavel track leading to the road.

'Jesus,' Randy said, 'We've walked a long way. Lost all track of time.' Then he stopped and frowned. 'What's that? Under that bush there.'

'Well what do you know? It's a motor bike,' Steve said. 'Looks like we've got company somewhere.'

Randy felt a shiver of apprehension run through his body, a stab of fear. 'I've seen that bike before,' he murmured. His mind flew to the sleeping boy by the lake.

Steve sensed his unease. 'What's up buddy?'

'Not sure,' said Randy frowning. 'I just have an uneasy feeling. Probably just my imagination. No need for you to worry. Look, you take your time and bring Billy back along the track. I'm gonna go the short way through the forest. It'll be faster if I'm alone.'

Steve was about to question him, but Randy had already spun round and disappeared into the trees. He felt his heart beating fast as he crashed through the undergrowth, brambles tearing at his shirt. His uneasiness intensified to an irrational fear as his mind went to Pablo, fast asleep, alone, vulnerable. Braches brushed and scratched his face as he tore through the trees, until at last he saw the clearing up ahead. He crashed through the last of the trees ....... and froze in his tracks.


The voice was guttural, heavily accented. 'So it is you. Remember me, asshole? The name's Hans.'

Hans! ....... the tall, handsome, muscular blond German with the sneering face and harsh accent. He was the construction worker Randy had once worked with ...... the guy who had brutalized him and Bob in those first days in the motel room, the guy Randy had fought with, thrashed and humiliated. They hated each other's guts.

The thug had evidently surprised Pablo while he slept, overpowered him and tied him to a tree using the ropes lying on the ground that had secured the boat in the truck. The boy's arms were pulled taut behind the tree and his ankles tightly cinched. Worse, he had another rope round his neck that Hans was twisting tight.

Randy growled, 'Leave the kid alone. He has nothing to do with us.'

'Wrong, asshole,' Hans snarled. 'He has everything to do with us. It's my lucky day. Here I am riding my bike on the highway and you overtake me in your truck. Recognized you right away. Took me a while to find your boy here, but here I am. I've waited a long time to get even with you, mother-fucker. You banged me up real good last time. Now it's your pretty boyfriend here who's gonna pay. And there's nothing you can do.' He gave the rope another twist.

Pablo was wide-eyed with terror, but he managed to gasp. 'I'm sorry sir ...... I was asleep ...... I fought, sir ......but he.....'

'Shut up, kid,' Hans snarled. 'I want your master here to watch you suffer.'

Randy's mind was racing. His only hope was Hans's physical vanity. He remembered that he hated to be put down, ridiculed. 'Go ahead, stud,' he sneered. 'Shit, anyone can work over a kid like that. Any coward can do that. That's not a real man's work.'

'Shut up, asshole.' Hans was rising to the bait.

''Course, I know you wouldn't dare to take on a man your own size again, especially the stud who whipped your ass last time. You're scared shitless of me, Hans, and that's why you've taken on a boy.'

'Fuck you, man,' the guttural voice growled. 'You got lucky last time. I can drop you any time.'

Randy held out his arms. 'So prove it, big guy. Prove you can beat me and the boy's all yours.'

There was a heavy silence as Hans glared at Randy. The challenge was one his pride would not let him refuse. He moved away from the tree and the two men stared at each other. Randy pulled his T-shirt over his head and dropped it to the ground. The tall, muscular blonde did the same.

Stripped to the waist, the two bodybuilders circled each other warily. The same height, weight and sinewy build, they matched each other in looks and strength. They had always been competitive in the past, each one out to prove he was the better man. Pablo watched in horror, knowing his fate would be decided by this fight between the rugged, dark demon and the handsome, ruthless blonde.

They continued to circle, each getting the measure of the other. Then suddenly Hans made his move. With a bull-like roar he threw himself forward and clamped his arms viciously round Randy's waist, lifting him off the ground in a brutal bear hug. Randy howled as he hung helplessly, feeling the powerful arms tighten round him. His naked torso flexed and his arms flailed as he tried to twist free, but Hans's hands were locked solidly behind him.

The pain in Randy's back was excruciating as he felt the arms crushing him mercilessly. Desperately he tried to swing his fist at the sneering face but Hans was able to duck back each time. Randy felt the life being squeezed out of him and then, instinctively, he opened his arms wide and smashed the inside of his forearms against the thug's face. Hans howled in pain and his arms loosened a bit. Randy smashed his face again and Hans gave up. He released the body and threw it down.

The big construction worker crashed to the ground on his back, dazed and winded. Before he could re-gather his strength he saw the massive body lunge forward and felt the boot as it smashed down on his stomach. Randy had flexed his abs hard but the pain was still agonizing and he doubled over with a scream. He looked up and saw the boot again, this time coming down to his face. With a lightning reflex Randy reached up, grabbed the boot and twisted with all his strength. Hans lost his balance and crashed to the ground beside him

Both men were winded and rolled dazed on the ground. Randy regained his wits first and threw himself on top of the muscular blonde. Their bodies clamped together in a vise and they churned over the ground, down over the sand, into the water, two shirtless musclemen locked in combat. Their gleaming torsos strained and flexed and fists flailed as they traded blow for blow, frantically trying to weaken the other and gain the advantage. They were in deeper water now and Hans managed to raise his knee and crash it hard into Randy's balls.

The strength went out of him and Hans clamped his hands round Randy's neck, pushing his head under water. Pablo shuddered and held his breath as the seconds went by and the massive stud held the struggling body under the water. Pablo knew Randy couldn't survive much longer. But suddenly a fist flew out of the water and crashed into Hans's face, sending his reeling backward onto the beach.

Randy sprang forward and in an instant had clamped his legs round Hans's waist in an inescapable scissor-lock. He pushed down hard on the abs and the German screamed as he tried to push himself free. Randy reached forward and grabbed Hans's neck pulling it toward him, stretching the body so Hans screamed in agony. He was growing weaker, nearing unconsciousness when, in a last, desperate move, Hans raised his arm and smashed his fist down on Randy's throat.

Randy gasped and clutched his throat, choking, the pain in his wind-pipe agonizing. Hans sprang free and leapt to his feet. In a quick series of moves he hauled the choking man to his feet, stood behind him, brought his arms round his chest, and locked his hands behind his neck in a perfect full nelson. He leaned backward so Randy's feet left the ground and, with Hans clamping him from behind, felt himself being whirled round helplessly like a rag doll.

He was in a daze, losing all sense of balance, spinning out of control. He knew he had to get out, now. Flexing his arm he slammed his elbow backward into the side of Hans's stomach. Again and again he smashed with his elbow until he felt the arms grow limp around him. Hans staggered backward and let go, sending the muscular body spinning over the ground.

Randy pulled himself to his knees, raised his head and looked up at Pablo. The young man was straining at his ropes, desperate to help his master, wild-eyed with fear. Randy knew he had to protect him, save him. He was his boy, his son. Filled with the rage of a protective animal he leapt to his feet and rushed at Hans. His fist smashed into the blonde's handsome face and Hans staggered backward. The onslaught was merciless as blow after blow rained onto the man's jaw.

The shirtless blonde was reeling, spinning round under the rain of blows. He staggered back toward the water and finally crashed to the ground. Randy was on him in a second, kneeling over him with his hands clamped round his throat. He squeezed hard and watched as the man's eyes opened wide in helpless terror. Hans felt he was being choked to death.

Pablo finally relaxed. His master was winning. He watched as the thug's body became limp. He was beaten. Then, suddenly, all Pablo's hope was crushed. In his final moments of consciousness, his hands lying limp in the water, Hans grabbed a handful of wet sand and with the last ounce of his strength smashed it into Randy's face, grinding the sand into his eyes. Keeping his grip on Hans's neck Randy could not shield his eyes and he felt the fingers gouging them, filling them with wet sand, crunching it into his face. He was temporarily blinded.

With a howl he sprang to his feet and brought his hands to his eyes, trying to rub away the sand. He could see nothing, he was disoriented ..... and then he felt the fist smash into his jaw. He reeled backward, blindly swinging his fists, but it was hopeless. He heard the guttural voice taunting him.

'You're finished, man. I'm gonna beat the shit out of you. You're all mine,' and a fist crashed again into his face. 'I can take my time with you, asshole .... torture you slowly. You're blinded, fucking helpless.'

Desperately Randy threw a punch in the direction of the voice but it went nowhere. 'Admit it, stud, you're beaten, finished. Hans has won. Maybe if you beg for mercy I'll go easy on your boy. This is it, man. I've been waiting for this a long time. This is the beating you deserve.'

There was nothing Randy could do except stand there and try to withstand the onslaught. Hans toyed with him, crashing his fist into his face, pausing, then hammering him again. Pablo was sobbing as he watched his master take the beating of his life. The beautiful man stood there, stripped down to jeans and boots, his naked muscular torso gleaming wet, bruised and battered, his handsome, rugged face flying from side to side as the merciless fists landed again and again.

Still blinded, Randy was helpless. He tried to say on his feet but felt the fight go out of him. His knees buckled and he knew he was finished. He was dimly aware of the sneering voice. 'OK, stud, let's put you out of your misery. This is it, man. I am the best.' Hans hauled back and smashed one last mighty fist into the helpless face. The muscle god arched upward, spun round, staggered backward, and the earth shook as he crashed to the ground face down in the water.


Minutes went by, minutes that were pure terror for Pablo as his handsome tormentor worked on him, wrenching his nipples, grinding their mouths together in a repulsive embrace.

His master lay motionless. The beautiful, half naked muscleman sprawled beaten in the water, his bruised, rugged face turned to one side, so mercifully he could still breathe. He had been thrashed senseless by the victorious, powerful blonde. Semi-conscious, his muscles throbbing with pain, he fought to regain his senses. Gradually he became aware of small waves lapping at his face. The cold water helped clear his head and, more important, washed his eyes. He raised his hand painfully to his eyes and rubbed them. The sand had been rinsed away.

He opened his eyes and, though they still stung, he could see blurred images. Slowly, agonizingly, the bruised and broken bodybuilder, stripped to the waist, in soaking jeans and boots, dragged himself from the water, crawling painfully up the beach. His aching muscles flexed and strained in a desperate attempt to keep moving.

Then he heard the sound ...... the sound of pain, of desperation, the agonized cries for help. It was his boy. His memory returned. Hazily he saw the boy tied to the tree, saw Hans put his hands behind Pablo's ass and probe it with his fingers.

The shock jolted him back to life. He had to save his boy. He focused on the thug's broad muscular back and a shot of adrenaline and pure hatred shot through his body. Energy flowed through him and he pulled himself to his feet. He paused, swayed, trying to regain his wits and his balance. Again he saw the muscles of the back rippling as Hans mauled his boy's ass.

It was the cry of a wounded lion springing into action. 'NO!' He leapt forward, gripped Hans's shoulder and spun him around. Hans was thrown off balance as he heard Randy yell, 'You fucking animal. I'm gonna kill you. You hurt my boy, asshole. My boy!'

Hans felt the first blow to his face, then the next, and the next. Helplessly he raised his hands to defend himself, but this was an inhuman machine, a mass of bruised muscle bearing down on him. He was dimly aware of the blazing eyes of the demon as the fists hammered him, one after another, relentlessly. All Randy's strength and fury returned to him as he thrashed his rival. No man could take punishment like this. Hans's handsome face spun from side to side, his muscular, naked torso shuddered. In his last moments he managed to beg.

'No, no ....... please ....... no more ...... I give up, man ...... let me go ......I'm beaten, man.'

'You bet your life you are,' Randy growled and landed one last massive blow. The back of his fist crashed against the side of his face and the huge muscleman spun round, then fell backward as if in slow motion. His body slammed to the ground unconscious.

Randy ran to Pablo, quickly untied him and held the limp body in his arms. Pablo sobbed into his master's shoulder as he heard the voice he loved. 'It's OK, kiddo. It's over. You're safe.'


'What the fuck........?' Man and dog burst into the clearing and Steve looked down aghast. Randy and Pablo were on their knees touching each other tenderly. Enough time had gone by for them to begin a slow recovery. Pablo was holding a wet T-shirt, dabbing at the cuts and bruises on Randy's face. Randy was running his fingers over the face of the boy he loved, the boy he had almost lost. There was a whine and Billy launched himself at the pair, wildly slapping his tongue over Pablo's face.

Steve stood there trying to make sense of the scene. 'Jesus Christ, what the fuck happened? Are you OK, man? You look as if you took a hell of a beating.'

Randy looked up and managed a grin. 'Yeah, but you should see the other guy ..... over there,' and he jerked his head toward the big body stretched motionless on the ground. Steve knelt and ran his hands over Randy's body. Randy winced but said, 'It's OK, buddy, I already checked. Just a lot of aches and bruises ....... nothing broken. Don't worry, I'm a tough son-of-a-bitch. I've taken beatings before and come back for more.' He was regaining his energy and stood up, pulling Pablo up with him.

As they explained what had happened Steve shook his head in amazement. 'So, what now?' At that moment they heard two sounds simultaneously ...... a man's low groan and a dog's growl. Hans was moving, and Billy was watching. Regaining consciousness Hans turned over onto his back and looked up at the three men. But what riveted his attention more was the Doberman, standing just feet away, baring his teeth in an ominous snarl. Fear brought clarity to his mind and he looked up at Randy.

'Keep your dog away from me, man.'

'It's not my dog, it's my boy's. And somehow I doubt he's in a mood to help out, eh boy?'

'No, sir.' He looked down at the groveling man. 'One word from me and Billy attacks.'

'You know,' Randy said. 'In my world when someone fucks up we make the punishment fit the crime. Now let's see, Hans. You tied up my boy, abused him and were then gonna fuck him. You know how that feels to get fucked, Hans? No, I thought not.'

Hans stared wildly. 'No man. You can't do that. Not me. I don't do that. Please, sir. Not my ass.' Hans knew from before that Randy's retribution could be terrible, remembered how he had been beaten and left naked, hogtied, hanging from a hook high on the wall.

But Randy ignored his pleading. He pulled off Hans's boots and with one heave ripped the wet jeans off him. He looked down with satisfaction at the now naked muscleman groveling before him then dropped to his knees in front of him and growled, 'You move a muscle, lift one finger, and the dog will rip you're your throat out.' Hans looked in terror at Billy's snarling face, saliva dripping from his jaws.

Randy unzipped his own pants and pulled out his rock hard cock. His erection was caused by the blood of hatred that coursed through his veins, by his overwhelming need to punish this man. He growled, 'This is what you were gonna do to my boy, asshole. But you lost, Hans. I thrashed you again. Seems the last time I broke your body wasn't enough. So now you're gonna get fucked. Pity your first time has to be a dry fuck. So much more painful.

He leaned forward, pushed Hans's legs backward and with one massive thrust drove his thick, dry cock into the bodybuilder's ass. The scream echoed round the lake as Hans's face jerked wildly, his blonde hair flying, his eyes wide with terror. His agonized body shook uncontrollably as the pain in his ass shot through his whole, massive body.

Pablo knew how rough Randy could be when he fucked but he had never seen anything like this fury. He watched the bruised body rise and fall over the tortured blonde, hammering, pounding the ass like a piston. Randy's eyes blazed at his enemy and obscenities poured from his mouth. 'You fucking worthless piece of trash. I'm gonna rip that ass to shreds, man. You hurt my boy, asshole. This is what happens to any prick who hurts my boy. Let me hear you scream, big guy.'

And they did. They heard the wild screams of agony, howls of pain, the pleas for mercy as the beautiful, sculpted body writhed and shuddered from the merciless onslaught. His agony was endless. His muscles flexed and bulged, streaming with sweat as he looked up at the dark, raging demon torturing him. He had never felt such pain in his life and he felt himself drifting from reality. Randy knew the time had come ..... he didn't want the man to lose consciousness. His body arched, and one last time he plunged his cock into the ravaged ass, feeling his explosion of cum deep inside him.

As the tortured bodybuilder shook and spasmed, screaming with pain, Randy pulled out of him and shot to his feet. Coming round to his head he reached forward, grabbed his ankles and pulled his legs back, wide and high in the air, exposing his shattered ass. Eyes blazing he turned to Pablo. 'You're turn, kid.'

Pablo had never seen his master like this, a heaving tower of violent rage. He did not dare disobey him. He fell to his knees and, as he gazed upward at the magnificent muscle god, standing astride the man he had tortured, the boy's cock grew hard. He put the head of his cock against the bruised asshole and forcefully pushed it inside, eliciting another howl from the broken man.

Pablo held Randy's gaze as he followed his lead and fucked the muscleman's ass harder, more savagely, than he had ever fucked before. Hans stared up at the boy in despair and the handsome faced begged. 'Please, no more. I can't take any more. Please end it. Please cum in my ass. Please, sir, I beg you. Fuck my ass, sir. Shoot your load in my ass.

Pablo looked at Randy. 'Has he had enough, sir?'

'OK, kid. Finish him off.'

So Pablo did. He smiled at Randy and with a shout of triumph pierced the tortured ass one last time, watching the beautiful stud scream, writhe, spasm ..... and fall back motionless.


Steve had been watching this brutal punishment in a state of shock and awe, and now the three men were gazing down at the broken muscleman who lay a sobbing wreck.

'OK, Steve,' Randy said. 'You can join us in a ritual of our group. Whenever an asshole hurts one of us the others show him what degradation is. Like this.' He pointed his cock at the handsome, blonde face and a stream of piss began to pour down on him. The others joined in and soon the pitiful, shattered ruin of a man was drowning in three jets of hot, rancid urine.

It poured over his face, into his mouth and over the shuddering muscles of his spectacular body. He moaned in the humiliation of abject squalor. Reflexively he swallowed and tasted the sour, acrid taste of the urine of three men. When it was over he lay still, utterly defeated, broken, his bruised, sculpted muscles pouring with steaming piss.

'Get up,' Randy snarled. Slowly, painfully, the bodybuilder dragged himself to his feet and stood swaying, dazed. Randy reached down to Hans's shredded Levis, pulled out his wallet and keys and picked up his boots. 'Take these, and get out of my sight. And if I ever lay eyes on you again, I'll kill you. I swear it.' The broken, naked muscleman stumbled away and disappeared through the trees.

Randy went to the truck, found his cell phone and pressed a speed-dial number. He was calling Mark, their buddy the cop. 'Hi, Mark. Sorry to interrupt your weekend with Jamie ...... yeah, fine ..... everything's great. We did hit one spot of bother though and there's something you can do for me. Can you make a phone call to your cop buddies?'

'Do you know any guys in the Highway Patrol out this way, in the Angeles Forest? You do? Great, perfect. Ask them to look out for a big, blonde, muscular guy on a motor bike .... German accent. He should be riding the Angeles Crest Highway in a few minutes. He'll be covered in bruises, have a sore ass, and stink of piss. They can probably arrest him for 'indecent exposure.' ...... Oh, didn't I mention that? He'll be butt naked.'


TO BE CONTINUED in 'A Trial Of Strength - Part 66'


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