As the tall, black muscle-stud Zack entered the house behind Mark and Jamie every nerve in his body told him to turn round and leave. But he didn't. First there was the image of the beautiful cop in full uniform, like a Greek God, blonde, square jawed, magnificent physique. Then his boy Jamie, also blonde, a handsome, virile young stud with a natural, beautifully proportioned body. And finally Mark's words that still rang in Zack's ears:

'You know, man, I never did thank you properly for saving my life that day at the beach. Let me do something for you. See, I get real horny after riding my bike all day and my boy Jamie here always takes care of me. Would you like to come and watch?'

Come and watch!? Watch these two guys having sex? Watch the dominant cop make his boy perform whatever sexual service he orders him to? This was all new to Zack, not what he did or ever thought of doing. True he had fooled around with a guy once but that consisted of nothing more than the guy going down on him and then jerking each other off. But this was something totally different.

Zack's thoughts continued to whirl in confusion. What he had just done in the basement gym with Randy and Bob had been shattering ....... exciting, sure, but something that could never happen again. And now this ..... Mark and Jamie .... no doubt orchestrated by Randy, as everything in this house seemed to be.

No, Zack should leave, get out of the house, leave these men ..... Mark, Randy, Bob ....... No, not Bob. His mind flew to the staggering image of Bob, tied naked to a chair, begging Zack to help him shoot his load. Watching the gorgeous Superman face as Zack blasted a stream of cum into it. Even now thinking about it made his cock rock hard. He wanted Bob more than he had ever wanted anyone in his life before. Then he remembered Randy's words:

'Now you know, Zack. Now you know what it's like. Beautiful, isn't he? See, Zack, what you do to Bob? He's crazy about you. And why not? You're one of the most spectacular men I've ever seen. Soon I'm gonna get to know you a whole lot better. And when I've done what I need to do with you I'm gonna let you spend time with Bob ..... do whatever you like. Just follow me, Zack, and I'll take you places you never dreamed of.'

No, Zack couldn't leave. He had to follow.


'Hey, man. You look as if you're miles away.' Mark smiled at Zack who was standing inside the door as if he had just discovered a lost world.

He shook his head to clear his mind. 'Sorry, man. I guess I was somewhere else for a minute.'

'Well, now you're here,' Mark grinned. 'Welcome to our world, buddy.' He took Jamie to a corner of the room and whispered in his ear. 'Hey, kid. Let's put on a show for Zack ..... like that little scene we played out last week. You up for that?'

Jamie's eyes opened wide. 'You bet, sir. That was awesome.'

Zack was still looking round the room in a daze. One unusual feature was that the bed was in the middle of the room, no headboard, almost like a low platform. At each corner was a short, wooden bed post. Like the basement gym, the room somehow oozed sex. Hell, Zack thought, the whole house had sexual vibrations. These guys were really something else.

Again Zack felt a moment of panic. He was in too deep, out of his depth. Again he felt the urge to flee, but some instinct stopped him and instead he sank into an armchair in the corner of the room. Mark and Jamie walked to the middle of the room and ignored Zack, almost as if he wasn't there. 'Just as well,' Zack thought. 'I'll stay for a few minutes and then leave quietly. They'll never notice.'

He had to admit it, though ..... the muscular cop looked magnificent in his uniform as he stood facing his boy, legs apart, his hands at his waist, thumbs looped in his belt. And Jamie sure was a sexy young stud, dressed in jeans, T-shirt and sneakers, looking nervous. Nervous? What the hell was going on here? Zack soon got his answer.

Mark's voice was harsh, intimidating. 'So, you young punk. After what you've done I'll give you a choice. I'll either throw your sorry ass in jail or you can take your chances with me. What's it to be?'

Jamie sounded scared. 'I can't go to jail, sir. I'll do whatever you say, officer.'

'I can be pretty rough when I work over punks like you. So get ready kid.' Jamie stood with his legs apart and clasped his hands behind his back.

'OK. You ever suck a cop's dick before, punk?'

Jamie looked terrified. 'No, officer. Never. I could never do anything like that.'

The cop clenched his jaw and swiped the back of his hand lightly across the boy's cheek, making his head fly sideways. Zack was shocked and rose from the chair clenching his fists, ready to spring to Jamie's defense, but Mark shot a quick, authoritative glance in his direction that made Zack sit down again.

'OK,' Mark said again. 'We'll try that again. Did you ever suck a cop's dick?'

'No, officer,' Jamie said, his voice stronger now.

Mark gazed at him and barked, 'Then it's time you did. On your knees, asshole.' Instantly Jamie fell to his knees, his face level with the cop's crotch.

'Now, unzip my pants.'

Jamie hesitated, his hands still clasped behind his back. Then he leaned forward and with his tongue found the metal tag in the cop's pants. With his teeth he eased it downward until the fly was completely open. He pulled his head back and looked up at the cop. Mark put one hand into his open crotch, into his shorts and pulled out his semi-hard cock. He began to stroke it as he looked at the kneeling boy.

'You're a good-looking son-of-a-bitch, I'll give you that. I'm gonna enjoy working you over. Well, will you look at that? You're making my dick hard. You gonna take care of that, boy?'

Jamie's eyes were fixed on the now-rigid piece of meat that the cop was stroking. He was salivating. Zack too was mesmerized by the sight. He watched as the cop put his free hand behind the boy's head and pulled it forward. Suddenly he forced his huge rod into the young mouth, pushing it deep into his throat until the rough serge of the pants pressed against his face, making him gag.

'Jesus!' Zack's involuntary shout echoed round the room. He half rose from the chair ...... to defend Jamie? ....... to leave the room? He didn't know ....... He was dazed and sank back into the chair.

With the force of the cock penetrating Jamie's mouth his arms flew forward and he grabbed the cop's waist for support. And then the pounding began. Mark grabbed the boy's blonde hair, pulled his head back off the cock, then slammed his face forward again, plunging the huge shaft deep inside him. From then on the cock was like a piston, ramming the mouth unmercifully.

As Zack watched the big, uniformed cop hammer the boy's face he felt a heat spreading over his body. 'God, that's beautiful,' he murmured and his hand went instinctively down to this crotch and began rubbing the bulge in his jeans. He saw the determination on Mark's square-jawed face, heard the boy's muffled choking as tears streamed down his face. As Jamie looked up at his master, with pain and ecstasy in his eyes, Zack suddenly saw something else.

The face morphed into the image of Bob's face, the face that Bob had raised to him earlier in the basement, tied to a chair. Zack had shot his load into that beautiful face, but now, as he watched Mark fucking Jamie's mouth, Zack knew what he wanted. He wanted to fuck Bob's face, the face of a Superman. He wanted to tie him up, grab his hair and slam his dick into his mouth.

He was hypnotized by the sight of the cop face-fucking the boy and imagined himself punishing Bob in the same way. He watched the piston driving into the mouth ...... and he saw himself, stripped down to his black jeans as he was now, hammering Bob's mouth. He saw his own magnificent body dominating the kneeling man gazing up at him in submission.

In his fantasy Bob's eyes were pleading for release. Bob wanted to drink his cum, he was clenching his throat around the big, black cock. Zack felt it, heard the choking, felt the heat rising from his balls, surging through his cock. As he rubbed the huge bulge in his jeans his body convulsed, he heard himself scream and felt the sticky wetness in his shorts.

He had just had an intense orgasm ...... blasted his load into Bob's mouth.


Then the fantasy dissolved. Zack's head hung down, his body streamed with sweat. Reality crashed in and he remembered where he was ..... in Mark's bedroom ..... and Bob wasn't there. Zack had creamed his jeans. It wasn't Bob's mouth. He had imagined the whole thing, except for the semen filling his shorts and the stain spreading over the crotch of his jeans. And, worse, these two guys had witnessed his spontaneous orgasm. The big, rugged black stud was overwhelmed with a surge of shame and humiliation

As he rose from the chair he was dimly aware that the two men were standing staring at each other. They seemed not to react to Zack's scream, his shuddering body ..... and that was just as well. He just needed to get out of this room, go far away, forget this ever happened.

'Strip!' Zack heard the cop's harsh order to Jamie as he stumbled toward the door. Like a command it made him stop ...... and turn round. He was rooted to the spot as he saw the boy struggle to respond.

'You mean .......?'

'I mean, take your clothes off, boy ...... strip naked.'

Slowly, fearfully, Jamie pulled his T-shirt over his head, kicked off his sneakers, unbuttoned his fly and dropped his jeans. He stood naked before the uniformed cop, who towered over him, arms crossed over his back uniform shirt. Mark surveyed the trembling boy. 'Not bad. Not bad at all. You're the best-looking young stud I've ever worked over. You'll do fine.'

Jamie had his back to the bed and suddenly Mark pressed his hand on his throat and shoved him backward. Jamie gasped as he fell hard on his back, spread-eagled on the bed. Zack was shocked by the move, pitied the helpless boy. His whole body tensed, his muscles flexed, as he prepared to strike, do battle with the cop.

But at the last minute the look on Jamie's face stopped him. It was ecstatic, gazing up in awe and desire at the glorious blonde cop towering over him. The boy wanted this! Again, Zack was hypnotized by the spectacle. He saw Mark move to the head of the bed, unclip two sets of handcuffs form his belt and snap one each round Jamie's wrists. The other end of the cuff he hooked over the low bedposts, one on each corner of the bed.

'God, that's beautiful!' Zack gazed down at the muscular young stud spread-eagled on the bed, arms stretched up to the corner posts. For the first time Jamie looked at Zack as he began to struggle to get free. His golden-tanned body twisted, pulling at the cuffs, his muscles flexed and bulged with the effort, his eyes widened in fear. When he pleaded with Mark, Zack had the impression he was speaking to him instead.

'Please, officer. Let me go. You're so beautiful, sir, but I'm scared. I can't take any more.'

It was Mark who replied. 'Oh, you're gonna want this, boy. Just wait.'

Zack walked round to the head of the bed, looked down at the handsome young face, then looked up at Mark standing facing him at the other end. Mark took a deep breath, stretched, flexed his muscles, then relaxed. He raised his hands and slowly undid three buttons of his black shirt, revealing more of the white T-shirt underneath, stretched over his rounded pecs. He ran his hands over the shirt on his chest and moaned as his fingers rubbed against his nipples.

'Oh, man,' he said softly. 'You are gonna love this.

Zack didn't know whether Mark was talking to him or to Jamie, but they were both gazing at the magnificent cop in awe. They gasped as Mark unbuttoned the rest of his shirt, pulled it out at the waist and shrugged it off. And there he stood, his gleaming T-shirt stretched over his superb torso, broad shoulders, wide lats tapering down to the slim waist at the wide leather belt. The T-shirt was tight, so the short sleeves were pushed back from the bulging biceps. At the slim waist the shirt was cinched by the wide belt of the pants, which were tucked into high, shiny motor-cycle boots.

'Jesus Christ,' Zack moaned. He could hardly breathe. This was one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen, an icon of glorious masculinity, the apex of beauty and power. Mark flexed his muscles and gazed down at his enraptured boy. Then he raised his head and, for the first time, looked directly at Zack with a penetrating gaze. There was a slight smile on his face, and Zack shuddered, realizing how easy it would be to fall in love with a man like this.

Then, as he saw Mark move, Zack moaned, 'Oh, no. No more.' Mark had raised his hands behind his neck and was starting to pull up on his T-shirt. 'That's gonna make me cum again.'

Mark smiled. 'Don't cum, man. Not yet.' He pulled at the shirt and slowly it rose, up from the tight waist, over the hard-etched eight-pack abs. As Zack's breathing became ragged the shirt rose over the slabs of the cop's pecs, over the shoulders and head and finally fell to the floor.

'Oh, man,' Zack groaned. 'You are so fucking beautiful. You're a fucking god.' He stood in awe of the cop, stripped to the waist, legs astride, wide leather belt of the uniform pants tight round the slim waist. Mark held Zack's eyes for a long time, then dropped his gaze to Jamie.

'OK, boy. You said you can't take any more. Was that true?'

'No, officer.'

'So what do you want?'

'Sir ...... please sir. I want to feel your cock inside me. I want you to fuck my ass. I want my ass to get pounded by a cop.'

'Of course you do, boy. And our new friend here is gonna help with that. That right, Zack?'

As he gazed at the powerful, shirtless cop Zack heard himself say, 'Yes, sir.' And that was the first time in his life the dominant black stud had ever called a man 'sir'.


So this was it. Zack knew that some men fucked other guys in the ass, but had never seen it and never thought much about it. Until now. Now here was a beautiful, virile young man, handcuffed to the bed, waiting for the dominant, bare-chested cop to take possession of his ass. And Zack was going to witness it. No more thoughts of running away. How could he leave this incredible scene? And Mark had said Zack would be a part of it!

The cop reached down, grabbed Jamie's ankles and pushed them up and back. He looked up at Zach who realized what he was meant to do. He was standing behind the boy's head, facing Mark who pushed the ankles toward him. Zack grabbed them and pulled then further back toward him, lifting the boy's ass higher, facing Mark, vulnerable, waiting. Mark stepped back and grinned at Zack. He gazed at the black bodybuilder holding Jamie's legs high and wide.

'Thanks, man. That looks incredible, you offering the boy's ass to me. God, you're a gorgeous hunk of manhood, you know that? Not many kids get to be used by two studs like us.'

Jamie could hardly breathe. The two men were stunning, and polar opposites: the one blonde, golden, a Nordic god; the other a pornographically beautiful, jet-black muscleman with gleaming ebony skin. It got no better, no more exciting, than this. He waited and watched as the cop reached down and pulled out his cock once again. This time it was rigid as Mark looked first at the boy waiting to be plundered, then up at the black stud who was, for the first time in his life, seeing a man get fucked in the ass.

'You ready, Zack?'

'Yes, sir.'

'This is what my boy wants. He loves me to handcuff him to the bed and ...... do this!' And with one powerful thrust Mark pushed his cock into his boy's ass, sliding it past the outer sphincter, past the warm, moist membrane, then all the way over the deep inner sphincter, coming to rest deep in his gut. Jamie's bound body shook violently in its restraints and he screamed.

'Oh, God! Thank you, sir. Thank you, officer. I love that. I love getting fucked by a cop. My ass belongs to you, sir.'

'You bet your life it does,' Mark growled. 'And now I'm gonna take it, boy.'

He pulled his cock back and thrust it deep inside again, then back out and in, a rhythmic pounding that sent the boy into spasms of ecstasy. As Zack gripped the boy's legs and looked down at him, he was caught up in the boy's euphoria and pure animal joy. Then Zack looked up and he almost shot his load. The cop, stripped to the waist, was focused totally on his boy's ass. His square jaw was clenched tight, eyes wild, blonde hair falling over his forehead. His muscular torso, streaming with sweat, flexed and bulged as it hammered the helpless boy.

Suddenly Mark looked up and locked eyes with Zack. The black stud was lost, couldn't help himself as he gazed into the steely blue eyes. Still holding Jamie's legs Zack leaned forward, his face coming closer and closer to Mark's until their lips met. The pounding of the boy beneath them continued as they crushed each other's mouths in a passionate, grinding embrace.

It was pure sensory overload for Zack. He heard the boy's ecstatic howls, saw the intense blue eyes so close to his and tasted the warm mouth of this stunning cop. He lost all sense of time and space. His mind was spinning out of control. Then, through all the frenzied confusion, his thoughts suddenly clarified, became focused.

He was transported back to the shack on the dunes when Bob had said goodbye and, on an impulse, had kissed him. He felt the man's lips on his, tasted the inside of his mouth as he probed it with his tongue. The fantasy was vivid ...... this was Bob he was kissing. He heard the voice beneath him screaming, 'Yes, sir. Please fuck my ass, sir. Take my ass. I love you, sir!' But it was Bob's voice he heard. It was Bob who was tied up, Bob who was begging Zack to fuck him.

Zack pulled his face away from Mark and instinctively reached down and pulled his rigid cock out of his pants. He had felt Bob's lips, heard him beg to get fucked, now he felt his own cock pulsing as he imagined it inside the beautiful bodybuilder.

'Here it comes, boy,' he heard Mark shout at Jamie. 'Take it, boy ..... take your master's cum in your ass.' The cop shuddered and Jamie howled as he felt hot liquid pouring into his ass. The boy's own orgasm exploded, shooting cum over his chest.

Zack was driven to a frenzy. He felt Bob trembling under him. 'Yes, man,' Zack shouted. 'Take it all the way, buddy. I'm fucking your ass ...... feel my cum in your ass, man! I love you, Bob. Aaaah!' His scream rang round the room as hot semen blasted from him onto the young body beneath. This is what he had longed for ..... to fuck Bob's ass ...... had craved it since the moment he first saw him. Cum poured from him into the ass of the man he loved.

But it wasn't Bob. He looked up wildly at the cop, who was smiling at him. It was Mark, not Bob. And the body beneath him, covered in the black man's semen, was Jamie's. Once more reality shattered his fantasy and he realized what his passion had driven him to do. His mind was spinning and his only desire now was to leave .... to escape. He couldn't face Mark. He had to get away.

He stood up straight, buttoned his pants and breathed deeply trying to regain his senses. He was aware of Mark falling forward onto the cum-soaked boy and of Jamie's voice saying. 'Thank you, sir. God, I love you, sir. That was awesome ..... that was the best ...... the best it's ever been, sir.'


Zack stumbled from the room, ran, almost fell, down the stairs and out of the house. He staggered across the lawn toward the gate, when he heard Randy's voice. 'Hey, slow down, man. Come and join us.'

Zack turned and looked at Randy and Bob sitting at the table near the pool. He desperately wanted to leave, but he could not ignore these guys. He walked slowly to the table where Randy said, 'Here, sit. We've been saving this for you,' and he pushed a bottle of beer toward him. Zack slumped into a chair and clutched at the bottle.

Randy grinned. 'Bit too intense for you, eh? Those guys can play real hard. Did you get off on it?'

Zach looked at both of them and spoke quietly. 'I can't do this, guys. I'm sorry. I should never have come here. I knew it was a mistake. Sorry about the job and everything. I would have enjoyed working with you but ..... I gotta leave.'

Randy put a restraining hand on his arm and said, 'Hey, man, don't sweat it. Don't be a fool. Just because Mark and Jamie were a bit too much for you doesn't mean you have to chuck it all. You don't have to join in that stuff if it's not for you, man.'

Zack leveled a steady gaze at him. 'It's not that, man. Look, I'm not gonna lie to you ..... you're too decent for that. I shot my load twice in that room while Mark was working on Jamie. But it was not them that made me cum ........ it was Bob. When Mark face-fucked Jamie I fantasized about doing the same to Bob. When Mark fucked Jamie's ass I shot my wad thinking of my cock in Bob's ass.'

Zack turned to Bob. 'I think I'm in love with you man. So you see why I've gotta leave. I can't do this to you guys.'

There was a silence, which was broken by Randy's loud peal of laughter. 'Well of course you love him, buddy. I've known that since I first saw you together at the beach.'

'You mean ......?'

'Listen, man. You don't understand Bob and me. Nothing, nobody can come between us. What we have together is like the Rock of Gibraltar. You say you're in love with Bob and I know for damn sure that he's crazy about you. Of course he wants you to fuck him. He probably got an erection just hearing you admit you wanted it.' Bob looked up and grinned.

'So here's the deal, Zack. Bob is my life and I will do anything for him ..... I'll love him, protect him, hold him, and fuck his ass because it belongs to me. And I'll also give him whatever he wants. And what he wants right now is you. There's precious few men I would ever allow even near his ass, but you're one of them. I've never met anyone like you, Zack. You and I are cut from the same cloth. And I'll tell you now ...... you are one major fucking turn-on ..... you excite the hell out of me.'

Zack sat back in shock as Randy continued. 'So I am gonna let you fuck Bob. But the price of admission is high. You have to go through me to get to him. I'm gonna damn well make you earn that ass. So, if you're up for this, I'll take you away to a place I know for the weekend and we'll work things out between us ....... a kind of trial of strength. What do you say, Zack?'

Zack looked at Bob, then back to Randy. 'Bring it on, man.'

'Good. I knew you'd say that. See, it all depends on how badly you want my lover here.'

Zack looked at Bob. 'I want him real bad, man. Bad enough to take whatever you can throw at me. Shit, you're one hell of a guy. I'll enjoy the challenge. Just the two of us, right?'

Randy grinned. 'Right. So this week you'll begin your work as project manager. And on the weekend ........ let the games begin! As you say, stud, just the two of us.'


Darius was in hog heaven on the construction site. He was not only working close to this magnificent black stud, he was helping him. Zack needed him. Needed him to explain the workings of the site, to introduce the crew to him, to get him familiar with every detail of the project he was to manage.

What was even better, Zack treated Darius as an equal, respected him, even called him 'bro'. Trouble was, Darius had a permanent erection the entire week. Zack always worked stripped to the waist, his black jeans tucked into heavy black work boots. His chiseled, ebony torso gleamed with sweat, his black muscles rippling as he worked. He's a fucking icon, thought Darius. No need to fantasize here. The man was a living, breathing fantasy of raw masculinity.

A natural leader of men, it didn't take Zack long. By the middle of the week he had hit his stride and was the acknowledged boss. He had watched the crew work, knew their strengths and skills, and treated them well. And he had earned their respect, even their awe. His management style became clear on the third day when an incident occurred with Darius.

They were both working on a tough project with a guy named Doyle, a big, rugged construction worker with an aggressive edge to him. They were trying to position a heavy beam and Doyle was losing his temper. Darius inadvertently backed into him, sending him staggering back against a wall.

'What the fuck?' yelled Doyle. 'Stay out of my way, faggot. Touch me again, boy, and I'll drop your black ass.'

Instantly he felt a hand on his shoulder as Zack spun him around and slammed the back of his fist across his face. The big man flew backward with the force of the blow and crashed to the ground. Stunned, on his back, he looked up at the blazing eyes of the towering black man looming over him.

'On your knees, man!' Zack's deep commanding voice brought the man instantly to his knees, a look of terror in his eyes. 'Now, you're gonna apologize to this man. Right now!'

Doyle looked up at Zack's chiseled face, his square jaw clenched in anger. He had no choice, and cleared his throat as he looked at Darius. 'I .... I'm sorry, man,' he stammered.

'You call this man 'sir',' Zack yelled.

Doyle locked eyes with Darius. 'I'm sorry, sir. I was mad and it just slipped out. I apologize, sir. Please forgive me.'

Zack's body relaxed. 'OK, stand up and shake hands.' Doyle pulled himself unsteadily to his feet and held his hand out to Darius. Darius clasped it with both hands and shook it enthusiastically. 'No sweat, man. No harm done,' Darius said, and he managed a smile.

The chastened construction worker turned to Zack who also held out his hand. As the two men shook hands Zack said, 'OK, man. That was well said. The incident's closed. I've been watching you, Doyle and you're a good worker. I'd be real sorry to lose you. Don't give me reason to.' Then raising his voice, 'OK, guys, back to work, show's over. It's been a tough day and you're all doing a great job. I appreciate it.'

He turned to Darius and said softly, 'Come with me, kid.'


They walked over to the trailer office and when the door closed behind them Zack said, 'You OK, bro?'

Darius smiled at him. 'Yes, sir. Thank you for what you did out there.'

'Remember, kid, you never let a guy speak to you like that, no matter how mad he is.'

'No, sir. But the way you handled it, sir. Randy would have beat the crap out of him and fired his ass, but you .........'

Zack laughed. 'There's many ways to deal with a guy like that, Darius. Randy has his way, I have mine.' He paused and looked at Darius. 'You got family, kid?'

The question surprised him. 'No, sir. Never knew my dad and my mom didn't have much time for me. The guys in the house are my family.'

Zack flashed his dazzling smiled. 'Well, I hope you'll let me take the place of your dad.' He put his arms round Darius in an affectionate bear hug. 'Stick with me, kid. I'll take care of you.'

Darius felt weak at the knee and his green eyes filled with tears. When they pulled apart Zack became all business. 'OK, you take a break, kid. I gotta get back out there. Join me when you're ready.'

He strode out of the room leaving Darius still feeling weak, his mind spinning. He stood at the window and watched Zack join the crew. God the man was stunning ...... the way he handled the guys, the affection he had shown Darius, the things he had said. 'I could easily fall in love with that,' Darius thought.

Hell, he was already in lust. Just look at the man, ruggedly handsome, stripped to the waist. The muscles in his V-shaped back rippled as he pulled hard on a cable hoisting a door frame. Then the cable pulled him around and Darius gasped as he saw the black muscle god from the front, the wide shoulders, the big square slabs of his pecs, sculpted abs, narrow waist. With his arms stretched upward, his jet black skin gleamed and his muscles flexed hard as he helped the crew pull on the cable.

'Now that is pornographic,' Darius murmured. His hand moved down to his fly and he pulled out his raging cock and stroked it. 'Yeah, man, let me see that body. Jesus you're beautiful. That is fucking gorgeous. That's it, man, work that body. You're gonna make me cum, man.'

'Not yet, punk.'

Darius whirled round at the sound of Randy's voice. He had been so focused on the window he had not heard him come in. He stammered, 'Oh, boss ...... I'm sorry, sir. I was on a break and I was just ......'

'No need to explain, kid. You can do whatever you like on a break. What was it turning you on so much?' He walked to the window. 'Oh, yeah, of course. Now I see. Spectacular, isn't he! The most beautiful black guy I've ever seen in my life. He's enough to make anyone shoot their load. Well, don't let me stop you.'

Darius was embarrassed. 'But sir, I didn't know ...... I'm not sure .......'

'Come on, punk. I can see you need a little encouragement. Here, let me help.' He stood beside Darius, threw his left arm over his shoulder and with his right hand pulled his own cock out of his jeans. As they both looked through the window they began stroking their meat.

Darius was trembling with excitement. Here was the gorgeous construction boss, the man he idolized, standing next to him and they were both masturbating, gazing at the magnificent black body straining with effort. He heard Randy's voice.

'He's fucking incredible, man. Look at that back, those shoulders. Jeez, the pecs are slabs of black granite. Watch those fucking muscles ripple as he works. See the sweat pour down his chest? And look, kiddo. See that bulge in his pants? Working with these guys, punishing his own body like that, has given him a hard-on. He probably always has a stiff cock when he's working.'

'Hey, boss. I'm not sure I can hold out much longer.'

'You don't have to, man. Come on, focus on that face, that body, and just do it. Just don't scream too loud. You ready?'

Yes, sir!' Darius shouted. He felt the muscular body next to his shudder and saw a stream of cum blast from his boss's cock and smash against the window. That was all it took for Darius. 'Oh, God. This is it. I'm cumming ......' and he shot one of his biggest loads ever. Now two streams of hot liquid were pouring against the window, running down it and finally obscuring the spectacular view outside.

Their heaving breaths subsided and Darius said. 'Thanks, boss. That was fucking incredible. God, I love you, sir.'

'Probably love the man through the window too, eh?'

Darius grinned. 'I'm getting there, sir.' Then after a long pause he said, 'You're gonna take him on a trip this weekend?'


'You're gonna fuck him, aren't you, sir?'

'You bet your life I am, kid. Gonna whip his beautiful black ass and then fuck it.'

'God, I wish I could see that. But ..... I mean, you won't ....... will you hurt him, sir?'

'Most likely.'

'But, sir ........ not too much, though eh? I mean, I don't want you to scare him off.'

Randy laughed. 'Hell, that's not a guy who scares easily, and he's not gonna leave us. What I do to him is gonna make him stay forever. He's a tough son-of-a-bitch, and he wants Bob. He doesn't know it yet, but he wants me too. I'm a tough mother-fucker too and I can give him things no other man can. He'll be begging for more ..... trust me.'

'Oh, I do, sir. You're spectacular. I love you sir.' He grinned. 'But I already said that, didn't I?'

Randy laughed as he left the room. 'And clean that window, punk. We might want to use it again.'


Later that day Randy and Mark were sitting by the pool before dinner. 'I've got another favor to ask you, Mark. You know I'm taking Zack out the canyon in the desert this weekend.'

'And you'd like to take the Harleys. Of course, man, I thought you would. Hell, I think of my bikes as community property around here.' He grinned. 'So you're really gonna do it. Guess it had to happen. You two studs testing each other's strength should be quite a sight. Sorry to miss it.'

'Hey, buddy, next time it'll be the three of us. But this trip it has to be just him and me. And remember what I asked you to do for me. You'll keep Bob company while I'm gone ..... take care of him? He'll be all yours, ass and all.'

'Leave him to me, buddy. He won't be lonely.'


And so the next morning the two bikes were in the driveway, throbbing like stallions waiting to be set free. Astride one was the iconic black muscle-god, stripped to the waist, in his usual black jeans tucked into heavy work boots. The construction worker was on the other, in jeans and boots and his old, faded tank top. The three boys were staring wide-eyed at this fantasy, a piece of erotic art come to life.

'OK,' Randy said to Zack. 'You ready, man?'

'Lead the way, stud.'

Randy looked at the shirtless man and grinned. Suddenly he pulled his tank top over his head and threw it to the ground. He smiled at Zach, just as Bob grinned at Mark. All four men were acknowledging the first subtle gesture in the contest that was to follow, the first skirmish. Both men were now shirtless, equal .... they had to be. They revved the engines, their tires spun on the gravel and they sped away.

'Well, that's it,' said Mark. 'A real trial of strength.' He threw his arm round Bob's shoulder. 'And you, old buddy, are to be the prize, it seems. How's that work for you?'

Bob laughed. 'For now I'll settle for a quiet weekend. You working the next two days, Mark?'

'Nope. You've got me the whole weekend. Randy made me promise to take care of you .....

'No holds barred' he said.'

'Now you're talking,' Bob grinned, and they walked into the house together.


TO BE CONTINUED in 'A Trial Of Strength - Part 71'


Rob Williams

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