Jamie gazed at the new tattoo on his arm. 'That's the mark of ownership, Jamie,' Mark said. ''MM ..... Mark Matsen.' He owns you. You're his property.' He smiled. 'And tomorrow Officer Matsen is going to take the man he owns on a trip up the coast. You remember that shack in the dunes where we first made love? We're going there again. I'm gonna fuck your ass raw. And once and for all, I will take full possession of my property ...... of my boy.'

It was Saturday morning and the mood in the house was festive. Darius and Pablo were blown away as they examined the mark on Jamie's arm. 'Fucking awesome, man,' said Darius. 'So the big cop owns you now. That ink is permanent, kiddo. You're his for life.'

'Congratulations, dude,' grinned Pablo. 'Jeez, to be owned by a beautiful guy like Mark. He's a fucking god. Have you seen how people fall over themselves just to be near him? Anyone would kill to be owned by him. And you're the man! He chose you.'

'Thanks, guys,' Jamie smiled. 'And if it weren't for you, Pablo, I wouldn't even be here. Thanks for coming to get me when I ran away. Now Mark says he's taking me up the coast for the weekend.'

'Me too,' Pablo said excitedly. 'Randy's taking me up to the lake for some fishing as a reward. Says he has something real special in mind for me.'

Oh, yeah?' a deep voice interrupted. 'Well nobody's going the fuck anywhere until you assholes get breakfast on the table.'

They looked up nervously at Randy as he strode into the kitchen wearing just boxers. But their nervousness vanished when they saw the grin on his face and, as always, they were mesmerized by the sight of his rugged, chiseled features and stunning physique. Still, they had their orders and busied themselves setting up the table in the garden.

Soon Mark came down, then Bob, and the three masters stripped naked and dived into the pool. The boys paused and gazed down in awe at the three glorious men, their long, lean muscles gleaming gold as water streamed over them. There never was a sight like these three muscle-gods.......the dark demon construction worker; the beautiful bodybuilder with the Superman features; and the Greek-god blond cop.

'Hey, I don't recall telling you to stop work,' Randy bellowed at the awestruck young men. 'If breakfast is not on the table in ten minutes you all get your asses fucked raw.'

'Is that a promise, sir?' Darius grinned cheekily, and got massively sprayed with water by all three men.

The raucous mood continued throughout breakfast as they talked excitedly about the weekend. When the meal was over Randy took Bob and Darius aside. 'Now listen, guys. With me taking Pablo away and Mark taking Jamie, that leaves you two alone in the house for the weekend. Is that OK with you?'

'It's a relief for me,' Bob said. 'After everything that's happened here I could use a quiet weekend to catch up on my work and just relax.' He was referring to Mark punishing the newcomer Steve for fucking his boy, Jamie. Bob grinned. 'And the punk here is pretty good company if he'll only stop talking for five minutes at a time. Who knows, maybe I can come up with something new to satisfy that overactive fantasy mind of his. How's that work for you Darius? You OK spending a weekend with me ....... maybe even sharing a bed?'

Darius flashed his white teeth in a broad smile. 'Sir, you are the most awesome guy in the world to spend time with. And some of those fantasy trips we've had in the past ...... wow! No one does that like you, sir. You're the best!'

'We'll take that as a yes, then,' grinned Randy. 'OK, punk, go and say goodbye to your pals. There's something I have to clear with Bob.'

Alone with Bob, Randy said, 'Look, buddy. I've told you what I intend to do with Pablo. It's pretty radical so I want to make sure you're OK with it. Just say the word and I won't do it.'

Bob smiled. 'Your plan sounds terrific. Pablo's earned a reward and he's gonna love this. So go for it. But, I want to ask you for a favor in return.' He explained what he wanted, and added, 'I know this is pretty radical too, but Darius is a great guy and he's been working real hard. I wanted to give him something extra special, something he won't forget.'

Randy frowned at first but, as always, he was won over by his lover's warmth and generosity, and he could never refuse the soft brown eyes gazing at him.

'OK, asshole,' he grinned. 'But just this once ....... and when I come back, you owe me big time. I get anything I want.'

'Yes, sir. Anything you want.'


Mark and Jamie were the first to leave. Both were dressed in shorts, with Mark in a white V-neck T-shirt and Jamie in a sleeveless T-shirt to show off his tattoo. The truck took off, with Mark's hand resting lightly on Jamie's thigh.

'Happy, kid?'

Jamie smiled at Mark. 'Best I've ever felt in my life, sir. Gee, if only this feeling could last forever.'

'No reason it won't,' grinned Mark. And in half an hour they were speeding north up Pacific Coast Highway, the ocean sparkling on their left.


At the house preparations were almost complete for the departure of Randy and Pablo, hampered only by the excited Billy, Pablo's Doberman, getting under their feet.

'Billy comes too, sir?' Pablo asked.

'Do I have a choice?' Randy smiled. 'You two are joined at the hip. Just keep his tongue out of my face.'

They loaded the rowboat into the back of the truck, threw in their camping and fishing gear and they were ready. It was another hot day and they were both shirtless, Randy in jeans and Pablo in faded, tan, cotton shorts. As they stood beside the truck Randy put his hands on Pablo's shoulders and looked intently at him.

'Pablo, I don't often tell you how much you mean to me. You're a great kid ........ I'm proud to call you my son. You deserve this trip. What you did, bringing Jamie back to Mark, was terrific. You know, sometimes I think you've got some of me and some of Bob in you ...... my toughness and Bob's kindness.'

Pablo's eyes misted up. 'Thank you, sir. You're the best master, the best dad, any guy could have. I learn so much from you.'

'And this weekend you're gonna learn a lot more. And you're gonna love the lesson.' Randy grunted. 'Now let's cut the crap, all this Kumbaya shit, and hit the fucking road.'


Now they were all gone silence descended on the house. As Darius cleared away the breakfast things his mind went back to some of the mind-blowing fantasies Bob had taken him on in the past, and this time he had promised something special. But right now the silence was starting to get to him. 'Shit,' he thought. 'Is this what it's gonna be? Me just working like a glorified houseboy?' Ah well, he might as well suck it up and get busy. He had to clean the pool next and then do some yard work.

Just then he heard the office door close upstairs and Bob came into the kitchen. Darius was intrigued to see what he had in his hand. Bob had evidently been into Darius's bedroom because he was holding a pair of Darius's old blue denim cut-offs that he never wore now as they were too worn and frayed. Same went for the shirt Bob was holding, an oversized, baggy old tank top that was also too old to wear.

Darius was also surprised to hear that Bob's usually genial tone had changed, become more authoritative. 'So, isn't today your day for cleaning the pool?'

'Yes, sir. I was just thinking about that. That's my next job.'

'Good. Where's the gear?'

'Outside in my truck, sir. I left it there after doing the pool of the lady down the street.'

'OK, get it. Oh, and put these on,' throwing the shirt and cut-offs to him. Finish cleaning the kitchen first.' And Bob left the room.

Darius shivered with anticipation. Obviously something was up. But he did as he was told and took some time finishing up in the kitchen. Then he changed into the cut-offs and old tank top. He looked in the mirror and raised his eyebrows. 'Shit,' he said to himself. 'I should wear these more often. Looks hot.'

The cut-offs were tight and the fringed bottoms hugged his muscled thighs. The oversize tank was faded and stained with old sweat marks. It hung loosely on him, revealing most of his gleaming coffee-colored chest, shoulders and lats. It occurred to him that he was the image of the young, black stud slave he had seen in so many pictures ...... and beating off to a few of them. He grinned. Bob really knew what he was doing.

He pulled on a pair of old sneakers, not bothering to lace them. Then he walked out through the gate to his truck. He gathered up all the pool equipment, dragged it to the gate and pushed ..... but it was locked. Shit, how did that happen? He rang the bell. Nothing. He rang again, longer this time. Finally he heard footsteps, the door opened and he blinked in surprise.

Bob was standing there in his business clothes ..... suit, tie, the works. And he had an annoyed expression on his face. 'Oh, shit,' he said. 'Is it pool day again? Damn, I was hoping for a quiet weekend to myself. Forgot the pool boy was coming. And you're the one who talks a lot too, if I'm not mistaken.'

Confused, Darius stammered,' Do you want me to come back, sir?'

'Nah, better come in now you're here. But no talking. Just do your job. I want to be left alone, like you're not here. Understand?'

'Got it, sir.

As Bob went back inside Darius took a deep breath ..... and entered another world. He was the pool boy, and the owner of the house didn't even want him to be here. Shit, though, the guy was gorgeous. Even if he was rude to him. 'Arrogant too,' he thought. 'Just because he has all the money and looks, and I'm only the hired help.' He dragged in all the equipment, took it over to the pool and began with the skimmer. There was a lot to do as the pool surface was smothered with leaves.

Working steadily he glanced up as the owner came out of the house, still in his business suit. He walked over to the table under the tree, took off his jacket and hung it round a chair. He kicked off his loafers and removed his socks. Darius stopped skimming and gazed at the man. He was taking off his tie, then unbuttoning his shirt, revealing the mounds of his perfectly sculpted chest.

Darius gasped as the man pulled off his shirt and stood stripped to the waist, his magnificent, muscular torso gleaming in the dappled sunlight. He yawned and stretched lazily, twisting his head from side to side, reaching upward, first one arm, then the other. Jesus, the man was gorgeous. Looked just like Superman.

The pool boy remembered his job and continued skimming the leaves, but again he glanced up as the man dropped his pants, then his shorts. He was naked! He was fucking naked ...... standing just a few yards away! As he gaped at the bodybuilder's stunning physique Darius felt his huge dick grow rigid under his tight cut-offs.

The owner picked up something he had brought out with him ..... black Speedos. He pulled them on and adjusted them round his waist and the cheeks of his butt. Darius's eyes widened as the man put his hand inside the Speedos and adjusted his cock. He almost stopped breathing as the bodybuilder strode toward him.

'Hey you,' he said. 'I'm gonna get wet before I get some sun. So stop your work for a minute.'

'Yes, sir,' Darius croaked.

He stood leaning on the skimmer pole as he watched the glorious man dive into the pool and swim a few fast, powerful lengths, water streaming over his muscular back and shoulders. Then he swam to the side and with one heave pulled himself up and clear out of the water. His sculpted physique gleamed as he strode over to the chaise in the sun, flipped open a towel that lay there and threw himself face down on his stomach with a deep, satisfied sigh.


Darius was beside himself. Now that the guy was face down he dared to gaze at him ..... longingly. The muscular body was still wet, gleaming in the sun. With his arms stretched forward, his shoulders bulged, and the wide lats tapered down to the tight, slim waist. The pool-boy's eyes travelled down the back, sloping down to the waist and then rising again up to the mounds of the ass.

And it was this that made Darius's cock rigid. Cupped in the tight wet black Speedos the ass was stunning, two perfect round globes glistening in the sun. The man stirred slightly, shifting position, and his head turned sideways toward Darius, who quickly resumed his work. He couldn't remember being so helplessly turned on. He couldn't look. The only hope was to concentrate on his work, so he assembled the pool vacuum and attached it to a hose.

Bob knew exactly what he was doing. His eyes half open, he looked with satisfaction at the long, stiff rod that ran down inside the boy's cut-offs. In the midday heat there was a heavy silence, broken only by the buzzing of the cicadas and lapping of the water as Darius worked.

Bob looked lazily at the beautifully proportioned man with the sculpted features, green eyes and smooth skin the color of strong coffee. The muscled thighs were hugged tight by the denim cut-offs, and the faded tank top hung so loosely on him that his sculpted upper body was almost totally visible, black muscles rippling with the movement of his arms as he worked. And always there was that pole running down his leg, so long and hard that the tip poked out below the cut-offs. Bob felt his own cock stiff inside his Speedos, pressed against the chaise cushion.

Bob's breathing became heavier as he watched what came next. In the midday heat the pool-boy's body was streaming with sweat and the tank top clung damply to him. He put down the rod of the pool vacuum, reached behind his head and pulled the tank clear. He wiped his face and chest with it, stuffed it in his back pocket and took a deep breath, standing still in just his cut-offs and old sneakers.

'Jesus, that's fucking incredible,' Bob thought to himself. The naked, ebony torso gleamed with sweat as the tall, shirtless man stretched, his lean, gymnast physique flexing in the sunlight. The wet shirt hanging out of the back pocket accentuated the bulge of his perfect ass. The straining of Bob's cock was becoming painful and he knew it was time to kick the action up a notch.

He stirred, turned over and pulled himself to his feet. From the table he took a bottle of sun-tan oil and began rubbing it over his body. Darius stopped still, any pretense of work abandoned. He gazed at this muscle-god, oiling first his handsome face, then running his hands over the bulge of his pecs, over his broad shoulders, his deltoids, lats and washboard abs. Then he bent down and oiled his muscular thighs and calves, showing off his perfect ass.

Next he did something that made Darius's knees go weak. He walked the few steps over to the picture window of the house, gazing at his own reflection in it. He squeezed more oil and continued anointing his amazingly chiseled body. As he watched his own body gleam, coated with oil, he smiled at his reflection.

His voice was audible. 'Yeah, stud. That's fucking beautiful. Feel those muscles, man.' He did a few body builder poses in the mirror of the window. 'Oh yeah, man. That looks so fucking hot.'

'Jesus Christ,' Darius breathed softly to himself. 'It's body worship. He's worshipping his own fucking body. God, that is so fucking beautiful. The stud's getting off on himself, oiling himself. Look at that body ..... that face ...... that ass!' Darius's hand went down to the pole in his shorts but he immediately pulled back. He knew that if he touched his cock he would shoot his load. 'Not yet,' he said to himself. 'Not yet.'

Abruptly Bob turned round and strode back to the chaise. He fell on his stomach again and turned his head toward Darius. 'Hey, you, boy!'

'Yes, sir?'

'Come over here. I want some oil on my back.' Darius's knees almost buckled again, but he managed to stagger over to the chaise. He picked up the oil, poured some in his palm and placed it on the hard, hot surface of the back. He stopped breathing as he ran his hands over the shoulders, down the ridges of the back to the waist, stopping at the Speedos. Then he covered the thighs and calves with oil.

He tried to shut his eyes. He was desperately afraid he would shoot his load without even touching his cock. His cock was bulging so hard that the head was now clearly visible below the bottom of his cut-offs.

'I wanna get rid of my tan-line,' Bob said. 'Pull down my Speedos for me.'

Darius almost choked. 'Excuse me, sir?'

'You deaf? I said take off my Speedos. I want the sun on my ass.'

His heart racing Darius gripped the top of the Speedos and pulled them downward. The legs were so well oiled that they slid off easily ...... and the bodybuilder was naked. In contrast to the deep golden tan of the body, the pure white ass rose up in two perfect mounds. Darius poured oil over it and ran his hands over the smooth, pale flesh, cupping the two hard globes.

'Aaaah,' Darius moaned breathlessly.

'What?' Bob asked sharply.

'N .... nothing, sir. Will there be anything else, sir?'

'What's happening to your shorts?'

'It ..... it's my penis, sir. Sometimes it does that.'

'Looks ridiculous. Take the fuckers off.'

Darius gulped. 'OK, anything you say, sir.' He unbuttoned his shorts and, as they fell to the ground, ten long inches of rigid black cock sprang out.'

'Jesus Christ,' Bob said. 'That's fucking enormous. It's hard as a pole. Why's that? Tell me the truth, boy.'

Darius could hardly breathe. He swallowed and stammered, 'It's you, sir. Your body ..... and your face, sir. Excuse me, sir, but you are extremely beautiful. And most of all, sir, it's that ass. It almost makes me shoot my load, sir.'

'You wanna fuck it, is that it?'

'Excuse me?'

'I said do you want to fuck it? Can't say it plainer than that.'

Darius was drowning. 'Well, sir ........ I, er ....... of course, sir, anyone would. You ...... it ..... are so fucking gorgeous.'

'So fuck it.'

'Sir.....' Darius was almost in tears. 'I can't. What about that big guy I've seen here? He's something fierce. If I put my dick in your ass he'd beat the shit out of me. He'd kill me.'

In an even tone Bob said. 'I already cleared that with him. I can get fucked, no sweat. Now are you gonna fuck my ass or not?'


So this was it. This is what was so special about today. This is what Bob had promised. Randy had always made it crystal clear to everyone that Bob's beautiful ass belonged to him alone. It was strictly off limits to anyone else. But apparently this time, just this once, he had given Bob permission to get fucked.

Darius was still lost in the pool-boy fantasy as he gazed at this man's naked butt. He moved now like a man in a trance. He knelt by the chaise, lowered his head and buried his face between the rounded globes of the spectacular ass. He heard the man groan as he pushed his tongue into the crack and tasted the musky dampness of the soft membrane. He couldn't get enough of it and sucked in hard, swallowing the juices from deep inside.

As Bob felt the hard tongue probing his ass he spasmed and a jolt of electricity surged through his body. His face was pressed into the cushion, muffling his moans of ecstasy. He pushed his ass up hard against the pool boy's face as he heard his slurping noises. It was all Darius could do to stop himself shooting his load. He felt the body arching under him, sensed the muscles flexing as the man writhed. Then he heard the muffled voice.

'Fuck me, boy. Put that huge black dick in my ass.'

Darius pulled back, picked up the bottle of oil and poured it over the ass again, pushing his fingers into the crack to lubricate it. Trembling, he climbed onto the chaise, but he did not touch the body. Instead, face down, with feet and hands at the four corners of the chaise he pushed himself upward as if he were doing pushups, so there was a space between his body and the one beneath him. He lowered his head and looked under him, back down toward his own cock pointing down at the ass. His focus was riveted on this incredible sight.

The bodybuilder's muscular, tanned back tapered down to the tan-line, from which the naked milk-white mounds rose up, waiting. And poised above them was the long, black rod, waiting to strike. Darius could have shot his load right there, the sight was so magnificent. The man below him twisted his face sideways and gazed backward in awe at the black rod aimed straight down at his pale, vulnerable ass. 'Do it, boy. Fuck your master, now.' And the ass arched higher, so it touched the tip of his cock.

With all the oil it was very easy. Still looking down at his own cock Darius lowered his hips, very slowly. Both men saw the same awesome sight. The rigid black pole pressed between the creamy white globes and entered slowly. As it sank lower and lower, inch by inch, Darius felt the damp velvet caressing his cock as it penetrated the secret depths of this incredible man. Finally, his pubic hair came to rest against the hard globes of the ass. He was all the way inside, deep inside.

He looked up and saw the bodybuilder's hands gripping the corners of the chaise. The head was turned sideways, so he could see the dark, Superman features twisted in a mix of pain and infinite pleasure. He saw the mouth open and heard the long, almost inhuman wail that shattered the morning stillness.

'Aaaaaagh! Oh, God. Oh, man. That feels fucking unbelievable. That huge black dick is deep in my ass. Oh shit. I wanna get fucked so bad. Pump that ass, boy. Let me feel that black rod inside my ass.'

Darius raised his hips, so his cock slid all the way out, then plunged it hard into the furnace. Finally, as the head passed over the inner sphincter and came to rest in the dark, secret depths of the man's gut, two screams pierced the air. The man yelled, 'Fuck me, boy. Fuck my ass. Shoot your load inside me!'

Darius became a wild man. His cock became an oiled black piston, ramming the perfect ass. He looked down and watched the shaft pounding the man's hole, the white globes bouncing under the savage assault. His breath became ragged, his mind was spinning as he felt the ass tighten round his cock, holding it like a vise. Then suddenly his body shook, he howled ..... and his cock exploded. Bob felt the iron rod pierce his gut and pour jets of hot juice deep inside him. His own cock erupted under him and he felt his stomach coated with his own creamy semen.

Darius fell heavily on top of the hard body and the two men took jagged breaths, their hearts pounding together. Neither moved. They stayed locked together for what seemed like an eternity. Darius was still on fire, his cock still completely rigid in the tight ass. Then he heard the man moan. 'Again. Do it again, boy.'

Like a machine, Darius raised himself as before, pulled his hips back, and the pounding began again. Again it culminated in two piercing screams as both men experienced their second incredible orgasm of the day. And again they lay together, their oiled bodies joined as one. Darius took the liberty of whispering in Bob's ear. 'Sir, you are the most incredible man. You take me places I've never been. I love you, sir.'

Bob turned his face to the side and grinned, 'Not bad, eh, punk? That should keep your fantasy wheels spinning for a while. Now, relax. We're not done.'

There was a silence for a good five minutes. Then Darius was astonished to hear Bob's voice, arrogant again, commanding. 'Get up, boy.' The pool boy sprang to his feet and watched as the bodybuilder pulled himself slowly off the chaise. 'I'm going to rinse off in the pool. Clean up this mess.'

'Yes, sir.' The man strode over to the pool and dived in. Darius looked down at the pools of cum on the towel, the residue of two huge orgasms. Mesmerized, he knelt by the chaise. He couldn't help himself ....... He lowered his head and buried his face in the bodybuilder's warm juice, licking it, sucking it into his mouth, as the man watched from the pool. Darius rolled up the towel and put it next to his discarded cut-offs. He would bury his face in it often in coming days.

When the man pulled himself out of the water he said, 'You didn't finish the pool. Back to work, boy.' The man adjusted the chaise to a sitting position facing the pool, then sat there, still naked, his hands resting behind his head .... and he watched. He watched the naked pool boy cleaning the cement round the pool, saw the gleaming black muscles ripple with the effort, saw the long ten inches of the black cock swaying as he walked. A gleaming black stallion, Bob thought.

'You look good doing that,' he called out.

'Thank you, sir. Er ..... if you don't mind my saying so, you are one of the most spectacular men I've ever seen, sir.'

There was silence as the boy worked and the man watched. 'What time do you get off today, boy?'

'This is my last job, sir. Then I'm free for the weekend.'

'No you're not, boy. Wanna earn some more money?'

'Always, sir.'

'Good. My buddies are away for the weekend. I'm all alone ..... no staff, no houseboy, so I could use someone to work for me, take care of me ...... yard work, cooking. Could you handle that?'

'Absolutely, sir. I'm all yours, sir.'

'You bet you are. There'd be other things too. You'd have to keep me company, eat with me, talk to me. And, er .......'

'Yes, sir?'

'Hell, I really want that dick of yours. You'd have to fuck my ass whenever I need it. And I'd need it a lot. I'll have to put my dick in your black ass too. That means you'd have to sleep with me all night. How does that work for you? You have a problem with that?

Darius grinned and looked Bob straight in the eyes. 'No problem at all, sir. I'm sure I could handle that. I don't think you'd be disappointed, sir.'

Bob smiled. 'You're right about that, boy.'

Darius's white teeth flashed as his handsome face broke into a wide smile. 'And the extra money will come in real handy, sir.'


If Darius's morning was full of surprises, so was Pablo's. As the truck drove away from the house that morning, Pablo frowned, puzzled at the route Randy was taking. 'Sir, why are you taking the Hollywood Freeway? Don't we usually take the Golden State to go north?'

'You'll see,' was all Randy said.

Pablo was even more surprised when they took the Mulholland Drive exit and headed into the Hollywood Hills. 'Sir,' Pablo said again. 'We are going fishing at the lake, aren't we?'


Pablo knew better than to ask any more. They drove several miles along Mulholland, along the spine of the Hollywood Hills, and suddenly Randy swerved off the road and stopped at the gate of a driveway leading to a small house in the trees. He honked the horn several times. Pablo's heart was pounding as he heard the front door of the house bang shut. He strained his eyes.

He saw a figure coming through the trees up the driveway, a shirtless man in khaki shorts and sneakers, with a knapsack sling over his shoulder. Even from this distance Pablo could see the perfect physique and the darkly handsome face. As the figure came closer Pablo gasped to see that the guy looked exactly like Randy. It was Steve. Randy was bringing Steve with them!

Steve was Randy's former therapist who had only recently been introduced to sex with men by Randy and Bob, then been punished by Mark for putting his cock into Jamie's ass.

'Hi, guys,' Steve grinned, opening the passenger door. Billy jumped over into the back seat and Steve climbed in beside Pablo. The kid was stunned to be sitting between two almost identical, stunning muscle gods.

'Sure you don't mind me tagging along, Pablo?' Steve asked. 'Randy told me the lake is kinda like your private place, after all.'

Pablo stuttered a reply. 'I .... I don't mind at all, sir. Not at all. I'm ..... kind of flattered.'

'Besides,' Randy growled. 'The kid does whatever the hell I tell him too.'

Pablo was surprised to hear this. Randy never said anything like that ...... it was taken for granted. The boy realized that Randy was boasting, something he never did. He was doing it to impress Steve. Evidently Steve was special to Randy, enough for him to assert his superiority. This was gonna be some weekend, Pablo thought.

'One thing,' Randy said as he drove back onto the freeway. 'Whatever happened at the house in the last few days with you and Mark, Steve, is over with, finished. It's my show now and I'm gonna teach you two guys a few things. And you won't object, believe me.'

As they drove north, onto the Angeles Crest Highway, Steve was nervous as first, uncertain of Randy's attitude after the incident with Jamie. Also, he was unsure how he should react to Pablo, who was very obviously Randy's boy, his pride and joy. But Pablo was thrilled and happy to be between these two glorious men and talked continuously, taking the edge off any discomfort Steve felt.


'Wow, that is awesome,' said Steve as he surveyed the silent, placid lake. They had bounced along the gravel road high in the Angeles National Forest and arrived at the small clearing and beach that was Randy's secret hideaway. The stillness was broken by Billy who leapt from the truck as soon as the door opened. With a yelp of joy he galloped into the water for a drink and a swim.

As the three men stood at the water's edge, Steve laughed. 'A dog after my own heart!'

'So join him,' Randy said. 'Pablo will help me unload the truck.'

Needing no further encouragement Steve dropped his shorts and kicked off his sneakers. Pablo's eyes widened as he looked in admiration at the muscular physique. Like his face, the physique too resembled Randy's, though not quite as big and perfectly chiseled.

'Before you go for your swim, Steve,' Randy said, 'I want you to take a look at something. Come here kid.' He quickly unbuttoned Pablo's shorts and they fell to the ground. He turned the boy round so Steve could get a good look at his naked ass.

'Jesus Christ,' Steve breathed. 'That is ......'

'.......... awesome, no?' Randy grinned, watching with satisfaction as Steve's cock quickly grew erect. 'While you're swimming, buddy, I want you to think about that sweet ass. Think long and hard ....... if you'll pardon the expression.' And he laughed out loud.

Both Steve and Pablo were embarrassed by the blatant coarseness of this comment, and by Steve's rigid hard-on. Steve turned and ran into the water, swimming away from shore with powerful strokes. Anxiously Pablo looked at Randy and blurted out a question.

'Sir, you're not going to give me away to Steve, are you?'

Randy was taken aback. He reached forward, clamped Pablo's face in his hands and gazed at him with a strange mix of anger and affection. This same mixed emotion drove him to pull Pablo's face toward him and he kissed his mouth ferociously, savagely. He forced Pablo's mouth open with his tongue and ground their lips together. Overwhelmed, Pablo threw his arms around the sinewy torso and reveled in the musky odor of his master's body.

When Randy pulled his face back Pablo was gasping for air. 'Now,' Randy growled. 'Ask that question again.'

'I .... I'm sorry, sir. I panicked for a second. It's just that Steve is so much like you and I know you like him a lot.'

'Sure I do, kid. A man who's the image of me ..... what's not to like?' His laughter lightened the moment. 'Sit down, kid. We gotta talk.' They sat together on the beach watching Steve swim. 'You thought what I said and did today was crude and boastful.'

'Well, sir .......'

'Yes you did and you'd be right. That was deliberate. See, I am gonna let Steve fuck your ass, but first I wanted him to know beyond any doubt that you're my boy. You belong to me.'

'Yes, sir.'

'Now here's the deal. Steve has to learn how to be with a man. He's not gonna fuck you like he fucked Jamie .... pure lust. He's gotta know that there's a lot more to it than that ...... affection, warmth, respect. It's called making love. I can't teach him that ..... but you can.'

'Me, sir?'

'Yeah, and you'll learn something too. See, kid, with an ass like yours you're nearly always gonna be the one who gets fucked. But the guy on the bottom, if he's a young stud like you, can control the top guy, show him the way, make it real special ..... special like you always make it for me.'

'Thank you, sir. But I'm not sure I know how to do that.'

'Just be yourself, kiddo. You're my boy, my son. I know what you're made of. You can be good for Steve. And you're sure gonna have a hell of a time getting fucked by that gorgeous son-of-a-bitch. Just remember this: I love the hell out of you, kid .... and you belong to me. Here, help me unload the boat.'

A few minutes later the boat was in the water and Steve was walking out of the lake, his gleaming muscles streaming with water. Randy jumped into the boat and called Billy in after him. 'Now, Billy and I are going fishing. In the middle of the lake I'll throw a line in the water and then doze for an hour or so. I'm leaving you two alone. You have my full permission to do whatever you like with each other.'

Without another word he pushed off into the lake and the two men were left alone on the beach, in silence. They gazed at each other uncertainly. 'Well,' said Steve at last. 'That was a surprise. So here we are, just the two of us.'

His ruggedly handsome face broke into a smile. 'Hi, Pablo. So what now?'


TO BE CONTINUED in 'A Trial Of Strength - Part 65'


Rob Williams

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