'Pornographically handsome!' That's how Bob had described the breathtaking black stranger when he met him in his shack on the beach.

Zack, his name was, a truly stunning specimen of a man, tall, broad-shouldered, perfectly sculpted chest and abs, narrow waist. Handsome too, with his square-jawed, chiseled features, and shaved head. Wearing only thin, torn shorts, he moved with an easy, animal grace, his muscles rippling under his smooth ebony skin. Bob had been so mesmerized by the image that after he left him he stood in the ocean and jerked off. He shot his load just thinking about Zack.

And later Zack had made a brief appearance among the group as they lazed on the beach. The effect on all of them was stunning ...... especially for Randy who immediately sized him up as a challenging, dominant male ..... a rival. Randy's reflex had been to reassert his authority over his lover Bob, reminding him painfully in the shack who he belonged to.

After Zack left, the memory of his brief, but stunning appearance among the guys still hung in the air. Fleeting as his presence had been, the effect was so powerful that Randy's dominance had been implicitly challenged before them all. Bob knew that Randy had to demonstrate his supremacy over the group, just as he had done with him in the shack.

It was when they were relaxing after their last meal of the weekend, and the mood was jovial, that Randy made his move. He stood up and shouted for quiet. 'OK, guys, there's one more piece of business before we leave this perfect place. As you know, I invited a new friend along this time, our new buddy Steve.' There were whoops, whistles and applause all round.

'I agree with you. Steve is a worthy addition to our group. However,' he grinned, 'his initiation is not yet complete. And I think we all know what that means.' Steve stood up and the two nearly identical men faced each other. As Randy held his gaze his voice became softer. 'You knew this moment would come, Steve. You've wanted it since the day we met.'

Steve smiled nervously, and Randy shouted, 'So get ready guys. Watch and learn how the master initiates a new man into our fraternity.'

Darius nudged Pablo and pulled out his camera phone. 'Hell, dude,' he whispered. 'I'm gonna get a video of this!'


'Get naked.' Randy and Steve were facing each other and Steve obeyed, pulling off his T-shirt and dropping his shorts, as Randy did the same. The two naked men walked down to the water's edge, with the other guys watching in awe a few yards away. Randy addressed them all.

'Each of you guys, when you joined our group, submitted to me in the same way sooner or later. Now it's Steve's turn to offer me his ass. Unfortunately I will not be the first to fuck him. Mark pre-empted me when he punished Steve for messing with Jamie.' He grinned. 'You still owe me one for that, officer.'

Then he turned to Steve. 'You're a great looking stud, Steve. Of course you are ..... you could be my twin.' There was nervous laughter all round. 'But this has to be voluntary ..... you have to want it ..... bad.' He locked eyes with Steve. The two glorious, nearly identical men stood motionless as Steve was drawn inexorably into the steely gaze of the dark demon ..... the 'King of the Gypsies' Steve had called him.

It was that moment that Darius chose to start shooting his video with his phone. The sight was too good to miss, the two muscle studs so similar they could have been looking in a mirror. Steve was mesmerized by Randy's piercing pale blue eyes, and he heard his voice again.

'So, Steve. Do you want it?'

Steve's hypnotized voice said, 'Yes, sir.'

'How bad?'

'More than anything, sir.'

'Show me.'

Steve fell to his knees, placed his hand on Randy's half-hard cock and closed his mouth around it. He moaned and his eyes opened wide as he began to massage the cock with his lips, feeling it grow hard in his eager mouth. He placed his hands on Randy's hips, then round the back until they cupped the hard globes of the stud's ass. He pulled the ass forward so the rigid cock filled his mouth and plunged to the back of his throat. He felt the damp, black pubic hair press against his face, felt it, smelled it, tasted it.

There was a slight smile of triumph on Randy's face now he knew the man was his. He could do anything to him. He stretched upward and placed his hands behind his own head, stretching his torso, flaring his lats, as he eased his hips back and forth against the man's face. He gazed arrogantly down at the man he was dominating. Then he glanced over at the spectators, acknowledging their gasps as they gazed awestruck at a true master.

After a prolonged face-fucking Randy pulled his cock back out of the mouth and Steve gazed up at him, completely at his mercy. Nonchalantly Randy placed a foot against his chest, like the victor over a conquered rival, then pushed him backward, so he fell on his back into the shallow water, the small waves rippling over his body. Randy fell to his knees, pushed Steve's legs backward onto the ground so his ass was high, vulnerable, expectant.

Randy smiled. 'This is it Steve. This is what you've wanted.' He put the tip of his raging cock against the moist hole of Steve's ass. 'Tell them what you want, Steve. Tell them all.'

Steve turned his head to look at the other men. 'I want this man's cock inside me. I've wanted it since the day we met. I've lusted for it, dreamed of it, masturbated thinking of it. God, I need it so bad. Please, sir .......aaargh!'

Randy had suddenly plunged his thick rod into the ass, sliding down past the moist membrane, penetrating deep into the furnace, until the head passed over the inner sphincter and came to rest deep in his gut. There was a sudden stillness, then Steve's whole body pulsed as if electrified, his muscles flexed and his head shot backward with a scream that drowned the sound of the waves washing over him.

'NO! I can't. I can't. God, the pain. Please sir!'

Randy's foam-flecked body loomed over him and he said softly, 'You want me to stop? You want me to pull out?'

'No, sir! Please, no sir. I can take it. I want it. Please. Fuck my ass, sir.'

And that's what Randy did. The men could hardly believe the spectacle they were witnessing. These two identical muscle-gods writhing in the wet sand, waves splashing over them as one pounded the other's ass in an unrelenting assault. Randy's face was calm, determined, as he inflicted punishment on his screaming captive. He looked down at him with an arrogant smile, triumphant in his own supreme masculinity, proving the total dominance of the master.

All the men knew what Steve was feeling. They had all submitted to the same brutal pounding in the past. Steve had never felt anything like this piston in his ass and was nearing exhaustion when suddenly the master yelled, 'This is it, man. You want me to shoot my load inside you?'

'Yes, sir.' Steve screamed. 'Please, sir. Cum inside me.'

With twin shouts, the two identical men came at the same time, the one pouring his juice into the other's gut, the other streaming creamy cum all over his own gleaming, wet muscles. The waves splashed over them, challenging their screams, bathing them in the ritual of initiation. Breathlessly Randy growled. 'You're one of us now, Steve.' Then to the spectators, he shouted. 'Now you know. I am the master. Nobody can challenge me. Nobody!'

The sound of wild applause, and cheers of admiration drowned all other sounds on the beach.

Darius finally lowered his camera phone, but his fantasy wheels were already spinning. He whispered to Pablo, 'Hell, dude, could you imagine all that .... but with Zack instead?'

Pablo shook his head. 'Ain't never gonna happen, man. No way.'

'Would make a hell of a video, though. That one would go viral.'


Randy had dominated Steve, but everyone knew that in doing so he had also dismissed the overpowering image that Zack had left behind him. He had successfully challenged the beautiful black man in his absence, and proven his undoubted, total supremacy. There was a triumphant air about him, an arrogance, as he helped Bob load their gear up for the trip back to the city.

They were distracted by the shouts of the boys as they gathered around Steve, still awestruck at the image of the beautiful muscle-stud lying on the sand, exhausted after his ritual fucking. Pablo, as usual, was taking the lead in packing up the trucks. He was barefoot, naked except for grubby shorts, his body streaked with sand and dirt.

Bob grinned. 'I think the word for your kid is 'urchin.' I don't think I've ever seen him without his face covered in dirt or motor oil. He sure takes after you.'

Randy frowned. 'You're right, buddy. But you know, I need your help with him. You know what I said earlier about the three of us being a family. Well I can teach the kid a lot, like how to be tough, how to conquer his fear, as I did out at the lake. But it's time he learned some of the finer things of life. As you say, he's bit wild and I'd like him to realize there's more to life than muscle and motor oil.

'You mean take him out of his dungarees for a while.'

'That's it, buddy. Teach him a little refinement. I think you could help there.'

Bob paused, lost in thought for a moment. Then he said, 'I wonder. Do you think Darius could drive Steve back in my SUV? I'll come with you and Pablo in your truck? I have an idea.'

'I thought you might,' Randy grinned. 'Hey, Darius. You're gonna drive Steve back in Bob's car. Just one thing ...... no watching that video while you're driving!'


And so the convoy left the dunes. Darius was thrilled to be alone with Steve, though he was longing to watch the video he had made and jerk off to it. That would have to wait.

They were followed by Mark and Jamie after they had locked up the shack. Mark made one stop as they went through town .... at the modest office of the Guadalupe Police Department. The small-town cops were happy to chat to him, a bit awestruck by the handsome, commanding presence of the big-city cop. They willingly agreed to stop hassling Zack .... be more friendly to him when he came into town.

And last of all Randy's truck bounced over the sand, with Pablo happily seated between the two men he loved best in the world. He did most of the talking, about everything that had happened over the course of this long weekend. And it had been quite a weekend. But finally Randy got a word in edgeways and spoke to Bob.

'So buddy, what's on your agenda this week? Busy?'

'Kinda, yeah. Couple of out-of-town trips to see clients of my firm ..... just to hold their hand, keep them happy.'

'Not too happy, though,' Randy grinned. 'Where you going?'

'Oh, driving up to San Luis Obispo on Wednesday for a few hours. Then on Friday I catch a plane to San Francisco for the weekend.' Randy detected a subtle change in Bob's tone and he glanced over at him and smiled. 'Here it comes,' he thought.

There was a silence, then Bob asked casually, 'Do you like San Francisco, Pablo?'

Pablo was taken aback by the unexpected question. 'Never been, sir,' he replied.

'No? Well, we'll have to remedy that. I don't have too much business to do up there. Probably be bored shitless. I could sure use some company. How about it?'

Pablo's eyes shone. 'You mean it, sir? You mean me?'

'Sure, just you and me. Together.' Randy smiled to himself, aware of what Bob was doing.

'Wow, that would be ......' He broke off, looking at Randy for approval, and got a shrug.

'Hey,' Randy said, 'I'm busy this weekend. This is between you guys.'

'But listen,' Bob cautioned Pablo. 'This wouldn't be a shorts and tank-top trip. We'd fly up, stay at the Fairmont, eat in a few fancy restaurants, as well as doing some of the tourist things ...... cable cars, you know. We'd probably have to get you some new clothes. When did you last wear a coat and tie?'

'A tie? Never did, sir.'

'Well tying a tie is something else you'll learn. And don't worry about feeling out of place. You'd always have me at your side. You game?'

'Wow. Sounds a bit scary, sir. I mean I've never done anything like that. But I'd love to give it a try, sir.' He thought a bit, getting used to the idea. 'Yeah, sounds awesome. And, in the hotel, we ...... we'd be in the same room?'

'Same room, same bed, if that's OK with the boss.' He smiled at Randy.

Randy shrugged again. 'Hey, I understand some pretty weird things go on during these business trips. Just so long as I don't know about it.' He paused, and grinned. 'On second thoughts, maybe I should be told about it ...... in fact every last detail when you get back.'

'So you don't mind sir?' Pablo asked

'Mind! It's about time you learned some manners, kiddo, and I'm no good at that. I can teach you what fist to use but you need Bob to tell you what fork to use. I don't want you to end up a brawler like me. Not that there's anything wrong with growing up a gypsy like I did. I just want you to grow up to be a combination of me and Bob.'

'Part gypsy, part gentleman, sir,' Pablo said with a grin.

Bob smiled at Randy, who shook his head and said. 'You know, kid, that mouth is gonna get you in trouble one of these days.'

'I hope so, sir,' smiled Pablo.


Wednesday came and Bob took off early for the three-hour drive to San Luis Obispo up the coast. The business meeting went well and finished earlier than he had anticipated. He was pleased to be back on the road headed south so soon. As he sped along the freeway, his mind wandered to the stunning events of the previous weekend, and he found himself thinking of the incredible man who had made such a striking appearance among them.

He wondered how Zack was doing, all alone in his remote shack, nursing his grief at the loss of his wife, and his guilt at having cheated on her. Making it worse was the confusing knowledge that he had cheated on her with another guy, for the first and only time in his life. Bob's heart went out to him. He just seemed so lost and alone, never mind that he was one of the most magnificent men Bob had ever seen.

Then he saw something that took his breath away. It was like déjà vu ...... an omen maybe. As he drove south on the 101 Freeway he was approaching Santa Maria when he saw the exit sign ..... 'Guadalupe Dunes County Park.' He had forgotten that the 101 ran so close to Guadalupe. He was only a few miles from the beach ...... from Zack. It was as if he switched to auto-pilot as his car took the exit and a few miles later was bouncing over the sand.

He was surprised to feel his heart beating faster, and he suddenly panicked, wondering what the hell he was doing here. He knew approximately how far along the beach the shack was and he finally parked. Still wearing his business clothes, suit and tie, he stumbled over the soft dunes toward the sea. Then there it was, like a mirage emerging from the sand. The shack sat like a lost soul, forlorn, deserted.

'Shit,' Bob muttered. It sure looked deserted, and the door was closed, no smoke coming from the chimney. 'He probably left,' Bob thought. 'I was crazy thinking he would still be here.' He turned round dejectedly and began to walk back when he heard a shout. He turned again and saw a tall figure running out of the waves and up the beach. It was the same, beautiful black man, of course, his muscles soaked in spray, gleaming in the sun.

Bob felt a surge of pleasure and ran across the beach toward him. They stopped in front of each other, smiling, but found themselves embarrassed, tongue-tied. Bob blushed as he stammered, 'Hi, Zack. I was just passing ..... on the 101 ..... went to San Luis ..... business trip.... I didn't think I'd ..... I didn't mean to ..... then I saw the sign .......'

'Good to see you again, Bob.' Zack's deep, friendly voice stopped Bob's rambling in its tracks. His dazzling smiled flashed as he held out his hand. Bob felt calmer, safe, as his hand was gripped in a firm grasp.

'Hell, man,' Zack laughed, 'why the fuck are you dressed like that on a day like this? Look at me,' and he held his arms out wide, displaying his prefect carved-ebony physique, naked except for his usual thin, ragged shorts. 'Come on, buddy. Get comfortable. Come for a swim.

Bob found himself taking off his clothes in front of this glorious man. Zack watched with a smile as Bob threw off his jacket and tie, then pulled off his shirt to expose his chiseled, muscular torso. Then he quickly kicked off his loafers and dropped his pants. He stood there in just his boxers, and mimicked Zack's earlier gesture, stretching out his arms. 'Well, here I am.'

'Yes, sir ..... there you are .... you sure are,' said Zack softly, shaking his head in admiration of the perfect, muscular body and Superman face. 'Not bad. Not bad at all. OK, now we swim.'

And like kids who've just got their first glimpse of the sea they bounded joyfully into the waves.


They gloried in the physical exercise, swimming together stroke for stroke, laughing as they rose on the waves and dropped suddenly into the troughs. It wasn't long before Bob began to feel his muscles lose some of their strength, and just at that moment he felt the pull of the rip-tide.

'Jesus,' he shouted to Zack and swam back toward the shore. But the pull of the tide was exhausting and soon he was treading water, regaining his breath. 'Hell,' Bob spluttered, 'That tide is brutal. No wonder the boys got in trouble.'

'Here, relax, let me help.' Zack said. He swam up behind Bob and turned him on his back. Swimming on his back beneath him, Zack laced his powerful arms under his shoulders and over his chest. 'Basic life-saving grip. Let me do the work.'

Bob felt the hard muscular body beneath him, pressing against his back, felt the strong kick of the legs propelling them both backward through the water. But most of all he felt the bulge in Zack's shorts against his ass, bouncing hard against him with each kick of the legs. Instantly Bob's cock became rock hard in his shorts.

'Relax,' Zach said in his ear. 'You're too tense. Go limp.'

'Easier said than done,' thought Bob looking down at the tent pole in his shorts.

Zack didn't seem to notice. 'This life-saving technique is a piece of cake. Here, you try.' Expertly he maneuvered so their positions were reversed and Bob was underneath him. Bob put his arms under Zack's shoulders and around the bulging pecs. Now it was his legs doing the kicking and now he felt his own cock rub against the perfect mounds of the black man's ass. It was true, it was a simple hold, but he nearly lost it when he glanced downward and saw a massive erection under Zack's shorts.

'That's it, perfect. You got it, man,' Zack said. 'OK, that's enough life-saving drill for one day. Let's hit the beach. Time for a drink.'


A few minutes later they were sitting on the porch nursing cold beers. 'I thought you gave this up,' Bob said.

'Nah, just liquor. Beer's OK. In fact beer's great.' They clinked bottles. 'So, you were just passing through. The guys not with you this time. They seemed like a lively bunch when I met them. By the way, tell Mark thanks for squaring things with the cops here. They're real friendly with me now. All your guys seemed real friendly too ..... except for that Randy. Don't think he liked me much.'

Bob grinned. 'He felt threatened by you. After you left he made that clear to me. Let me have it real good.'

A look of anger crossed Zack's face, he clenched his fists and half rose from his chair. 'He didn't hurt you did he? 'Cause if he did I ..........'

Bob pulled him back down in his chair. 'No, no. It's a bit more complicated than that. Sure, Randy was real rough on me but ......' He trailed off with a smile.

Zack looked at him with a sudden realization, and completed his sentence. '........... but you liked it. You got off on it.'

Bob did not reply, but they held each other's gaze and it was as if an electric charge shot between them as their cocks stiffened. Bob tried to recover. 'See, Randy and I ..... hell, you spilled your guts to me last time so I might as well level with you, man. Thing is, I get off on beautiful men, and Randy and I..... well, we're very much together.'

'Yeah, I guessed that,' said Zack a bit mournfully.

'But you know, if things were different ...... Hell, Zack, don't you know you're one of the most beautiful hunks of masculinity ever to walk the planet. I might as well tell you I got a roaring hard on when you were holding me out there.'

Zack grinned. 'Yeah, me too.'

'I thought so.'

'I was hoping you wouldn't notice.'

Bob laughed. 'Hard not to with that club of yours under your shorts.' He paused. 'Since I seem to be spilling my guts ......when I left you last time I was so turned on I beat off thinking about you. Shot a huge load into the waves.'

Zach smiled again. 'I'm impressed .... and flattered. Wish I'd seen it. Anyway, you should talk, Bob. What about you, with your perfect body and a face like Superman? You're about the most beautiful guy I've ever seen. Shit, I've only ever done it once with a guy but if you were.........' He stopped in embarrassment.

Bob said softly, 'Jesus, Zack, I wish you'd come down to L.A.'

'Yeah, I think you're right.' He laughed, 'Maybe your buddy could get me a construction job.'

'As a matter of fact he just moved Darius over to be his assistant so there's a vacancy for site manager. That's what you did here, no? But Randy does all the crew hiring.'

Zack laughed. 'And from what you say he'd give me a job the day hell freezes over.'

'Well, you've got our phone number.'

There was an uneasy silence and Bob was painfully aware of the permanent erection in his shorts. 'Listen, Zack, I gotta go. If I stayed, I .......'

'I know, man. I know. Here, don't put that suit back on. Take these,' and he threw him an old T-shirt, a pair of shorts and sneakers.' He smiled. 'Give them back to me when I see you in L.A.'

They stood and gazed at each other. They were breathing hard, their hearts beating almost audibly. Bob said, 'Hell, Zack, might as well go for broke,' and he grasped Zack in a warm bear hug. Then he whispered in his ear, 'Here's something I bet you've never done before.' He pulled Zack's head toward him and their mouths came together in a hard, passionate embrace, their near-naked, muscular bodies pressing tight against each other.

It was a long time before they separated. Embarrassed, Bob quickly pulled on the clothes Zack had given him, picked up his business suit and, with one last, lingering look, he turned and stumbled away.

Over his shoulder he heard Zack's deep voice. 'I'm glad you came by, Bob. Real glad.'


Bob never lied to Randy. He told him that he had stopped by to see Zack and had a beer with him. 'And before you ask, no, he didn't fuck me.' Randy actually smiled and said. 'I know he didn't. I could tell.' And, to Bob's surprise, Randy dropped the subject. He seemed lost in thought.

It was probably as well that Friday came and the trip to San Francisco. Pablo was hopping around like a cat on hot bricks, dressed smartly (for him) in clean jeans, loafers and a neat Polo shirt. Randy drove them to Burbank airport and hugged them goodbye. There were actually tears in his eyes as he said to Pablo, 'OK kid, this is it. You go as a gypsy and come back a gentleman.'

'You won't recognize me, sir,' he said, with his trademark grin.

And so his education began. Pablo was in heaven. He had always looked up to Bob, with a mix of respect and sexual desire. After all, Bob was the man he had chosen to be the first to make love to him, to fuck him, and the boy still got a hard-on every time he saw him. Randy was the boy's master, of course, his adoptive father, but Pablo always had a warm, lustful place in his heart for this muscle-god. And they were going to spend the weekend in San Francisco, just the two of them.

Pablo, as usual, talked a lot in the plane, but he was on his best behavior when they checked into the Fairmont. Bob was impressed that the boy didn't seem at all intimidated by the opulent surroundings. Bob got his business meeting out of the way and then they went to buy clothes for Pablo. He chose his own outfit .... tan sports coat and slacks, pale blue shirt, yellow tie.

That evening in the hotel room Bob said. OK, Pygmalion, let's see if we can pull this off ..... from gypsy to gentleman. He watched Pablo dress, then helped him tie his tie. He had to admit that Pablo was unrecognizable in his new, fancy clothes. As the boy preened, smiling, Bob was impressed that, with his exotic, dark mestizo looks, Pablo was not just smart and handsome, but sexy as hell.

'OK, kid. Let's hit the fancy restaurant. Just stick with me and you'll do fine.'

'Right behind you, sir.'

Bob had deliberately chosen a very upscale, expensive restaurant, not the kind of place he usually enjoyed, but this was something of an educational trip for the boy. And Pablo sailed through the experience like a pro. Bob helped him sort through the menu and they both decided on fish, Dover sole for Pablo, salmon for Bob. Pablo watched carefully as Bob ordered the wine, then tasted a sample before it was poured.

It was when the main course was served that Bob knew Pablo was going to be just fine. The boy looked down at the small pieces of fish artistically arranged, Nouvelle Cuisine-style in the middle of his plate. Wasn't much for a growing boy, he thought, so he looked up and called, 'Oh, waiter. Could you bring me an order of fries with this?'

The elderly waiter looked as if he had been struck. He looked down his nose. 'Fries, sir?'

'Yeah, fries. As in French fries. And some ketchup. Fries and ketchup, please.'

The waiter took a deep breath and was about to speak, when Bob fixed him with his best executive stare and said evenly, 'The gentleman would like an order of French fries and some tomato ketchup.'

The waiter had been put firmly in his place. 'Yes, sir, of course. Right away sir.'

Bob grinned at Pablo who shrugged and said, 'Hell, we're paying for it, probably through the nose. Might as well get our money's worth.'

'Right on, kid,' Bob laughed. 'You're Randy's boy alright. Hell, if they can't come up with fries and ketchup what kind of a joint is this, anyway?'

Their laughter rang round the restaurant and the meal was a breeze after that.


They were slightly drunk on wine when they got back to the room and Bob said, 'Jeez, I'm beat. I'm asleep on my feet.'

In a matter-of-fact way he started to undress as Pablo watched. The jacket came off, then the tie and the shirt, and Bob walked shirtless into the bathroom to brush his teeth. Pablo sighed and felt the huge erection filling his shorts. But there seemed to be no sexual impulse on Bob's part ...... just a business executive preparing for bed after a hard day.

Disappointed, Pablo took off his coat, tie and shirt as Bob came back into the room. They both kicked off their loafers and stripped down to their shorts ..... boxers for Bob and white boxer briefs for Pablo. The boy knew that the tight briefs showed off his beautiful ass to perfection. Bob pulled back the covers and fell into bed.

'Shit,' Pablo thought to himself gloomily. 'Just like a businessman and his assistant hitting the sack. No sex tonight, I guess.'

He climbed in beside Bob and they both lay on their backs, two feet from each other. There was a long silence and Pablo guessed that Bob was falling asleep. 'Sir?' he said.

'Yeah,' Bob replied drowsily.

'Sir, do you think that when a businessman and his assistant go on a business trip they sometimes have sex?'

'Beats me, kid. I guess anything can happen when they're out of town.'

Another long pause, then Pablo cleared his throat. 'Sir ...... do you think you could fuck me, sir?'

Bob smiled to himself. He had been waiting for this directness. It was typical of Pablo and always turned Bob on. But he wasn't giving in that easily.'

'No, kid.'

Pablo gave a deep, disappointed sigh. 'OK, sir. Just thought I'd ask.'

Bob turned to face him. 'No, Pablo, I'm not just gonna fuck you. Here's what's gonna happen instead. First I'm gonna make love to you for a long, long time. Then I'm gonna pull off those briefs, which I know you chose just to show off that sweet ass of yours. Well it worked .... made me hard as a rock. So then, and only then, I'm gonna fuck you.'

'When all that's over you're gonna fall asleep in my arms. During the night I'll probably fuck you some more, and certainly in the morning we'll make love again and you'll have to give me your ass all over again. How's all that work for you?'

Pablo's body was quivering with anticipation. He said simply, 'I love you, sir.'

And so they made love, with Bob kissing the boy's face, licking his smooth brown skin, biting his nipples. He finally pulled down the briefs and buried his face between the perfect round globes of Pablo's ass. Then he spoke softly. 'What do you want now, boy?'

'Sir,' Pablo said breathlessly. 'I want your dick in my ass, sir. I want it real bad.'

Bob rolled on top of him and smiled as he pushed his legs back. Pablo looked up into the Superman face, the gentle deep brown eyes as he felt the rigid shaft ease into his warm, moist hole and slide deep, deep inside him. He moaned in total ecstasy as he gazed at the muscular body pushing forward, and he gasped as he felt the head of the dick pass over his inner sphincter and come to rest deep inside him.

The fucking was warm, tender, and went on and on, both men moaning in ecstasy as the bodybuilder rose and fell, riding the twin mounds of the incredible young ass. Bob leaned forward and licked the smooth brown body between the pecs, then up over the throat until his mouth closed over the soft mouth. And always the huge, hard dick sliding between the globes of the perfect ass.

Finally Pablo heard the gentle voice. 'OK, Pablo. You ready? I'm gonna shoot in your ass now. Cum with me.' And with deep breaths and soft moans they both felt the juices spurt from their cocks in simultaneous orgasms .... loving rather than tumultuous ...... the ultimate sensual expression of their deep affection for each other.

And so Pablo did get his ass fucked by the beautiful man he worshipped. He got it fucked many times that night. They both shot multiple loads of cum, which covered their bodies and joined them as one when they finally pressed together in sleep.


Next morning, after an opulent room-service breakfast, the two men hit the town like tourists ...... cable cars, Coit Tower, Golden Gate ..... the works. They ate, laughed, climbed the hills, rested, and when they got back to the hotel, they made love and fucked again and again. Their relationship entered a whole new phase, more intimate and affectionate than Randy could ever have hoped for. Bob knew that their master would be thrilled with the change in his boy.

And Sunday evening when they arrived at Burbank airport he was proved right. After they got off the plane and walked along the long corridor, they saw the magnificent, dark, rugged face head and shoulders above the the waiting crowd. Pablo was excited, having insisted on wearing his dress clothes, coat and tie, and being perfectly groomed to impress his master.

When they came past security, Bob and Randy hugged, a spectacular sight for the many heads that turned in their direction in admiration of these spectacularly handsome men. 'Good trip, I take it,' smiled Randy.

'The best,' said Bob. But as they chatted Randy completely ignored Pablo.

Finally Randy said, 'Oh, by the way, Bob, did you happen to see a scruffy kid on the plane? I was supposed to meet him. Probably wearing dungarees, oil smudges on his face. No manners, mouths off all the time ..... lots of lip. Cute though ...... answers to the name of 'kiddo'.'

'That would be me, sir,' said Pablo, hopping up and down and tugging at the back of Randy's shirt.

Randy turned and looked at him for the first time. 'What? Nah ..... couldn't be you. You're too much of a young gentleman. Kid I'm talking about is a scruffy, tough young guy. Knows how to use his fists.'

Pablo raised both hands to his head and mussed up his hair. He loosened his tie, put his fists up and moved like a boxer. 'You wanna try me, big guy?'

Randy laughed and took Pablo in a tight bear hug. 'Hell, kid, you sure clean up well. Quite a transformation. Bob really did a number on you, uh?'

'You can say that again,' Pablo said with a wide grin. 'It was totally awesome, sir. All of it.' The floodgates were open and Pablo talked endlessly without pausing for breath as the three men strolled toward the airport exit. Bob finally got a word in.

'Everything OK at the house, buddy?'

'Sure, calm as a mill-pond. Oh, by the way, we have a visitor.'

'Oh, yeah? Who?'

Without missing a beat Randy said, 'Zack. I just hired him. He's the new site manager. He's up in your office right now filling out the paperwork with Jamie.'

Bob stopped dead in his tracks. He was in shock, unable to believe what he had heard.

'What!? Zack! ...... you mean ...... Zack?'

'Yeah, that Zack. He phoned, came into town and I gave him the job.' He looked at Bob's stunned face. 'Why? It's what you wanted, isn't it.'

'Well, sure. It's terrific, but I never imagined that you ..... I mean you don't even ......' He stopped to collect his thoughts. Then he asked the obvious question. 'Why, Randy? Why?'

Randy threw his arm around his lover's shoulder as they walked out of the airport.

'Because I love you, man. Simple as that.'


TO BE CONTINUED in 'A Trial Of Strength - Part 69'


Rob Williams

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