Randy and the iconic black muscle-stud Zack had gone away for the weekend to define their relationship once and for all ..... the trial of strength they had been working up to ever since they first laid eyes on each other.

Bob was lost in thought as he sat by the pool with Mark. 'So what do you think they've been doing?' he asked.

Mark grinned, and his guess as to what had happened in the high desert was right on the money. 'Well, let's see now. First they rode east to the desert, two shirtless studs looking like the most macho guys in creation. If they stopped in at that bar, as Randy and I did all those months ago, every guy in the bar creamed in his jeans.'

Bob smiled for the first time. 'You make me hard thinking about it,'

'Then ..... what next? Oh yeah, then they had a fight and beat the living crap out of each other. See, Randy really has to prove he's the dominant male, your master, so he can offer you to Zack. So my guess is he really hurt Zack, humiliated him.'

'Do you ...... do you think Randy fucked him? Zack's never done anything like that.'

'Oh, Zack's been fucked, for sure. Randy has to fuck him before he'll let the guy fuck you. Oh, yeah, Zack's ass has been reamed for the first time in his life. Just wish I could have been there to see it. Anyway, the black stud's all set, and he's coming to claim you. You can bet your sweet ass on that.'

Bob sighed deeply. 'Hell, Mark, I can't stop thinking about Zack. But now he's free to fuck me I'm kinda scared. I just want him so much. Shit, it all gets so complicated. Sometimes I wish we were back at the beginning, when it was just Randy and me.'

Mark laughed, 'Hey, what about me, fella?'

'Yeah, sorry, man.' Bob smiled. 'Jeez, I love you, Mark. You keep me sane, not to mention keep my dick hard all the time.' He moved closer to the beautiful cop and put his arms round him. 'Hold me, Mark. Help me, OK?'

'You know I will, old buddy. This is me, now, your friendly neighborhood police officer. You know our motto: 'To Protect & Serve'. I'm gonna take care of you.' He held Bob at arm's length. 'You know, buddy, there's no reason you should always submit to those guys. You are a fucking gorgeous hunk of man, a real alpha male. It's about time you asserted your own authority .... became the master. So, we have the weekend ahead of us ....... and I have plans for us.'


Bob looked around him. 'I'm getting hungry. Where are the boys? Haven't seen them in a while.'

'I'll give you one guess,' grinned Mark. 'Most likely salivating over that brand new camcorder Randy gave Darius. It's a top-of-the line model. He was real generous.'

'Yeah. Well, Darius is his personal assistant and has worked real hard ...... long hours ...... so this was a reward. Plus, there may have been a bit more to it than that ....... another example of the rivalry between Randy and Zack. Randy knows that Darius has become real fond of Zack .... lusts for him too, of course ..... so this was Randy reasserting himself with the boy.'

'Jeez, those guys don't quit,' Mark smiled. Then he glanced upwards. 'Told you so. Don't look now but we're on Candid Camera. The boys are up at the bedroom window pointing that damn camera down at us.'

Bob grinned. 'Maybe we should really give them something to film. How about a swim?'

'Way ahead of you buddy,' Mark said. Dressed in jeans and T-shirts the two guys stood up slowly and, even more slowly, began to take off their T-shirts. The shirts slid up over their muscled torsos, revealing their ripped abs, bulging pecs and broad shoulders until they were naked to the waist. The handsome business executive and Greek-god cop gazed at each other, reached forward and began to run their hands over the others man's gleaming chest, stroking the nipples.'

Upstairs the cameraman was having a fit. 'Shit, dude, this is tough,' Darius breathed. 'My cock got so hard I nearly dropped the camera.'

'No!' Jamie said. 'Keep shooting. This is awesome ...... the cum shot.'

'This ain't the cum shot yet,' said Pablo, the movie director. 'There's more to come. Just watch.'

And it did. The men came closer, their naked chests pressed together, arms round each other, and mouth met mouth in a passionate kiss. Their hands dropped to their waists and they unbuttoned the other man's fly until their pants dropped round their ankles. Their stiff cocks touched each other like dueling spears.'

'Go close on the cocks,' hissed the director to his cameraman.

'Easy for you to say, dude,' Darius moaned. 'I'm about to cream my shorts.'

But relief was in site because at that moment the two naked bodybuilders dived into the water. Bob and Mark swam close together and were so engrossed in each other that at first they didn't notice the three young men walking silently across the lawn toward the pool. But when they looked up they saw a camera lens pointing down at their gleaming bodies.

'For God sake shut that damned thing off,' Mark yelled. 'You're so busy being Cecil B de-fucking-Mille that we're starving to death. Dinner ...... now! ....... or I'll take my belt to you.'

As the boys ran off Darius muttered to Pablo, 'Dude, a video of you getting your ass whipped by a cop. Now there's your cum shot.'


Dinner at the outdoor table was the usual raucous affair, with a whole lot of speculation by the boys on what was going on with Randy and Zack, until Bob abruptly ordered them to stop. He snapped, 'Randy and Zack do what they do and it's no concern of yours, so put a lid on it fellas.'

Mark glanced over at him, hearing the stress in his voice, then took Jamie aside. 'Listen, kid. I'm gonna sleep in Bob's room tonight.'

'I kinda thought you would, sir,' Jamie grinned.

'So why don't you ask the boys to spend the night in our room with you?'

Jamie looked up and shouted to Darius and Pablo, 'Hey, dudes, how about we all three sleep in my room? Maybe I can get some close-up shots of a big black dick sliding into a hot Latino bubble butt? You up for it?'

They spoke in unison ......'Awesome, dude.'


A while later, Mark was brushing his teeth in Bob's bathroom. Bob was already lying on his back on the bed, naked except for his white boxers. His arms behind his head Bob watched as Mark emerged from the bathroom, stunning in boxers and a white V-neck T-shirt. Mark stretched his limbs and gazed down at Bob.

'God, I'm glad you're here,' breathed Bob.

'Me too, buddy. Just one thing, though. While you're with me I don't want you thinking of Zack. When I fuck you I don't want it to be Zack's face you see above you. Got it?' Mark pulled off his T-shirt ready for bed.

'Aaaah,' gasped Bob as he saw the cop's sculpted naked torso, like a Greek statue. In answer to the question he leaped to his feet, took hold of Mark and turned him to face the mirror. 'Look at that, you asshole. Do you think that when I'm in bed with a god, with that face looking at me as the god fucks me, I'd be thinking of anyone else? I haven't entirely lost my mind.'

Mark gazed at his own reflection in the mirror, grinned and said, 'Does look kinda hot, doesn't it? OK, buddy. I think it's time for that ego boost I promised you. Just follow my lead.' Mark dropped his shorts and walked forward naked, pushed his face close to the mirror and smiled. Bob gasped as Mark actually began kissing his own reflection. 'Oh, man,' Mark breathed to himself, 'that is so fucking hot. Jesus, you turn me on. I love you, man.'

Bob was so overwhelmed at the incredible sight of the naked, muscular cop kissing himself in the mirror that there was only one thing he could do. He did the same. As he looked at his own reflection he recalled Mark's earlier words ..... 'You know, buddy, there's no reason you should always submit to those guys. You are a fucking gorgeous hunk of man, a real alpha male.'

'You sure are,' Bob smiled at himself. 'You are one beautiful muscle stud.' He took off his shorts and, like Mark, pressed his lips to the glass and began kissing his own image. Now the two naked bodybuilders were grinding their whole magnificent bodies against the glass, their faces and chests rubbing over their own reflections, moaning in ecstasy. They felt their hard cocks rub against the cocks in the mirror, and they pressed harder, grinding close to orgasm.

They glanced at the other man's reflection and instinctively moved closer to it. Soon their lips joined on the surface of the glass. It was like four beautiful, naked musclemen kissing each other. The four mouths worked ravenously, licking the lips and faces ..... first the glass, then the real thing.

The two men eventually separated and faced the mirror shoulder to shoulder. They raised their arms, stretched high against the mirror, and pressed their bodies against the glass. Again they ground their cocks against the mirror cocks.

Mark looked into his own blue eyes and moaned to himself. 'God, you're sensational. You really are a fucking Greek god. I love you, man. Make love to me. Make me cum.'

Bob too gazed into his own soft brown eyes and spoke to himself. 'I forgot just how fucking gorgeous you are, man. Hell, I could make love you all day. All I need is you and a mirror. Come on, man. That's it. Work that big cock. Let me feel that body against mine. Oh, man. Make me shoot my load.!'

And suddenly the two magnificent bodies shuddered, their upstretched arms flexed against the mirror and there were simultaneous howls of ecstasy as two streams of hot creamy liquid blasted from their cocks up between their bodies and the mirror. Their bare asses clenched hard as they ground their pulsing cocks against the glass, every muscle straining as their bodies unloaded their pent-up juices.

Exhausted the two men fell to their knees, sliding their chests and arms down against the mirror. Instinctively they began to lick their semen from the glass, sucking hard, rubbing their faces against the pools of creamy juice.

Then they turned to each other, and each one gasped at the beautiful face before him, gleaming with smeared semen and tears. They came together, of course, kissing each other frantically, glorying in the shared dreamlike sensation of having made love to themselves. The image in the mirror had made each man shoot his load, in harmony with the beautiful man next him, equally in love with his own reflection.


After their orgasms they felt slightly embarrassed at the strange thing they had just done. They could hardly believe that they had both made love to their own mirror image. Finally Mark stood up and faced Bob, gazing down at the handsome kneeling man. And amazingly his cock started to stiffen again. Bob looked up at the blonde chiseled features and flashed on the recent image of this golden god making love to himself. Drained as he was, the stunning memory gave him an instant erection.

His next thought was amazement and some regret that, alone with the beautiful cop in his bedroom, Bob had instead made love to himself. 'What a waste!' he thought. He saw the huge cock semi-erect before him, took hold of it and slid it into his mouth. He felt it quiver and become rock hard. He heard the voice above him. 'Yeah, man. Let me see you make it cum again, let me watch as I fuck that gorgeous face.'

Their self-love was not entirely exhausted. They were overwhelmed by the very excess of beauty in the room, their own and the other man's. Out of the corner of his eye Bob watched the dark-haired, square-jawed face being fucked by the huge dick of the blonde cop. Mark was getting off on the same sight, spurring him on to pumping the mouth harder still. He saw that Bob was beating his own cock in his fist.

'Yeah, man. Beat that meat. God, I love fucking that gorgeous face. I'm gonna fuck you all night, you son-of-a-bitch. I've been waiting for this. You know I've always loved you, man. You wanna drink this cop's cum?'

In reply Bob plunged his mouth down into the damp, golden pubic hair, smelling, tasting the man's pungent sweat. He felt the balls smashing against his chin as the cop became a machine. Bob was close and knew he had to bring Mark to a climax. He breathed in through his nose and clamped his throat muscles hard around the piston in his mouth. He felt the huge body shudder.

'That's it, man,' Mark yelled. 'Here it comes.' Both men looked sideways into the mirror and saw a muscular, blonde cop push his damp groin hard into the face of the man kneeling before him. Bob felt the stream of warm juice spurting deep into his throat as his own second orgasm of the evening exploded over the legs and feet of the man he idolized. He dropped his face to the floor and, in an act of idol worship, licked his own semen from the police officer's feet.


Not long afterwards, freshly showered, they lay naked in bed. 'You know were not finished, Bob, don't you?'

Bob grinned. 'You said something about fucking my ass?'

'Damn right, Mark laughed. Then his voice became serious. 'You know, I always think back to that day I pulled you over in the park and saw your face staring up at me from your car. Did you know at the time that I had an instant hard-on under my uniform?'

'Guess I was too busy trying to hide my own,' Bob smiled. 'And whatever I did sure as hell wasn't just because I wanted you to tear up the traffic ticket.''

'I often wonder ....... if I had met you just a few months earlier, before you had met Randy.' There was a long silence. 'You know I'm in love with you, man?'

Bob took a deep breath. 'It's the same for me. I'm glad I have you, Mark. For your friendship, your strength....... and above all for nights like this.'

Mark smiled. 'I guess I should be jealous of Randy and now Zack. But I'm not. I just love being near you, watching you get pleasure from the other guys.' He laughed. 'Do you know how attractive you are when you're drooling with lust?'

'That obvious, uh? You know, there's a part of me that's always a bit scared of Randy .... and now of Zack. Guess it's that that turns me on. You the only one who really makes me feel safe.' He gazed into Mark's eyes. 'Promise me this, Mark. Whatever happens, you'll never leave me. We'll always be there for each other.

Mark frowned, hesitated. 'Well ...... on one condition.'

Anxiously Bob asked. 'A condition?'

'Yeah ....... that tonight I own your ass.'

Bob grinned. 'Wouldn't have it any other way, officer. And no, it's not just because I want you to tear up the ticket.'


Next morning they slept in late. Not only did they get very little sleep. Not only was Bob's ass sore from being fucked so often. It's simply that they couldn't break away from each other's arms. But finally hunger did its work. Mark sighed, 'Gotta eat, man. Love and lust are all very well but ..... still gotta eat.'

They pulled on their discarded boxers and walked down to the garden. The table was covered in a white cloth, beautifully set with the best silver, piles of food and pots of coffee. Not only that, the wait staff was standing at attention ..... also wearing just their boxers.

'Well,' Mark said to Bob. 'What do you think of that?'

'Hmm.' Bob rubbed his chin. 'Waiters could be a bit better dressed, don't you think?'

'You mean naked, sir?' Darius offered.

Bob laughed. 'Nah, you're beautiful just the way you are. All three of you. Thanks, guys, for doing all this. Join us for brunch?'

'Thought you'd never ask, sir,' grinned Pablo. 'We've been waiting a long time.'

'Yeah, well, you know,' said Mark.

'Oh we know, sir.' That was Darius, of course.

The meal was boisterous as ever, with the boys falling over each other to describe last night's reality show in their room that they had captured on camera. Jamie looked at Mark. 'Sir, I got some awesome shots of these guys going at it. They look incredible when they fuck.' He held up the camera. 'Would you guys like to see?'

Mark ruffled Jamie's hair. 'Thanks for the thought, kid, but why would we want a video when we could order up the real thing? Right now, in fact.'

The boys all sprang to their feet and Darius asked eagerly, 'Right now, sir? You want us to put on a show?'

Mark laughed. 'No, kid. Actually I had quite the opposite in mind,' and he grinned sideways at Bob. 'Did we ever tell you how Bob and I met?'

Jamie's eyes sparkled. 'You mean when you were on patrol and pulled Bob over for an illegal U-turn, and you made Bob strip and he looked so hot you creamed your pants and tore up the ticket?'

'Something like that, yeah. Well how would you like to see a revised version of that episode .... how it could have turned out? You want something really hot in that camera of yours? Something you can watch on one of those rainy Tuesday nights?'

'You bet, sir!'


An hour later the meal had been cleared away and the three boys were ready ..... more than ready. They were bursting with impatience. Darius was holding the camera, Pablo was the director again, and Jamie a very vocal assistant. Suddenly Pablo hissed, 'Quiet, guys!'

Out of the house came Bob and, despite Pablo's order, the boy's gasps were loud. The handsome executive was dressed in his smart business clothes - beige dress pants and loafers, white short-sleeved shirt, red tie. He looked sensational, his muscular physique clearly evident under the shirt, the sleeves tight round his biceps. 'Jesus Christ,' Darius moaned, trying to keep the camera steady. He kept it trained on the stunning man as he walked across the lawn and sat at the table.

So engrossed were they in the sight that the boys jumped when they heard the commanding voice. 'Excuse me, sir. Stand up please, and keep your hands in plain sight.'

The gate had opened and the spectacular blonde cop strode across the lawn, magnificent in his black uniform ....... shirt open at the neck to reveal a small triangle of white T-shirt underneath, heavy belt around his slim waist, pants tucked into high, shiny black motorcycle boots. Bob jumped to his feet and faced him.

'Were you aware that your SUV outside is illegally parked and has expired plates?'

'No, officer. Shit. Listen, officer, I can't afford another ticket. Is there some other way we can resolve this?'

The authoritative cop gazed at the businessman and there was a long silence. There was no sound except for the heavy breathing of the three boys and the slight buzz from the camcorder. Mark walked closer to Bob and stared into his eyes. 'There just might be a way, sir. If you do just as I say.'

'Anything, officer. Whatever you say.'

The cop reached forward, loosened the man's tie and let it hang round his neck. He unbuttoned the white shirt almost to the waist and pulled it open, exposing the perfect, bulging pecs underneath. He ran his hands over the massive chest, and Bob gasped as the back of the fingers stroked his hard nipples.

Pablo hissed, 'He's gonna fuck him this time. Just watch. The cop's gonna fuck the businessman.'

But what followed was a total surprise. Bob said, 'What's the police motto, officer ..... 'To Protect and Serve'?. Well, the time's come for the 'serve' part. On your knees, cop. Against all the boys' expectations, the stud cop fell slowly to his knees and gazed at the bulge in the businessman's pants. Bob unzipped his pants and pulled out his long stiff pole. He grabbed the cop's tousled blonde hair and yanked the handsome face backward. 'You want this, cop?' he growled.

'Yes, sir,' Mark groaned and opened his mouth wide.

'Go close on the face,' Pablo hissed. Darius struggled to control the camera and they gazed in awe as they saw Bob's long cock slowly disappearing into the cop's mouth. He pulled his hips back and plunge his tool into Mark's throat again ..... and again and again. The sight was incredible, the muscular businessman, shirt open to the waist revealing the mounds of his pecs and his washboard abs, hammering the face of the beautiful blonde cop on his knees.

All three boys had raging hard-ons as they watched the incredible scene unfold before them. They couldn't believe that a cop would, could, take such brutal punishment to his handsome face as tears streamed down his cheeks.

Jamie was close to orgasm as he saw his master being savagely face-fucked by this stunning man. 'This is it, guys,' he whispered. 'This is the cum shot.'

But he was wrong. Suddenly Bob pulled his cock out of Mark's mouth, back away and barked, 'Hands and knees, asshole.' Mark fell forward on his hands and waited, on all fours, head hanging down in humiliation. 'You know what comes next, don't you officer?'

'Yes, sir.'

Bob walked round behind him, bent down and loosened the cop's belt and uniform pants. He yanked them back, down over his ass, so the perfect twin globes were naked, vulnerable. Bob dropped to his knees, placed his hands on Mark's waist and pressed his still-rigid cock against his hole. 'You ready cop?'

'Yes, sir.'

This time the boys yelled uncontrollably as the cock pierced the cop's ass and plunged deep into his gut. His sculpted face flew backward and he screamed as the pounding began. This had to be the cum shot. The boys entered a world of total fantasy as they watched the businessman impale the sobbing uniformed cop on his iron shaft, hammering it without mercy. 'Yeah, let me hear you scream, cop. You ass is mine. You're nothing!'

'Yes, sir,' the cop howled. 'Fuck me ...... harder. Please fuck my ass, sir!'

'OK, you son-of-a bitch,' Bob growled. In a series of quick moves he pulled out his cock and threw Mark over onto his back. He grabbed hold of the boots and pushed the legs up and back, exposing the ass once more. His cock once again speared the cop's hole. It plunged in deep, over the inner sphincter and came to rest in his deepest gut. Bob watched in satisfaction as the handsome square-jawed face flew from side to side, blonde hair flying, tears running down his cheeks.

After a while, as the pounding continued, Mark's spasms diminished and he became still. He looked up at Bob, smiled and said quietly. 'That's it, man. God, you're such a fucking stud. You're the master. You always have been.' But soon his smile vanished and his voice rose to a howl. 'Oh, God man, you're bringing me close. Please, sir. Let me cum, sir. Let me shoot my load for you.'

Bob looked down at the beautiful, pleading face. 'OK, you asshole cop. You're beaten and you know it. Here it comes, you bastard. I'm cumming in your ass!' With one last mighty plunge Bob felt his cock erupt deep inside the cop's gut, and Mark simultaneously shot a huge river of semen high in the air, splashing back down onto his black uniform shirt. Their bodies shuddered uncontrollably until slowly they subsided. Bob fell forward, twisting on his back, and lay beside the exhausted cop on the grass.

They were aware of Pablo's voice shouting, 'Cut! That's a wrap. That was the cum shot, dudes.' Filming was apparently over. The men looked up and saw the three young faces gazing down at them. The boys had never seen anything to match this, the glorious Greek-god cop getting his ass reamed by the muscular businessman. It was a fantasy to beat anything Darius could have imagined in his wildest dreams. And he had it all on video.

There was only one way the boys could express their admiration. In unison they pulled their cocks out of their shorts and stroked them hard. It took only a few seconds. The sight of these two glorious exhausted bodybuilders lying on the ground was too much for them. There were three simultaneous screams. Three arcs of white juice streamed from three cocks and splashed down on the men beneath them. And the juice kept cumming, spurt after spurt, covering the handsome faces as an offering of worship to their spectacular masters.

Bob and Mark looked up at the exhilarated young men and began to laugh. When he finally caught his breath Bob grinned up at them. 'Now that, boys, is what you call a cum shot!'


The two men pulled themselves to their feet, Jamie brought beers from the kitchen and they all sat exhausted round the table. There was a kind of awed silence as their minds re-explored the spectacular scene they had all participated in. Mark lightened the mood as he pulled a piece of paper from his pocket, tore it in pieces and threw them in the air. He looked at Bob. 'No ticket, sir. You're in the clear.' Laughter erupted and soon the boys were all talking over each other, speculating about what they had captured on video.

Pablo was still playing director. 'OK, dudes, we've got work to do. We have to go to our room and do some post-production on our movie.'

'Hmm,' Bob said. 'I never really knew what movie post-production involved. I guess this time it just consists of jerking off all over the screen.'

More howls of laughter ....... which drowned out the sound of tires on gravel outside the gate. But their raucous amusement quickly faded when they heard the deep voice. 'OK, guys, you gonna let us in on the joke?'

The five men looked up and got to their feet ..... in awed silence. The two men standing inside the gate were breathtaking. Both stripped to the waist, both filthy, disheveled, their pants covered in mud, they had obviously been involved in a major fight. The bruises on their handsome faces and torsos, their wild eyes and tousled hair, made them look even more rugged, more macho than ever. And Zack's chest bore the stripes of the lash ....... clear signs of a whipping by Randy.

As Randy strode forward he had eyes only for Bob. He threw his arms around him and held him tight, breathing into his ear, 'God, I missed you, man. All this was for you. Here he is.'

Randy broke away and Zack strode forward. Bob felt himself go weak. With his bruises and whip marks the black stud had never looked more beautiful, more imposing. Zack grasped Bob's hand in a crushing handshake. Their eyes locked and both knew at that moment that their destiny was certain, the climax was close.

It was Mark's voice that eased the tension. 'Well look at you two warriors. You both look real banged up. Must have been a helluva fight. Good weekend I take it.'

Randy grinned at Zack, 'The best.' Then he stepped back and surveyed Bob and Mark. 'You should talk, man. You two look pretty roughed up yourselves. And that has to be cum splashed all over you.' He shook his head. 'Well, officer, I asked you to take care of Bob, and it seems you did ..... in every way.'

Pablo was jumping up and down. 'And we got it all on video, sir. All of it. You wanna see?'

'Later, kid. And I'm guessing it won't be your average home movie, right?' His tone became more serious. 'Right now there's something I have to do. Bob, stay here with Mark. I'll be right back.' He threw his arm over Zack's shoulder and they went inside the house.

'OK, boys,' Mark said. 'I know you won't rest till you've watched that movie of yours, so get your asses out of here.' After they ran off Mark looked at Bob. 'So this is it, buddy. They're back. They both came back for you.'

Bob smiled. 'Mark, I've gotta thank you for what you did today. It's just what I needed. It was great feeling I was on top again, the master, the aggressor. And fucking the ass of the most gorgeous cop in creation was the big bonus.'

'Yeah,' said Mark. 'Especially in view of what comes next for you. Good luck with that.'

As if on cue Randy reappeared and said gruffly to Bob. 'OK, come with me.' Bob followed him inside and they stopped at the top of the basement stairs. 'This is it, buddy,' Randy said. Quickly and expertly he wrapped a blindfold, an old T-shirt, round Bob's eyes, and used another shirt to tie his wrists behind him. With Randy guiding him, Bob stumbled blindly down the stairs. His mind reeled with fear, apprehension ...... and exhilaration.

He stopped at the bottom of the stairs and waited ....... and waited. Suddenly the blindfold was ripped off and Bob tried to focus his blurred vision. As the image before him took shape he gasped, his heart raced ...... and he fell to his knees. His mind reeled, crowded with images and illusions. One stood out clearly. Darius had once shown him one of his fantasy pictures, an erotic drawing ('Tom of Finland' the boy had said) of an iconic heavily-muscled leather stud, black as ebony.

And this was it! The picture had come to life. As the image before him came into sharper focus Bob moaned .... whimpered almost. It was the most spectacular picture he had ever seen .... pornographic ..... a tall, beautiful black bodybuilder in full leather. His gaze focused on the incredible sight, from head to foot, starting with the black leather cap whose peak shielded piercing gray eyes that burned down at him ...... but with the faintest hint of a smile.

Bob's unbelieving eyes travelled downward, past the bull neck, the broad, gleaming shoulders, and then to the chiseled naked torso, crossed in an X by a studded leather harness ..... black leather on glistening black flesh. The torso tapered down past the ripped, eight-pack abs to the slim waist cinched by a wide belt. The shiny leather pants clung to the muscled thighs, down to heavy black boots. The picture was flawless, breathtaking, the erotic drawing come to life.

Bob's gaze was still fixed on the boots as he lost control. Though his hands were still tied, he fell forward with a moan and ground his face on the boots. He had to worship this dark god, had to debase himself before him, had to offer himself to him. He lapped at the leather of the boots, licked ravenously, became delirious as he humiliated himself before this spectacular man. Then he remembered. The man was Zack. This beautiful leather stud was the man who was going to take him away, make love to him ....... and push his black dick inside his ass.

Zack looked down at the man, still dressed in business clothes, the beautiful executive, powerful, authoritative, the boss. But now, hands tied behind him, he was prostrating himself on his knees in abject worship. Zack's cock was hard as iron, straining against his leather pants.

Suddenly Bob's head was yanked back up by the hair and he heard Randy's voice. 'That's enough, man.' He looked up and saw Randy standing shoulder to shoulder with Zack. Then he knew that Randy had engineered all this. It was Randy's leather outfit Zack was wearing. Bob was mesmerized as he watched their faces turn to each other and their mouths came together in a churning embrace. It was spectacular ...... two supreme masters grinding their lips together in a display of rugged, male passion.

They finally separated and Randy looked down at Bob. 'This is it, man. You ready?' He had something in his hand that he handed to Zack in a ritualistic act. Suddenly Bob recognized it from the past. It was the leather collar Randy had used in their first days to claim ownership of him. But it was now Zack who reached forward and buckled the collar round Bob's neck.

'Buddy,' Randy said. 'I want you to meet your new master.'

In total shock Bob looked up in a blind panic and shouted, 'No!' It was the dread of abandonment.

But Randy smiled. 'Don't panic, man. I'm not giving you away. You know I'll own you for the rest of your life. I love you, man. You're mine. But I want my man to have the best. And Zack here is the best. Shit, just look at him. He's fucking spectacular. I once told you I could offer you to other men but there was never anyone good enough ...... until now. So I'm gonna let Zack have you whenever he wants. Hell, you know you want it. You nearly shot your load when you saw him just now and fell to your knees.'

He reached down cupped Bob's chin in his hand and gazed into his eyes. 'I love you, man. And from now on, you have two masters.'

Bob's head swam. He looked up at these two glorious men, the rugged faces, the flawless muscular physiques, and suddenly felt ....... unworthy. He would be owned, used ...... loved .....by these two muscle gods. Silent tears began flowing down his cheeks.

Then Zack spoke for the first time. He was smiling. 'Man, I wanted you the minute I laid eyes on you in the dunes. And Randy knows that I always get what I want. So now we're gonna give you a first taste of what it's like to have two masters like us. Open your mouth.'

Bob did as he was told and watched spellbound as the two men in unison pulled their rigid cocks from their pants. Without another word they stroked their big rods close to Bob's face. He knew then what was coming, and he almost passed out with the anticipation of it. He looked at the beautiful faces, jaws clenched with effort. His eyes travelled down their glorious bodies to the huge cocks they were pounding.

Then he went blind as two hot streams of liquid smashed into his eyes. The torrents of juice moved lower and filled his mouth. He gulped frantically, overwhelmed by the smell, the taste, of the sticky, sweet semen that poured into his mouth. He swallowed hard, again and again, as he felt the cum of two men slid down his throat. The stream seemed endless as it poured over his face and down deep into his gut. But finally it stopped and his vision cleared to a blurred view of the bodybuilders who had just anointed him, had laid claim to him in a shared act of joint ownership.

He felt arms under his shoulders raise him up to his feet. He felt two warm mouths press against his and suck the remains of the semen from his mouth. He was in a delirium of the senses .... no thought, just the euphoria of being loved by two of the most beautiful men in the world. Finally he heard Randy's gentle voice.

'Now here's what's gonna happen. You're gonna go up to our room and shower. You look incredible, dressed as you are, a handsome executive with his body covered in semen. Shit, it looks like every man in this house has shot his load over you today. Fucking hot, buddy. But now I want you clean, naked and smelling sweet when I make love to you tonight.'

'And I'm gonna make love to you, fuck you, hold you for the rest of the week. On the weekend, with my blessing, Zack is gonna take you away and he will take possession of you in his house in the dunes. He will use you as he wants ..... love you, fuck you, tie you up, hurt you ...... whatever he wants. And you're gonna love every minute of it. You know that.'

Bob looked at his lover and said, 'Thank you, sir.' Then he turned to Zack. 'Thank you sir.'

Zack flashed his broad, gleaming smile at him. 'You know, man, that collar looks perfect on you.'


Not long after, Bob lay in Randy's arms in bed. They were both freshly showered, both immaculate in their nakedness. Bob looked at Randy and smiled. 'You know, since the day I met you, Randy, you have never ceased to amaze and excite me. Sometimes you hurt me, sometimes I'm scared of you, but always the sight of you makes me rock hard. I am totally, eternally in love with you. And thank you for Zack. I can't believe you did that. Why did you?'

'Because you're my man, buddy. And because I love you. Simple as that.' He smiled. 'I just have one regret ...... that I won't get to see all the things Zack has in store for you out in the dunes. Now that would be something to see.'


TO BE CONTINUED in 'A Trial Of Strength ...... Part 73'


Rob Williams

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