Jamie was alone in the kitchen, gazing through the window, lost in thought. He was reflecting on the conversation he had just had with Darius and Pablo .......

While Mark was at work the three boys were hanging out at home ...... and they had been talking. The subject, of course was Randy, Bob and Zack and all the things they might be doing together right now in the Guadalupe dunes. Amongst all their excited fantasies was this, from Pablo: 'You know darn well that Zack tied Bob up and whipped that gorgeous body real good .... had to show him who's master.'

Jamie had cringed when he heard this. He had trouble getting his mind round the image of a man being whipped, though he was curious and pressed the guys for details. 'That's never happened to you guys, has it?'

'You kidding?' Pablo said. 'Once when Darius and me were fighting each other Randy hit the roof .... got real mad. He roped us together facing each other and whipped us ..... real hard. That was our punishment.'

Jamie frowned. 'I don't think Mark would ever do that to me.'

'Oh, Mark's different,' said Pablo. 'See, him being a cop and all, he don't like using force when he's off duty. Besides, he loves the hell out of you, dude. And I bet he's gentle, even when he ties you up.'

'Still,' mused Darius. 'I guess if you made him mad enough he'd have to punish you. Maybe then he'd whip you.' His eyes sparkled. 'Hell, I'd like to see that muscle-god, in his full uniform, cracking a whip. What a fantasy. That's enough to make me shoot my load right here.'

Now, alone in the kitchen, Jamie shook his head and jerked himself out of his contemplation and back to the present. No, he thought, Pablo had been right. Mark loved him and would never hurt him in that way. Still, he couldn't get Darius's fantasy out of his mind. He had a clear image of his master, the stunning cop in his black uniform, standing legs astride holding a whip.

The thought made his cock get rock hard in his shorts. And now it was his turn to fantasize. He was not even aware that he had pulled his dick out and was stroking it. He imagined himself naked, tied helpless in front of his master, pleading with him. 'I misbehaved sir. I know you're gonna punish me, sir. I deserve it. Are you gonna whip me, sir? Please, sir .... I need it. Please whip my body, sir.'

Jamie saw his master's face, his chiseled blonde features tense as his eyes blazed at him. He saw the arm raise, saw the whip flashing toward him. His body jerked and he screamed ...... and shot a huge stream of cum over the kitchen window.

Reality came crashing back to him. He blushed with shame and anger as he frantically rubbed hard at the window until the cum stains were gone. He took a deep breath and collected himself. But as he stood there in a trance the image of the cop with the whip wouldn't leave his mind and his cock began to get stiff again. 'I'm his boy,' thought Jamie. 'He's my master and that means he can do anything to me. But he would never do something like that ..... ever.'

Then Darius's words came back to him. 'Still, dude, I guess if you made him mad enough he'd have to punish you. Maybe then he'd whip you.'

And it was then that Jamie made up his mind.


It was a day mostly of leisure for the three boys, though they did their fair share of chores, making the house look just right for when their masters returned. Mark would finish his shift in late afternoon and be home for dinner and the other guys were due back from Guadalupe early next morning.

As always when the boys were together they talked up a storm, mostly about their masters. But Jamie seemed strangely withdrawn, not as eager to join in as usual. Normally he was the one who asked all the questions of his more experienced buddies, but Pablo and Darius noticed that he seemed deep in thought much of the time.

Pablo whispered to Darius, 'Maybe it's what we were talking about earlier ..... that stuff about whipping and all.'

'Could be,' Darius agreed. 'He's sure been quiet ever since.'

But as the day wore on Jamie became more animated ...... until Mark came home. He was earlier than expected and as he strode through the gate the three boys looked up and were, as always, stunned by the look of the spectacular uniformed cop, still wearing his helmet and mirrored glasses. Instinctively they all stood up as a mark of respect.

Mark joined them at the table by the pool and sat down heavily with a sigh of relief. 'Fuck, what a day,' he murmured. He took off his helmet and glasses and smiled at Jamie as he always did. Usually he was met by the eager, loving gaze in Jamie's eyes ...... but not this time. His boy's expression was hard to read ...... fearful maybe, confused, even sullen.

'Hey, kid,' Mark smiled at him. 'I could really use a cold beer. How about you get one for me, and for you and the boys?'

But Jamie didn't react. Instead he stared mutely down at the table.

'Jamie? I told you to get ........'

'I'll go, sir,' Pablo interrupted, sensing that something was up with Jamie, and he ran off to the kitchen. There were definitely storm clouds gathering as Mark looked at Jamie's surly face, and the boy refused to make eye contact. After a few slugs of his beer Mark spoke.

'Hell, that bike throbbing between my legs all day always makes me horny as hell. Go upstairs, kid and get yourself ready.'

But there was no movement. After a long pause Jamie muttered, 'I'm too tired.'

'You what!?' Mark could hardly believe his ears. His reaction was instant. He grabbed his boy by the scruff of his T-shirt, hauled him upright and propelled him across the lawn to their house. He shoved him through the door and dragged him up the stairs. His eyes blazed and his chest heaved as he glared at the boy standing morosely before him, hanging his head.

'Now I'll say this one last time, Jamie. Get naked. Now! I'm gonna fuck your ass.'

Jamie finally looked at his master. 'No. I don't want to.' There was a stunned silence. 'You can punish me, sir, but I don't want to. Are you going to punish me, sir?'

'You bet the fuck I am,' Mark blazed. 'Nobody ever refuses me, least of all my own boy. Look at me, boy. Do I look like the kind of guy who ever gets rejected? OK, if it's punishment you want, you got it.'

Jamie's cock was swelling in his shorts as he once again fantasized about the cop holding a whip. But things didn't go as planned for the boy and he was startled at Mark's next move. He moved to the open window and shouted, 'Hey, Darius, Pablo, get your asses up here now!'

In a few seconds the two boys were in the room, shocked at the look of fury in Mark's eyes. Jamie stood to one side, his thoughts whirling in confusion. This was not going as he had planned ....... not at all.

'OK. This boy has refused to give me his ass. I could take it by force, but that would be too easy for him. There are other great asses around, and I intend to shoot my load into one of them. I need to get my rocks off. So, do I have any volunteers?'

'Me, sir!' Darius and Pablo spoke in unison, raising their hands.

Mark looked at them. 'Pablo, you're Randy's boy so I don't want to stir those waters again. Darius, you'll do just fine. Strip.'

It took mere seconds for Darius to pull off his shirt, kick off his sneakers. His beautiful black body was trembling with anticipation. He had no idea what kind of stunt Jamie was pulling, but who cared!? He, Darius, was going to get his ass ploughed by the muscle-god cop. For once one of his biggest fantasies was coming true. Over-enthusiastic as always he threw himself down on the bed on his back, put his hands behind his knees and pulled his legs back, displaying his ass to the uniformed stud towering over him.

'Good boy,' Mark said. 'Been a long time since we did this. You're gonna love it. So tell me, kid, you want a cop's dick in your ass?'

'You bet, sir. You bet!'

Jamie wanted to scream. Everything had gone wrong. He was being punished in the worst way possible. But the pain was not physical, as he had wanted, but mental, the worst agony he had ever felt as he watched Mark prepare to fuck Darius. It was the moment in the day Jamie always looked forward to, when Mark came home, horny as hell, and took possession of his boy's ass. He loved getting fucked by his master.

But now he was forced to watch. Mark's next moves were familiar to him. The cop undid the top few buttons of his black shirt exposing more of the white T-shirt. He knelt on the bed, grabbed Darius's ankles and pushed the legs high. He unzipped his uniform pants, pulled out his rigid cock and pressed the head against the crack of his ass. He gazed into the boy's shining eyes and quickly eased his cock into the black ass, sliding it deep inside.

Darius moaned in ecstasy as he felt the long shaft enter him and looked up at the beautiful blonde cop taking possession of him. He felt the cock pull out, then plunge back inside his burning ass. Now the pounding began, with Mark using the boy's ass to vent all the pent-up energy in his balls after a day astride his motorcycle.

The fucking continued, until suddenly Mark paused and Jamie and Pablo gasped at what came next. The cop quickly ripped off his black shirt so he was stripped to the white T-shirt stretched over his muscular torso. Darius raised his arms and placed his palms against the cop's chest, feeling his bulging pecs through the thin cotton. Mesmerized by the sight and feel of the incredible body hammering down on him Darius dared to speak.

'Please, sir. Let me see more, sir. Please, sir.'

Mark grinned at him and reared up straight, his cock still embedded deep in the boy's ass. 'Is this what you want, kid? Is this what you want to see?' And in one quick move he reached behind his neck and pulled the T-shirt clean off. He paused as he flexed his muscles and let Darius take in the incredible sight of his magnificent physique.

'NO!' The scream came from Jamie who was beside himself with rage, frustration, envy ..... and shame that he had brought this on himself. The pain was unbearable as he saw his glorious master, stripped to the waist, preparing his final assault on Darius's ass. Every fiber in his body wanted to run out of the room but he didn't dare to move. He knew that his punishment was to watch. And it was a spectacular sight.

Mark's flawless muscles were gleaming with sweat now as he pulled his cock clear out of the ass, then plunged it back in through the tight sphincter, down past the hot membrane of the ass and finally over the inner sphincter. Darius threw his head back and screamed at the exquisite pain the cop was inflicting on him. He watched awestruck as the shirtless body rose and fell against him, and he felt the rough serge of the uniform pants slam against his ass with each thrust of the piston.

His own cock was raging and he knew he couldn't hold on much longer. Mark knew that too and said, 'You ready, boy? You ready to shoot your wad? You want my juice? You want to see it?'

'Yes, sir, please sir!'

He could not believe what he saw next. Suddenly Mark pulled his cock out of his ass. He held it in his fist, there was a moment of silence, then the cop threw his head back and howled as a mighty stream of hot semen poured from his cock, arced high in the hair and splashed down on the black face and body thrashing wildly on the bed. Darius was dimly aware that Pablo had ripped off his T-shirt and thrown himself down on the bed beside him.

'OK, both of you,' Mark yelled, as a second stream of cum blasted from his cock and fell on the two naked young bodies. 'You want more?'

'Yes, sir,' they both screamed, and were amazed to see yet another gush of white juice erupt from the cop's huge rod, soaking their faces and chests. When his massive orgasm finally subsided, Mark looked down with satisfaction at the two boys, both furiously pumping their cocks. They gazed up at the shirtless cop spellbound and simultaneously shot their loads over their own beautiful young bodies.

The two boys were drenched in cum. They turned to each other and kissed each other's cum-filled mouth, passing the cop's semen back and forth between them. Then they fell back and gazed up once more at the Greek God towering over them, his naked torso heaving and sweating with the exertion of his incredible fuck.

Slumped against the wall was Jamie. He was sobbing now, near to collapse. He had watched the scene in increasing agony, had howled as he saw his master shoot load after load over the two enraptured boys. His pain was so intense that he wanted to hurl himself downstairs. But he had been forced to watch as his master had spectacular sex with his two friends.

Mark finally spoke. 'OK, guys. That was terrific. We'll do it again sometime, if you're up for it. But now I want you to leave me alone with this boy here. I haven't finished with him.'

They got off the bed, grabbed their discarded clothes and ran out of the room. They had a lot to talk about ...... a whole lot to fantasize about.


After all the noise and frenzied activity there was a sudden silence in the room, except for the muffled sobs of the shattered boy. He fell to his knees in front of his master and pressed his face to the floor. Mark gazed down at him, then threw himself on his back on the bed, his muscular arms flexed upward as he rested his hands behind his head.

'Get up.'

Agonizingly Jamie pulled himself to his feet and stood at the foot of the bed, his head hanging down with shame. He didn't dare speak. He had suffered the worst mental anguish of his life and now expected his master to throw him out of the house. He was sure had had been replaced. But once again Jamie had misjudged. He heard his master's deep voice.

'Did that hurt?'

'Yes, sir.'

'It was meant to.'

'It was the worst thing I ever felt, sir.'

'OK. Now listen to me. I don't know what stunt you've been pulling since I got home but it has to end. I love you, Jamie, because you're such a strong young stud. I like my men tough, Jamie, but down there at the table you were sulking like a girl. Now be a man and tell me what the fuck's going on.'

Jamie took a deep breath, stood up straight, and looked his master straight in the eyes.

'Well sir. Me and the guys were talking ......'

'Oh, shit,' Mark said. 'Whenever I hear that phrase I know I'm in trouble.' Jamie saw the hint of a smile in Mark's eyes, and that gave him courage to continue.

'We were talking about Randy, Bob and Zack, and we were thinking that Zack was probably whipping Bob.'

'So what?' Mark said sharply. 'What those guys do is no concern of yours.'

'No, sir. But I got to thinking that I ....... I mean that you ....... Well, maybe it was a fantasy but ....... the thing is ........'

'Oh, for God's sake, man, stop drooling like a girl and talk. Stand up straight, look me in the eyes and tell me what the fuck you want.'

So Jamie stood up like a man and told the truth. 'Sir, I was being deliberately disobedient, sir, because I wanted you to punish me. See ...... I want you to whip my body, sir. It's my fantasy.'

'Aaah. At last. The truth. OK, kid. Describe your fantasy to me.'

Sir, I imagine that I'm tied up naked in front of you. You're in your uniform and dark glasses .... you look incredibly hot sir ..... and you're holding a whip. I'm your prisoner and you take control of me, sir, total control. I watch you raise your muscular arm, I see the whip fall and feel the lash on my chest, my back and my ass, sir. And you are so powerful, so beautiful, sir, I love watching the big cop whip my naked body. See, I'm your boy, sir, so I want you to dominate me. I need to feel your strength on me ..... I want to submit my body to you, sir ......'

He had run out of breath. 'That's about it, sir.' Again there was a silence. Jamie was a bit embarrassed and thought he might have gone too far, been too explicit. So he was relieved to see a smile spread over Mark's face.

'Sounds hot! Let's do it, boy. Get your ass down to the basement, now! And wait for me.'

Just like that! Dazed, still not sure what was happening, Jamie ran quickly from the room.


In the basement Jamie was barefoot, in just shorts and T-shirt, standing with his hands clasped behind his back. He was waiting, his heart pounding. Even as he heard his master's footsteps on the stairs his cock started to get hard. And then his fantasy came through the door.

Mark was dressed in his full black police uniform, shirt stretched over his muscular chest, open at the neck showing his white T-shirt, and short sleeves pushed back over his bulging biceps. His torso tapered from broad shoulders down to the heavy belt at his narrow waist, and his high black motorcycle boots gleamed in the overhead light. Legs apart, eyes hidden behind mirrored glasses, he was an icon, an erotic drawing come to life, and Jamie whimpered at the sight.

It didn't take him long to secure his boy. Jamie was standing underneath the gym's chin bar and Mark quickly roped his wrists to each end. With his arms stretched in a tight V, his body was straining upward, spread-eagled. Mark threw himself into an armchair and gazed up at his boy. Jamie knew what to do. He struggled to get free and Mark took a quick intake of breath as he watched the blonde young stud writhe before him. The cop rubbed the bulge in his pants.

'OK, be still,' Mark commanded. He took off his glasses and gazed at the boy. 'God, you're beautiful, Jamie. You're worthy of me. You know I could have anyone I want, don't you?'

'Yes, sir.'

'But I chose you, Jamie, not just because of your beauty, not only because you make my dick hard all the time, but because you're such a fucking stud, a real man. But this time you let me down. You didn't trust me, didn't love me enough. When you wanted something you didn't confront me and tell me like a man. You put on some stupid act of defiance, pouted like a girl. And that makes me angry. And that's why I have to punish you, hurt you.'

Mark stood up, went to the closet and pulled out a whip, a cat with many strands of leather. He knew that this was less damaging than a single-strand bullwhip. He stood before the bound boy and gazed into his eyes. 'You know the phrase 'Be careful what you wish for,' Jamie. Well you asked me for this. You know I'm gonna hurt you, don't you?'

'Yes, sir.'

'And you're gonna take it like a man. Is that clear?'

Yes, sir!' Jamie was in a euphoric haze, aware only of the incredible embodiment of his fantasy standing before him. God, he desperately wanted to feel him, feel the lash on his naked body.

Mark stepped back and gazed again at his boy. He loved him with all his strength, and now the boy would feel that strength. The cop reached forward, grabbed the neck of Jamie's T-shirt and with one move ripped it from his chest, so it dropped and hung loosely round his waist. The trembling boy saw his fantasy come to life. The cop's arm raised high, paused, and then fell, thrashing the whip across his naked chest.

Jamie screamed. He had not known what to expect, but the intensity of the pain was a surprise, hard to take. But immediately the sharp edge of pain diminished and became a warm flash across his chest. His cock stood straight out, rock hard. He had felt his master's power, felt his incredible command over him, felt the strength behind that glorious body. He wanted more. God, he wanted more.

And he got it. Gazing at the stripe across his boy's naked chest Mark wanted more too, and he began whipping him in earnest. He didn't hold back. It was not because Jamie wanted it, not even because Mark wanted it. No, it was pure animal lust. Mark saw the flawless young body and wanted to hurt it. He lashed it across the chest, the shoulders, and round his back.

He stepped forward and quickly released Jamie's shorts so they fell round his ankles. He stood still, gazing in awe at the beautiful young man, naked now except for the shreds of his T-shirt hanging round his waist, his gleaming body stretched taught in bondage. Mark was becoming incensed. He quickly unbuttoned his uniform shirt and let it drop, then pulled off his T-shirt. He put his mirror glasses back on and stood there, stripped to the waist, magnificent.

Jamie gasped at the cop's perfect physique. He was stunningly beautiful ..... an icon ..... pornographic. Then suddenly he felt scared as he watched the body tense, and sensed that his master was running on pure adrenaline. He saw the whip raised again and felt it smash against his naked flesh. Now it was a rain of blows, curling round his body, across his chest, round his thighs, even round his neck.

Mark was fast losing control as he watched the muscular young body buck and writhe in a futile attempt to escape the blows. The cop walked round to his back and saw the pure white cheeks of his ass. This was the ass his boy had denied him earlier, the ass he had refused to submit to him. Mark's vanity, his wounded pride and his fury consumed him ...... the boy had rejected him ..... him! ...... and he brought the whip smashing down on the ass, mesmerized by the sight of the perfect round globes bouncing under the brutal lashes.

Jamie was screaming, though with pain or ecstasy he didn't know. He didn't know anything. All he felt was the strength of his master torturing his body. His master was taking possession of him, punishing him. Finally he was being whipped by the cop of his dreams. And his ass was on fire.

Mark was shouting now. 'You feel this, boy? You feel the whip on that perfect body. You will never, ever, reject me again.' He came round to face him and paused, lowering his voice. 'Now, there's one way you can stop this, boy. By showing me that you're sorry ..... sorry you rejected me. You have to show me you're a man, prove to me how much you love me. Come on boy. You know what you have to do.'

With all his strength he resumed the lashing of the boy's naked chest. Jamie passed into another world ..... no pain, no fear, a world of pure worship for another man. It was his fantasy come to stunning life. The cop was whipping him ..... he saw the lash, felt it! He screamed and suddenly all the pain went into his balls, rose through his rigid cock, and blasted out in a stream of cum that shot high in the air then fell onto the naked chest of the cop with the whip.

Suddenly everything in the room was still, except for the boy's cock that kept spurting stream after stream of white juice. Jamie hung exhausted from his ropes, tears streaming down his face, and gazed at the cop's muscular body as it heaved and flexed, pouring with sweat. He had finally been whipped, had felt the full force of his master's strength. He sobbed uncontrollably until he slowly managed to calm himself and find his voice. He gazed at the cop and moaned, 'Thank you, sir. Thank you, master. I'm your boy! I love you sir.'


The sequel was almost an anti-climax. Mark threw the whip aside, almost with disgust. He was not proud of having caused his boy such pain ..... except that he knew Jamie felt only exquisite pleasure in what he had been subjected to. And Mark was also aware that their relationship had been raised to a whole new level.

He threw off his glasses and, looking deeply into Jamie's eyes, he draped the whip round his boy's neck and let it hang down over his chest. Jamie was still spread-eagled, tightly bound. Mark walked round to his back and gasped at the sight of the beautiful ass, the cheeks glowing an angry red after their punishment. The cop fell to his knees, cupped the perfect globes in his hands and kissed them, running his tongue over the shattered flesh, soothing it with a healing balm. Then he buried his face between the cheeks, pushing his tongue deep inside the moist, musky depths of the ass.

Now he had to make it right with the boy. His own cock had been rigid ever since the whipping began, and he stood up behind Jamie, pulled his cock from his pants and pushed the head against the crack. Pressing against Jamie's back he reached round and ran his hands over the boy's striped torso. He looked at the image in the mirror before them and spoke to his boy.

'I hurt you, Jamie. I had to. And now I'm going to make love to you. Feel this? Feel your master's dick sliding in your ass?'

'Yes, sir.' Jamie's body was alive, still stinging from the lashing his master had given him. Jamie was more alive than he had ever been as he saw his reflection in the mirror, flesh striped red, whip draped round his neck, his master's hands gripping his chest. But most of all he felt the cop's shaft penetrating his ass, pushing deeper and deeper inside him. He worshipped this man, this powerful god, the master who had just whipped him.

Mark's voice was soft. 'I'm going to cum inside you Jamie, and I want to see you cum again, all over the mirror this time. Here it is, Jamie. Let me see you shoot your juice, boy.'

Their orgasms were simultaneous, Mark's deep inside the boy he loved, and Jamie's all over the mirror, obscuring the image of two men in love.

It was over. After a long while Mark finally pulled out of his boy's ass and watched as Jamie pulled on his shorts, leaving the tattered remains of his T-shirt hanging round his waist.

'Now,' Mark said, 'go help the boys get dinner ready.' As Jamie walked toward the door, Mark said. 'Jamie, I want you to know this. I love the hell out of you, boy. You're the most exciting young man I've ever known. I'm proud to call you my boy.' Jamie's face lit up with a smile as Mark added, 'Oh, and by the way, don't put on a shirt. Walk into the kitchen just like that.'

And so he did. Jamie opened the kitchen door and stood proudly before his friends, the ripped T-shirt hanging round his waist, his naked chest striped with the bright red marks of the whip. The two boys looked at him, their eyes opened wide and their jaws dropped. Finally Pablo found his voice.

'Awesome, dude. Totally fucking awesome.'


It was dawn the next day when Randy, Bob and Zack, with great regret, left the shack in the Guadalupe dunes. Randy had stowed his Harley in the back of Zack's truck and they were all sitting together, Bob between the two men who had taken turns in using his body and ass for most of the night. He had never felt so ravaged, nor so happy, in his life.

On the long drive they talked, mostly about their future ...... which now included Zack. Bob had already discussed with Zack how he would spend the large stash of money he had from his savings and the payout of his deceased wife's life insurance. It only needed Mark's approval now for Zack to invest in the construction company and become a full partner. Also, Zack was enthusiastic about putting a bid on the house for sale across the street from the guys.

So engrossed in planning were they, that it seemed like no time before they were driving through the Cahuenga Pass on the Hollywood Freeway and saw the buildings of Hollywood spread out before them. In a few more minutes they were headed north on the Pasadena Freeway, then up the winding hill to their home on Mount Washington.

'They're home!' The three boys shouted in unison as they heard the crunch of tires on gravel. They leapt up from the outdoor table, already set with a big breakfast. The gate opened and the three men, all still shirtless, came striding through. There was a stunned silence at the magnificent sight. Mark walked forward, his hand outstretched, and greeted them warmly.

'Jesus, you guys, you look fantastic. No need to ask how it went up there. If you were glowing any brighter you'd start a brush fire..'

Randy laughed. 'You look pretty amazing yourself, officer ..... your kid, too. Something happen between you and Jamie?'

'We'll talk,' Mark grinned. 'The guys have fixed a special breakfast for you so you three better be hungry.'

Breakfast was a boisterous affair.


Events moved swiftly in the next few days. The four men met in Bob's office and he put forward the financial proposals. Mark instantly agreed to taking on Zack as a partner. They could sure use the infusion of cash and, with his knowledge of the construction business, Zack would be a real asset to the company.

'Plus maybe now I'll really get to know you,' Mark grinned. 'These guys have had you all to themselves so far. It's time you and I got better acquainted.'

Zack smiled. 'Any time, officer. Just say the word.

As for the house, Bob got that ball rolling right away. He explained, 'The bank wants out from under the loan and, to avoid foreclosure, they're giving the owner an incentive to make a short sale. So the price is rock bottom and, what's more, they want a very fast escrow. I know the realtor so you'll be able to close real soon, Zack. Just one thing, though. The place does need some work .... the garage needs to be rebuilt ..... and I've persuaded them to let you get started right away. How about it, Zack?'

'Sounds terrific, buddy. You've really done your homework on this.' He grinned, 'I'll be showing you my gratitude real soon ...... and probably a lot else besides.'

Zack turned to Randy. 'I have one favor, Randy. I intend to do most of the reconstruction myself but I'll need a helper, and I'd like to use Darius. I would not keep him away from his work as your assistant, it would all be outside of work hours, so are you OK with that?'

'Go for it, big guy.' Randy grinned. 'Somehow I don't think you'll hear any complaints from Darius.'

'So that's about it,' Bob said, wrapping up the meeting. He smiled at Zack. 'All you need now, stud, is to find yourself a boy.'

'Oh, I've already done that,' Zack said. 'It's just that he doesn't know it yet.'


Darius was over the moon when Zack asked if he would help him on the new house. He secretly worshipped the gorgeous black muscle-god ...... not so secretly, actually, since Zack had once allowed him to shoot a load of cum all over him in an act of intense body worship. The boy considered it a privilege to work for Zack and privately wondered if it could possibly lead to a deeper relationship. Darius would have given anything to be Zack's boy.

Work started in a week or so and Darius found himself spending a lot of his after-work hours working beside him. Zack always worked stripped to the waist, in just his black jeans and heavy boots, with a tool belt slung low round his waist, and Darius took to doing the same, in an attempt to copy his hero. The two black bodies flexed and strained as they did the heavy work side by side, their sweating muscles dripping on each other.

Darius, of course, had a permanent erection in his pants and when Zack's heavily-muscled body brushed against his and the boy felt, smelt, almost tasted the gleaming black flesh, he pretty near lost his load inside his jeans. In fact one day he did.

They were both reaching up securing a beam, their chests pressed together. As Zack stretched his arm high the damp, wiry hair of his armpit pressed against the boy's face. Darius almost suffocated, took a deep breath, licked the sweaty armpit, and the musky stink overwhelmed him. His body shuddered and his cock shot a load of cum in his shorts.

Zack stared at him. 'Did you just do what I think you did, kid?' Darius looked sheepish and Zack simply smiled. Darius felt the sticky dampness in his shorts for the rest of the day. He was quite simply in heaven.

Zack too enjoyed the company of the beautiful young man and when he looked at him performing some heavy task, saw the concentration on his handsome face and watched his lithe young muscles flex, he too found his cock swelling.

They made a great pair, a bit like an older and younger brother. When they took a break for a beer they talked as if they had known each other for years. Zack asked Darius about his dreams for the future.

'Sir, I'm interested in the security system at the construction sites and my dream is to have my own security company one day. I've never really told anyone that before, sir.'

'Well I'm flattered you told me, Darius. And hang on to your dream.'

Then one day things came to a dramatic head. They had all but demolished the old garage, except for a very heavy steel I-beam that stood perpendicular and virtually unsupported. Zack warned Darius, 'Be careful of that beam, kid. It could crush a man if it fell. I'm gonna secure the top and while I do I want you to hold onto it. It's real important. Hold on tight and don't let it lean whatever you do. It would fall in an instant.'

In fact, an instant is all it took. Darius held tight to the beam while Zack reached up preparing to insert a bolt. But the angle was difficult and things were becoming a bit tense, when Zack fumbled and dropped the bolt. In an unthinking reflex Darius reached down to pick the bolt up, and let go of the beam.

'Zack yelled at him. 'NO! I told you to hold it. Watch out, kid. Look out!'

The heavy beam was starting to fall, and everything happened in a split-second. The beam was falling toward Darius as he stooped to pick up the bolt. Zack lunged at him and pushed him clear, just as the beam knocked Zack to the ground. Darius leapt to his feet and stared down in horror. Zack was on his back, pinned under the beam scraping against his chest. Mercifully the end of the beam was supported by a low tree branch ...... but only just. The branch was starting to crack under the weight and the beam was about to fall on his chest crushing him.

'The end, man,' Zack yelled. 'Grab the end!'

Darius leaned down and grabbed the end of the steel beam just as the branch gave way. Darius was now its only support, the only thing stopping it from crushing Zack ...... and it was the heaviest weight he had ever felt. His muscles were cracking as he desperately tried to stop it going lower.

Zack was unharmed so far but helplessly pinned under the beam. Despite his peril he kept calm as he looked Darius in the eyes. 'Darius, you're gonna have to lift it ..... just a few inches so I can slide out from under. Take a deep breath and try to lift.'

But there was no way. Already Darius felt his strength ebbing. He couldn't hold it, let alone raise it higher. Zack was seconds away from getting crushed .... and Darius knew it was all his fault for disobeying instructions. He had let go ..... he was responsible. He looked down at the magnificent man, his hero, the muscular black chest already pressed hard by the monster beam. He saw the agonized eyes of the man he worshipped ..... and knew that only he could save him. He couldn't lose him now. He couldn't!'

'NO!' Darius screamed and he became a machine. Adrenaline pumped through him, giving him strength as he took a deep breath and flexed his muscles hard. He wasn't thinking. He was mesmerized by Zack's eyes. And with a superhuman effort he heaved ..... and the beam moved ..... a half inch .... an inch ...... two. It was enough for Zack to squeeze out from under the beam and roll clear, just as Darius lost all his strength and the beam crashed to the ground.

Zack lay panting on the ground while Darius turned his back, sobbing with relief and shame. He knew his friendship with Zack was over. His negligence had almost killed him. He had almost killed the man he loved. He was devastated. It was all over for him.

Suddenly he felt Zack's hands on his shoulders and he turned round and buried his tearstained face in his chest. 'Sir, I nearly killed you. I failed you. I'm a total fuck-up. I don't deserve to be here, sir. I know you're gonna send me away ....... that's what I deserve.'

'Darius!' The commanding voice silenced him. 'Darius ..... you were magnificent. I've never seen a man raise a beam like that single-handed. Darius, you saved my life.'

'But it was me caused it in the first place. I disobeyed. I let go of the beam, I screwed up. I let you down, sir, and I'm not worthy of you. You're so ..... you're such a spectacular man, sir. You deserve someone better than me, a real man ..... not a total fuck-up like me.'

'Darius!' Again the powerful voice. Zack clamped his hands on the side of Darius's face, held it tight and gazed into the tearful green eyes. 'Darius ..... do you want to be my boy?'

Darius went blank. 'What?'

'I said, do you want to be my boy?'

Darius didn't believe what he heard. 'What? .......after I fucked up so bad? I was an asshole. I almost killed you, sir. You nearly died. I could never ......you know I don't deserve to.....'

'Darius!' The grey eyes bored into him. 'I'll ask you one last time...... do you want to be my boy?'


TO BE CONTINUED in 'A Trial Of Strength ...... Part 77'


Rob Williams

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