As he began to wake, Lloyd's senses returned to him slowly ..... especially his sense of smell. Still half asleep he became aware of the rancid smell of sweat and piss, the smell of Randy, the construction boss. The stink was overpowering ..... but Lloyd wanted it. He wallowed in it, in the essence of the man who had become an obsession for him.

The night before, as he prepared to sleep in the construction site trailer Lloyd was mesmerized by the filthy clothes in the laundry pile on the floor. He had smelt them, touched them, blasted his cum into them and finally buried his face in them. That's how he had slept, and that's how he now struggled back into consciousness, his mind and his senses still full of the man whose image haunted him.

Lloyd had dreamed of his handsome face, sweat running from his tousled black hair down to his square, stubbled chin, his magnificent physique straining under his tight tank as he worked.

And then, suddenly, there was the man himself. Not sure if he was still dreaming Lloyd looked up at the figure looming in the doorway. He was not sure if the image was real of the tall, rugged, muscular construction worker in his usual cargo pants and tank top. But then the deep voice made it real.

'What the fuck you doing down there Lloyd on those stinking clothes? Come on, get up. Time to start work. Luke's waiting with your first job.' And he abruptly left the trailer.

'Shit!' Lloyd moaned to himself. 'Damn him.' Randy was all but ignoring him as he worked on the site. He had assigned him to the supervision of Luke, the experienced, burly construction worker with the shaved head. As he worked with Luke, Lloyd had tried in vain to ignore Randy too, but every time he caught sight of him his cock got hard. And he had a month to go of this torment.

He staggered to his feet, still wearing Randy's old work pants and sweaty tank he had been given. He wore them continuously and they were becoming more rancid and filthy by the hour. He had not showered (only the hose was available for that anyway) and he just had time to piss in the toilet out back before starting his grueling day.

Despite his earlier immaculate, preppy appearance, Lloyd was surprisingly tough. He could take the punishing physical work, but the sexual frustration of seeing Randy was driving him crazy. God, he ached to be close to the man ...... he longed to serve him


So began another day digging, hammering, breaking concrete, crawling through greasy pipes .... anything Luke assigned to him as the lowest worker on the team. At the end of this apprenticeship Randy would decide if he would become their full-time architect. Lloyd wanted the job desperately so now, more than anything, he wanted to prove that he was man enough to join the crew.

The work was degrading but Lloyd would do anything to please the rugged construction boss. Two weeks earlier he had been fucked and humiliated by him and he now had to face the truth ..... he had loved it and wanted more.

The sun beat down on the handsome, well-built architect as he sweated and strained through the brutal manual labor. And always, always, there was Randy at a distance, taking no notice of him. Even during the lunch break Lloyd ate with the crew while Randy ate with his foreman Darius in the trailer, discussing the projects for the afternoon.

The day dragged on, a day of physical exhaustion and sexual frustration as the once arrogant architect was transformed into a dirt-stained construction worker. Near the end of the shift he was heaving on a rope, helping Luke and another guy haul a beam upward to its assigned position. Suddenly he heard Randy's deep voice.

'OK, Luke. I'll take over from this guy now. I need him to go into the trailer and work on the blueprints.' Lloyd winced. Randy hadn't addressed him directly, hadn't even used his name ..... 'this guy.' He felt the closeness of the boss's sweaty body as the muscular arms reached round him and grabbed the rope from him. His cock stiffened immediately. 'Shit!' he murmured to himself as he walked to the trailer. 'Fuck! Damn him!'

Inside the trailer office Lloyd started to study the new blueprints but he couldn't concentrate. He was drawn to the window. He didn't want to be seen so he stood back from the glass a little as he watched the scene unfold outside.

The three guys were still trying to place the beam but it was being obstinate. Randy was sweating and losing his grip. He secured the rope and Lloyd watched as the big man wiped his hands on the front of his tank top, then pulled the shirt right off and used it to wipe the sweat of his face his chest and his hands.

Lloyd was mesmerized by the image of Randy, stripped to the waist, his chiseled body flexing, his veins clearly etched as he grasped the rope again and hauled it with all his strength. His back muscles rippled, his lats flared and his shoulders bulged with the intensity of the effort. His face and body streamed with sweat, and his wet black hair stuck to his forehead. He looked magnificent and Lloyd was in a frenzy of admiration and lust, his cock rock hard.

Without even being aware he was doing it Lloyd unzipped his work pants, pulled out his cock and began to stroke it. He watched the sweat stream over Randy's glorious body, soaking the pants round the waist, the stain running down to the bulge in his crotch. He saw Randy take a deep breath for the final effort, his legs spread wide, his entire body bulging as his muscles were pushed to their limit.

The beam finally swung into place, the rope slackened and Randy let go. Lloyd gazed hypnotically at the glorious man standing shirtless, taking deep breaths, his gleaming muscles still heaving and flexing with the residual exhaustion of his intense effort.

Suddenly Lloyd's view was obscured as the window was covered in a creamy white film. He became rigid as he saw cum pouring from his own cock and splashing onto the glass before him. Breathing heavily he was horrified at what had just happened ...... even more when he realized that his orgasm had caused him to scream. The sound reached Randy who quickly raised his head and saw white liquid pouring down the inside of the window. His reaction was instant.

'OK, guys,' he said to Luke and the other worker. 'Good job. That's it for today. You can cut out now. I still have something to do.' And he strode over to the trailer. Lloyd had quickly pulled off his tank top to clean the window but he froze as the door crashed open.

'What the fuck?' Randy roared. 'What the hell's going on here?'

'It's nothing, sir. I was just going to clean the window.'

'The hell you are!' Randy grabbed his wrist. 'What's that on the glass? And don't lie to me, asshole. What is it?'

Lloyd was scared but tried to brazen it out.

'It's my cum,' he said.

'And what the fuck's it doing there?'

'I was looking out the window, sir, and ...... it made me cum.'

'What did?'

Lloyd gulped.

'I said, what did?'

'You, sir. I was looking at you haul that beam up and ..... and it made me cum.'

'You sick fuck!' Randy roared. 'You were getting your rocks off looking at me and shot your load?'

'Yes, sir.'

Randy glared at him and Lloyd withered under the fierce gaze of the penetrating blue eyes. Randy grabbed the tank top from Lloyd's hand, spun him around and tied the shirt round his wrists behind his back.

'You got one thing right, shithead. You're gonna clean the window real good. Now!' and he pushed the trembling architect's face against the window. Lloyd knew what he had to do. He began to lick hard at the glass, scooping and sucking the creamy liquid and swallowing hard. His hands firmly tied behind his back he leaned his head forward and worked furiously.

Randy stood back and watched him. He was angry, sure, but there was something else. The sight was incredible. The handsomely sculpted features were pressed against the glass, white juice smearing Lloyd's cheeks, his moustache and goatee beard. The effort of bending forward made his shirtless body strain, his perfect, naked torso flexing and gleaming with effort. The sight was at once pathetic and electrifying, the iconic image of a beautiful man humbled and degraded.

Randy's emotions were mixed as he suddenly realized the extent of Lloyd's lust for him. Randy had not personal vanity .... he knew what he was and the sexual magnetism he had over others. When the heads turned, as they always did, he paid no attention ..... simply took it for granted. Nevertheless, at this moment he could not resist a sense of satisfaction that this particular man had succumbed so completely to his intense sexuality.

Also, he had to admit as the architect licked the window, he did look incredible. Shit, Randy felt his cock getting hard ..... and that intensified his anger. Lloyd was here to be worked and humiliated and here Randy was watching him with a hard-on.

No! He'd be damned if he'd let that happen. His one goal was to mold the arrogant architect to fit in with the tough work crew .... rough him up a bit. He told himself there was nothing personal in it, but deep down his macho dominance was kicking in. Part of him admired the strong, handsome man and he needed to subdue him as a matter of pride. Randy was always the alpha male and needed to prove it .... now more than ever.

He would never admit that he had any feelings for the man. No, he had to get over this, had to dominate him, show him that he was here to work. Randy had ignored him up to now. But after this he had to demonstrate once and for all who was boss, to cure him of his infatuation.

'So that's why you came here, asshole' Randy growled. 'Not to work but to beat off looking at me. We'll I'll soon cure you of that, you piece of shit. I'll show you what sex means around here. I fucked you once to punish you but evidently that wasn't enough. Believe me, after this you won't want it again.'

In a series of rapid moves Randy untied Lloyd's wrists behind him, spun him around, and retied his wrists in front of him. He dragged him over to a wall where there was a big coat hook above a mirror. He pushed the prisoner face-first against the mirror, pulled his arms up and hung the bound wrists over the hook. Then he yanked the pants down so they hung round his ankles. His ass was bare, vulnerable.

Lloyd looked into the mirror wide-eyed, his thoughts spinning. He had wanted to be near the man, dreamed of being fucked again by him, but as he saw in the mirror the look of fury in the steel blue eyes over his shoulder he was terrified. This was not going to be sex. This was retribution.

Now, Randy could be a great fuck or a brutal fuck. This was going to be the latter. He looked down at the perfectly rounded, defenseless ass and his cock got hard again. He lost no time as he pulled his rigid cock from his pants, pressed against the naked back and, in one savage move, plunged his thick dick deep inside the architect's ass. The scream was deafening as Lloyd bucked and reared trying to ease the excruciating pain of the rod in his ass.

'NO!' he yelled. 'Please, sir. Not like that. I can't take it ......' but his voice trailed away into sobs. Randy ignored his screams, running on the adrenaline of pure, cold anger. He pulled his cock all the way out and plunged it back in again, deep into the back of the man's gut. From then on it was a relentless piston, ramming again and again into the tortured hole. Randy became an animal, intent only on brutalizing the agonized ass.

'That's it, you shithead, feel what it's like to get fucked by a man. So, you get off looking at me, eh? Well after this you'll hate the sight of me, guaranteed. I'm gonna rip you open, man'

In a delirium of pain Lloyd looked into the mirror, first at the image over his shoulder, then at his own tortured face, his handsome features now twisted in despair, gleaming with sweat, tears pouring from his eyes. The rod in his ass felt like a red hot poker, reaming his shattered hole. His whole body shuddered as he tried to speak, to plead.

'Please, sir,' he sobbed. 'I beg you. Please stop. You're tearing me apart. I can't take any more, sir. I'll do anything. Please ...... I'm begging you, sir.'

'Shut the fuck up, asshole. This is what you wanted. You've had this coming a long time. I'll ruin you this time.'

Lloyd sobbed and his ravaged body hung on the wall, his arms and shoulders bulging with the strain. His voice grew weaker as he groaned, 'Please, sir. I can't take it. Please stop fucking me. Please end it, sir. I beg you ..... cum in my ass.'

'OK, fucker, you got it!' With one last mighty plunge of his massive shaft Randy pinned the body to the wall and blasted a huge stream of hot cum deep inside the shattered ass. Lloyd uttered one final, desperate scream, collapsed against the mirror and went blank.

When he came to seconds later it took him a while to realize that the brutal cock was no longer in his ass. He looked in the mirror and through his daze saw Randy doing up his pants and turning to leave.

'That's it, Lloyd,' he growled. 'That'll cure you on any sexual fantasies you have about me. From now on it's all work, get it? For me you're nothing ..... just a hired hand. Do you understand that, you prick?'

'Yes, sir,' Lloyd moaned.

Without another word Randy spun round and slammed the door as he went out, leaving the broken man moaning, hanging from the wall. Lloyd hung there limply for some time until he was able to gather his strength. Finally he reached up high enough to unhook his wrists and he slumped to the floor. He managed to untie the shirt from his wrists, then he dragged his broken, naked body slowly, agonizingly across the floor.

When he reached the corner his head fell on the pile of Randy's stinking clothes and he breathed in the smell of sweat and piss of the rugged construction worker who had just pounded him into oblivion. Instantly he fell into a tortured sleep.


In the days that followed Randy made no mention of the event and ignored Lloyd as much as before. The shattered architect felt numb as his body went through the ritual of pain, hard labor and physical degradation.

But Randy had been wrong about one thing. The savage incident had not cooled Lloyd's feelings for him. Far from hating him, far from losing his sexual hunger, Randy's brute strength had only intensified Lloyd's infatuation for him. He had been badly hurt and ...... he wanted more. Randy's power, his rugged masculinity was so overwhelming that Lloyd had to admit .... it was now more than sex. He actually wanted to feel pain at the hands of this incredible man. He ached to submit to him.

So the days dragged on into the second week and the only change was in Randy himself. Though he largely ignored Lloyd he still glanced at him occasionally to check on his progress. And he found himself being impressed. Above all Randy admired guts and determination in a man and Lloyd was proving that he had plenty. As the grueling work progressed Lloyd was changing from his clean-cut preppy look to the hard-muscled, dirt-covered, sweaty look of a real construction worker.

It was early afternoon one day when Randy was working in his trailer office. He took a break from the paperwork, stood up and stretched and looked idly through the window. He watched the crew work, and off to one side was Lloyd. Luke had assigned him to a small demolition project. There was a concrete slab that needed to be removed but the power drills were being used elsewhere so Lloyd was told to break up the concrete with a pickaxe

In the intense heat Lloyd had taken off his tank top and now, stripped to the waist, he was swinging his axe down hard on the slab. His body flexed, his muscles bulged and his torso streamed with sweat as he concentrated on his task.

'Damn, he's changed,' breathed Randy as he watched Lloyd work. After so much intense labor his physique had become more muscular, more chiseled. He had not shaved or showered since he arrived so his chin was heavily stubbled, his tangled hair fell over his handsome face and his muscles strained under a coat of dirt, grease and sweat. He was, Randy had to admit, an incredible looking stud.

The big construction boss became mesmerized by the sight of the beautiful, straining body as it flexed with every swing of the axe. Randy was unaware that his hand had dropped down to his bulging crotch. As he gazed through the window he felt a burning sensation in his cock, so intense that he glanced downward.

'Shit! Damn!' he said out loud. He realized that had pulled out his cock and was stroking it into a hard erection. 'No! Fuck it. And fuck him.' Determined not to shoot his load Randy hastily pushed his cock in his pants and zipped up. He paced the room, furious more at himself than at Lloyd. The last thing he wanted was to feel sexual attraction for the fucking architect. Besides, he had everything he wanted at home. Shit, he had the most beautiful, glorious man in the world, a man who belonged to him.

Suddenly he stormed out of the trailer, strode off the site and leapt into his truck. He took off with a squeal of tires on gravel.


At the house Bob was alone in his office, barefoot in T-shirt and jeans. All the other guys were at work and Bob took advantage of the quiet afternoon to catch up on work that had piled up. His intense concentration was broken by the screech of brakes outside and the slam of a truck door. Bob was startled, not expecting anyone home at this hour.

In a few seconds the door to his office slammed open and there was Randy, breathing heavily, his body heaving and sweating. But what stunned Bob the most was the wild look in the steel blue eyes. Bob had seen that look before and guessed what was coming.

Randy didn't speak. He strode over to his lover, grabbed his arm and whirled him around to face the desk. He pushed him forward over the desk and with one powerful move yanked his jeans down around his ankles. Bob braced himself as he heard pants being unzipped and then felt the hard knob of a cock against his ass. He yelled mightily as his master's rod plunged into him, slammed into the back of his gut, then pulled out and slammed again.

The fucking was intense, but Bob was used to this from Randy and the pleasure always outweighed the pain. He leaned further forward and gripped the edge of the desk as the powerful hammering continued, the rod pulling all the way out then smashing back into his hole. His ass, his whole body was on fire as he endured the pain of the piston ripping into him.

He heard Randy's heavy breathing become more ragged, felt the powerful body flex and become rigid, then heard the echoing roar as his master's cock exploded in Bob's ravaged ass. Bob could not hold back. No need to touch his own cock. With a life of its own it blasted a stream of heavy white juice that poured all over the desk, papers and all.

He was still gathering his breath when he felt the huge rod pull back out of his ass. He didn't even turn round. He heard the zip of pants, heard the door open and slam shut, heard the roar of the truck's engine as it sped away.

Bob slumped over the desk to recover, then pulled back and looked downward. The papers he had been working on were smothered in his own cum. He smiled, shook his head and murmured, 'You son-of-a-bitch.'

As the truck raced back to the construction site Randy's breathing was subsiding and his face broke into a broad, satisfied smile. He said out loud to himself, 'Who needs you, Lloyd, when I already have the hottest fucking guy on the planet?'


'We need to have a meeting.' It was a week later and Mark was talking to Randy and Bob. 'We've got all these new proposals from customers piling up and we need to get serious about our expansion.'

'Agreed,' said Bob. 'And this time the boys should be included. After all, we said we want to get them more involved.'

Randy remained silent, his thoughts elsewhere. Bob knew what was on his mind and attacked the subject head on.

'And we have to include Lloyd. If he winds up as our staff architect he'll be pivotal in assessing the potential of upcoming jobs.'

Randy grunted. He had tried to keep his distance from Lloyd but he saw the logic of their arguments. 'OK,' he growled. 'Set it up.'


As usual the atmosphere was raucous when all six guys were gathered round the table. Randy silenced them by slamming his palm down on the table and fixing them with his piercing gaze. Bob spoke first.

'OK, you all know we're thinking of expanding the company and I'd be interested to hear first what the boys think of this, since we've included you in several aspects of the operation. Obviously payroll is a major consideration. Jamie?'

Bob had been training Jamie intensely on this and the young man spoke up. 'Well, sir. It may not cost as much as you'd think. See, if we hire casual labor and part-timers as independent contractors we pay no fringe benefits or payroll taxes, and they like it 'cause they have no deductions. 'Course, there'll be additional security guards to pay.'

'Not so many,' Darius chimed in. 'At the Vegas Expo we looked at new security cameras that are tamper-proof. Can't even shoot them out. So one security guy and a few cameras can do the work of several.'

'What about the mechanical equipment?' Randy asked. 'That's a shit load of maintenance.'

'I can handle that,' said Pablo. 'I know I've mostly worked on cars, trucks and bikes at the Motor Pool, but I've taken a look at the machinery on the site and it's not so tough. 'Course, I'd need the help of a couple of the crew on the real heavy stuff.'

There was a pause as everyone looked at Randy. They were relieved to see a grin spread over his face as he stood up. 'I guess that's it then,' he said jokingly. 'Seems like the boys can handle everything. Bob, Mark, we'll let them take over and we can go for a swim.'

'Asshole!' Bob smiled and pulled him back down on his chair. Their laughter was silenced by the ring of the doorbell.

'I'll go,' said Darius and ran to the front door. When he opened it he stepped back startled. 'Wow,' he gasped involuntarily. 'Er, come in Lloyd. Bob said you'd be joining us.'

When the two men walked into the room and there was a stunned silence as everyone looked up at the new arrival. Lloyd was not the same preppy, well-groomed architect who had last been in the house three weeks ago. This man had beefed up, his muscular physique was now chiseled to perfection. And the neat grooming was gone. His hair had grown long and hung disheveled over his handsome face. The square jaw no longer had a neat goatee ..... it was covered with several week's growth of dark stubble.

He was wearing the same clothes he had worn for the last three weeks, Randy's filthy old work pants and the tight tank top that now stretched over his newly defined chest. He stood tall, erect, as his body gleamed in the morning sun streaming through the windows. But there was a distinctive scent about him .... rather a stink of stale sweat and piss.

Randy sensed the awe around the table and diffused it by breaking the silence.

'Shit, you stink, Lloyd. For God's sake go take a shower. Get cleaned up so you're fit to sit down with us.'

His harsh words visibly deflated Lloyd, and Bob flashed a critical look at his buddy, shaking his head in frustration. When the hell was Randy ever gonna let up on the guy? Bob tried to smooth the tension.

'Darius, why don't you take Lloyd to your shower? And then lend him some of your clothes. Find something that fits.'

'Sure thing, sir,' said Darius eagerly, his mind already racing ahead into the realm of fantasy. He jumped up. 'Follow me, Lloyd.'


'Here's the shower,' said Darius. 'Is there anything I can do for you? Anything at all?'

'No thanks,' Lloyd replied. 'I can take it from here.' But as Darius lingered in the doorway Lloyd realized he was intent on watching. He didn't care ...... he was just relishing the thought and feel of his first hot shower in three weeks. He stripped off his sweaty tank top, kicked off his boots and stepped out of the mud-caked pants. He heard Darius's sharp intake of breath as he stepped naked into the shower.

Darius craned his neck to see the shape of the beautiful body through the steam behind the shower door. He didn't care what had gone down between Randy and Lloyd. He knew a gorgeous man when he saw one and wanted to get his fill. The shower took some time so Darius went to his closet and decided what clothes to pick out for Lloyd.

He was still operating in fantasy mode as he envisioned Lloyd in different flattering outfits. He knew how to make a man look good and pulled out just the thing. When Lloyd had finished and slid open the shower door there was Darius waiting with a thick towel.

'Thanks, Darius,' Lloyd said. 'God, that shower felt good.'

'Guess it makes a change from construction site hose,' Darius grinned. Then he watched in awe as the tall, handsome man rubbed the towel over his stunning body.

'Here, let me get the back for you,' Darius said, picking up another towel and running it over the muscular V-shaped back. He ran it over the shoulders, down over the lats, down to the waist and then brought it (unnecessarily) round the front to rub the six-pack abs.

Lloyd caught sight of the huge bulge in the black man's pants and couldn't hide his smile. 'Thanks, man, but I think I can manage. These the clothes for me?'

Yeah, I chose them special. I'll throw these in the laundry,' Darius said, picking up the rancid shirt and pants Lloyd had taken off.

'No, don't do that,' Lloyd blurted out. He blushed. 'Put them in a bag and I'll take them home with me.'

Darius grinned broadly and Lloyd knew that he understood perfectly. Sex was never far from the boy's mind.


The meeting was in full swing when Darius returned.

'What kept you so long, punk? growled Randy.

'Just wanted to make sure Lloyd had everything he needed.'

'Yeah, I bet you did,' said his lover Pablo. Darius kissed him on the mouth.

'Don't worry dude. It's always you, only you.'

The general laughter died suddenly as Lloyd came into the room. He looked stunning. Darius had carefully chosen his tightest muscle T-shirt, black jeans and heavy boots. There was no mistaking the ripped muscles etched under the stretched cotton, and the sleeveless shirt showed off the shoulders and arms perfectly. The shirt tapered in a V from the broad shoulders down to the slim waist, the pants cinched by Darius's widest black belt.

'You son of a bitch,' Pablo muttered as Darius grinned at everyone, pleased by the effect his choice of clothes was having. The black outfit accentuated the now rugged features of Lloyd's face and there was a long silence as everyone stared at him, even Randy who felt his cock stiffen in spite of himself. It was Bob who broke the silence.

'OK, Lloyd. Take a seat. I think Randy has already shown you the proposals we've received. We need to know from an architectural point of view which ones we could reasonably take on as we expand the company.'

Lloyd became all business. 'These two, I think, would be feasible and not stretch the company too thin. I could design them in a way that you could tackle them simultaneously.' As Lloyd elaborated expertly on his reasons the others listened with rapt attention.

Only Randy seemed to be distracted, his thoughts elsewhere. As he watched Lloyd, clean and sexy in his black clothes, he was overcome with admiration for the man who had undergone such brutal treatment, suffered so much humiliation, and had the guts to survive. Randy admired strength and endurance and this guy had it all. Plus he had become one hell of a good-looking stud.

Bob looked over at Randy and smiled. The two guys knew each other so well by now that they could almost read each other's thoughts. As Lloyd's presentation came to an end Bob raised his eyebrows questioningly at Randy, who stood up and spoke.

'Lloyd. Come outside with me for a minute.'

Out in the garden the two men turned to face each other. Lloyd was apprehensive and was surprised to see a smile on Randy's face. Randy shook his head.

'You are one tough son-of-a-bitch, you know that Lloyd. I have never seen a guy suffer so much, all the pain and humiliation, and come through it unbroken. And now here you are, without any bitterness or hard feelings, giving us your great expert advice. Thing is, man, I know I caused all that suffering. I resented the hell out of you for that night you spent with Bob. And I'll be frank ...... I resented your professional expertise, your fancy college degrees and ..... oh hell ...... your fucking great looks. I needed to tame all that, dominate it.'

'You did, sir. Completely.'

'I also know that you tolerated all that because of the way you feel about me. Well, lots of people have felt the same way about me, I'm used to it, but I've never seen a guy go through so much hell to prove it. I would shake your hand Lloyd, but I'm not going to. I'm gonna do this.'

Randy reached out and put his hand behind Lloyd's neck. He pulled his face up to his and clamped his mouth over Lloyd's, grinding their lips together in a long, ferocious, probing embrace. The two handsome, rugged faces locked together in an expression of mutual admiration and lust, and both their dicks were rigid in their pants. Finally Randy pulled back and his blue eyes gazed into Lloyd's.

'I know you've wanted me to do that since we first met, Lloyd.'

Lloyd was beyond words. He threw his arms around the big man in a tight, passionate bear hug. Randy returned the embrace momentarily but again pulled back.

'Later, man, later. Right now we've got a meeting to get back to.' As they walked back to the house Randy added, 'Oh, one more thing. When we're with the others no need to call me 'sir'. You only do that when we're alone. Just so you don't forget who's boss.'

'No fear of that ..... sir.'


The other five guys looked up as the two men returned. There was a glow about them and it was clear something major had happened. Randy held up his hand for silence.

'OK guys, listen up. I have something to say. I'm ending Lloyd's probationary period early .... right now in fact. I put the guy through hell and he's earned his place with us. I did the same to all of you when you first came here, starting with Bob, so you know what I'm talking about. So the man's hired. Say Hi to our new full-time architect.' Randy sat down next to Bob.

Amid the whoops and whistles Bob turned to Randy with a smile and said quietly, 'You son-of-a-bitch. What the hell took you so long?'

'Asshole!' Randy grinned. Then out loud. 'OK, guys. We'll break for lunch and carry on afterwards. Darius, Pablo, Jamie ..... kitchen ..... now! Bob, Mark, and you too Lloyd, how about a swim? And Darius. Bring us out three ...... no make that four .......beers.'

Outside, Mark was first in the pool. As Bob and Randy stripped off for their swim, they watched Lloyd pull his clothes off. No doubt about it, he looked even more beautiful naked. Bob looked down and saw Randy's cock start to get hard.

'Hmm,' Bob murmured. 'From here on out things could get a tad complicated.'

Randy threw his arm over his lover's shoulder. 'Should be one hell of a ride, though, old buddy.'


TO BE CONTINUED in 'A Trial Of Strength - Part 55'


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