The twins were in Zack's guesthouse painting their bedroom wall. Thrilled that Zack had said they could live in the small, one-bedroom house ..... finally a home of their own...... they were working energetically, doing their amateur best. But as they happily slapped on the paint they were pretty much making a mess of it. And they were alone.

"Hi guys. Where's Darius?" Zack had asked as soon as he got home from work.

"Oh, he said he'd had a rough day at work, sir, and needed a nap, so he went into your house."

Zack frowned. "Oh, he did! OK, I'll be back in a minute to give you a hand."

In his bedroom Zack had found the handsome black boy sleeping on his back on the bed, wearing a white tank top and boxer briefs. In fact he was having a dream about Zack ...... a wet dream. The black bodybuilder had been transfixed as he watched his boy tossing and turning, murmuring to himself, climaxing in a spontaneous orgasm in his briefs.

"That is so fucking gorgeous," Zack whispered to himself as he looked down at the beautiful boy, lying asleep in his underwear, a smile on his face and his shorts soaked in his own cum.

"OK, boy," Zack murmured. You've turned your master on real good. You deserve this." A few strokes of his huge dick, a few deep breaths and soon Zack felt the heat rise from his balls and streak through his body as his cock exploded. He couldn't hold back a howl of pleasure ..... loud enough to break into the boy's sleep.

Still half dreaming Darius felt a warm, thick liquid spraying onto his face and body. He had never woken up like this, never seen anything like it, a fantasy he could never have dreamed up. But it wasn't a dream ..... it was real. The magnificent black stud was towering over him, cock in his fist blasting streams of hot semen down on him, splashing over his face his neck and shoulders and soaking his tight white tank.

Zack's face broke into a wide smile with a flash of gleaming white teeth. "What the fuck are you doing in bed, boy ..... sleeping on the job? While you're here enjoying your wet dream the twins are making a hash of the paint job. Come on, get up. We gotta show them how it's done. Besides, it's time those guys got to know us better if they're going to be living right next door."

"Right, sir." Darius sprang to his feet and headed for the door. Still in a daze he didn't stop to put on his pants, or even to wipe off the streams of cum running down his soaking white tank.


When the door to the guesthouse opened the twins spun round, away from their work, and gazed at the two men ...... especially at Darius wearing only his underwear, his tank top covered in splashes of creamy liquid. Darius followed their eyes and said, "Oh, shit. Forgot to put pants on." He grinned, "What the hell, a hot guy in his underwear ...... nothing you guys haven't seen before."

"I wouldn't exactly say that, sir," Kevin stammered, as the twins' eyes fixed on the outline of Darius's ten-inch cock running halfway down his thigh.

Zack threw his head back and roared with laughter. "Yeah, you won't see one like that every day of the week. And it's not often you'll see a cum-soaked tank like that either. What's up with that anyway, Darius? These guys'll start to think some big stud has blasted his hot load all over you."

The light banter between these two beautiful black men put the twins at their ease, but the sight of them also had another effect. They both felt their cocks getting stiff in their shorts. They had spent most of their lives so far keeping themselves to themselves, so being in the company of two good-humored, stunning-looking men like Zack and Darius was a new and exciting experience for them.

But they pulled themselves together and took a few steps apart from each other so Zack could see the wall and survey their painting efforts. "What do you think, sir?" Kyle asked nervously.

Zack took a deep breath and sighed. "Well, boys, I'll say this for you ...... as painters you sure make damn good cooks."

They blushed and smiled in embarrassment. "Well, sir. See we were trained as cooks, but never did much painting."

"You don't say!" Darius laughed. "It's a fucking mess. First of all, don't put so much paint on the roller, then move it lightly over the wall in long, easy sweeps. Here let me show you." He dipped the roller in the paint and came up behind Kyle. "Now. Grab the handle and let me guide you ...... see, like this."

The twins were shirtless, in shorts and sneakers, and Darius's chest was pressing against Kyle's back. They boy could feel the cum-soaked tank sliding over his back as Darius moved. He breathed in the pungent smell of cum and realized it must have come from the muscle-god standing a few feet away. That, and the smell of sweat from Darius's armpit, made Kyle's heart thump and his dick get rock hard.

Worse, as Darius pressed forward, Kyle felt his crotch, still damp from his own orgasm, press against his ass, and there was no mistaking the hard bulge of the black boy's huge cock. As he tried to concentrate on his painting Kyle took deep breaths to stop feeling dizzy.

Kevin was having just as hard a time, as Zack tried to show him the technique of painting the ceiling. Zack was still wearing his construction gear, muddy jeans, boots and an old gray, sleeveless muscle T-shirt streaked with grease and stale sweat. "Here," Zack said patiently. "You use the same technique Darius just showed Kyle. Grab the roller, roll it lightly in the paint, then get up on the step ladder so you can reach the ceiling comfortably. That's it. Now, a nice, easy sweeping motion. Reach a bit farther out if you can."

Anxious to please this commanding man Kevin reached forward and almost lost his balance. To compensate he instinctively took a step back ...... off the ladder, into thin air. He shouted as he felt himself falling backward, and braced for a hard landing. Instead he felt strong arms catch him and fold around him. Stunned, he looked up and realized he was in the muscular arms of the black construction worker.

Kevin felt the muscles rippling against him through the thin T-shirt, saw the bare arms flex as they wrapped round him, and he was overpowered by the smell of grease and sweat from the man's body. Zack was holding him tight so Kevin, pressed against his chest, couldn't move .... even if he had wanted to.

He gazed up at the handsome, ebony face a foot away from him and saw it break into a gleaming smile as Zack said, "You OK, kid? You should be more careful ...... you won't always have me to catch you. Though I gotta say, you feel mighty good. That's a tight young body you got on you."

There was a frozen moment as man and boy looked into each other's eyes, and when Kevin felt Zack's dick get hard pressing against him he almost creamed his shorts. Zack loosened his grip and gently helped the boy stand on his feet. Kevin blushed scarlet, acutely embarrassed by what he had felt for this dominant muscle god. He lowered his face and picked up the paint roller again.


Whether he noticed Kevin's discomfort or not Zack was all business as he said, "Why don't you help your brother with the wall, kid? After that you can both work together on the ceiling."

As Kevin took Darius's place next to Kyle, Darius stepped aside. But he backed into the step ladder and knocked it over, sending it crashing against Zack. Zack staggered but managed to stay upright. Regaining his footing he punched Darius good-naturedly on the shoulder. "Hey, punk, you should look where you're going. Had one too many beers, have you?"

Darius grinned. "If you were paying more attention to the furniture than you were to the twins maybe you wouldn't stumble around so much ...... sir."

Zack stared in mock surprise. "Now don't you sass me, boy. Show some respect to your betters," and he shoved Darius playfully.

Darius shoved back. "Who says you're better than me?"

"Oh man," grinned Zack. "Now that sounds a hell of a lot like a challenge. You wanna take this outside, asshole?

"Hell, yeah!" said Darius and made for the door. They jostled each other as they went through the door and ran to face each other on the lawn.

The twins had listened to this exchange with surprise and concern, afraid that they had caused a quarrel between the two men. Now they dropped their tools and gazed apprehensively through the window. They gasped as they saw Darius and Zack stripping off their shirts.

"OK, punk, here it is," said Zack. "We strip to our shorts and the first guy to lose his shorts gets his ass ploughed, OK?"

"Right on," laughed Darius. "It'll be a real pleasure for me to fuck that black ass of yours."

Zack kicked off his boots, dropped his jeans and stood there in just his thin cotton shorts, looking at Darius in his cum-stained boxer briefs. "See, asshole. I'm giving you an advantage. My shorts are old and thin, yours are tight and sturdy. Even so, you don't stand a chance. Come on, boy, let's see what you got."

The twins stood shoulder to shoulder and wide-eyed at the window, watching the men circle each other. Stripped down to their shorts, their bodies gleamed in the last rays of the setting sun, their muscles flexed in anticipation of the fight. They came together and clamped their hands on each other's neck in a classic wrestling opening maneuver. Zack was by far the stronger of the two, but Darius had learned a few moves from Pablo, and he suddenly hooked his leg behind Zack's, yanked it forward and sent the bodybuilder sprawling on the ground.

Zack looked up with a broad grin. "You little fucker. That's the last time you'll see me on the ground, punk." He rocked on his back, pushed himself upward and sprang to his feet. But Darius wasn't about to give in and, as Zack rushed forward, the boy grabbed him round the waist, locking his hands in the small of his back in a perfect bearhug. He even managed to lean backward so Zack's feet came clear of the ground.

Zack was impressed, and for a while let himself be squeezed and shaken, his arms flailing in the air as Darius spun him around,. The twins were mesmerized by the sight of these two muscular black bodies, locked together in what seemed to be a no-holds-barred wrestling match. It looked like Zack was helpless, being shaken like a rag doll. It seemed impossible to the twins that Darius could beat the magnificent Zack ..... and of course they were right.

Finally Zack had enough of indulging his boy. He held his arms out to the side, then in one swift move clapped them hard against the sides of Darius's head. Darius howled, loosened his hold and rubbed his head where the blow had struck. Zack charged him like a bull and in an instant the two were rolling on the ground, grappling for the advantage.

The twins were still not sure if the guys were serious or just roug-housing, until they heard Darius laugh. He had grabbed the back of Zack's shorts and ripped them, so all that was left was the waistband and one ragged side. Zack sprang back onto his feet and gazed down at his opponent, breath heaving.

"Oh, shit," Darius moaned as he looked up at the spectacular muscle-god circling him, like a huge bull pawing the ground. Naked, now, except for the shredded remains of his shorts hanging round his waist, Zack looked phenomenal. He was the perfect specimen of a black bodybuilder, his bulging muscles shining with sweat, his huge cock hanging down out of the torn shorts.

Darius knew he was lost. It wasn't that Zack was stronger than him, which he was, of course. It was that Zack was the ultimate sexual fantasy for Darius and the boy trembled with desire for him. His cock was raging hard, his heart pounded, and the strength drained from his body as he heard his master taunting him.

"That all you got, asshole?" Zack grabbed at the remnants of his shorts at his waist and laughed. "Hell, should be real easy to rip the rest of these off, and then my ass is yours. Then the boy gets to fuck his master's ass. You ready, boy?"

A wild fantasy flashed across Darius's mind of tearing off the shorts, throwing Zack to the ground, pinning him and pushing his long ten-inch cock deep into his master's beautiful ass. He almost shot his load thinking about it. With a last burst of strength he jumped to his feet and ran toward Zack. But at this point he wasn't sure if he was running to attack him or make love to him. He just knew he had to touch his gleaming body.

It was payback time. As Darius stumbled into him Zack locked his left arm around his waist and hauled him off his feet. Darius was startled as he realized he was being held in a one-armed bear hug. That's all it took! One massive arm wrapped round his waist, rock solid, biceps bulging.

Darius hung helpless in the air feeling all the strength of his master's body coursing through them both. He saw Zack's triumphant grin. "Now you know, boy. You should know better than to challenge your master ....... but I'm sure as hell glad that you tried." He raised his free arm, clamped the hand behind Darius's head and pulled it toward him. "I love you boy," he said, and clamped their mouths together in a grinding, passionate kiss.

Darius thought his heart would burst from his chest. He was trapped in mid-air by this muscle god, his body clamped in the vise of Zack's arm, sinewy muscle pressing into his back. His head was being crushed too by the other arm, as the sweating face pressed hard against his, tongue forcing itself between his lips, probing deep in his mouth.

He couldn't breathe. He was overwhelmed with lust for this incredible man. His cock was crushed inside his shorts against Zack's steel-hard abs. His nostrils were filled with the pungent smell of the sweat flowing from his master's armpit and face. All he could feel, all he could smell or taste, was the body of the man crushing him.

As he hung helplessly Darius felt a shudder run through him as a fierce heat rose up from his groin and set fire to his whole body. Zack suddenly freed his boy's face, Darius's head jerked back and he screamed, "I'm gonna shoot!" And his cock blasted a massive load in his shorts, pressed so hard against his master's body that Zack felt the boy's juice oozing through the cotton and soaking his stomach.

Zack did not let go. He held on tight to his boy and the two men gazed into each other's eyes. Zack smiled and Darius started to cry. Master and boy were locked together ...... body and soul.


Inside the guesthouse two hypnotized faces pressed against the window. The twins had never seen anything like this, two stunning black men wrestling, muscles straining, until the stronger one captured the other in a vise and made him cream his shorts. They were so engrossed in their fantasy that they didn't realize they were holding each other's dicks and stroking them, their usual method of mutual masturbation. They strained their ears to hear Zack's voice.

Still holding Darius tight he said, "It's not over, kid. You know the deal ..... and we're both still wearing our shorts."

"Yes, sir," Darius replied weakly. Staring into his master's steady gray eyes he knew he was lost. Hell, he didn't want to win. He felt the man's sinewy body pressed hard against his and longed to submit to him completely, wanted to be possessed, owned by his master.

It was as if Zack read his mind. "You know you've lost don't you, boy?"

"Yes, sir."

"You didn't stand a chance."

"No, sir."

"And now you have to pay. I'm gonna fuck your ass. But you're a tough son-of-a-bitch ...... you fought hard, threw me to the ground, so I'm gonna have to prove to you who the master is. This time I'm gonna have to ride my young black stallion real hard. You know that, don't you?"

"Yes, sir." Darius's heart was pounding again, his blood coursing through him so fast he thought he would cum again. But just then Zack adjusted his hold, grabbed Darius's waist in both hands and hurled him to the ground. Sprawled on his stomach the young black man was stunned by the force of the blow and, in a protective reflex, began to crawl painfully away.

Behind him he heard Zack's mocking laughter. "You're not going anywhere, asshole. You lost!" Zack reached down, grabbed the waistband of Darius's briefs and in one move yanked them down over his ass and legs, and waved them triumphantly in the air.

"See, boy. You're naked. And you know what that means."

Darius looked helplessly up at his master. He watched as Zack tore at his own shorts and threw them on the ground. His thick cock flopped free and he stood there naked, magnificent, towering over his victim, savoring his triumph. Darius had never seen Zack look so incredibly hot and his face fell forward onto the ground.

"I submit. My ass is yours, sir."

"You bet it is," growled Zack, looking down at the boy groveling on his stomach, his ass pointing straight up, waiting. Zack fell forward and his hands grabbed the back of the boy's waist, pressing it hard into the ground. Darius was pinioned helplessly by the massive black body arched over him. His ass was at his mercy.

He knew what was coming, but even so the force of it sent a shaft of pain ripping threw him and he screamed. The huge rod pierced his ass, sinking deep into his gut and he felt the full weight of his master fall onto him. The cock pulled all the way out of his ass, then plunged back in again, bringing fresh spasms of pain and more screams. He was powerless to move as Zack's hands pushed down into the small of his back.

He felt Zack's breath in his ear. "What do you say, boy?"

"Thank you, sir," Darius groaned.

"That'll teach you never to challenge me again, boy." Zack grinned to himself. "Still, maybe that's enough punishment. I'll give you a break, kid ...... we'll call it quits."

"No, sir," Darius gasped in a panic. "No, sir. Please don't stop, sir. Please. I want you to fuck my ass hard, sir. I'm your boy ...... please ride my ass, sir. I beg you."

"OK, kid ..... you asked for it."

Now the fucking began in earnest as the muscle-god's body slammed down on his boy, again and again, his cock hammering his ass without mercy. Darius spun in an erotic vortex of pain and ecstasy as his master took complete possession of him.

Inside the house the twins stood at the window transfixed. They forgot where they were, forgot all allegiances to their own master, riveted by the spectacle taking place outside. Their hands gripped the other's cock harder, they pumped faster and felt a fire rising up through their legs and into their groin. And then they heard Zack's shout of triumph.

"Here it comes, boy! Your master's gonna empty his load into your ass. I own you, boy. You ready?"

"Yes, sir," Darius screamed. And there were four simultaneous orgasms, four ecstatic howls, as Zack pumped his juice inside his boy, Darius came for a third time that afternoon, and the twins shot streams of semen over the window, obscuring their view.


Zack and Darius were filthy with dirt, sweat and cum and needed to clean up. Zack hauled his dazed boy to his feet, threw his arm round his shoulder to steady him, and they walked into the house to shower. In the guesthouse there was silence as the twins watched their cum running down the window. Their thoughts were always in sync with each other, and right now their mutual feelings were of confusion and fear.

They still were not quite sure what had happened, but they had a strong sensation that they had betrayed the man they loved, their master. They had forgotten him as they were swept up in the sexual excitement generated by the two overpowering black men. Kyle still felt Darius pressing against his back as they worked, his cum-soaked tank sliding against him. Kevin could not forget the feel and smell of the strong black arms wrapped tight around him when Zack caught him as he fell.

And neither one of the boys would ever forget the sight of the two muscular men wrestling in the dirt until one submitted to the other and offered his ass up to get savagely fucked. They gazed out at the now empty lawn ...... well, not quite empty. They ran outside to where two pairs of shorts, a T-shirt and tank top lay crumpled on the ground. Kyle picked up Darius's shorts and tank, both of them drenched in sweat and semen. Kevin found the shredded remains of Zack's shorts and dirty, sweat-stained muscle T-shirt.

As if in tandem the two boys lay on the ground, the very space where only a few minutes ago the two naked men had churned and struggled in combat. They pressed the underclothes to their faces and breathed deeply. Their heads swam with the overwhelming smell of male sweat and semen. The stench unlocked their visual memory and they saw again the men taking off their shirts; they saw again Zack pacing, his torn shorts hanging round his waist; and as they breathed deeply they saw the two incredible black bodies writhing on the very ground where they now lay.

They stuffed the filthy fabric into their mouths, hypnotized by the taste, smell and visual fantasy of the men. Their bodies shook as they sucked hard and choked on the rancid stink of sweat and cum. This time they were beating their own cocks, furiously, frantically until they screamed into the gag of used underwear and shot another load of cum over their naked chests.

As their orgasms subsided they lay still on the grass trying to regain their breath. And then suddenly, simultaneously, they were both hit by the stark realization of what they had done, the lust they had felt ...... and the man they had betrayed. They pulled the clothes from their mouths and stuffed them into the pocket of their shorts. They stood up dazed, and in a trance sought the sanctuary of their new house. Automatically they picked up the paint rollers and robotically resumed the work that had been so dramatically interrupted.

They didn't speak, didn't need to. They were both consumed by the enormity of what they had done. They felt the pain of betrayal, their own betrayal of the man they loved, worshipped, the man they had promised to obey and respect. And they felt they had committed the ultimate act of disloyalty by lusting for, desiring, touching, Zack and Darius, to the point of sucking on their cum-soaked shorts.

They had shot their loads twice, swept away by their blind sexual obsession for these spectacular men. Were the black men their new masters? Had they abandoned Bob? He would certainly abandon them when he knew.

And then they heard his voice. "Hi, guys? How you doing in here? Zack and Darius treating you well?"


Bob laughed. "Hell, look at you. You've got more paint on each other than on the walls. Look at this." He ran the backs of his hands over their chests and felt the sticky liquid covering them. He raised his hands to his face, breathed in the unmistakable smell of semen and smiled at them. "Hey, guys, what's this? You been beating off over each other. Hope you were fantasizing about me."

Then he realized that the twins were blushing deep red. They dropped their tools and faced him with tears in their eyes. Their words came tumbling out as they talked over each other. "Sir, you told us always to tell you the truth ..... we have to confess something to you ..... we've done something terrible ...... you won't want us when you know ...... we won't be your boys anymore ...... you'll send us away ....."

"Hey, hey, hey," Bob said, cutting them off. "What is all this? You know, guys, one rule of making a confession ...... if that's what it is ..... is to speak slowly, clearly and calmly. Kyle, why don't you begin?"

And so he did, systematically recounting the events of the afternoon, from the arrival of Zack and Darius, the way Darius had pressed behind Kyle helping him paint, and how Zack had caught Kevin in his arms when he fell. They described the wrestling match, how Zack had crushed Darius and made him cum, and then how he had fucked him on the ground.

Kyle ran out of words and Kevin took over, relating the hard part ...... their orgasms over the window, then smelling and tasting the men's underwear, cramming it into their mouths and their second huge orgasm. It ended in a tearful admission that they had betrayed Bob by lusting so intensely for other men, and how they knew he wouldn't want them anymore."

And then there was silence as they looked at him and waited for the verdict. Bob was overwhelmed with admiration and respect for the way they had come clean, holding nothing back, standing there bravely and overcoming their fear of the repercussions. At this point he loved them more than he ever had. Now he had to show it.

"Well," he said slowly. "My first reaction is that I wish to hell I had been here to see it. What those guys did sounds damn hot. And my second thought is" ..... he smiled ..... "what happened to the shirts and shorts?"

Sheepishly the twins pulled the underwear from their pockets and handed them in a crumpled heap to Bob. He looked at them, then held them against his face and deeply inhaled the smell of sweat and cum. He lowered his hands and smiled. "Yup, that's Zack and Darius alright. I know the taste well."

They gazed at him in surprise. He didn't seem to be angry with them. His voice was gentle ..... he even laughed. Bob looked steadily into their eyes. "Sit down, guys. We have to talk." They sat next to each other cross legged on the floor and Bob perched on the footstool looking down at them. They gazed up at him like eager students paying rapt attention to their teacher.

"First of all," Bob said, "Zack and Darius are two extremely hot men and would excite anyone who has a pulse. So I understand perfectly why you reacted the way you did. Now, I did tell you that you were not have sex with anyone else without first getting my permission, and this was kind of like having sex. But if I had been here I would have been at that window watching and beating my meat just as hard as you did."

"But I'll tell you something else. I'm a bit jealous of the way Zack and Darius turned you on so much. You found them so hot you came twice watching them. Tell you the truth, when I saw my boys covered in cum I hoped they had been thinking about me."

"Oh but sir," Kyle interrupted, "you are still by far the most beautiful ......."

"Uh,uh,uh," Bob put up his hand to cut him off. "I don't want you to say anything. But you know what Randy just told me? When he and Pablo had their therapy session with Steve he taught them that making amends is not so much 'saying' as 'doing' ...... doing something real to show your true feelings. I have to know that I excite you as much as those guys do. Are you ready for that?"

"Yes, sir!" the twins said in unison. "Please sir, we'll do anything."

"OK, then come across the street with me.


When they had got home from therapy Randy had gone straight into Pablo's room. He told Bob he would probably spend the night there as he had a lot to thank Pablo for ..... in his own special way. So Bob now took the twins into his own room, though right away they looked around nervously for Randy. They had always been a bit scared of the rough, macho boss man.

Bob smiled. "It's OK ...... Randy's spending the night in Pablo's room. We're all alone here. Now, let's see. Zack and Darius ...... how many times did you say you came looking at them?

"Two times, sir," they both said guiltily.

"Two, uh? As I said, makes me kinda jealous. Think you can do better for me? I know you shot your loads only a short while ago, but you're young, fit ........ you up for a cum marathon to show your master how much he turns you on?"

"Yes, sir!" Kevin beamed. "Absolutely," Kyle said.

"OK. Lie on the bed and watch."

Bob had not yet taken off his business clothes since getting home from work ..... but he did now, slowly. At one time or another he had made most of the men in the house shoot their load with this display. And he remembered vividly the incident when he had first been pulled over by Mark all that time ago. The gorgeous cop had ordered him to strip and had cum in his uniform pants watching him.

So it didn't take the twins long. They watched, thrilled, as Bob shook off his jacket, loosened his tie and pulled it off, then undid his shirt slowly, one button at a time. The twins were already pumping their dicks by the time Bob pulled the shirt free and threw it over a chair. He was wearing a white T-shirt underneath, tight over his muscular torso. He looked in a mirror and stretched his arms above his head, giving himself and the twins a preview of the physique outlined under the thin cotton.

Bob knew there were few things more erotic than watching a beautiful man getting off on his own reflection, a mix of pride, arrogance, and lust for his own body. He reached behind his neck and pulled the T-shirt slowly upward, revealing his tight waist, ripped eight-pack abs, his bugling pecs, wide lats and finally his broad shoulders.

The twins pumped their cocks feverishly as they gazed in awe at the spectacular face, the sculpted cheek-bones and square lantern jaw. Bob turned to them, stripped to the waist, held out his arms and smiled.

"So, boys. What do you think of your master now? No, don't tell me ..... show me!"

And they did. With a sharp intake a breath, then a howl, they both blasted a huge load of sperm all over the bed.

Bob laughed. "And I didn't even get to take my pants off. God, you guys, you're a real fucking mess, you know that ...... paint, sweat, semen all over you. You're way overdue for a shower.

In a few minutes all three of them were naked in the shower and the boys got to work servicing their master, running their soapy hands over his magnificent physique, caressing, massaging, thrilled by his moans of sensual pleasure. The shower was large, with powerful heads on opposite walls, so they were all enveloped in water and clouds of steam.

"OK, said Bob. "Time for you guys to shoot another load. Kyle .... back against the wall. Kevin, grab his waist and bend forward."

They obeyed and immediately Kevin found himself staring at Kyle's iron hard cock. He needed no prompting and slid his mouth over his brother's cock, letting it sink into the back of his throat. The sight of one twin sucking his brother's dick too much for Bob and his own cock was raging hard. As Kevin bent forward Bob grabbed his waist from behind, rested the tip of his cock against his hole, then pushed it hard inside the velvet-soft young ass.

He felt the body buck underneath him and heard the muffled scream, gagged by the cock filling his mouth. Bob looked deep into Kyle's eyes and leaned forward. "Now you have to cum again, Kyle. Do it for me." He pressed his mouth against the young lips and probed with his tongue.

Kyle was helpless. He felt his brother's hot mouth working on his cock, and his master's mouth exploring his, and he had no choice. He exploded in Kevin's mouth and he felt the throat clench round his cock as his brother swallowed frantically. At the same time Bob made one last massive heave into Kevin's ass and watched as the shower floor was flooded with yet another load of the boy's hot juice.

Bob laughed. "OK, two down, one to go. Change places." The scene was repeated, only this time Kevin was back against the wall, Kyle was sucking his dick and getting his ass fucked by Bob. The heat of the shower, the hiss of steam and water, and above all the passion of their brother and their master, brought the boys to a pitch of desire one last time and their cocks erupted.

"On your knees," Bob ordered after their breathing subsided. They obeyed and, as the water poured down over his naked body Bob gazed in awe at the young boys who had proved once again how much they adored him. Through a cloud of steam he looked down at their eager, youthful faces and he could no longer hold back. At long last the master blasted his own load into their open mouths and watched with satisfaction as they drank deeply.


Ten minutes later the boys were lying under the sheets on the bed, totally exhausted. They were utterly drained. In the last few hours they had cum five times, twice for Zack and Darius, and three times for their master. They watched in glazed anticipation as Bob dropped down between them. "And now, I'm gonna spend the night sleeping with my boys ...... all night."

Well, not quite yet ....... there was another drama to unfold. Suddenly the door burst open and Jamie rushed in. He was panic stricken. "Please, sir ..... oh I didn't mean to interrupt ..... but you've got to come. It's Mark. Something's wrong with Mark ..... and I think it's my fault."

Bob said to the twins, "Wait for me .... I'll be back," and he sprang into action. As he and Jamie rushed across the lawn to Mark's house Jamie gasped out a fragmented explanation. "He was asleep, sir, but he was tossing and turning ..... moaning ..... like a nightmare, sir. So I decided to wake him up ..... in a kind of sexy way. I grabbed his balls ..... just lightly ...... and started to stroke him. His eyes open kinda wild, he screamed and flailed his arms, hitting me across the room. He started pacing the room, like he was mad, so I ran to get you, sir."

By this time they were at Mark's bedroom door, and when they entered they saw him on his knees, head in his hands, sobbing. Bob stood over him and gently laid his hand on his shoulder. Mark spun round with terrified eyes, then seeing Bob, collapsed at his feet.

Bob knelt facing him and in a few minutes had managed to calm him down a bit. "What was it, buddy?" he asked quietly. "A nightmare or something?"

Mark's eyes were still wild, and so were his words, rambling, incoherent. "I was back there ...... in that room, chained to the wall. I saw it so clear .... stripped to the waist ...... fatigue pants ..... chain round my neck ....... two guys ...... the enemy ..... working me over ...... interrogation. They had my balls, man ...... torturing my balls ......." and he collapsed into Bob's arms.

Bob held him tight until his spasms grew still. "Mark, are you talking about your army days in the Middle East? I heard rumors you were taken prisoner there, but you've never talked about that ..... ever."

Mark was pulling himself together and his handsome blonde face was beginning to relax. "God, man, I'm sorry. I was having that nightmare .... saw everything so clear, like I was back there. Then I felt someone touching my balls and I guess I freaked out. Oh, Jamie, my sweet boy. Did I hit you, kiddo?"

"It's OK, sir. I'm fine," said a frightened Jamie.

"Mark, let me get you a drink," Bob said, "brandy or something." He brought him a large brandy and Mark swallowed it in one gulp. Bob watched the heaving body grow calm and then said quietly, "Ok, now listen, buddy. Do you think you want to talk about it? You know you can trust me .... tell me anything. Maybe it would help ...... purge those demons."

Mark looked into the calm, steady brown eyes and felt relief sweeping over him. "Yeah, man. You may be right. I've never told a soul. Couldn't face it ..... kept it bottled up. But you, Bob ..... I love you, man. Yeah, it's time. I want to tell you."

Mark sat on the bed, gazed steadily at Bob, and took a deep breath. And then, for the first time in his life, Mark told his story. All of it.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength ..... Part 91"


Rob Williams


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