Randy growled, 'This has been a long time coming, Lloyd.'

They were in the bedroom. Randy's steel blue eyes bored into Lloyd's as the brawny, naked construction worker walked slowly toward the trembling architect. Both men had known this moment would come.

Lloyd had survived the rugged initiation Randy had subjected him to, doing hard labor for several weeks as the lowest worker on the construction site, then being subjected to brutal sexual assaults by Randy and his five buddies. But this ferocious treatment only increased the architect's obsession and lust for the construction boss.

With a newfound respect for Lloyd Randy had hired him as the company's full-time architect. The company was expanding, with two new construction projects, which meant that Randy and Lloyd had a lot of planning work to do. As they worked closely together in the home office Lloyd had created in his West Hollywood house they developed a mutual trust and admiration. They were both masters of their own field and respected that in each other. But they were also both strong-willed, so there were inevitably disagreements and many points of contention.

Underneath it all there was still a dual tension. There was the sexual tension, of course, with the two men working intimately side by side. In fact Lloyd spent much of the day with a permanent hard-on, which he tried to conceal. Also there was the natural competitiveness of two proud men, both arrogant in their ways, both sure that their way was the right way.

They were working late, deeply immersed in their preparation for a meeting the next day with one of the new clients. There were still some unresolved conflicts when Randy stood up to stretch and caught sight of the clock.

'Shit, will you look at that. One a.m.! Hell, our meeting's at eight in the morning. By the time I get home I'll get only a few hours' sleep.'

'Why not spend the night here?' Lloyd said lightly. 'In the morning we can grab a bite of breakfast and head out together.

'Makes sense,' Randy agreed. 'Too late now to call Bob. OK, man. Let's hit the sack.'

As they went into the bedroom Randy yawned and stretched his arms over his head. Lloyd's cock stiffened in his pants as gazed at the construction worker's stunning physique. There was no hiding it this time as Lloyd took off his shirt and pants. He blushed as he dropped his shorts and his rigid cock sprang out.

Randy had a half smile on his face as his grabbed his own bulging crotch. Their mutual lust was on full display.


Randy stared at the naked man, surveying his handsomely chiseled face, tousled hair, gray eyes and square chin covered with several days of dark stubbled. The body had responded to weeks of back-breaking labor and Randy admired the finely sculpted muscles of the lean physique. Trembling with anticipation Lloyd withered under the intense gaze of the rugged bodybuilder and he fell backward onto the bed.

Randy spoke softly. 'This is it, Lloyd. You've waited for this ever since we met. I know what you want, man .... starting with this.' Slowly he pulled the tank top up and over his head, and stood there stripped to the waist.

Lloyd gasped and his cock pulsed as he looked up from the bed at the magnificent naked torso, the swarthy, rugged, demon face. Instinctively he put his hands behind his back in a gesture of submission. Randy walked forward, flipped Lloyd over and used his tank top to tie Lloyd's wrists behind his back. He turned him over again onto his back and stood back to admire.

Randy was in no hurry. 'Let me see you try to get free, Lloyd.' The architect pulled at his restraints behind him, flexing his shoulders, biceps and chest with the effort. His straining body was displayed to perfect effect and Randy moaned with satisfaction.

'You look fucking great, man. Now watch this......'

Slowly he kicked off his boots, unbuckled his belt, slid it out of his jeans and tossed it across Lloyd's chest. He unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them down over his hips, over his ass, down over his muscled thighs, down to the floor and stepped out of them. He wore no shorts so he now loomed over the bound man buck naked, stroking his rigid cock. Mesmerized Lloyd groaned again and tried to free his wrists, desperate to touch his own pulsing cock.

Randy's tone was harsh. 'Now, asshole, you're gonna see just what I can do to a man. Especially one who wants me as badly as you do.'

He reached forward and picked up the belt from Lloyd's body. Holding both ends he snapped it tight. Lloyd was in trance looking up at the dark demon looming over him with the belt.

'Please, sir,' he groaned, then yelled as he felt the searing pain of the belt smashing across his chest.'

'Thank you, sir,' he moaned.

'You want more?' Randy growled.

'Yes, sir. Please, sir.'

'Not gonna happen Lloyd. I don't have to. I can make you shoot your load just when I want.'

He knelt astride the bound man on the bed and gazed down at him. He brought the belt round Lloyd's neck, looped it through the buckle, held the other end in his right fist and pulled it tight. Lloyd gasped as he felt the leather around his throat. Randy held his right arm outward, firmly gripping the belt. He pulled it slowly, raising Lloyd's head up slightly from the bed.

Lloyd was transfixed by what he saw. The beautiful, swarthy face stared down at him, the right arm strained, the bicep bulged and the chest muscles flexed as his fist clenched the belt. Lloyd felt he was in the power of the devil. The most magnificent man he had ever seen was in supreme control. The architect was helpless, his wrists tied, his face pulled upward by the belt tight round his throat. He heard his captor's deep voice.'

'Finally you know how it feels to be completely in my power, Lloyd.'

'Yes, sir,' Lloyd managed to gasp.

'I can make you do anything.'

'Yes, sir.'

Randy looked down at Lloyd's pulsing cock.

'You know you're real close, don't you?'

'Yes, sir.'

'So get ready!' Randy was suddenly transformed into a true demon. His eyes blazed, his whole body tensed, flexed, and he pulled the belt upward sharply, making Lloyd's eyes bulge as the tension round his throat intensified. The look in Randy's eyes terrified him. Then he heard the roar.

'OK, asshole,' Randy bellowed. 'Do it now. Shoot your load for your master. Let me see you cum over yourself. NOW!'

Lloyd's body spasmed, he felt he was choking and he heard his own scream. He was aware of the immense surge in his cock, like it was on fire, and he felt the hot liquid pouring over his naked body. His own cum splashed over his face and his cock and into his eyes, blinding him as he almost lapsed into unconsciousness.

He felt the blessed release of the tension round his throat, and his heaving breaths subsided. The belt loosened, the cum ran down his face and he was able to open his eyes. Gradually the hazy image of the muscle god came into focus. He was smiling.

'See, Lloyd. I told you I could make you do anything. I don't have to whip you, don't have to fuck you. I can make you shoot anytime I want to. You know that now, don't you?'

'Yes, sir. I'll do anything for you ..... anything you command.'

'Good. See, I wanted you drained of cum before I fucked you, so you wouldn't shoot as soon as I entered you. And that's what this is all about, Lloyd. I wanted to see how much you craved me before I made love to you. Now I know. And now I'm gonna make love to you as no man ever has before.'

He pulled the belt free from Lloyd's neck, untied his wrists and fell forward onto the cum-soaked body. His face was inches away from Lloyd's. He paused, then pressed his lips against his mouth, lightly at first but then building in force until their mouths were grinding hungrily against each other. Lloyd was drowning, overwhelmed by the taste, the smell, the feel, the whole male essence of this incredible man.

He felt the hard, rippling muscles move over his body, felt the arms embrace him tightly, felt the stubbled chin rub against his, saw the steel blue eyes piercing to his very soul. He was aware of his legs being pushed upward, felt the sudden pressure against his ass and then ....... then, he heard himself scream as the long, thick rod began to penetrate him, slowly, inexorably, into the innermost depths of his body.

This spectacular man, part god, part devil, was inside him. Lloyd could feel him moving inside his burning ass. He looked into the blue eyes, looked down over the incredible muscular physique, past the hard stomach, and down to where the huge rod disappeared into his ass. To make sure it was real he reached up and ran is hands over the rugged face, down over the neck, the shoulders, then rested them on the hard slabs of his chest gleaming with sweat.

And then Lloyd dropped his arms to his sides. Suddenly he felt his own body subside, go limp, his muscles, his ass, his whole being relaxing into total submission. He had never given himself to a man so totally as this. This man who could be so brutal, who had beaten and fucked him so savagely, was now making gentle, tender love to him. Lloyd was adrift. He would let Randy do anything to him ..... anything in the world.

Randy knew that he could take as long as he liked. He had already made Lloyd cum and, even though the man's cock was still raging hard, he knew he could control Lloyd's orgasm. And so he made love endlessly. Time stood still. They were outside of time and space. This room, this bed, their own two bodies, were their whole world as they moved together in a rhythmic union of souls.

Finally Randy spoke softly. 'Do you want to sleep in my arms, Lloyd? All night?'

Lloyd couldn't breathe ..... couldn't believe what he had heard. But he managed to gasp, 'Oh yes, sir. More than anything in the world.'

'OK, man. But first I'm gonna pour my semen into your body, and you're gonna shoot again too.' Randy increased the rhythm of his fucking, then said quietly, 'OK, Lloyd. This time you're gonna shoot because you love me. Do you love me, Lloyd?

Lloyd threw his head back and almost wept. 'I love you sir. I love you.' And for the second time his cock erupted and his body was covered in his own cum. He gazed into the piercing eyes above him and watched as the magnificent body began to pour its juice inside him. It was gentle, everlasting, a ritual anointing. Lloyd entered a world he had never dreamed could exist.

And then, as he had promised, Randy embraced him, folded him in his arms and slept with him all night.


Early next morning Randy woke to the smell of coffee. Lloyd walked in with a breakfast tray and placed it in the bed. The architect was already smartly dressed for their meeting with the client. The room was still redolent of the sexually-charged atmosphere of the night before, and although Lloyd treated him with deference, Randy was surprised that he did not show quite the degree of respect and subservience he had expected.

Maybe it was just because Lloyd was focused on the meeting ..... as he should be. Still, Lloyd's first words surprised him even more.

'We gotta leave in half an hour. You can't wear that old tank top of yours. Here, take a T-shirt of mine.' And he tossed one to him.

Randy was taken aback by the architect's take-charge manner. If there had been time he would have thrown him on the bed and hammered his ass again, just to reinforce his authority. But the meeting came first.

They were meeting with a developer, Hank, whom Randy had done work for before and they respected each other. But this was a new project from scratch, a good-size strip mall, so there were a lot more unknowns. Hank had firm notions of exactly what he wanted ..... but so did Lloyd. There was a clash of egos and the meeting was becoming contentious.

'Look,' Hank was saying. 'I hate to throw you guys a curve ball but I've been looking at the figures and I've decided the building has to be two-storey. To maximize my profit there has to be retail downstairs and offices above.'

'No problem, Hank, we can handle that,' Randy began, but Lloyd interrupted.

'No, you're wrong Randy. That's not how I see it. Aesthetically a single, spacious ground floor would be more compatible with the location. Two floors won't work. My vision is for a one-storey building.'

Hank had heard enough. 'Oh yeah, pal? Your 'vision' maybe ... but my money. And money talks ...... and walks. Deal's off.' Hank stood up and gathered his papers preparing to leave.

'Hey, hey,' Randy said in a conciliatory tone and pulled Hank down onto his chair again. 'Listen, Hank, we've worked together before and you know I can deliver. You're the client. You want two floors? Two floors you shall have. We'll revise the preliminary specs right away and get back to you in a week. OK, man?'

Hank relaxed. 'OK, Randy. If you say so. I trust you. Just so long you're the one making the decisions,' and he shot a murderous look at Lloyd.


As they drove back to Lloyd's house in silence it was clear from the tense way Randy gripped the wheel that he was seething with rage. At the house they went through to the bedroom, where Randy grabbed Lloyd's shoulder and spun him around. His eyes blazing he bought the back of his hand across the architect's face, sending him flying backward onto the bed.

Randy towered over him, his body rigid with anger. 'You fucking moron!' he bellowed. 'You almost lost us the deal. What the fuck were you thinking? Asshole! You contradicted me ..... told me I was wrong ..... in front of the client! Nobody ever does that. They all know I'm the boss, and here you come with your smart clothes and fancy college degrees and make me look like a fool. Nobody does that to me. Nobody!'

Lloyd was terrified. He knew Randy's reputation for anger but he had never seen rage like this. He stammered, 'I'm sorry, sir. I .... I guess I didn't think. I made a mistake.....'

'No, shithead. You still don't get it do you? I'll spell it out for you ...... I ... am ... the ... boss. After I put you through that hell on the construction site, after I had all my buddies fuck you, after I hammered your ass, and, most of all, after last night, you still don't fucking get it. I am the fucking boss! I guess I'll have to show you once and for all, you fucking prick. Strip!'

Instantly Lloyd threw off his jacket, tie, shirt, pulled down his pants, kicked off his loafers and lay on his back naked, trembling. He watched in terror as Randy pulled off his T-shirt and loomed over him shirtless.

Lloyd stammered, 'Are ..... are you gonna ..... fuck me again, sir?'

'Oh wouldn't you just love that, asshole? No Lloyd, I'm not gonna fuck you. I told you I was gonna show you who's boss.'

He yanked open a drawer in the bedside table where he knew Lloyd kept his lubricant for sex. He pulled out a jar of grease and plunged his hand in it. He pulled his fist out covered in grease and Lloyd's eyes widened in terror.

'No, sir,' he pleaded. 'No, I don't do that. I can't do that. I've never done that. Please sir, I ......'

'Shut the fuck up, asshole. I am the master here and I'll do to you whatever the fuck I want to.'

With his free hand Randy grabbed both of Lloyd's ankles and pushed his legs high in the air. He bought his greasy fist up to the man's hole and growled at him. 'Now, for the last time, you shithead. I'm the boss. I do what I like. And this is what you get for defying me.'

Lloyd screamed like a wounded animal as he felt fingers push into his ass. His sphincter was stretched wider and wider as he felt the thickest part of his master's fist push inside his ass. His ass was burning with agonizing pain, he looked wildly up at the demon face glaring down at him and momentarily lost consciousness.

When he came to moments later the worst of the pain had gone, but there was a fullness in his ass that made his body shudder. His ass was on fire, but gradually the heat started to spread though his body and he felt an erotic sensation he had never experienced before. As he focused on the man above him he saw the wild look in his eyes, a mix of residual anger and ..... something else. It was a strange, questioning look, a look of calm, a blend of gentleness and passion.

Lloyd's gaze worked down from the swarthy face, over the chest, the ripped stomach, down the arm to the wrist. And there it ended .... at his ass. The massive arm disappeared into his ass. The hand, the fist, was inside his ass. The pain was intense ..... and yet there was no pain. He felt the balled fist twist slowly in the softness of his hole and he moaned in a delirium of pleasure. Randy, his master, was moving his fist inside him!

Their eyes locked and their stormy relationship entered another dimension. Randy eased his fist back, then pushed it deeper into the hole. He too was in a trance. He had intended to punish this man, rip him open, but something quite different had transformed both of them. His fist felt the heat, the moist, velvet smoothness of the warm membrane inside the furnace of the man's ass. He loved the sense of being inside the man, feeling the deepest juices of his body.

They smiled at each other. With increasing speed Randy massaged the inside of the ass, both men moaning in a state of pure joy. Randy moved his free hand to his cock and stroked it. He saw Lloyd do the same. No words, no prompts were needed. They gazed deep into each other's eyes and were in total harmony. They knew they would cum together. As the fist twisted in the burning ass their breathing became ragged, their bodies shuddered, and at exactly the same moment their cocks exploded with stream after stream of hot, white cream that poured over Lloyd's shattered body.

They gazed in disbelief at each other and then Randy collapsed on top of him, his fist still inside the warm ass. Exhausted, their bodies spent, they slept.


The following week was intense. They worked together, made love together, lived their lives together. Randy forgot the rest of the world as he focused on satisfying Lloyd's hunger for him. Randy had always enjoyed a natural authority over others, but this was different. His total control of the handsome architect was intoxicating for him.

Lloyd was insatiable. He was in thrall to this man who dominated him so completely. He would do anything for him. He had an overwhelming desire to fuck with him, work with him, love him, sleep with him, be held in his powerful arms. Lloyd was enslaved ..... and Randy found himself falling under the spell of Lloyd's intense worship of him. The two men worked hard, played hard and thought of nothing else ...... and nobody else.


'How long has it been, Buddy?' Mark asked gently.

'Over a week now,' Bob replied.

'And no contact at all?'

'Oh sure. Randy called once, and he came home once briefly for some clothes. But he seemed distant somehow ...... far away ...... kinda like I wasn't there.'

'Son-of-bitch,' the big cop growled, clenching his fists.

It was early evening and the two guys were sitting in Bob's office at the house drinking beer, both dressed casually in jeans and T-shirts. Mark looked at the beautiful, muscular businessman with deep concern ..... and simmering anger. Mark valued their friendship immensely, loved him, lusted for him. But above all he admired Bob's gentleness, kindness, his essential decency. Mark would do anything for him, anything to ease the intense hurt Bob was evidently feeling. Bob typically put the best face on it.

'But you know, they have a shit load of work to get through. I left voicemail messages but he didn't return them. Anyway, maybe it's better they spend all this time at Lloyd's house together. I would probably just be a distraction.'

Mark leapt to his feet. 'Bullshit!' he yelled. His eyes blazed and his building fury made his chest heave under the white V-neck T-shirt stretched over his perfect torso. His muscles flexed as he paced the floor in his fury.

'That's bullshit, man, and you know it. Sure they're working. And when they're not working they're fucking! They're fucking, making love, holding each other, sleeping together all night in that damned house. I'm sorry, man, but you've gotta face it. And this time you can't stick up for him. This time he's gone totally over the edge. The selfish arrogant prick is betraying you. Shit, man, you're losing him. Don't you see that?'

'No!' Bob shouted, standing up and facing Mark. 'Don't talk about him like that. You don't understand. Randy is always the master. He does whatever he wants. That's what I love about him ...... his strength, self-assurance, his dominance. He's a real man ...... and ....' Bob's voice cracked. '....... and I love him ......'

His strength drained from him and he fell into Mark's arms and pressed his face against his. 'I love him, man. I don't want to lose him. I can't. What am I gonna do, Mark? What can I do?'

Mark pulled back a little and then pressed his lips against Bob's in a warm, comforting embrace. Then he held Bob's face in his hands and smiled at him. 'You're gonna do nothing. There's nothing you can do because I know you so well. You're the gentlest, most decent soul I know, and you'd never hurt him or retaliate.'

The big cop turned away and paced again, his anger reaching a pitch. 'But the same doesn't go for me. I can retaliate, and I'm not gonna watch my best buddy get trashed like this. In my way I love the big guy too ..... like a brother. But right now he's behaving like a selfish prick and there's no way I'm gonna let him hurt you, ruin his life and destroy this house. I've had enough of standing back and watching you suffer. And I know just what I'm gonna do.'

At that moment the door flew open and Jamie stood there. He was startled to see the two men. 'Oh, I'm sorry, sir. I'll come back ......'

'No, kiddo. Come on in. That's just fine. I assume you and Bob have work to do.' Mark was grateful for the change of subject and turned to Bob. 'How's that coming along by the way? How's my boy working out as your assistant?'

'Terrific,' Bob said. 'Couldn't be better. I'm turning more and more stuff over to him. Jamie'll be running the business before you know it.'

'Thank you, sir,' Jamie blushed.

Mark was all business now. 'OK, you two get to work, but Bob stay by the phone. I'm gonna call you later to come and join me. And Jamie, looks like you and the boys will be alone in the house this evening. You three getting on OK?'

'Oh sure, sir. Ever since Darius pulled that running away stunt everything's been perfect.'

'That's my boy. I might be late. Keep the bed warm for me?'

'You bet, sir,' Jamie grinned. Mark spun round and strode out of the room.


Mark gripped the steering wheel in a futile attempt to control his anger. He knew that this pitch of fury made him capable of anything and it scared him. But there was nothing he could do about it. He kept seeing Bob's shattered face before him and at that point he hated Randy ..... wanted to destroy him.

As luck would have it, as Mark approached the construction site he saw Lloyd pulling away in his Mercedes. The night security guard had just come on duty. 'The boss is the only one left here,' the guard said. 'He's finishing up alone.'

'OK,' Mark said. 'Now listen. I want you to take the night off ..... with pay, of course. There'll be someone here all night.'

'Just as you say, sir,' the guard said, and left.

Mark walked onto the site and saw Randy hunched over a door frame that lay flat on the ground, hammering in nails. He was so engrossed he didn't see Mark.

'All alone?'

The construction worker looked up. 'Hey, what are you doing here?'

'Came to talk.'

'Talk? About what?'

'You and Lloyd. How's that going?'

'Great. Terrific actually. He's a great guy when you get to know him. He's got some great ideas, works hard ..... he's real talented.'

'I'll bet he is,' Mark growled.

Randy stood up. 'What's that supposed to mean?'

Mark's anger boiled over. 'You fucking selfish, arrogant shit! At any time in the last week have you even thought once about the guy waiting for you at home, the sensational guy who loves you more than life itself?'

'I've called him, sure, but we've been busy and ......'

Mark cut him off. 'I can't fucking believe you, man. You have no fucking idea what that man is going through. In case you've forgotten, he's one hell of a guy ..... one of the most glorious, stunning men who ever drew breath. But more than that, he's beautiful inside, too ..... kind, gentle, caring ...... the very opposite of a shit like you. Man, I've lusted for that guy ever since I laid eyes on him and if he didn't belong to you I'd have snapped him up just like that.' And Mark snapped his fingers right in Randy's face.

Randy's anger leapt in him and he shoved Mark. 'Oh yeah, fucker? Well let me tell you something. I own the guy so I'll do whatever I want with him. I treat Bob just the way I want to, even if it hurts him. I'm his master, and there's not a fucking thing you can do about it,' and he shoved again.

Mark's eyes blazed. He took a swing at the construction worker ..... and the fight was on.

It didn't last long. They rolled over in the dirt, grappling, punching, straining for the advantage. Randy was strong but Mark's police training gave him an edge and he knew how to subdue a man. Soon Randy was on his knees with Mark behind him. The cop had his arm around Randy's neck, pushing against his throat, locking it with his other arm in a wrestler's sleeper hold. Randy's arms thrashed as he tried to get free. He reached back, trying to grasp Mark's neck, but he soon felt the strength draining from him as his oxygen was cut off.

The sleeper hold was applied perfectly and did its work fast. Randy's wildly thrashing arms grew weaker and weaker and finally fell to his sides. He gave one last weak moan and his chin sagged to his chest. Mark stood up and let the unconscious man fall backward onto the ground.

Mark worked fast. He stripped Randy naked and dragged him onto the door frame lying flat on the ground. He stretched him in a spread-eagled position and tied his wrists and ankles with rope to the four corners of the frame. The next step took all his strength. Pushing from behind he eased the frame slowly into an upright position, then manipulated it so that the uprights slotted into the square holes that had been prepared for it in the ground.

His body heaving after his supreme effort Mark stood back to survey his work.


The first sensation Randy felt was pain in his wrists and pressure on his shoulders. As his head cleared he instinctively looked up and pulled on his wrist restraints. Then he looked down and pulled at the ropes round his ankles. But he was tightly secured. He realized that he was a helpless prisoner, spread-eagled in the door frame. His eyes focused straight ahead to see who had done this to him. Mark! Randy started to bellow.

'You son-of-a-bitch. I'll kill you for this. What the fuck are you doing to me?'

Mark spoke calmly. 'Well, this was the only way I could get your full attention, start to make you see sense. See, you've hurt my friend real bad but he's such a gentleman he would never hit back. But I'm no gentleman and I will hit back ..... hard. After all, that's what friends are for.'

Randy was defiant. 'Oh yeah, shithead? And what you gonna do?'

'Well, first I'm gonna punish you just for me, for hurting my friend. And then I'm gonna show you exactly what it feels like to see the man you love taken from you.'

Mark pulled off his T-shirt and stood stripped to the waist gazing at the bound muscleman. The blond, Nordic god looked magnificent as he faced the struggling, swarthy demon, his muscles straining in bondage.

'Yeah, you're quite the stud. We both are. And I realize that you can take any amount of pain from a thrashing. So it may not break you ...... but it's sure gonna give me a shit load of satisfaction doing it. Get ready stud.'

Without breaking his gaze from Randy's eyes Mark slid the belt from his jeans and held the buckle in his right hand. He paused, watching the glorious, bound body tense and flex in anticipation of the first blow. He loved the roar of Randy's voice as, with all his strength, he brought the belt crashing across the bulging muscles of his chest.

'That was for me, big guy,' he said. 'Now all the rest are from me and from Bob. Because he's my buddy and you are an asshole.'

The whipping was brutal and endless. The first few lashes striped the chest. Then Mark moved slowly round the bound man and curled the whip round his back, his V-shaped lats, his waist, his eight-pack abs. The sight and sound was tremendous. The huge bodybuilder bucked and thrashed in the ropes as the belt cut savagely into his ravaged muscles. His rugged, swarthy face twisted in agony as his screams echoed round the construction site.

The belt moved lower, around the thick thighs and calves. And then Mark grinned as he aimed at the rock-hard cheeks of his ass. Here he applied even more strength as again and again the belt bounced off the cheeks, turning them scarlet, setting them on fire. The muscle god arched and strained as his stunning physique endured the vicious beating. Tears streamed down his face as he watched his torturer, the magnificent, shirtless cop, his shoulders and biceps bulging with the force of the blows.

After a seemingly endless thrashing Mark paused and stood to watch the spectacular body, spread-eagled in the door frame, shuddering in pain, every flexed muscle striped and bruised, his entire body streaming with sweat, the head sagging forward in abject defeat. Mark walked forward, grabbed the tortured man's hair and pulled his face upward. He gazed at the beautiful dark features, twisted in pain, streaming with tears.

'Now who's the master, asshole? And we've only just started. Nobody, not even you, gets away with hurting my friends. Man, you and I were blood brothers; I admired and respected you. But since you've shacked up with that prick Lloyd you've become a changed man. Not even a man anymore. You're an animal who deserves to feel pain. So here's more.'

And the savage whipping began again. The body took more brutal lashes until the big construction worker was writhing in a vortex of pain. The agony was all he was aware of as his chest, back, ass, every part of his body felt the vicious bite of the lash. He knew he couldn't survive this much longer. The pain was overwhelming him. He raised his head, looked hard at the shirtless cop torturing him and screamed.

'Enough. I submit. I give up. I can't take any more.' He started to sob. 'You win, man. Please stop whipping me. You're killing me. Please let me submit to you, sir.'

The whipping stopped. With a smile on his face Mark threaded the belt back through the loops of his jeans and folded his big arms across his chest as he gazed at the broken man.

'OK. That's enough of that. But you know something, stud? There are worse things than physical pain. Don't you think Bob would have endured any pain in exchange for having you back with him. He thinks he's lost you, that you've abandoned him. He knows he can't live without you and the mental anguish he's going through is worse than any whipping.'

Randy groaned, partly from the pain in his body, partly at the sound of the truth in Mark's words. He suddenly pictured the beautiful face of the man he had promised to love forever. He knew he deserved this beating..... and more. And more was to come.

'So now, asshole, you're gonna feel the other kind of pain ..... the kind that's worse ...... far worse. It's the pain of loss.' Mark flipped open his cell phone and hit the speed dial. 'OK, man. It's time. Get over to the construction site. Now.'


Twenty minutes later Bob walked onto the site and stopped in his tracks, gazing in horror. The sight was awesome. The magnificent muscle god, his master, hung naked, spread-eagled in the door frame. His rugged physique was ravaged with welts and bruises, his body streamed with sweat and heaved with pain and exhaustion. The handsome, square-jawed face hung down, the tousled black hair matted to his forehead. He was a broken giant.

Bob's first instinct was to run to him, to comfort him in his agony. But then he saw Mark, standing shirtless, his arms folded across his chest. The look on his god-like features was still one of intense anger and Bob stood rooted to the spot waiting for his command.

'Come here.' Mark ordered Bob to stand in front of the bound man. He again grabbed Randy's hair and pulled the agonized face upward. 'See that?' Mark said. 'This is the face of a man who has hurt my friend, who made you suffer, buddy, as you don't deserve. You did nothing wrong and this animal trampled on you and gave himself instead to that fucking prick. Now he's a beaten, broken man. And now he will feel real pain. He'll know how it feels to be abandoned by someone he once loved.'

Mark reached forward to Bob and pulled his T-shirt off over his head. He took his face in his hands, and pressed his lips to Bob's mouth. Resistant at first, Bob felt the warmth of the lips, felt the force of the naked chest pressing against his, saw the look in the beautiful blue eyes. And he let himself be folded in the powerful arms.

Randy looked at them in horror as he realized what was happening. Worse, he saw Mark's hands slide down over Bob's naked back, over his waist, and cup the globes of Bob's perfect ass through his jeans. The cop was kissing the beautiful face hungrily, rubbing their glorious bodies together ....... and caressing the ass.

'No!' Randy yelled. 'Not that. His ass is mine. It belongs to me. I own it.'

Mark looked at him and smiled. 'Not any more, man. You deserted him. With what you've done you renounced all rights of ownership. I'm taking over now. You made your choice ..... Lloyd ......now I'm making mine. And this time, it's you who'll know what it feels like to lose the man you love. I'm the master now. He's mine, Randy. Bob's mine.'

'NO!' Randy screamed again. His naked body thrashed and strained helplessly in his bondage, desperate to prevent what he knew would happen next.


TO BE CONTINUED in 'A Trial Of Strength - Part 57'


Rob Williams

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