He was known as 'Steve the Stud' for his sexual prowess with women ..... a different girl in his bed every night. The handsome, macho guy was the mirror image of Randy, but the difference was that he had never, ever had any physical feelings for a guy ....... until Randy became one of his therapy patients. Now he was fighting a losing battle with himself to overcome his mounting lust for the most stunning man he has ever met.

Soon after they met, Randy and Steve had become good buddies ..... a guy thing, two alpha males hanging out together, gym partners. But now Steve's secret sexual attraction had to be confronted, and Bob took the plunge when all three were having dinner at the house.

'Look, Steve,' he said. 'There's something we have to talk about, and we all know it. You've told me about your feelings for Randy, and even for me, and we can't let it hang like a sword over our heads and screw up our friendship. Tell the truth, Steve. We know you fantasized about each of us. But did you wonder what we were like together? Did you wonder what we did? Did you wonder how we made love?'

Steve murmured, 'You know I did.'

'Good. So we thought we should throw you in at the deep end of that murky pool ..... call it aversion therapy if you like. But maybe if you were to actually see a display of the things you've been thinking, if you saw what Randy and I do together, it would turn you off so much you'd be over it, cured. -


So that's how Steve came to be sitting in the bedroom, watching the two men nervously. Several times he wanted to run out of the room, but he was hypnotized by the sight before him. He had never seen anything like it, could never have imagined it.

Both men were shirtless and Bob was kneeling in front of the swarthy construction worker facing his thick, rigid cock. Steve gasped as he saw the head of the cock slip between Bob's lips. Slowly, slowly, the whole monstrous shaft penetrated the mouth until the handsome face was buried in Randy's dark black pubic hair.

Steve was entering a new world, a world he had never dreamed of. He was lost. He gazed awestruck at Randy. He was such a fucking ...... man! The ultimate, dominant male, the dark, demonic King of the Gypsies was fucking the square-jawed Superman face of the shirtless man kneeling before him. It was the most thrilling sight Steve had ever seen. He knew now, beyond doubt, that he could not leave this room. And his cock was hard as a rock.

As he moved his hips back and forward, Randy gazed intently into his lover's eyes. But then, just for an instant, he turned his head and shot a quick, penetrating glance at Steve. That fleeting look was all it took. It was a challenge ..... a command. Steve rose slowly out of his chair.

Overwhelmed by the beauty of these two men, Steve was moving like a man hypnotized. His hand moved involuntarily down to his crotch and he stroked the bulge in his pants. Randy looked at him again and this time the gaze was intense. Steve saw his own reflection in the eyes of the man who could have been his twin. The steel blue eyes penetrated his and Steve sensed an intimate, silent communication ...... as if Randy was giving him wordless instructions.

Steve knew what he had to do. He reached behind his neck and slowly pulled up his T-shirt until it came clear off and his whole muscular torso was exposed.

'Perfect,' Randy smiled. 'You're beautiful, man. And now I'm gonna give you an experience you'll never forget. This is my gift to you, Steve.'

Gently he pulled the shirtless man beside him and Steve looked down at Bob, his upturned mouth still wrapped around Randy's cock. Then suddenly Randy pulled his cock free. He moved behind Bob and held his head rigid. The soft brown eyes looked up at Steve ......... and Bob opened his mouth.

Steve could hear his own heart beating and his breathing became ragged. Intuitively he knew that this was the moment his life would change forever. In a trance he unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his raging cock. It was not only hard as steel, it was pulsing. He pushed the head slowly forward until it touched the parted lips. Steve looked up into Randy's eyes facing him.

Randy spoke softly, seductively. 'That's it, man. This is the moment. I knew you would come to this. Do it for me. Do it.'

'Yes, sir,' Steve breathed instinctively.

He looked down again at the handsome, upturned face. He had to be sure. 'Do you want this, Bob?'

'I want it. Please.'

The beautiful, soft, pleading eyes are what did it. Suddenly Steve lost his inhibitions, became confident, sure. He eased his hips forward and gasped as he felt his rod sliding slowly into the velvet warmth of Bob's mouth. Steve's eyes opened wide, he held his breath. The fire in his cock shot through his whole body and he threw his head back as if he had been struck. His low guttural groan grew quickly into a shout as the head of his cock touched the back of Bob's throat. As Bob swallowed, Steve felt the throat muscle relax, and his cock slid deeper still until he felt Bob's face come to rest against his pubic hair.

Steve had never in his life felt anything like this. His cock was shuddering in the furnace of this glorious man's mouth. Steve's scream died in his throat and he looked straight into Randy's smiling blue eyes. He reached forward and laid his palms flat on Randy's massive chest. He worshipped the perfect body, running his hands up over the rugged face, around the neck, over the broad shoulders, down the V-shaped lats, around the waist, then up over the ridges of the hard abs and back up to the slabs of the chest.

In his delirium he whispered, 'Man, I've never ...... I've never felt anything like this. You're both so fucking beautiful. I can't believe it ......my cock's in his mouth, man. You're body feels sensational.' He gazed deeper into the blue eyes. 'I love you, Randy. I love you both.'

'I know,' Randy smiled. 'I knew that when we first met. So show me, Steve. Show me now.'

Steve looked down at the square, sculpted features of the beautiful face pressed against his groin. He lowered his hands and placed them behind Bob's head. He pulled his cock back, out of the throat, and clear out of the mouth. As the head of his pulsing cock rested on the lips he paused.

'Are you ready, man? You ready to drink my juice?'

'Yes, sir,' Bob breathed.

A smile crossed Steve's face. He paused. Then in one concerted movement he pushed his hips forward and pulled Bob's face toward him, impaling it on his rigid shaft. His cock shuddered as it plunged deep down into his throat. As Bob swallowed and clenched his throat muscles around the thick shaft, he heard Steve's scream and felt a stream of hot liquid begin to pour inside him.

Steve was in a lost world, where the only reality was the incredible sensation in his cock. As Bob swallowed the creamy cum, the throat muscles contracted again and again, drawing more and more juice from the cock. Steve went wild. It was as if the throat was fucking his cock. He couldn't stop cumming, couldn't control the wildest orgasm of his life. In his ecstasy he became dimly aware of the dark demon face blazing at him.

'That's it, man. Give it to him. Pour it into him. Fuck that gorgeous face. Now you know, man. Now you know.'

Finally the stream of cum began to slow down, the cock stopped pulsing, and Steve started to breathe again. His cock was still buried in Bob's throat and his mind was spinning. Oddly, he didn't know what to do next. He was disoriented, so he focused on the face before him. The King of the Gypsies, he thought, and knew at that moment that he was hopelessly in love with the man. He reached up, put his hand behind Randy's neck and fell forward, sobbing, pressing his cheek against the dark, stubbled chin.


'Sit down, man,' Randy grinned. 'For God's sake stop pacing. You're making me dizzy.'

Randy and Bob were lying on the bed, looking up at Steve as he walked back and forth in a frenzy of uncertainty, joy, excitement and the dazed realization that he had just embarked on a new adventure.

'I dunno, man,' he was muttering, almost to himself. 'I don't know if I can handle ...... I don't know about this ........ '

Bob interrupted his ramblings and grinned up at him. 'Why don't you tell us how you really feel, Steve? Or as you would say, 'How did you feel about that?''

When they heard the time-honored phrase, the question they had joked that all therapists use, there was a momentary pause, and then Randy and Bob exploded with laughter. Steve looked down at these two incredible men, wrapped in their joy and their love for each other, and he couldn't resist. He joined in their laughter.

It was not only the joke that made him laugh. It was the jubilant release of all the pent-up conflicting sensations still crowding his mind. He laughed joyfully as the clouds parted and certainty shone through. Everything became clear and his doubts dissolved. It came down to one thing. He was happy in this room, with these spectacular men. He was alive.

'Don't think,' said Bob. 'Just feel ....... And for God's sake sit down.' Steve sat on the bed.

Randy sat up and put his arm round Steve's shoulder. 'Now listen, buddy. This is our world. It's a private little world but it's a glorious one. And we just invited you in. Now relax, 'cause there's more to come.'

Steve grinned. 'I was kinda hoping you'd say that.'

'Shit, man, you're the only one of us so far who's got his rocks off. Now that we've broken the ice, come downstairs with us and watch us shoot our loads. All you have to do is relax and enjoy. Think you can do that, buddy?'

Steve laughed, 'Try to stop me.'


The great feature of the downstairs gym was that it was lined with floor to ceiling mirrors, so there were multiple images of what was happening. And what was now happening was riveting to Steve. He was finally starting to relax, to let himself enter this new world and open up to the stunning experiences unfolding before him. Mostly he felt privileged. This was the private world of two stunningly beautiful alpha males, and they had invited him to join them. All he had to do was relax and watch, Randy had said. Easier said than done.

'Let's get comfortable,' Randy said as he and Bob unbuttoned their pants and stripped naked. Once again Steve gasped looking at the two magnificent physiques. He had no hesitation this time, and in a few seconds he too was naked. Bob looked at his perfectly sculpted body.

'Wow, now that is worthy of this room, eh Randy?'

'You fit right in, buddy,' Randy grinned. Then turning to Bob, 'OK, asshole, you know what I want.'

In the middle of the room was a bench and Bob was soon on it, on his hands and knees, waiting. He looked into the mirrors and saw images of twin bodybuilders, both with square jawed faces, dark black hair and perfect, chiseled physiques. And their cocks were rigid as poles. Bob's pulse started to race as he imagined being used by both men at once.

Randy walked behind the kneeling man and grasped the twin globes of his ass. He looked up at the awestruck Steve.

'I said we'd show you what we do when we're alone, Steve. Well this is it!' Without hesitation he brought the tip of his rigid cock up against his lover's moist hole and, with one sudden thrust, buried it deep into his ass. Two shouts echoed round the basement room. One was from Bob who reveled in the familiar sensation of his master's long shaft penetrating him as it had done so often before.

The other echoing sound came from Steve. It was an involuntary shout caused by a contradictory mix of shock, awe, revulsion and exhilaration. He hadn't really known what to expect and this sudden move threw him completely off balance. He took a step back and momentarily felt the impulse to run from the room. But, as before, he was rooted to the spot.

He was unaware of his own hand moving down to grasp his rigid dick. He watched, stunned, as the dark demon moved his hips back and forth, his cock pulling all the way out, then plunging again deep into the perfect globes of the ass. Steve had always been aware, in the abstract, that this is what some men do to each other but, now he was faced with the vivid reality it was the most exciting thing he had ever seen.

He was transfixed by the powerful rhythm of the two bodies as they moved in unison. What he found completely riveting was the expression on the faces of the two men. Bob was looking at their reflection in the mirror, his eyes open wide with infinite pleasure as he uttered a low, guttural moan. He was clearly in paradise.

Randy's expression was something Steve had never seen on a man's face before. His head was thrown back, his tousled black hair flying, and his eyes blazed with the thrill of domination. Steve ached to know how this felt, how a man's dick felt when it was ploughing the ass of another man, a beautiful stud like Bob. Steve's cock shuddered as he tried to imagine the sensation Randy was feeling.

Just as he had done in the bedroom, Randy broke his intense concentration for an instant to glance fleetingly at Steve. Again the challenge, again the command. And this time Steve was ready. There was no hesitation as he saw the reflection of Randy and himself in the mirror. He was Randy's double in looks; he would match him in lust. Intuitively Steve positioned himself in front of Bob and looked at Randy. The blue eyes smiled back at him.

'Go for it man. That's what he needs. Come on, brother, let's both fuck the shit out of him.'

The rugged voice gave Steve his cue and his last shred of inhibition vanished. He felt strong, empowered, supreme. He felt like a man. He looked down and grabbed Bob's hair, pulling the face upward. He sneered at the trapped face looking up at him.

'Get ready, asshole. You've got two masters now ...... one in your ass, the other in your face. Look at them, boy ..... they're identical.' Just as Randy had buried his cock in Bob's ass in one long thrust, so Steve pushed his iron-hard dick into his mouth, not stopping until it was resting in the inner depths of his throat. Both Randy and Steve watched the muscular body beneath them buck and flex as it was assaulted at both ends. Sweat started to glisten on the golden skin, Bob's eyes filled with tears and his screams were muffled by the huge rod filling his mouth.

Bob knew he was entering a world he had never seen before. Trapped as he was, he managed to glance into the mirror and his cock reared and throbbed at what he saw. Two incredible muscle-studs, exactly alike, a perfect match, were fucking him, in his ass and his mouth. He started to hallucinate. It was the same man, one man, taking total control of him. The man's cock was ramming into his ass and his mouth at the same time. He ..... they ..... were magnificent, muscles flexing in unison, sweat dripping from their bodies onto him.

Randy and Steve looked up at each other, seeing their own reflection in the other's eyes. They were one being, the same flesh, united.

Randy was jubilant. 'Yeah, man. Now we're really brothers. Now I can watch myself fuck the man I love, fuck his ass and his face at the same time. Take him, man ..... plough that face.' His eyes flashed. 'At last you know what I'm feeling, you feel what I'm feeling. We're the same fucking man, Steve.' He looked in the mirror and yelled, 'Look at that! You've never seen anything like that. There never was anything like that. It's totally fucking incredible!'

Steve was in fantasy world. 'You're right ..... we are the same. God I love you man.' He leaned forward and pressed his lips against Randy's. The two macho studs ground their mouths together as they continued fucking the beautiful body beneath them.

They knew the climax was close. They pulled back slightly so their faces were inches apart. Each gazed at his own face reflected in the eyes of an identical man. Randy breathed, 'I wanna look in your eyes and watch myself cum, man.'

They smiled identical smiles, their breathing and heartbeats were matched. Their bodies moved in total harmony, their cocks felt the same burning sensation as they approached twin climaxes. They shouted in unison, 'OK ...... Now!' Their eyes blazed into each other as their cocks exploded, pumping load after load of hot semen into the muscle stud beneath them.

As Bob felt hot liquid pouring into his mouth and his ass he looked into the mirror and saw a sight nobody had ever seen before. Two identical dark stallions were rearing up, their bodies flexing and arching as they both emptied their load of hot juice into him. Bob's mind was spinning, his body on fire, as his own cock erupted and splashed jets of white cream onto the bench beneath him.

All three bodies flexed and thrashed as they were drained of the juice of their passion. It took long minutes for them to subside, for their breathing and heartbeats to slow. And then finally there was silence. As if reading each other's mind, they all turned their heads to look at the mirror and were stunned by the tableau they saw of three beautiful men ....... fused together by an act that was truly out of this world.


A strange silence hung over the kitchen table as the three men sipped beers. In fact they hadn't exchanged a word since they put on theirs clothes and came upstairs from the basement. There was nothing to say, nothing that could be said. They needed to adjust. They were exhausted, elated ..... unsure of what would come next.

Fortunately that was decided for them as they heard the crunch of tires on gravel and the slamming of car doors. The guys were back from their trip to the restaurant in Malibu. The silence was shattered by shouts and laughter as the three boys crashed into the room, followed by a tired-looking Mark.

Randy looked up at him and grinned. 'Hey, Mark. They wore you out, uh?'

The cop smiled back wearily. 'You can say that again. They're great guys but they do kinda drain the energy out of the room.' He sat down at the table and looked at the beers. 'Man, I could sure use one of those.'

'Hey, kids,' said Randy. 'Get the officer a beer, then throw together a snack for us to munch on.'

As they boys busied themselves at the counter Mark finally relaxed enough to soak up the atmosphere. He looked at Randy, Bob and Steve and a broad grin spread over his face. 'Jesus, guys, the afterglow around you is hot enough to set the hills on fire. No need to ask how things went.'

'Actually, too soon to ask,' Bob said. 'We're still adjusting ourselves. It was ..... Jesus .......... I dunno ...........

'No need, buddy,' Mark interrupted. 'No need to elaborate. A picture speaks louder than words, and you guys are a picture of raging testosterone. A guy could get his rocks off just by looking at you.'

The easy banter was just what the guys needed, but Steve was uneasy in this new environment of men. He had still not begun to process what had happened to him tonight.

'You know, guys, I hate to drink and run, but I gotta get home. Early day tomorrow.'

'Tell you what,' said Randy. 'It's about time you got to have a meal with us all ..... got to know the house. How about tomorrow evening?'

Steve saw the general looks of enthusiasm round the table and nodded. 'Sure, that would be great. As a matter of fact I have to make a house call right near here in the afternoon. Should be finished around three. Rather than trek back up to Mulholland, would it be cool if I came by a bit early?'

'Of course,' said Bob. 'We won't get off work until a bit later than that, but Jamie will be here. He works for me in the office upstairs. He can stop work a bit early.'

'You hear that, Jamie?' Mark called over to his boy. 'Steve's coming tomorrow afternoon and you'll be the only one here to take care of him for a while. Think you can handle it?'

'Of course, sir,' said Jamie. 'We can go for a swim while we wait for you.'

'Good boy,' said Mark. 'Steve's a special guest, so make sure you take good care of him. Give him whatever he wants, OK?'

'Yes, sir!'

He couldn't know it at the time, but Mark would live to regret those words.


After his life-changing adventure with Randy and Bob, sleep was hard to come by for Steve. As he lay alone in his own bed at home he restlessly replayed the extraordinary scenes and images that had made his body come alive. But he found that one image kept floating to the surface of his mind. It was the expression on Randy's face as he pushed his cock into Bob's ass. The man looked as if he had entered another whole realm of being, where the sensation in his cock obliterated all else.

That feeling was unimaginable to Steve. Sure, he had fucked hundreds of girls like a stallion and enjoyed every one. But the sight of Randy's cock disappearing into the ass of a man made Steve tremble. What did it feel like? That intimate union of two big, masculine studs was completely unknown to him and thrilling to watch, and Steve found himself longing to feel it for himself.

But he knew there was no chance of doing that with Randy or Bob. Randy was far too dominant a man, and he made it absolutely clear that Bob's ass was strictly off limits to anyone but himself. Steve sighed with the resignation of knowing he was unlikely to meet any other ass he would want to put his cock into.

Instead, his thoughts wandered to the intriguing prospect of tomorrow afternoon, when he would get to know all the guys in the house, on their own turf. And that would start with Mark's boy Jamie who was to take care of him until the other guys got off work. He had barely said two words to the young guy so far, so it would be interesting to get to know him and, by extension, learn more about Mark.

Mark had been Steve's therapy patient for a short while some time ago and their paths had crossed several times since, but he didn't know him well. He was, of course, a spectacular looking cop and Steve supposed that if, in his wildest dreams, he had every contemplated sexual contact with a man, Mark would be the choice. But that was purely hypothetical, and it was, of course, before Steve met Randy.

Eventually Steve's thoughts slowed down to a blur and as sleep drifted over him his last thoughts were of that house and the guys who lived there. There was a smile on his face as his eyes closed in sleep.


The doorbell rang and Jamie jumped up from his computer in Bob's office. He was kind of excited to be seeing the new guy again, with his great looks and build, and felt honored to be given the task of entertaining him until the guys got home. Mark had said to take good care of him, make sure he had whatever he wanted. As he ran to the gate, Jamie was determined to obey his master's command.

Steve was taken aback when the gate opened. When he had been there before Jamie was kind of in the background and he hadn't paid much attention to him. But now here he was, barefoot in faded surfer shorts and an old blue tank top that set off his blond good looks. He was young, sure, but there was an innate masculinity about him that Steve had to admit was very sexy. He could see why Mark had chosen him as his boy.

There was a moment's awkwardness in the boy that Steve found charming, so he took the initiative and shook Jamie's hand.

'Hi, there, Jamie. Sure I didn't interrupt your work?'

'Not at all, sir. Bob said I could quit early for the day.'

Another awkward moment. 'Jeez, it's hotter than Hades today,' Steve said.'

'Would you like go for a swim, sir?'

'Now that sounds just what the doctor ordered,' Steve grinned. 'Only I didn't bring a swimsuit.'

Jamie laughed. 'Oh, we don't bother with that around here. No need. Come on, sir. The water's great.' He quickly he pulled off his tank top and dropped his shorts and stood there naked, grinning with boyish enthusiasm.

'Jesus, he's beautiful,' Steve thought to himself. 'Never realized.' Then he too stripped off his clothes and dived into the cool water of the pool. Jamie laughed a lot with the exuberance of youth, horsing around in the water, challenging Steve, splashing him and wrestling, pushing his head under water. Soon Steve was sputtering and held up his hands in defeat.

'OK, kid, you win. Time out, uh? Man, I could use a beer.'

'Coming right up,' Jamie said, leaping out of the pool.

In a few minutes they were lying on their stomachs next to each other on the grass, still naked, sipping their beers. All of Jamie's earlier shyness had gone and he talked uninhibitedly with the new man. Mostly he chattered enthusiastically about Mark, how great he was, how kind he had been to Jamie ...... how much he loved him.

'He's just so great to be with, especially when he fu .......'

His words tailed off and he blushed with embarrassment. Steve finished the sentence for him.

'....... when he fucks you?'

'Well, yes, sir. He does that a lot and I love it.' He stared down at the grass and concentrated on his beer. Steve looked at his blushing face, then ran his eyes down over his muscular back that tapered down to a narrow waist, then rose up again to the twin mounds of the perfect ass. Steve was startled to feel a jolt run through his cock. He did not dare look into Jamie's eyes but spoke quietly looking down at the ground.

He spoke quietly. 'Tell me what it feels like, Jamie, to have Mark's dick in your ass. Tell me how it feels.'

'Oh, sir,' said Jamie, regaining his confidence. 'It's totally awesome ..... like nothing else in the world. I love it when he takes control of me like that. He's my master, and he's so beautiful. And I love to see the look on his face when he's inside me. You should see his expression, sir.'

Steve said quietly, mostly to himself, 'Yeah, I've seen that look one time before, on Randy.'

Another pause, then Jamie asked, 'Have you ever felt that sir ..... like ..... fucked a guy's ass.'

'No, I haven't.'

'Oh you should try it, sir. You'd love it.'

Steve breathed more heavily. Last night's intense sexual with Randy and Bob had released something from deep in his subconscious. The therapist in Steve made him surmise that some element of those instincts must have always been inside him, somewhere deep down. They only needed a trigger, which Randy had provided. Steve had always been a very sexual guy, with a very active libido ...... Steve the Stud ...... but his testosterone had always found its outlet in women. Until now.

As he looked again at the beautiful, naked young man beside him, he found himself becoming aroused. His reason and his inhibitions were deserting him. The sight of Jamie's stunning ass made Steve's dick hard. And it was his dick, not his logic, that made him speak now.


'Yes, sir?'

'I really want to know how it feels to put my cock in a guy's ass. Can you help me out there? Can I ..... do it to you? Just for a minute to see how it feels?'

Jamie's eyes opened wide. He was stunned. 'Oh, sir. I dunno, sir. I wouldn't mind it.... wouldn't mind at all. I mean, you're very beautiful, sir. But I'd have to clear it with Mark.' He frowned as his mind recalled the words of his master the cop. 'Then again, he did tell me to take good care of you sir, to give you whatever you wanted. So maybe ....... I suppose ...... you said just for a minute, sir?'

'Sure, just to see how it feels.'

'Well sir, Mark usually does it like this.' He rolled over on his back and pulled his legs up as he had done so often when offering his ass to Mark.

Steve caught his breath. 'Jesus, that is so fucking beautiful,' he whispered. Instinctively he knelt in front of Jamie, grasped his ankles and pushed them higher so his rigid dick was only inches from his ass.

'Like this, Jamie?'

'Yes, sir. Then he pushes his cock into my hole, all the way into my ass.'

'Like this?' Steve's body was on fire as he pressed the head of his cock against the young man's ass and slowly eased his hips forward. He felt the soft, velvet membrane relax and open, inviting him in. Steve gasped in amazement as his cock slid smoothly inside and he felt for the first time in his life the inner furnace of a man's ass.

He looked down into Jamie's young face and could hardly believe that his dick was inside him. His iron-hard rod was pulsing, it was on fire. No woman had ever felt like this. As Jamie's inner muscles tensed round Steve's cock, gripping it hard, Steve uttered a guttural moan and knew that he had to fuck the young ass until he shot his load.

He pulled back then pushed in again, deeper this time, until he felt the head of his cock come to rest against the back of the silk-soft ass. 'You like that, Jamie?' he asked softly.

'Oh yes, sir. You feel great, sir. You're very handsome.'

Steve now began to fuck in earnest, plunging his cock again and again into the beautiful young stud.

'Tell me how it feels, Jamie. Tell me what my cock feels like inside you. I want to know just how it feels to have a man's dick inside you.'

But Jamie didn't respond. Instead, he was looking over Steve's shoulder ....... with a look of horror. He began to whimper, with increasing desperation ...... 'No, no, NO!'

Steve looked back over his shoulder in the direction of Jamie's gaze ..... and reality crashed in on him. Behind them stood a cop in full, black uniform, legs astride, arms at his sides, fists clenched. It was Mark, and the expression on his beautiful, Nordic blond face was as hard as stone.

Steve instantly pulled his dick free of Jamie's ass and sprang to his feet. Tears streamed down Jamie's face as he lay on his back gazing up at his master in terror. Mark was still for a moment, then he spoke in an even tone as cold as ice.

He looked first at Jamie. 'You ..... get out of here.' Jamie grabbed his shorts and ran for the gate. Steve stood before the cop, frozen like a statue.

'As for you,' Mark growled. His fist was still clenched as his raised it, then slammed it into the Steve's jaw, sending him sprawling on his back Mark's chest heaved as he stared down at the dazed, naked man.

His voice was eerily calm as he came to grips with what he had seen. 'That was my boy. That was my boy you were fucking. You had your filthy dick in my boy's ass, man. You don't do that, mother-fucker. Not to my boy.' His voice rose to an enraged shout. 'You don't ever do that, asshole. Not to my boy.'

Moving fast, he leaned downward, grabbed Steve's wrists and dragged him backward over the grass toward a tree at the lawn's edge. He pulled the arms up above Steve's head on either side of the tree. Swiftly he unhooked the handcuffs from his belt, pulled the wrists together behind the tree and cuffed them.

As he lay there on his back Steve's head began to clear and he looked up at the magnificent cop. The fear and the rush of adrenaline brought a crystal clarity to him. He saw every feature in sharp detail. He saw the god-like face looking down at him, unruly blond hair, steel blue eyes, square jaw. The torso heaved under the tight black shirt, open at the white triangle of T-shirt at the neck. The shirt tapered from the broad shoulders down to the heavy belt at the tight, slim waist. The legs were astride and the black uniform pants were tucked into high, shiny leather boots. And the clenched fists made the cop's biceps bulge.

There was a long, leaden silence as the men gazed at each other. The only movement, the only sound, was the slight stirring of the breeze. The powerful cop looked down at the helpless, naked stud at his feet. Finally he spoke.

'What was it you asked my boy just now? Let's see now .....'Tell me what my cock feels like inside you. I want to know just how it feels to have a man's dick inside you'.' Mark smiled grimly. 'Well that's real simple, Steve. I don't have to tell you. See, I'm gonna show you how it feels. You're gonna find out just how it feels.'

Steve pulled frantically at the handcuffs round his wrists. His eyes widened in horror as he looked up at the towering cop, and he screamed a long, echoing, 'NO!'


TO BE CONTINUED in 'A Trial Of Strength - Part 63'


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