Stories by Neil Gosling

  • True Story

    He smiled down at me as he removed all of his clothes revealing all the hair that covered his arms chest and big stomach. He picked the rope back up and with one end he tied my hands together tightly and with the other end he threw under the table and came back behind me.

  • The Argument

    Jed was being very careful not to rub too hard and very gently caressed Tim's hot backside. He had to admit to himself, even though he still felt guilty over hurting Tim, he was very excited looking down at the cherry cheeks.

  • The Sex Shop

    I was standing there, half naked, with a dribbling erection, in front of two strangers. I had a freshly spanked arse and just about to get another seeing to. It didn't seem real except my sore backside screamed otherwise.

  • The Spanking

    That's one red arse you have there, the policeman said as he stopped slapping me and dug his fingernails into my fiery flesh. Now get on your knees between my legs and clean up the mess you've just made.

  • The Students House 1

    One of the lads with an athletic body entered the bathroom. I watched with bated breath as he turned the shower on and, with his back towards me, he slipped his shorts down revealing his tan line and muscular backside.

  • The Students House 2

    All my restraint and will power went out the window as I watched him insert another finger, I quickly stripped all my clothing off and grabbed my aching hard on and began jerking myself off as I carried on watching.

  • My Greek holiday

    Propping myself up by my elbows I watched as Adonis strolled slowly towards me. I watched as first his head emerged then his smooth muscled chest followed by his flat stomach. His skin glistened in the sun and I could now see the fine line of hairs travelled down from his belly button.

  • Pirates Tavern

    Something warm and wet touched the outside of my hole and I nearly came as it worked its way into me. The hard cock in my mouth twitched and I felt hot liquid gush down my throat making me choke.

  • Punished by Police 1

    He stood up quickly, put one hand on the middle of my back and slapped at my right arse cheek with his other. Smack. Smack. Smack. And then he changed hands and attacked the other side. Smack. Smack. Smack.

  • Punished by Police 2

    I could feel Mike's fingers scraping against my raw arse cheeks and realised that the dildo was all the way in. My breathing calmed as he rested there, letting me recover, and slowly the pain subsided. I adjusted, I relaxed and then all I felt was pure ecstasy.

  • Punished by Police 3

    All their eyes were on me as I looked around the dimly lit room. I noticed that the other guests were of all ages and sizes. A huge bear of a man, in police uniform, was sitting in what seemed to be the prime seat.

  • Punished by Police 4

    the policeman shouted to a younger man in police uniform who obediently stripped the dining table bare. Then he put his face right against mine so that I could smell his breath and he said to me, 'get over there and bend over the table. You are in deep shit boy.

  • Punished by Police 5

    He was still looking into my own eyes when he put his tongue out and started to lick the top of my dick and pulled my foreskin down gently. I let out a moan of pure pleasure with the feeling of his tongue as it caressed and slid round my knob.

  • Punished by Police 6

    Thinking of daddy and what might happen made my cock stiffen. I lathered more soap into my hands slipped a finger right up into my arsehole. I let out a sigh as my knuckle scrapped against my cheeks.

  • Punished by Police 7

    His mouth opened up making mine do the same as his tongue slithered over my own. I could feel myself sweating as I inhaled his masculinity. I drank on his saliva as his kissing got passionate and his tongue searched the inside of my mouth.

  • Punished by Police 8

    It was an uncomfortable drive as my backside still felt red raw from the spanking that Ian had given me the night before; I had to keep changing my seating position in the car to get comfortable.

  • Fond memories

    These bamboo canes were once the masters of men and I can feel my backside tingle at their memory. I pick up a wooden ruler and with a growing bulge in my tight black trousers I stand up and walk over to them.

  • Gangsters Paradise

    With one hand Paccino was tugged and caressed Rodrigo's bollocks, simultaneously he slipped his other hand into his pin stripped jacket and drew out his snub magnum. Then, looking at the man who stood back in the shadows.

  • I am his

    I sit here waiting naked in his dungeon, bound by the chains that cut into the flesh on my wrists and ankles. I am waiting for darkness to fall as I know he will come and see me then. I am awaiting my punishment for daring to have slept with one of the gypsy slaves yesterday.

  • In the country side

    Jed had beads of sweat dripping down his face so took his face away for some fresh air. The gamekeeper changed position and knelt at Tim's shaven backside, wet his dry finger and inserted it all the way up Tim's tight hole.

  • Indulged

    It all started five nights ago when he was looking at a certain web site and he saw a video clip of a couple having sex and one of them being spanked. Knowing that was what turned me on, he saved it and told me about it the next day.

  • Jed and Tim

    I'm going to spank you with your shorts on first then I'm going to pull them down after a while and spank you on your bare backside, do you understand?

  • A Few Good Masters

    The house was packed with men in various clothing. There were men in leather, army, and police uniforms and there were some men already naked. The place was heavy with the smell of dope.

  • Angel

    I was lying down in the burning vastness of the never ending dried out dessert dying of thirst and starvation. I was only twenty three years of age and had always been told I was good looking but now I was covered in scars caused by the sun beating down on my ravished, half naked body.

  • Club Sandwich

    The blonde man walked out, closed the door and without stopping walked straight up to Martin. He put his hands on his shoulders and planted his moist lips on his, Martin felt a bolt of electricity run through his body as their hungry mouths devoured each other's saliva.

  • The Cabin Boy

    Peter couldn't believe he was actually sucking on another man's cock. He was scared and nervous at first but soon got the hang of it as it slipped in and out of his mouth. In fact, he realised he was enjoying it as the captain's pre-cum leaked out onto his tongue.