I am an obvious looking gay man with blonde hair and blue eyes and yes I mince when I walk. I can't help it I've always been effeminate and have tried to walk how some people call butch but no matter how hard I try I just can't. This has never got me into trouble, in fact quite the opposite. As soon as people see me they know I'm gay even though I dress up in what people would class as normal everyday wear you can spot me a mile away because everyone can see what I am men have no problem coming up to me and chatting me up. There's no, 'Is he or isn't he?' kind of thing so they find it easy to approach me. In fact last year I went on a much needed holiday to a small Greek island with not many people living there and no airport. I first landed on another much bigger island and had to wait at the harbour for a boat to take me the remaining 22 miles to my final destination. As I was waiting and looking around I saw what I would call the typical Adonis openly staring at me. My heart missed a beat as I looked back at him sitting relaxed on a wooden bench. He was all bronzed with short dark curly hair and deep chestnut coloured eyes. I was distracted by the loud sound of a horn, I turned around and watched as my boat made its way in.

Once I was sat down on the top deck of the boat, with the hot sun beating down on my body, I quickly fell into a deep sleep. What seemed like five minutes sleep was actually two hours and I got woken up by someone tugging on my shorts. Shocked, I snapped open my eyes and saw, staring straight at me, my Adonis.

'You are English no?' he asked in a thick Greek accent,

'Er yes,' I answered as I wiped away the sleepiness from my eyes.

'We are nearly here,' he said, 'come, look.'

I followed him to the front of the boat, my eyes practically glued to his shorts that were almost, but not quite hiding his muscular well shaped backside.

'Look,' he said holding his arm out and pointing to the most beautiful place I've ever seen. The sea was crystal clear and a dolphin played next to the boat. The island itself had NEO CLASSICAL buildings tumbling down the sleepy mountainside with its blue and ochre colours.

The view took my breath away.

'Do you live here? ' I asked not knowing which beauty to take in first, that of the island or that of Adonis standing in front of me with his athletic hard body. I had fallen in love with one and aroused by the other but strangely wasn't to sure which one was which. Can you be aroused by an island? It certainly was a thing of striking beauty.

'No, I come from Athens but I have been here many times as my family are here.' He replied as his hand idly removed the sweat trickling down the side of his chiselled face.

As we neared the harbour he stood so close I could feel the heat radiating from his body next to mine. He was just about to say something when my holiday rep came up to me and gave me my instructions of what to do when we got off the boat. When I looked up again my Adonis was gone.

As soon as I was settled in my apartment I wanted to have a look around the small village I was staying in that was half way up the mountain so I had a quick shower, put on a pair of loose fitting shorts and a plain white t-shirt and strolled out the door. I took my time walking trying to take everything in all in one go when I came across a cluster of small bars and a Taverna.

'Ella, ella.' Said a man pointing to a chair and as it was so hot I sat down and ordered a beer. Even before my beer had arrived I saw a group of donkeys go past carrying lots of rubble. I quickly got my camera out and shot a couple of photos off just as the last one was going past. I photographed more than I realised, as coming down the mountain right behind them was my Adonis. He smiled at me like we were best friends, shook my hand and sat down next to me. My beer arrived straight away in a much needed ice cold glass.

'I'm Michael by the way, what's your name?' I said as I picked my glass up and took a refreshing sip.

'I'm Adonis.' he answered. I nearly choked on my beer as he spoke. I couldn't believe his name really was Adonis. I looked him up and down and noticed his hand was precariously close to the impressive lump that was hiding in his shorts. He began chatting to me but my eyes stayed riveted to where his hand was as he lazily stroked the inside of his upper thigh. I had to cross my legs as I felt my own groin tingling, and embarrassingly growing bigger and heavier inside my shorts. He caught me looking between his legs and his smile broadened and his eyes twinkled as he seductively tucked his thumb just under the leg of his shorts, and slowly moved his thumb side to side on his bare skin. I felt my face go bright red and tried to distract myself by asking for another beer. I was uncomfortably hard between my legs by now and I could even feel myself getting wet there. My heart was beating like a drum and I could feel the electric bouncing around between us. Adonis carried on talking

'You look very hot.' he whispered as he lent forwards

Beads of sweat dribbled slowly down the side of my face. Using the same thumb that he'd just been stroking the most inner part of his thigh with, he gently wiped away the drips down the side of my face. I found it hard not to lean forwards myself and touch his full lips with mine.

'We meet tomorrow and I take you to the best beach,' he said as he stood up. My head went giddy as I noticed the slight tent in his shorts had also grown and before I knew it he was gone again.

I had to shake my head and blink my eyes a few times to focus on reality. My hands were shaking and I had to force myself to calm down. I hadn't even noticed more people had sat down at all the tables and the place was packed with various tourist and locals alike. I wanted to go back to my apartment and lay down for a while but my erection wouldn't go down, it would have been all too obvious to all around if I had stood up so I found myself ordering another beer followed by another. Other people started talking to me and after a long time I was comfortable enough to stagger back to my apartment. I was so tired when I got back I peeled off my clothes and briefly noticed the tell tell signs of how excited I had been earlier. I lay down naked on the bed with a fan next to me as it was so hot and fell into a deep rich sleep and dreamed of the love that has no name.

'Micheal, Micheal!' Was the first thing I heard waking me up from my sleep. Looking around the room trying to get my bearings I heard it again

'Micheal.' I realised it was coming from outside. I quickly located my shorts and put them on and went onto my balcony. I looked down and Adonis was staring back at me with his beautiful broad smile and a rucksack on his back.

'Come my friend, we go to beach now, hurry.' He called out.

'I've just woken up.' I replied 'come on up and I'll have a quick shower before we go.' The front door was already unlocked so I went into the small bathroom and got under the shower. My heart missed a beat as I heard him in the other room as I lathered up my smooth body. In my haste soap got in my eyes and I reached for the towel. Blast! I'd left it in the room where Adonis waited patiently.

'I forgot my towel Adonis, can you bring one in for me please. It's by the bed.' I called out. I felt like a little school girl as I heard the door opening. I'd never felt so naked in my life and turned towards the wall with my shining wet backside on full view to him as I tried to hide my modesty.

'Here.' He said and I felt his arm graze against mine.

'Um.. thanks.' I stuttered felling embarrassed for the second time in two days. I heard the door close, feeling relieved I wiped away the soap out of my eyes and finished off cleaning myself including those most intermit parts. Putting the towel over my head to dry my hair I turned around.

I jumped with shock and nearly fell over. Adonis was still standing there watching me. He must have seen me wash myself between my cheeks was my first thought. He was grinning back like a Cheshire cat.

'Come.' He said. 'we have a long walk and you will be hungry.'

and chuckling away to himself he went out the door but not before I noticed him adjusting his shorts. My face was burning and had gone beetroot red. He had seen me naked. Of course I wanted him to but not like this. I hurriedly finished drying myself put on a pair of swimming trunks and shorts on top. I didn't bother putting anything on top as it was sweltering hot. I came out of the bathroom with trepidation and saw him sitting on my bed. God he was beautiful. I wanted to walk up to him lay him down and lose myself into him.

'Did you enjoy that?' he asked with a mischievous grin as he sat on the bed with his legs out stretched.

'Not as much as you' I answered cocking my head and teasingly nodded towards his crotch. This time his face went red and he swiftly jumped off the bed.

'Come my friend, I know of a really good beach.' He mumbled. He grabbed his rucksack, and like a sheep to the slaughter I followed him blindly out of the door.

We walked for about an hour with Adonis pointing out places of interest and giving me a lesson on the islands history.

'Here we go down.' He said as we looked down steep embankment. Nervously I clambered down and over the uneven rocks and before I knew it we were in a little secluded space right by the waters edge.

We were very hot and the still water looked so inviting we began to strip off our clothes straight away.

'You don't need those here.' He said with a chuckle as he nodded towards my trunks.

I stared in astonishment and apprehension as he peeled off his underpants right in front of me. His backside was muscular and the same colour as the rest of him.

'Come on get those off and join me in the sea. It's great.' He said as he ran stark naked into the crystal clear sea of the Ageon. I took in a deep breath and ran after him but kept my trunks on. The sight of his naked athletic body had made me harden ever so slightly.

The sea was surprisingly warm and I watched as the fish danced about my legs. Looking up I saw Adonis's backside stick out of the water as he went to dive underneath. I was mesmerised as the golden hot sun shone on his naked flesh. I rolled a nipple between my thumb and forefinger and felt the excitement rush through my body straight to my groin. A sigh of heightened pleasure escaped my lips and as I saw his head pop up, I quickly dived under the water. We swam around for a while and he kept teasing me because I hadn't as yet taken my trunks off.

'Maybe later.' I said as he splashed water in my face as we laughed away the cares of the world. It was as if we were the only two people on the planet and that was fine by us.

'No maybe later, maybe now!' and he took a leap towards me. I screamed like a little kid and swam away laughing as I did so. I heard his splashing close behind me and he was giving out a real belly laugh at the same time. I felt his hand touch my ankle so taking hold of my breath I dived underwater. He followed suit whilst underwater he caught up with me and began to tickle me. I thrashed about trying my hardest not to laugh. Retaliating I tickled him back and still underwater we playfully wrestled. I needed air and tried to escape his clutches but he grabbed my swimming trunks at the top and with me squirming about he pulled them down and then off. I made the surface of the water completely out of breath and leisurely swam back to shore still laughing. I'd never been naked in the sea before and found it refreshing as the water caressed between my cheeks and legs. When it was shallow enough I turned around with my backside touching the bottom and my penis just out of the water. Propping myself up by my elbows I watched as Adonis strolled slowly towards me. I watched as first his head emerged then his smooth muscled chest followed by his flat stomach. His skin glistened in the sun and I could now see the fine line of hairs travelled down from his belly button. Feeling exposed I turned around and got up before I saw any more of his wet naked body. I went to his rucksack and pulled out a large towel and after laying it out I laid down on my front. I felt myself being splashed with water as Adonis stood over me still laughing. I could feel the warmth of his body as he lay down next to me. My heart beat faster and my loins stirred as he put a hand on my waist,

'You are like a present from the gods themselves.' He whispered into my ear 'but you are a bit tense.' His hand moved up to my shoulder and gently began to massage me. I closed my eyes as in-between massaging my upper back he would tenderly stroke and caress where he had just manipulated my willing flesh. I moaned in pleasure when he climbed onto my body and sat down with his thighs either side of my hips and his backside on my lower back. I could feel his heavy balls and the shape of his thick penis on my back as he continued to massage me using both his hands. My breathing got heavier and my penis got harder as he slowly and seductively worked his way down my spine. Once he got lower he moved his body lower until his backside was sitting down on the top of my thighs and his warm penis nestled between my cheeks.

'You are beautiful.' He said in a soft tone as his body bent forward and I could feel his warm breath in the centre of my back followed by his lips as he lovingly kissed and licked my spine from the very top to the very bottom just above the groove of my backside. Lost in a world of dreams I manoeuvred my body so that now he was sitting on the bottom of my stomach, my penis sticking up in the warm air and between his cheeks with us both staring adoringly into each others excited eyes.

'What do you want?' he asked as his fingers ran over my chest.

'I want to kiss you.' I answered as my fingers danced up his naked thighs. Bending forwards again His lips touched mine for the first time. I could taste the salt from the sea as our mouths opened up and our tongues touched sending waves of electrical energy rushing through our bodies. Whilst still kissing he moved his body so that he was lying the full length of mine. Our hard penis's rubbed together and I could feel the wetness seeping out of them. I spread my legs and rapped them round his as he slowly rotated his hips into mine. I was in ecstasy and wanted him to take me there and then with the sun beating down on our sweating bodies and the sound of the sea lapping at the shore. He bought his head down a bit lower and licked off the salt from the sea on my erect nipple whilst his hand stroked the contours of my body.

'I want you.' I managed to speak out in my delirious state of arousal. His head came back up and with us both staring lustfully into each others eyes he bought his mouth down onto mine and we kissed each other with a new passion.

'Make love to me Adonis.' I said as I cupped his muscular backside in my hands. Without taking his eyes away from mine he knelt up between my spread legs and moved my legs onto his shoulders. His hand went between my legs and then between my cheeks until he found my entrance. Teasingly he rotated his finger around the rim and his other hand went towards my dripping erection.

All of a sudden we froze in horror. We could hear voices getting closer. In a panic we hurriedly grabbed our clothes and put them on just in time as two people came into view.

'Oh sorry, we didn't realise anybody else was down here.' One of them said.

'No problem we were just leaving anyway.' Adonis said to them whilst smirking at me. We grabbed our things and laughingly, we scrambled back up the rocks until we were back on the road.

We heard a voice calling out Adonis's name, looking about us we saw a man waving him over where he sat in his truck. Adonis told me to wait and that he wouldn't be long. True to his word he was back within a minute.

'I'm sorry my friend I have to go. I forgot my auntie is having a family day and wants me there. I'm sorry. We will meet again.' And looking at my crest fallen face he kissed me on both my cheeks, 'don't worry I will see you again.' he gave me an affectionate pat on my backside and once more he was gone.

I walked back by myself along the harbour feeling a bit down but determined I was still going to enjoy myself and being thirsty I went to the nearest bar. I sat outside and ordered a cool beer and watched all the people milling around. It didn't take long for an army man to sit down next to me and began chatting me up. I was pleased for his company and not before to long he was buying me drink after drink. Because I hadn't as yet eaten the drink went straight to my head and begging my excuses from his company I went back to my room and more of less fell into bed and I was asleep within seconds.

The rest of my holiday was relaxing and quite a few men had tried to chat me up but I kept waiting for my Adonis who I never saw again until the night before I left. He was very apologetic when he eventually turned up at my apartment and I quickly forgave him. He didn't go home that night and we didn't get any sleep at all. He took my body that night time and time again and as he slipped himself into me for the first time he told me how much he loved me. By the time we'd finished our love making the sun was up and I had to rush for the boat. I waved at him as the boat departed and just as I was feeling disappointed at leaving the island and Adonis I felt a hand on my shoulder and something hard pressed against my backside. I looked around and recognised the army man I had been drinking with on my first full day. He smiled at me and nodded towards the toilets. I shrugged and followed, I was on holiday after all.


Neil Gosling

[email protected]


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