As I got home from work I could hear my phone ringing. Fumbling for my keys I dropped them twice. I was in a hurry to hear who was on the other end of the line.

I was hoping it was my friend Brian who I'd now fancied for four years. He was straight, yet the last time I had seen him it had sounded like he was going to come out and tell me he was gay. He'd certainly got turned on I'd told him about being caught and punished by the police. So much so that when he'd stood up there had been a big wet patch in his shorts. I had so much more to tell him now. I wanted to tell him about the policeman's party and all that had happened there. Also what had happened in my boss's office with my boss and Joshua, the blonde haired boy with blue eyes. I wanted to tell him so badly that, when I picked the receiver up, I answered it with a hopeful, 'yes Brian!'

'Sorry, have I got the wrong number?' a gentleman's growling voice asked. 'I'm looking for Aaron.'

Puzzled, not recognising the voice I said, 'Aaron here, who's speaking?'

'This is daddy, boy. I've been trying to ring you for a couple of days now but your phone's constantly engaged.'

It didn't click straight away so I said nothing. Hearing only emptiness he coughed and said, 'from the party remember.... the policeman's party?'

'Oh shit, sorry of course I remember you,' I quickly said feeling my heart leap.

'I hope you don't mind me ringing you at home. I thought it more discreet than ringing your office and making your secretary wonder what the police were doing talking to you. So I got the phone number from James, your boss. He told me you would like to see me again.'

'Oh yes please!' I blurted out without thinking. I heard his deep voice chuckle down the phone. I quickly recovered, feeling myself go red in the face I said, 'that would be nice,' remembering to finish off with, 'Daddy.'

'That's good lad. That's good,' he repeated. 'I want you to come to my house on Friday at seven o'clock, we can chat and take it from there.'

'Seven it is then,' I answered again without thinking.

'My address is on the card I gave you, you do still have it, don't you?' he said a bit sternly.

'Yes of course, I'll see you then. I will really look forward to it.'

'Good.' Is all he said and the phone went dead.

As I put the receiver down I realised that I was sweating and that my hands were clammy. I jumped under a cool shower and lathered the soft soap, letting the water rain down all over my firm, naked body.

Thinking of daddy and what might happen made my cock stiffen. I lathered more soap into my hands slipped a finger right up into my arsehole. I let out a sigh as my knuckle scrapped against my cheeks. With my other hand I massaged the soap into my hairy balls. I closed my eyes and started to imagine what Daddy was going to do to me on Friday night.

'Friday night, shit!' I shouted aloud.

In the heat of the moment I'd forgotten I was supposed to be going around to Brian's. I'd already cancelled last Friday and really wanted to speak to him. I quickly rinsed the soap off my body, stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel. I ran to the phone, getting there in double quick time. I wrapped the towel around my waist and put my hand on the receiver.

'Shit!' I said out loud. 'Shit, shit, shit!' I looked at the numbers on the phone and thought, 'which one do I ring? Brian my good friend, or Daddy my possible new one?'

I looked down wondering who I should cancel and saw my cock tenting the towel. I felt the heavy material trying to weigh down my erection with out success. Its heaviness only added fuel to the fire. I punched some numbers into the phone and let it ring. I swallowed hard and took a deep breath when I heard the voice on the answering machine.

'I'm really, really sorry Brian, I know you need to talk but something's come up and I can't get out of it. My hands are really tied up at the moment,' I said with hope, but feeling guilty at the same time. 'Could we meet up on Saturday instead, or even Sunday? Once again, I'm really sorry about this. Speak to you soon and take care.'

I put the receiver down, took off my wet towel and sat down in my favourite chair in front of the telly. I switched it on and made myself a joint with my hands trembling.

'You really are I shit Aaron,' I said aloud.

I started to puff on my joint and relaxed very quickly. I switched on the video machine and started to watch a newly bought porn film. I wasn't really watching it as the images inside my head were a lot more exciting than what was going on in front of my eyes. I absentmindedly started to caress and juggle my balls in one hand and slowly stoked my hard dick with my other. It didn't take long before my hot cum was plastering itself all over my hairy nipples, chest and flat stomach. I carried on stroking my dick for a while afterwards, enjoying the sensation of my warm cum trickling down my body on to my balls and down the insides of my thighs. I grabbed for my towel and dried myself off just in time. I fell into a deep sleep.

The rest of the week was quite normal, even at work. James, my boss, didn't say anything about what had happened in his office, and so neither did I. I didn't even get a reply from Brian so I assumed he wasn't speaking to me, or he was still ill. I knew he'd eventually ring so I shrugged off the feeling of guilt.

After what seemed a long three day's of doing nothing but paperwork it was Friday and I had two days of doing exactly what I wanted to do. I raced home, looked on the map and found where Daddy lived and realised that it wasn't that far away. I had plenty of time for a shower and shave and to get ready. I looked through my wardrobe and decided to wear a pair of satin shorts, which showed off the shape of my arse perfectly, they clung to my toned cheeks. I put on a tight white tee shirt which revealed the outline of my muscular chest and showed off my nipples.

At six thirty I jumped into the car and headed for Daddy's house. By the time I'd found his modest looking home and parked the car I had to wipe my hands on a piece of tissue as they were already sweating. My stomach was jumping with nerves as my shaking hand knocked on his door. I didn't understand why I was so nervous; I'd already met, and talked to him on the phone.

I mentally shook myself down as he opened the door. He gave me a warm smile and he had a mischievous twinkle in his eye. I looked into his gentle yet stern, hairy face and said, 'hello daddy.' It felt a bit silly coming out of my lips.

'Hello lad,' he growled. 'Come on in.'

He took my hand and led me into a clean, light living room.

'I've only just got in myself,' he said as he gestured me to sit on a brand new leather sofa. 'Would you like a drink?'

He looked down at me and took his police jacket off revealing his sturdy, hairy arms.

'Yes please, have you got any beer?' I answered.

'Of course I have,' he shouted back as he walked into his kitchen.

I just sat there feeling awkward and watched as his backside filling the back of his police trousers perfectly. What a lovely arse he had.

He came back into the room, handed me a glass of beer, sat down next to me and took a long, slow sip of his drink. Then he put the glass on a coaster on the coffee table next to him. He twisted slightly so that we were face to face. He put his hand gently on my knee and said, 'I'm sure glad you came around boy, I've been looking forward to this all week.'

He smiled and winked at me. I felt my heart racing.

'I have as well,' I said, putting my hand on the back of his. He was now stroking my knee.

'I can see that,' he chuckled, looking at my obvious excitement through my tight shorts.

I quickly took my hand off his and used it to try and hide the bulge in my shorts. I felt my face turning red. I hadn't even realised I had a hard on until he'd mentioned it.

'Don't worry lad,' he chuckled. 'That's healthy, and I'm hoping to get a closer look at it a bit later.' He patted my knee.

I don't know why but I kept my hand over the front of my shorts and took a sip of my beer. I nervously glanced around the room and noticed how minimalist it was. There was a medium sized telly, video and DVD player next to the wall and a music system stacked beside that. In one corner there was a single leather chair, and the sofa we were sitting on in front of another wall and a small coffee table in the middle. On the soft white walls were a couple of photographs showing himself and a much older man next to him. They were both in uniform.

'That's my old man next to me,' he said, noticing where I was looking. 'He was a policeman as well, and a damn good one at that. He did it all his life and I will too, I love what I do. What about you, do you enjoy your work?'

'It's okay I guess. Nine to five, five days a week, it leaves me the evenings and week-ends to do what I want. And the wages are pretty good to,' I added, looking into his fatherly face.

'Would you like a joint?' he asked suddenly, taking me by surprise.

'Oh, yes please sir, I mean dad,' I said quickly.

He went to the kitchen and came back with a pre-made joint and an ashtray.

'Never smoke it myself, but always keep some in case someone comes round,' he said passing me the ashtray. He put the joint straight between my lips. Fishing a lighter out of his pocket and lighting it for me he said, 'helps people relax a bit more. Like I said, I don't touch the stuff myself. I like to be in control of things. But you enjoy it son.'

He sat down next to me again. It was strong stuff and it made me cough a few times. He patted my back up and down and I carried on smoking while his big hand gently stroked and soothed me. We carried on talking for a few minutes about each other, what we liked and didn't like, and about music and films. When I'd finished my joint and had put it out, he immediately took the ashtray into the kitchen and washed it up. He bought it back accompanied by another two cold beers and sat down next to me once more. My head was feeling quite dizzy with the effects from the joint.

'Wouldn't you like to be more comfortable lad? Why don't you come over here and sit on my knee?' he asked whilst patting his own knees.

'Okay, why not,' I said.

He took my hand and guided me over to him.

'That's it, that's a good boy.'

I sat on his right thigh, in between his out stretched legs. His arm wrapped itself around me and he told me to put my left arm around his neck. His other hand started to caress my thighs as we chatted away.

'So, you enjoyed the party last week then?' he enquired.

'It was brilliant!' I said staring into his elder, wiser eyes. 'I'd never been to anything like that before.'

My dick was starting to get uncomfortable as it was being squashed in my shorts. I wanted to readjust myself, but thought better of it.

'I must admit, you were definitely the best thing there,' he growled into my ear. His hot breath washed over the side of my face. He was now stroking my inner thigh close to my shorts very gently.

I thought my dick would explode and I could feel the head becoming wet as it pressed itself into my soft, tight shorts.

'I really enjoyed seeing you getting a good spanking boy. Your arse looked like it was on fire by the time they had finished with you. It was bright red. And watching you enjoying every minute was a real turn on for your old dad.'

He moved his hand away from my thigh and slowly circled his fingers around my right, stiff nipple though my t-shirt.

Sitting on my police daddy's lap and him talking to me about spanking was making me feel hornier than I'd ever been before. I don't know if it was the effects of the drink and joint combined, but I blurted out, 'would you spank me now daddy? Please.'

He started to pinch my nipple and continued to stroke my back.

'Do you think you deserve a spanking boy?'

'Oh yes please.'

All of a sudden a piercing hot pain screamed all over my chest. He pinched my nipple hard and pulled it out, stretching the flesh as far as it would go.

'Remember, you are my boy and I'm your daddy,' he said sternly. He looked angry. 'You do as I say when I want. Not the other way around. I'm the one in control here. You don't ask for anything, do you understand?'

He stared into my eyes and pinched my sore nipple again. This sent even more pain convulsing through me.

'Yes Daddy, I'm sorry. I promise I won't ask again,' I said through gritted teeth.

'That's better,' he said more softly. Gently he rubbed my sensitive nipple. 'You're a good boy,' he said putting his hand on the back of my head. He brought it forward to his lips.

I could feel his hot breath on mine as I slightly opened my lips in anticipation. Then he put his tongue out and slowly started licking my top lip, then my bottom lip sending my head into a full spin. I couldn't understand it. One minute he was as ferocious as a lion, the next as gentle as a kitten; sending all sorts of feelings through me. I didn't know where I was going or even what I was supposed to do. He had me under his power already. I was full of lust and need, my head was spinning, my dick was about to burst in my shorts and he had me under his control. He could make me cum there and then or he could hold me back until he was ready. He started to circle my other nipple as he softly licked my lips.

Suddenly he pushed my head right into his mouth sucking my tongue and pinching my nipple hard at the same time. I let out a moan inside his mouth and put both of my hands around his neck. He held my head tightly and carried on sucking as his tongue explored the inside of my mouth for a while. I was squirming on his thigh and I could feel his hard dick in his trousers rubbing against my hip.

He pulled my head away from his mouth and ordered me to put my arms in the air. I did so without question. He grabbed the bottom of my tee shirt and peeled it from my sweating body.

'Get on your knees boy!' he ordered tossing my shirt onto the floor.

Again, I did as I was told.

'Now, undo the buttons of my shirt. I don't want any of your stains on it.'

I started at the top and worked down, exposing his very hairy chest. His furry stomach bulged over his trousers so I yanked out the bottom of his shirt and finished the job. The sight of his open police shirt, showing off his naked body sent me crazy. I forgot everything and quickly dived in to bury my tongue into all that hair.

He grabbed me by the hair on my sideburns and twisted them upwards, forcing me to go wherever his hand went. He placed me over his knee, making my arse stick up in the air facing him. My hard dick pressed against his thighs and my hands were on the floor trying to balance myself.

'I know you want a good spanking boy,' he said sternly.

He pulled my shorts so far up that they went right into my crack and revealed the bottom of my arse. He started to rub his hand hard over my exposed cheeks. I let out a moan of pleasure.

'Do you want a spanking boy? Do you want me to tan this arse of yours?'

'Yes please Daddy,' I said looking at the ground and enjoying the way he was speaking and treating me.

'Well, here goes nothing then.'

I waited for a few seconds to feel that hand come crashing down. I could feel my dick throb in anticipation, my arse waiting to feel that hot tingling sensation.

A few more seconds passed. I could hear the clock ticking and a couple of cars passed the house.

'Stand up!' he ordered without warning.


'Stand up now boy!' he repeated.

What was happening now? I stood up in total confusion with my arse aching for his touch. I looked at him and his face said nothing as he looked back at me.

'I said here goes nothing boy, and that's what you're going to get today,' he said, rearranging his stiff cock in his tight black trousers. 'I know you want a good spanking and I want to spank that sweet arse of yours, but not today. You forgot the rules.'

I looked at him totally confounded.

'You asked for it. You should never ask to be spanked! And you don't do anything until I say so. I only told you to open my shirt, nothing else.'

'I...I'm sorry,' I stuttered. 'I won't do it again.'

I looked down at the floor feeling like a little kid who'd been chastised.

'I know you won't,' he said gently, taking my hand in his and patting it. 'You're a good boy, I can see that. Don't worry too much about it. Maybe we'll sort you out next time.'

'Next time!' I said, jolting my head up.

'Yes, next time,' he answered. He handed me back my t-shirt. 'And next time remember who's in charge.'

I realised he had dismissed me as he got up and went into the kitchen. I just stood there feeling dumbfounded.

'Come back on Sunday at the same time young Aaron. I want to finish off what we started today.'

I turned around and started to walk towards the door. I could not believe that this was happening, but I was strangely excited by it all as well. As I opened the door and stepped through I heard him shout back, 'and remember the rules of engagement if you want me to see to that lovely arse of yours.'

As the door clicked closed behind me and I walked to the car I smiled.

'I still have a lot to learn about being a bottom,' I said to myself.

I felt the wetness in my shorts and the hot cum that had dribbled down my legs.


Neil Gosling

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