I didn't see much of them the following day as they all went out at lunch time and didn't get back until night time, a little worse for wear.

Within minutes I saw the bedroom light switch on so I ran upstairs, sat in what had already become my favourite chair, and looked over to see which of the lads occupied the front bedroom. My heart skipped a beat when I saw that it was the slightly larger lad with the chestnut eyes and handsome face.

He switched on his television set but I couldn't see what he was watching as the telly was just under his window, but I could see him perfectly well as he sat down on his bed where the headboard was at the far end of the room facing towards me. He lit up a cigarette, opened up a bottle of Becks and drank straight from the bottle, while I drank in his beauty. Once he'd finished smoking he carried on watching the telly, only this time he spread open his legs and started to caress himself between his thighs just below his shorts.

I sat in wonder and amazement not believing my luck. I felt the tightness in my jeans as I started to swell up. Using all my will power I restrained from touching myself, wanting the sensation growing up in me to last for as long as possible. I carried on watching as one of his hands now slipped under his tee shirt and he began squeezing and pulling on his nipples. His other hand rubbed his erection through his cotton shorts. His eyes were glazing over but he never took them of the telly.

Cursing, I realised I needed the toilet so I ran to the bathroom quickly and relieved myself. By the time I'd got back he'd stripped off all his clothes and was lying there stark naked except for a white jock strap that looked ready to rip open any second with the strain of his erection.

Sitting forward in my chair I took a closer look through my binoculars, he was now stroking his balls. I watched as he circled his cock head with his thumb, smearing his juice all over and then to my excitement he put the same thumb into his mouth and sucked off his own pre-cum.

I still refused to touch myself, keeping up my heightened state of arousal. He slipped off his stained jock strap and revealed a thick uncut penis about eight inches long. Slowly he began pulling his foreskin up and down picking up speed as he went.

I almost shot my load in my underpants at what I saw next. Laying on the bed he pulled his knees up and spread them wide giving me a clear view of his tight crack, but not for long as his hand came down and he inserted one of his fingers all the way up to his knuckle without any resistance.

All my restraint and will power went out the window as I watched him insert another finger, I quickly stripped all my clothing off and grabbed my aching hard on and began jerking myself off as I carried on watching.

He was now kneeling on his bed, one hand stroking his hard cock and the other one was around his backside. I couldn't see what his hand was doing as his front was to me but I could easily imagine that a couple of his fingers were deeply imbedded up his hot hole as he began moving his hips from side to side then up and down.

I couldn't hold back any more and as I felt the first throb of my ejaculation I saw that he was coming at the same time. I watched with curled toes as his cum shot high in the air and splattering his chest and stomach as it came back down. I didn't stop coming the whole time I watched and I could feel my warm cum dribbling down my own chest and stomach.

For the next two weeks I couldn't wait to get home and into my favourite chair. Every night the lad with the chestnut eyes would lie in his bed and play with himself and afterwards I would watch him as he slept. One night I came three times as I watched him insert a huge dildo up his backside.

Sadly, this was short lived as they eventually bought curtains, but sometimes I still sit in my favourite chair in the hope that they are left open.


Neil Gosling

[email protected]


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