I am his and his alone. He has made me his.

I sit here waiting naked in his dungeon, bound by the chains that cut into the flesh on my wrists and ankles. I am waiting for darkness to fall as I know he will come and see me then. I am awaiting my punishment for daring to have slept with one of the gypsy slaves yesterday. He has been killed by my master but I am his favourite. I know I won't be killed but fear presses into my heart as I know that what I could suffer would be far worse than death. Thoughts of the last time I was punished fill my head. The gipsies had caught me on the instructions of my master and in no time at all I was hung naked by chains attached to my wrists from the ceiling, my feet barley inches from the ground. I was in for a long wait as my master never wakes in the daylight hours. His playground is the night.

The gypsies play with my dangling body and with danger as they know no other body should touch mine. They play with their lives in their hands. If they are caught there will be no pleas of mercy heard. Their bodies will be ripped apart, eaten then spat out again, but they are slow to learn and carry on manipulating my tortured soul. They laugh at the look of sheer terror on my young face as they swing me backwards and forwards. The biggest and ugliest of them stands behind me wielding a knotted leather whip in his strong hand. As I'm pushed backwards he pulls his arm back and I feel the cut of the leather as it slices into my sweating flesh. He hits me so hard I'm propelled forwards again. I scream out as white pain blinds me.

'Where is my master? He will save me,' I think then remember it was him who has put me in this position.

I feel finger nails piercing into my white cheeks and wince with the excruciating pain stabbing into me; yet I also feel my cock begin to stir. My nostrils are suddenly filled with the smell of the grease they use on the doors in the castle I am kept in. Somebody stands before me with his hands coated in it. He smiles at me cruelly and begins to smear it over my hardening cock and bollocks. By the time he's finished my cock is rock hard yet I'm more scared then I've ever been. What will my master think or do when he finds out I've been touched down there? Will I still be his favourite or will he throw me out to the wolves howling in the distance?

I feel more greased up hands on my backside. I wonder who it is and then my eyes snap open wide in shock. Whoever it is is pushing something into my arse. I cry out but am only met with laughter and a sharp slap on my arse cheeks. I realize it's a finger inside of me as I feel his knuckles graze the inside of my tight cheeks. Another fat finger is roughly pushing its way in. I feel my hole stretch and try desperately to accommodate his invading fingers. Another hard slap on my arse cheeks with an open palm makes me wince again and as I do so I lose all control of the muscles inside of me and the invading finger slips all the way in with ease. My body is in turmoil. I do not know what to think. I am in agony as his fingers fuck my arse. I know that he's added a third one and yet... and yet my cock is overflowing with pre-cum.

I look down and watch my stringy juice as it slides down my shaft, over my shaven bollocks and on to the floor below me. If my master knew what was going through my head he would kill me for sure. The fingers inside me keep moving about, one moment he's clenching his fingers then opening them up again, the next he's rotating them, adding yet another finger and then sliding them in and out of my hole. My body is enjoying the attention but my mind is scared. The gipsy then whispers through drunken breath into my ear but I don't understand; he speaks in a different tongue to me. Then slowly I understand what he's said as I feel his nakedness touching my back and between my legs. I know what he wants and I can't do a thing to stop him.

I feel his giant cock nudge against where only my master has been before.

I clamp my eyelids down as tight as possible and wait for the tearing pain that's going to rip me wide open. It never comes. I feel his heavy body fall behind me amid blood curdling screams and I know my Count, my Master has arrived. Only he and he alone can make people scream in such terror as his razor sharp teeth bite into flesh sending their souls into a living hell. They will never die or sleep now. They will spend their whole time day and night serving my master without question. For my master now owns their bodies and minds.

I feel a paralysing fear in the pit of my stomach. I feel him approach me from behind.

'I can read your thoughts little one,' his voice whispers seductively inside my head. 'You were enjoying him being inside you weren't you?'

I know it is useless to lie and hang my head in shame. 'Yes sir, I'm truly sorry.' I say meekly.

'I will show you mercy,' his voice says and then I know pain like no other.

He picks up the whip and thrashes my backside until it bleeds. I am in agony and my screams get lost in the dark dungeon. I hear the whip drop behind me as I feel the blood trickling down the back of my legs. His mighty arms swoop around my chest and I feel his naked body touch mine, his head on my shoulder.

'Hush my little one for I am here to make you better,' he says and his body moves down behind me.

Lightening sweeps through the very fibres of my soul and my cock stiffens again as his tongue runs along each cut. I know he is licking my wounds. Excitement travels through my body and brain as I know I have been forgiven and, as his tongue runs across each burning mark, I knew they are closing up and healed.

He is a master of life and death, he can give either and, for those like the gypsy that had defiled me, he gives both.

Once my backside has been healed he stands behind me once more. This time one of his hands comes round and fondles my erect nipple. The other comes round and grips my leaking erection.

'Now it's time to become one,' his deep voice says in my head and I feel his own hardness enter my loosened hole. I moan out loud, joining in with the cries of the wolves as he fills me with his hardness. He takes his time and I swear his cock is getting bigger in me with each thrust as I carry on singing into the night. He is the master of sin and whilst he fucks me I ejaculated twice, his experienced hand fondling my cock.

'Now join me.'

His orders are in my head. He bites into my neck at the same time as he shoots his hot seed deep into me. As his cum fills me it gets hotter and hotter until I think my body is on fire. My cock explodes violently and streams of my sizzling hot spunk shoot so far out I don't see it land.

'Now we are one little one,' he says and I pass out in his arms.


Neil Gosling



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