Tim couldn't wait for Jed to come back. He'd been away for a month with his truck and he was due home within a couple of hours. The last time Jed had been back he'd stayed for a fortnight and their love making had been more passionate and intense than ever before. Actually they had made love at least once, sometimes twice, every day and three times on Jed's last day before going away.

Today Tim had been shopping with Jed in mind and the new presents were waiting patiently on the recently made bed. The house was clean and tidy and Tim, after a lengthy shower, was sitting by the window watching and waiting for Jed's arrival. His cock was already hard in the new black shorts he'd purchased earlier.

Time passed excruciatingly slowly for him as he kept looking at his watch. He looked out once more and his heart skipped a beat as he saw Jed coming around the corner. They had spoken about this moment over the phone. It was already planned. Tim ran up the stairs and jumped into bed keeping his shorts and boots on but nothing on top. He listened as the key turned in the lock and then the creaking of the door opening and closing.

'I'm home Tim.'

He heard Jed's voice booming out calling for him. His erection jerked in his tight shorts in eagerness.

'Tim...Tim where are you?'

As soon as he heard heavy footsteps on the stairs he pulled the covers over him and closed his eyes.

Jed, who had also been looking forward to this day himself, climbed up the stairs slowly on purpose. His erection was already crying out to be set free from his jeans. In fact he'd fallen asleep the night before with a hard on and it had remained firm all day. He'd even found it hard not to pull his truck off the highway for a quick release along the way.

He ascended the carpeted stairs on a mission and knew his goal was laying in wait for him.

'Tim are you there?' he shouted, knowing full well there would be no response. He knew that Tim would be in the same state of arousal as him.

He put his hand on the bedroom door and pushed it open.

'What the fuck are you doing in bed at this time of day you lazy bastard?' he said sounding annoyed but in full role play.

Tim stayed silent

Jed marched over towards the bed and ripped the quilt off, revealing Tim with his hands down his shorts.

'You fucking pervert playing with yourself what's wrong with you?' Jed shouted with a look of mock scorn on his face.

'I wasn't. I had an itch and was scratching myself.' Tim answered indignity

'I don't believe you, show me!' he demanded.

Tim took his hand away and Jed almost came there and then. Tim was lying there with his legs spread wide open, his boots on and his newly bought shorts with his leaking erection sticking out of the top.

'You lying little shit, you just couldn't wait until I came home could you? Right that's it. I've had enough of your lying. I'm going to give you a good spanking, now. Get out of bed!'

'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, please don't spank me,' Tim begged as he jumped out of bed.

'Come here and lay over my knee,' Jed said sternly as he sat down on the corner of the bed right next to the presents, his new toys. He watched as Tim got closer and closer.

Tim had chosen wisely. The shorts really showed off his athletic backside and it looked as if his dick was just about to rip the front of them wide open.

Tim could see Jed's mighty bulge in his jeans as he got closer and licked his lips.

'Please don't spank me sir I promise to behave in future,' he said as he stood by Jed's powerful thick thighs.

And then his world turned upside down as Jed grabbed him around the wrist and pulled him over his knees.

'When boys are naughty they get their arses well and truly spanked and you certainly are not the exception,' Jed replied as he looked down and started to rub Tim's backside through his shorts.

The air was thick with electrical energy and excitement.

Tim looked down at the carpet and spread his legs a bit wider as Jed's hand caressed and mauled his waiting backside. His heart was thumping in his chest and his dick was throbbing against Jed's thighs. He could feel Jed's erection digging hard into his hip.

'What do naughty boys get Tim?' Jed said as his hand rubbed harder between Tim's cheeks. He was getting more and more aroused by the second at the site of Tim bent over his lap with his arse stuck up in the air.

'They get a good spanking on there backsides sir,' Tim answered as he felt Jed rubbing his hand between his bollocks and arse hole.

'That's right Tim and I'm going to make sure you won't lie to me again. I'm going to spank you with your shorts on first then I'm going to pull them down after a while and spank you on your bare backside, do you understand?'

'Yes sir I understand,' he replied pushing his arse up a bit more to show Jed just how ready he was.

Jed picked up on the sign and pulled his hand back



Jed spanked him for a while then resumed rubbing and squeezing his cheeks giving Tim a break before continuing.

Tim's hard cock rubbed against Jed's thigh each time his hand landed on his backside. He could feel his arse gradually warming up.

'SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!' Tim's cock started to throb, his heart was racing and his arse cheeks were now becoming sore.

'SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!' Jed's hand was starting to tingle with the hard spanking he was dishing out; he could hear Tim moaning with pleasure every time his hand came crushing down.

'Okay Tim you can stand up now whilst I take your shorts down.' He said whilst Tim slowly rose up and stood next to him.

'Are you still enjoying this?' Jed said breaking out of his role play for a second.

'Oh deffanatly, but be careful I think I'm close to coming already, How about you?' He answered with a big grin.

'I'll show you how much I'm enjoying this.' He retorted standing up and quickly stripping of his clothes and sitting down again totally naked and with his dick hard against his hairy stomach.

'Now, before I carry on spanking you I want you to get on your knees and suck my cock.'

Without hesitation and a twinkle in his eye Tim happily got on his knees and took the base of Jed's cock in his hand, bought his head forward and took his meaty fore skin into his mouth. He slipped his tongue in and let it slide all around Jed's cock head. Tim could taste Jed's salty pre-cum. His hand moved up Jed's cock and slowly pulled his fore skin all the way down revealing its angry head. He felt Jed's big hands on the back of his head slightly pushing it forwards. He stretched his mouth open and hungrily took his length right to the back of his throat until his nose was nestled into Jed's bushy pubes. As he carried on sucking on his cock he used his hand, with a firm grip to slide up and down on the base of Jed's cock whilst his other hand played with his bouncing bollocks.

'I'm going to cum! Take your mouth away.' Jed hollowed. He could feel the tingling sensation in his tightening bollocks and down his legs making his toes curl, he grabbed his throbbing cock and wanked himself off until he came all over Tim's beautiful face. Jed watched as spurt after spurt of his hot spunk landed on Tim's cheeks, his nose, his mouth and even his forehead. When he finished cumming he lent forward, cupped his hands around Tim's chin and kissed him on his lips tasting his own seamen.

'Time to continue with your spanking now Tim, Stand up.'

When Tim was standing next to him Jed took hold of the waistband of his shorts and peeled them down slowly to his knees. He looked up to Tim and felt his cock growing again at the site of his face still plastered with his own sperm and with his shorts pulled down showing his glistening erection off.

'That's a good boy now lie over my lap as you did before.'

As Tim bent over he could feel his rosy cheeks spreading open and knew Jed would be able to get a good view of it as he spanked his arse. As he laid over Jed's lap he trapped his cock between his own body and Jed's naked thigh. He also felt Jed's wet dick growing hard underneath him. As soon as he was in position Jed started pinching his warm cheeks sending thousands of small stabbing pains through him. Tim couldn't help himself from moaning in excitement as Jed got closer and closer to his arse hole. He'd on purposely not shaven down there on Jed's order. He could feel sperm dribbling out of his cock and on to the hairy thigh underneath him as Jed found what he was looking for.

'Oh god, oh shit, oh fucking hell that's good!' Tim shouted out wriggling around in pain and pleasure as Jed pulled on the soft hairs covering his crack.

'I'll teach you not to shave, you know how much a like a smooth arse.' Jed said as he continued pulling and tugging on the hairs up and down between his bollocks and arse hole. He had to put his other arm around Tim's waist keeping him in place as he was squirming around all over his lap as he carried on his assault. He knew if he wasn't careful Tim would come over his lap so he picked up one of the presents Tim had bought earlier.

'If you thought your arse was sore before wait to see how it will feel in a few minutes.' Jed said holding a table tennis bat in his hand and sliding it up and down on top of Tim's arse hole.

Jed patted his cheeks slowly and gently at first with the bat letting Tim get used to it. Then without warning,

'THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK!' ' four hard slaps in quick succession. Jed waited for a few seconds for the pain to subside then repeated it,

'THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK!' He noticed how much redder Tim's arse had got and put the bat down for a little while and began gently massaging the now scarlet cheeks.

'God your arse is nice and hot.' He said as he spread open Tim's scolding cheeks even further.

Tim now lost in oblivion raised his arse up a bit higher as Jed put a finger on his hairy crack.

With a dry throat Jed said

'Get up on the bed, I want you to spread your legs, put that red arse of yours up in the air and your face in the pillow.'

Tim didn't know how long he'd been bent over Jed's knee but his body was aching as he got up and on to the bed quickly followed by Jed.

'That's a good boy.' Jed said as Tim got into position.

As soon as his arse was up and his face in the pillow Tim felt Jed's hands on his hot arse and his warm breath hovering over his crack. He knew he was about to get rimmed and his cock twitched at the thought. He felt the wet tongue licking around his opening and Jed's coarse fingers stretching his hole even wider. He moaned into the pillow and kept moving his head from side to side as the tongue delved deeper and deeper soaking his insides up so much that Jed's saliva was leaking out and dribbling onto his bollocks. He was in total ecstasy when Jed inserted one then two of his fingers up his drenched anus and his other hand came round his hip and gripped his cock. Tim pushed his arse backwards and forwards enjoying the sensations going through him as Jed played with his arse and cock at the same time.

'Oh shit, I'm cumming!' He shouted as Jed jerked him off faster and his fingers darted in and out of his loosened hole. Tim's cock exploded and he had to bite the pillow to stop himself from shouting out any loader. His whole body shook and his head felt giddy as his cum spurted everywhere, streams of his pearly white spunk were making a big puddle on the bed covers. He'd never had an ejaculation so strong before he felt exhausted and drained but he stayed in the same position knowing they weren't finished yet as he looked underneath him and through his spread legs and saw that Jed had picked up one of the other presents.

Jed was no where near finished as he picked up a small vibrator and coated it with Tim's cum that was still lying in a puddle.

'I still haven't finished with your arse yet.' He said smiling as he saw Tim watch him as he rolled the toy in his own seamen. 'For lubrication.' He said with a wink.

Jed watched closely and he felt his cock twitch as he inched the vibrater up into Tim. He could hear Tim's load moan's of excitement when he switched the toy on and slowly he rotated it all around Tim's insides, widening his hole up even further. At the same time he smeared his other hand into Tim's still warm sperm still on the bed and coated his own erection and heavy bollocks with it and began pulling his foreskin up and down over his swollen head.

'Fuck me Jed, I want to feel your cum in me.' He heard Tim's muffled voice cry out from the pillow as he gnawed away at it in excitement.

Tim didn't need to be told twice as he slipped out the dripping wet vibrater from Tim's widened hole and exchanged it with his leaking hardness. He moaned in pleasure as he felt his foreskin being pulled back by the damp walls of Tim's hole as he slid his glistening cock home. Once he was deeply imbedded into his partner, Jed spread Tim's red cheeks as far as they could go and watched keenly as he began sliding himself in and out slowly of Tim's rectum. He heard Tim whimpering pleasurably each time his cock nudged his prostate. Their moans and groans filled the air around them as there fucking intensified and the bed began to rock and the noise of the head bored banging against the wall soon joined the noises of passion.

Tim felt his arse hole stretched to the limit as always when Jed fucked him. He stretched his arm out under their spread legs and grabbed Jed's thick and hairy bollocks as he pounded away in his warm moist arse hole whilst at the same time Tim grabbed his own erection and started wanking himself off. Tim could feel the weight of Jed's heavy sac in his grasp and manipulated his nuts in turn before gently squeezing them together. He knew Jed was close to shooting his load as the fucking got quicker. He could feel his arse hole widening as Jed's cock expanded in him and he heard Jed's grunts and groans getting loader and loader. He began massaging Jed's tightening sac harder determined to milk him dry, and then with a load cry of ecstasy from Jed he felt a warm flood of thick gooey spunk flood into his bowls. The knowledge that Jed was emptying his cum into him sent him over the edge and he shot his second load into the already stained quilt below him.

As Jed finished ejaculating he put his arm around Tim's waist and stroked his dripping wet cock and nuts. His head was spinning and he knew he'd never cum so much before as he withdrew his cock out of Tim and saw his sperm trickling out of Tim's still open hole. They lay down together and Jed cradled Tim in his arms.

'That was fucking great.' Jed said smiling lovingly into Tim's smiling face.

Tim put one of his legs over Jed's and he could feel the warm spunk dribbling out of his anus and on to his spanked cheeks remembered something all of a sudden as he started drifting off too sleep.

'What about the other toys I bought?' he murmured.

Jed laughed and ruffled his lovers hair

'All in good time my love, all in good time,' he whispered into Tim's ear as he felt himself falling into a satisfied sleep.


Neil Gosling

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