Their eyes locked together across the crowded room, the air was pungent with the smell of poppers as it hung heavily around them.

Martin, a muscular twenty four year old with jet-black hair, had only popped into the late night bar for a quick drink after work, in fact he was still dressed in his security uniform as he hadn't been home yet. He glanced around the smoke filled room idly. Then he saw him, the most beautiful man he'd ever seen.

Standing at the other end of the room was an athletic looking blonde man, no more than twenty years of age he surmised, and he was staring straight back at him. No not at him, into him Martin thought as he felt his heart pump a little faster.

Martin smiled at him and nodded towards the back door, the blonde man grinned back making him look almost angelic and slowly made his way to the back.

The crisp air was a delight after being in the stuffy bar and hit Martin as soon as the door was opened. He swallowed the air in and walked to the wall opposite, he was standing in an unused alley.

The blonde man walked out, closed the door and without stopping walked straight up to Martin. He put his hands on his shoulders and planted his moist lips on his, Martin felt a bolt of electricity run through his body as their hungry mouths devoured each other's saliva.

Martin grabbed the front of the blonde's jeans and wrenched them open letting his erection spring out into the night air as he wasn't wearing any underpants. Without any words being spoken Martin sank to his knees, took a greedy look at his seven inch erection and put his lips over his cock head. He could taste the salty pre-cum on his tongue as his lips slid up and down on his helmet forcing the man's foreskin to move with them. The young man put his hands on Martins head as his cock hit the back of his throat. Martin was an experienced cocksucker and didn't choke once as the hard cock slid in and out, hitting the back of his throat every time. He cupped the man's hairless balls in his warm hand and slowly caressed them as he continued sucking on his beautiful erection. The blonde started moaning, in lust above him, at his expert touch and Martin realised as much as he wanted to carry on sucking, he wanted to feel this mans cock inside of him even more.

He stood up and gazed into the bluest eyes he'd ever seen, fished into his pocket and, still without speaking, gave him a packet of condoms and some lube.

Still standing face to face he unshackled his uniformed trousers and let them drop around his ankles revealing his white jock strap. He rubbed his hand over his own hardness a few times then took it out of the pouch that had been concealing it.

He stroked his erection in front of the blond man a few times then turned around.

Facing the wall, he spread his legs as far as his trousers around his ankles would let him and put his hands on the wall in front of him. He felt the heat from the young man's body as he stood behind him as his hand went between his cheeks.

Martin could feel sweat dribbling down his body as his excitement built up. As the other mans fingers found his puckered up hole he thrust his arse out towards him and stared to rotate his hips. He closed his eyes as a lubed up finger pushed its way passed his hairy crack and up into his nether regions towards his prostrate. Martin's hard cock quivered as the invading finger found its mark and another one slid in widening him up even further.

As he felt the man's fingers leave him he braced himself against the wall. He felt the man's hands grab his hips and his cock head pressed against his hole. The next moment he was seeing stars as the blonde man plunged his cock all the way up in one swift movement. He gritted his teeth and closed his eyes as the pain travelled through him and the other man kept on fucking him hard. The pain soon gave way and turned to pleasure and with one hand still on the wall he started to slide his hand up and down on his own hardness.

There was urgency in the air as the cock up his arse slammed in and out and he matched the movement thrust by thrust as they moved together in unison.

Sweat soon built up between their hot bodies and it wasn't long before the slapping sounds mixed in with their grunts and groans. The sounds of animal lust bounced of the walls up and down the alley way.

Martin felt his bollocks begin to swell and knew he was about to shoot his load, at the same time he felt the hard cock inside of him begin to grow larger. He let out a load moan as his cock exploded and he shot his cum onto the wall in front of him. His legs buckled slightly under him with the power of his ejaculation and his arsehole went into spasms, clenching hard onto the cock inside him which made the blonde ejaculate inside of him. He could feel the warmth of his cum through the condom and shot the last bit of cum over his hand.

The heavy scent of sex filled Martin's nostrils as the blonde man pulled himself out. A slight breeze rushed in before his arsehole closed up. He stayed leaning against the wall for a few seconds catching his breath and then turned around. The blonde young man with the blue eyes had gone. Martin shrugged his shoulders pulled up his trousers and went on his way home smiling. He could still feel the warmth where the other man had emptied himself into him.


Neil Gosling

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