My partner and I have been together now for eight and a half years. He is 42 and a bit of a hairy bear and I am 38 and a bit thinner but not much. He's always known that my fantasy is to be spanked and dominated and not wanting to hurt me he's never indulged me in this particular fantasy until four nights ago. It was far better than I thought it would be. In fact, as I'm writing this, I'm having to sit on a cushion and even then I have to stand up every now and again as my arse is getting hotter by the second and is still bright red after he indulged me again last night.

It all started five nights ago when he was looking at a certain web site and he saw a video clip of a couple having sex and one of them being spanked. Knowing that was what turned me on, he saved it and told me about it the next day. I hurried home from work excited and turned on the computer. By the time I'd finished watching it the erection between my legs was screaming to be released from my trousers but for once I didn't even let myself have even the slightest rub. Later that same day I thanked him and told him how excited I had been but I wished there had been more spanking but I did like the redness of the man's backside. We had a few glasses of white wine whilst watching the telly that night and feeling tired and a little bit merry we went to bed early. As we lay there with our arms around each other and our legs entwined we began to lovingly kiss as our hands gently roamed around each others' backs. I could feel his erection digging into me as his stroking got a bit firmer. The atmosphere in the room shifted to great excitement as his hands travelled to the top of my buttocks and our kissing got hungrier. I started to massage his hairy arse with one of my hands as he took a hard grip of mine. I moaned out into his mouth with pleasure and then he slapped my arse. Once, twice three times. Our kissing turned frenzied as he kept continuously spanking me. The bed covers went flying on the floor and our bodies shined with sweat. The room was full of electricity and the sound of flesh slapping hard against wet flesh as we got hotter and hotter.

He stopped spanking me after a few minutes, put me on my back and climbed between my legs. Kneeling in front of me on the bed he put my ankles around his neck and took my hard dick in his moist mouth. I was delirious with lust as he took me all the way with his experienced mouth. At the same time he grabbed the hairs just below my bollocks and pulled on them.

'Oh fuck!' I shouted out as shards of pain shot through my body. Whilst he carried on sucking my dangerously-close-to-cumming cock he alternated between tugging at my pubic hair and spanking my now warmed up cheeks. He sat up with a sexy grin on his face.

'Suck my cock if you know what's good for you,' he ordered.

He could have asked for anything of me at that point, so eagerly I got on all fours in front of him and began to suck for all I was worth whilst fondling his big hairy nuts at the same time. I heard him moan as he bent forward with his dick still in my mouth and he carried on slapping my arse like he'd been doing it all his life.

'I want you to cum whilst I'm still spanking you,' he growled hoarsely as he lay down next to me.

This was a dream come true for me so, without hesitation, and still on all fours I got into position with my cock over his and with a tight grip stroked my cock up and down as he spanked me harder and faster by the minute.

'Oh shit, I'm going to cum!' I cried out.

The feeling was so powerful that my whole body shook and I clenched my eyes closed tightly as my partner had spread my cheeks and was now spanking my arsehole. A strong tingling feeling like I'd never experienced before travelled from my toes up my legs and into my tight bollocks. My cock exploded with lust sending spurt after spurt of my hot cum all over my partner's cock and bollocks. As soon as I was fully spent - which took ages - the spanking stopped.

'Lick my balls.' I was told. I got down between his legs and licked and sucked my own sweet cum of his hairy bollocks whilst he played with his cock until he shot his cum all over his belly and chest. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him dry.

'God that was fucking great,' I said with a big smile on my face as we cuddled each other with our legs once more entwined. As we drifted off to sleep I felt a warm tingling feeling all over my very red backside.

Last night we repeated it all but the spanking was more severe and it included him using a leather belt on me before I sat on down his excited cock. Also we took photos as we went along to keep a record of how red my arse really did get. I saw them this morning and now I'm all horny again but I might have to wait a while as my arse is still glowing.


Neil Gosling

[email protected]


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