Even though it was still early in the morning, I decided to drive straight to Brian's house. It was an uncomfortable drive as my backside still felt red raw from the spanking that Ian had given me the night before; I had to keep changing my seating position in the car to get comfortable.

It was threatening to be yet another hot day and it was only eight o'clock. The sweat was already dribbling down my forehead as I parked my car in front of Brian's house.

A pang of guilt swept through me as I stood before the block of wood that covered the broken window in his front door. I had been such an idiot, I didn't even know if he would speak to me again but I had to try and smooth things over with him. Taking in a deep breath I knocked on the door. I knocked again two minutes later, harder this time as there had been no response from the first.

'Hold on for fuck's sake,' came his annoyed voice from the living room.

Maybe this had been a bad idea after all. I thought to myself as I felt my hands begin to shake with nervous tension.

'Have you any idea what time it is?' he said irritably as he opened the door. And then he stopped dead in his tracks.

I stood staring back at him for a few seconds.

'I... I've come to apologise Brian. I'm really sorry for the way I behaved yesterday. Can I come in and talk?'

Without saying a word he left the door open and walked back into his living room. Following him in I couldn't help but admire his muscled bare back and his smooth naked legs under the small towel he'd wrapped around his waist.

'Sit down and I'll make us a coffee,' he said. Without looking at me he disappeared into the kitchen.

As I sat down I noticed quite a few empty beer cans scattered around the room and a half empty vodka bottle. I found myself wondering if Joshua had stayed after I'd walked out and then I wondered if he was lying in Brian's bed as I was sat there. I mentally shook my head trying to get rid of all the thoughts and images flowing into my mind.

Before I realised it Brian was back and pushing a steaming hot coffee into my hands. He sat in the armchair opposite me. All of a sudden I didn't know what to say and found myself tongue-tied. The silence that filled the room became almost unbearable. Once more I felt the heat from my backside glowing through my trousers but this time I stayed still.

'Before you say anything Aaron, I need to tell you something but the last thing I need is you running out on me again like some drama queen,' he said looking directly into my eyes.

The now familiar feeling of being a naughty schoolboy washed through me and I could feel my face turning red. I nodded in silence.

'It's taken me years of soul searching to get to this point in my life,' he said. 'And even now I'm still not certain of what I am.'

Tears started to form in his chestnut eyes as he struggled on. I remained silent listening to his every word, not taking my eyes from his for one second.

'This is the hardest thing I've ever had to tell any one in my whole life Aaron, but...but I think...I think I might be gay.'

I noticed his knuckles had turned white where he gripped his cup.

'That's not all of it,' he added, looking down at the floor now. 'Over the last few years we... we've been good friends haven't we?'

'Very good friends,' I replied wanting to take him in my arms and hold on to him tightly into my chest. I knew what he was saying was very hard for him and my heart went out to him. Smiling nervously he looked back up but avoided looking straight into my eyes.

'Last night I thought I'd lost you. I thought I'd lost our friendship. I thought I'd lost everything. Over the years I've grown closer to you than I have anybody else, Aaron. Don't laugh at this but I have to let you know how I feel....I'm...I'm...Oh shit why is this so hard to say?'

'Don't worry, take your time,' I said softly. I could hardly breath with the thought of what he was about to confess.

This time he looked directly at me, took in a deep breath and said, 'fuck it! Hear goes then. Aaron I'm in love with you and always have been.'

A single tear rolled down his face as I put down my cup and jumped towards him. My heart felt like it was exploding. Planting my legs either side of his I sat on his lap and pulled his head into my chest.

'You have no idea how long I've waited to hear those words. I love you too. I didn't want to tell you before, as I was scared you'd tell me fuck off.'

Putting my hands either side of his face I lifted his head up.

With tears of happiness our lips met for the first time.


Neil Gosling

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