'Good to see you on time, come on in and join the party,' a hairy fat man dressed in leather said to James.

James answered him only by walking in as he hadn't been given permission to speak as yet.

James was nineteen years old but could be younger if that's what somebody wanted. He had a youthful face and was classed as being thin. He'd met the burly man by chance only the other night and had been invited to the party on the strict orders that he would be a slave for the night and to do whatever he was told.

The house was packed with men in various clothing. There were men in leather, army, and police uniforms and there were some men already naked. The place was heavy with the smell of dope. James noticed that there were a couple of men tied down and bent over the sofa whilst people were taking it in turns rimming and fingering them.

'Okay , have a good look around the room because it will be your last,' the robust man said as he put a blind fold over James' eyes. Even though he couldn't see anything now the smell of man sweat filled his nostrils and he felt himself getting hard.

'Now strip, I want to see what I'm paying for.' He was ordered.

Slowly and provocatively James peeled of his tight t-shirt and shed his leather trousers.

'Keep your boots and jock strap on ,' the master told him.

Once he was finished undressing he felt course fingers scrape over his nipples, then somebody else's hands squeezing his arse cheeks and more hands on his smooth thighs. The smell of the dope made him feel high and with all the hands mauling his youthful body it wasn't long before his erection was sticking out the top of his jockstrap. The sound of other people being ordered around and the occasional slapping sound of somebody being spanked filled his ears.

More unseen hands took a hard grip of his bollocks and squeezed hard making James take a sharp intake of breath as the pain stabbed through his body. Then more pain as somebody slapped his backside even harder.

'Quiet if you want to leave this place with your arse still in one piece!' a deep voice boomed in his ear.

'Take him into the living room,' another voice said.

He felt something being buckled around his neck and then somebody tugging him blindly forward on a leash.

James could now hear moans and groans of pleasure near him and voices shouting.

'That's it fuck him harder, fuck him harder!'

'I'm gunna shoot. I'm cumming. I'm cumming!'

'Don't you dare cum yet don't you dare!'

Obviously the man did cum as the next thing James heard was the sound of heavy spanking bouncing of the walls and an angry voice shouting

'I told you not to cum yet you little fuck pig, pass me a belt someone he's really going to get it this time.'

As the spanking continued a different voice ordered, 'get down on your knees and open your mouth. Somebody tie his hands behind his back, I don't want this bitches' hands to touch me.'

Hands gripped him and yanked his own behind his back. Within seconds James' hands were securely bound. James loved the feeling of being used and abused and he could feel pre cum dribbling out of his erection.

'That's it now suck on daddies dick.'

He felt the strangers' cock touch his lips. James could smell and taste cum from the cock and got even more excited at the thought that it had probably just been up somebody's arse.

He quickly took the man's length all the way to the back of his throat and felt his pubes tickle his nose. As he sucked on him somebody started to tug on his nipples sending pleasurable pain threw him once again. The man whose cock was in his mouth started groaning and James felt him throbbing inside of him and then the cock exploded right down his throat.

'You'll need something to wash that down with lad,' a voice said next to him and when the first man vacated him the new voice, now in front of him, said 'we're not finished with that mouth of yours yet, keep it open.'

The next thing James knew was hot liquid gushing down his throat and all over his face and he realised the man was pissing over him. He was being used as a toilet. He was in heaven. The man's piss had a strong odour and seemed to go on for ages. James could feel it dribbling off his face and down his body. He felt somebody untie his hands

'Get on all fours and dry his cock up with your mouth,' another unseen voice said and once again he had a mouth full of cock.

Someone started to piss all over his arse and at the same time he felt a tongue enter his hole and lap up the piss that was flowing between his cheeks. And in the background he could still hear the sound of someone being spanked with a belt. The man lapping at his drenched hole inserted a finger right up into him. James nearly came on the spot as his finger probed deeper. The cock he was sucking on withdrew from his mouth and James felt his warm come splash over his face and onto his lips. As the man at his arse inserted another finger up his hole another cock was shoved into his mouth. The man behind him started finger fucking him harder and harder and slapped his wet cheeks at the same time.

'My turn at his arse now,' said a voice James recognised. It was the fat man that had opened the door to him. His arse hole snapped shut as the fingers popped out.

James missed having something up his arse but didn't have to wait to long as the big man stepped behind him and put his cock head against his entrance. Under his blindfold James's eyes bulged, his cock felt unnaturally wide and he wasn't even in yet.

'Okay pussy hold on tight because this is going to hurt.'

The pain was incredible as he rammed his cock home. James had never felt pain like it, His arse hole had never been stretched so far. He thought he was going to pass out any second and wanted to scream out but the cock in his mouth prevented him from doing so. The man fucking him slowly withdrew inch by inch then unmercifully rammed it back in hitting James's prostate. And then he repeated himself a few times before getting into a steady rhythm.

The pain inside of James soon died down and he clung on for the ride of his life. His own cock was like a tap that he couldn't turn off. He was dribbling cum all over the place as the large cock drove itself in and out picking up speed all the time. As the big man was about to shoot his load James felt his cock grow even bigger inside of him and thought his arse hole was actually going to split wide open. The two men invading his body came at the same time. The man fucking his face came down his throat so much that James nearly choked on his spunk and, simultaneously, he could feel the hot come spill out into the condom inside him.

As soon as the big man withdrew someone else took his place. James was relieved this one was smaller.

'Stick your tongue out,' the big man ordered, now standing in front of him.

James was on all fours plastered in come with a cock crammed up his arse and his tongue poking out. He tried to imagine what he must look like to everybody and his cock throbbed at the vision.

'Now suck my cock clean.'

James realised the man was still wearing his filled condom as he smacked his wide cock across his lips. He spread his mouth as far as possible and took the head of his cock in. He savoured the taste of his own arse hole on the condom and he could feel the heavy sack at the end where the man's warm sperm lay on the top of his tongue. His mouth ached from the stretching. It was like having a small fist in his mouth.

'Go on, take my cock you fucking pussy!' the man demanded as he grabbed a handful of James's hair and pulled it towards him roughly forcing more of his hard cock into James's bruised mouth.

He was finding it hard to breathe as the man forced more and more of his cock down his throat. He relaxed his throat muscles and breathed through his nose to make it easier on himself. The man behind him started fucking him harder and faster and slapping his arse at the same time. Somebody else must have been wanking themselves off next to him as the next thing James felt was come landing over his arse cheeks. The big man who was face fucking him took his cock out and emptied his condom onto James's tongue. Then he shoved his cock in again. James was now being forcibly fucked like a rag doll from both ends and thought that any minute both cocks would actually meet each other. He was loving every second.

With a howl the man behind him pulled out and let out a stream of come all over his back and James could even feel some of it land in his hair.

'Okay ,' the hefty man said, 'lie on the floor and wank yourself off. I want to see you come all over yourself.'

James lay down in a pool of piss and cum. Somebody ripped his jock strap off and at long last his blindfold was removed. He took a firm grip of his erection and, with his legs spread, started pulling his foreskin up and down. When his eyes adjusted to the light he realised he was totally surrounded by naked men wanking themselves off. Somebody started to piss over his bollocks causing a relay of men to shoot their come onto James's face, body, bollocks and cock. This sent him over the edge, his body stiffened his toes curled right up and with an animal sound he came, spurt after spurt after spurt. He was fully drenched in man juice and, after the last man finished coming over him, the fat man threw down a bundle of notes onto his wet body.

'Okay fuck pig you can go now your clothes are in the hallway.'

And then he turned away and went on to someone else. James got up and put his clothes on top of his cum filled body and opened the door. He took one last look around and realised the '' from earlier was still having his arse well and truly spanked. He smiled at the sight and rubbed his arse at the thought of his next job.

He left quietly and discreetly.


Neil Gosling

[email protected]


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