As it was still early and I was up for a good night, I decided to give Brian a ring with the hope he was still at home. I'd got back home and had a shower after leaving my police daddy's house. I felt ready to go out somewhere, as the night was still young, but was not too sure where I wanted to go.

The phone rang, and was immediately picked up at the other end.

'Yes,' was all he said.

'Brian, it's me, can I still come round or have you made other plans now?' I asked, feeling a bit sheepish.

'Aaron, good to hear you on the phone rather than the answer machine. 'Of course you can come round mate, what time?' He sounded enthusiastic.

'Is half an hour okay for you?'

'Yeah, all right mate, see you soon then,' he said and put the receiver down.

I looked at the phone and shrugged, Brian was normally a chatty person on the phone. I wondered what was wrong, but decided that if he wanted to tell me, he would.

Twenty minutes later I was banging on his front door.

'Why wasn't he answering?' I thought to myself. Knowing the shops were only a few minutes away I thought that maybe he'd gone to get some drinks, so I thought I would wait. After ten minutes of waiting on his brick wall I decided to try knocking again. This time the door was opened after just a couple of knocks, and a red faced, half dressed Brian opened the door with only a small towel wrapped around him, revealing his muscled chest and thin waist.

'Sorry mate, you been waiting long?'

'No.' I lied. 'I've only just got here.'

'Come on in, come on in,' he said hurriedly. 'You know the way by now.'

As I walked in and passed him I could smell the strong odour of his sweat, and something else that I recognised, but couldn't quite put my finger on what it actually was.

I walked through his tiny hallway, lifting my feet up over bits of engine and tools and went into the living room. I was used to seeing his room like the hallway, having to climb over discarded clothes and other junk, but this time I was somewhat surprised about how clean and tidy it was.

'Expecting someone where you?' I looked back at him as he followed me into the room. And then I remembered: all the time I'd known him, I'd never known him to wear aftershave, and there was a lingering smell of it in the living room.

'Err...No,' he replied stepping passed me. 'Want a beer?' he muttered.

'Yeah, I'm in the mood for a good drinking session,' I said clasping my hands together and giving them a rub of joy.

Once I had sat down on his sofa, and Brian had gone into the kitchen, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. I turned around curiously to see who it could possibly be. If it weren't for the fact that I was already seated, I would have fallen down in shock. Sauntering down the bottom of the stairs was a youngish athletic, naked body with a towel around his head drying his hair. I didn't see his face but certainly recognised his voice as he shouted out,

'What time did you say Aaron was coming round Bry?'

I was rooted to the spot. My mouth wide open I just gazed without thinking at his beautiful hairless cock swaying and dangling proudly like a heavy pendulum, unashamedly in front of him.

Thoughts and questions started to race around in my head.

'What the fuck?' was the first one to come to mind.

Brian, or Bry, as he was now obviously called, came racing out of the kitchen, his face beetroot red. He stopped abruptly as he saw me looking at them both.

'Bry...' the youth shouted again, but stopped in mid sentence as he took his towel away from his still damp hair.

We all stared at one another in a tense silence. I was sitting there, staring into the flawless face of Joshua.

I tore my eyes away from his and looked at Brian, silently begging for an answer to an unasked question.

'Oh shit! I'm really sorry Bry,' Joshua said breaking the awkward silence. He put his hand on Brian's naked shoulder and stared into his eyes.

As soon as he spoke I started to feel really angry, realising at once what was going on. I jumped of the sofa and ran to the front door, hot salty tears started to swim down my face.

'Aaron stop. Let me explain,' Brian shouted running towards me.

I spun around as he neared me and with all my might shouted, 'Fuck off, just fuck off...Bry!' I finished off blubbing out the last word. I turned around and left his house with a loud bang, slamming his door so hard it shattered the window pane.

I drove blindly around, angry with Brian, angry with Joshua but mainly, angry with myself. I couldn't understand my reaction. Brian was only a friend after all. I'd gone to his house thinking he was going to tell me he was gay, and that he fancied me, or at least, that's what I'd been secretly yearning for. I realised he was gay, but obviously in love, or in lust with Joshua, not me. When and where, and how, had they met?

I drove around for about half an hour with more and more questions in my head, but gave myself no answers. I was snapped out of it by my mobile ringing. I looked on its screen thinking it might be Brian. I didn't recognise the number so, taking a deep breath to keep myself under control, I answered with, 'yes?'

'Is that the way you should be answering your daddy boy?' came back the deep growling voice on the phone.

'Oh fuck, I'm sorry, I'm not in the best of moods at the moment. I've just had a bit of a shock,' I said, not knowing why I was telling him. I just felt an urgent need to tell someone, anyone.

'I'm sorry to hear that Aaron,' he said, using my name for the first time. 'Are you okay?'

With that question I had to park the car as my tears started to flow down my cheeks again.

'Aaron...Aaron, are you okay?' he asked again sounding genuinely worried.

'Yes, no, sorry I'm not. Can you phone me back later?' I said ready to put the phone down, wiping my fresh tears away at the same time.

'I can do, but I'm worried, do you want to come round and talk to me about it? Would that be of any help?' daddy asked gently. I looked at the phone unexpectedly wondering what to say. Gingerly I whispered in a hoarse voice, 'yes please, is that okay? Would you mind?'

'No, not at all, that's what I'm here for. Come straight round and I'll give you a strong drink and something to smoke and you can tell me what's wrong if you want. Or we can speak about something entirely different. It's up to you.'

'Okay, I'll be straight round, and thanks,' I said turning the phone off.

By the time I got to daddy's house I'd calmed down a bit and felt slightly foolish as I parked the car up. He was standing there in his dressing gown, already waiting for me in his open doorway with the light on. It was now night and very dark.

As soon as I reached him in the doorway he wrapped his muscular arms around me and gave me a big bear hug. I could feel the warmth of his body as I melted in his arms.

'Come on in Aaron,' he said gently.

As we walked into his living room, his arm slipped around my waist

'Sit down and I'll bring you that promised drink and something to smoke.' He led me to his big sofa. I sat down, still feeling foolish.

'Thanks for all this,' I muttered. 'I'm really sorry for disturbing you.'

'That's all right boy.' He smiled as he bought in a couple of beers and a joint in an ashtray. 'You'll soon feel better after this.'

He sat down next to me and gave me the joint and a beer at the same time. I looked down at his powerful naked legs as he crossed them.

'Here, have a light, it wont help you if you don't light it,' he said, producing a lighter out of his dressing gown. While doing this his dressing gown slipped a bit revealing more of his legs and I caught a glimpse of his hairy thighs.

He started to chat away as I smoked my joint. By the time I'd finished it I felt totally relaxed and happy to be in his company.

'Why don't you take of your shoes and socks? Make yourself at home,' he suggested.

As I bent over to untie my laces one of his hands started to trace the shape of my back. Purposely I took my time, enjoying the feel of his big hand as it searched itself slowly up and down. As I sat up again he suggested I lie down and put my feet up. He gave me a cushion that I put behind my neck as I stretched out on the sofa and rested my feet on his now open legs.

'Now,' he said as he massaged one of my feet, 'do you want to tell me why you were so upset earlier?'

His fingers worked their way in between my toes. I'd very nearly forgotten that I had been upset but I told him about Brian and Joshua and even told him that I couldn't understand why I was so upset about it all. After all, Brian was just a friend.

'Maybe you felt betrayed,' daddy offered as an explanation as his strong hands started to massage my other foot. 'Maybe you thought it should have been you coming down the stairs naked. Or even that, maybe, he doesn't love you as much as you love him.'

His hands were now massaging the back of my heel; I could feel a tingling sensation travelling up my legs.

'Have you told him how you feel towards him?' he asked.

'No,' I answered. The fact that I was in love with him was slowly dawning on me. 'I've always been too scared that I would scare him of if I told him.'

'Well it seems to me that you need to talk to him. You're really scared for yourself not for Brian.'

'Yes, I suppose you're right. I've been a total idiot. I'll go round tomorrow and see if he's still going to talk to me.'

I could now feel his fingers digging into my calf muscle as he continued massaging me. The tingling sensation had now reached my groin and I could feel myself begin to swell.

'I'm sure he will, and I don't think you've been a total idiot.' Daddy said softly. 'A bit daft maybe, but not an idiot. Remember Aaron, love is blind sometimes.'

I looked up into his face as he said this.

'You're really tensed up. A good massage will soon sort you out but this sofa isn't big enough. Shall we go to the bedroom where you can stretch out properly?'

'I'd like that very much, yes please,' I answered with a dry throat.

I got up of the sofa and followed him upstairs, rearranging my hard-on in my jeans on the way. It had gotten uncomfortable in the confined space of my underwear.

'Remember,' he said as we entered his big bedroom, 'you still have to do as I say.'

And I nodded in agreement as he closed the door.

The room was very clean and, like the living room, had very little in it. There was a single wardrobe, a chest of draws, a bedside table and, dominating the room in the centre, a king sized bed.

'Now stay where you are and don't move,' he ordered as he stood in front of me.

He put both of his hands on either side of my face and bought his lips towards mine. My heart started to pump a little faster as his lips pressed against me. His mouth opened up making mine do the same as his tongue slithered over my own. I could feel myself sweating as I inhaled his masculinity. I drank on his saliva as his kissing got passionate and his tongue searched the inside of my mouth. He pressed his body into mine, making me step backwards. I was feeling giddy with the adrenalin that was rushing to my head and mixing with the joint I'd previously had.

'Time for your massage lad. But first I'm going to undress you,' he added as he slowly started to unbutton my shirt.

I watched him as he undressed me. When he had finished unbuttoning my shirt he let it hang of my shoulders for a while as he slipped his hands up my excited body and over my hard nipples. He squeezed them hard enough for my brain to register the pain but not quite hard enough to make me cry out. He knew exactly what he was doing as his fingers danced around my chest.

My shoulders shuddered. The tension was building up in the room. My shirt slipped further down my body and then onto the floor at my feet. Daddy's tongue found its way into my mouth again as he unhooked my belt and slipped it out of my jeans. He threw the thick leather belt behind him and it landed on the edge of the bed. He was still sucking on my tongue as his big hands came around and started squeezing the cheeks of my arse, and grinding his own hardness into mine.

'You like this don't you boy?' he growled as his fingers dug in harder, forcing me to suck in a breath of air.

'Oh yes, this is fantastic,' I muttered back.

He took a step backwards, took hold of the front of my jeans and undid my top button.

'That's it, just relax and I'll make sure you feel good,' he said as he smiled gently at me.

He finished undoing all the buttons on my jeans and slowly slid them down to my ankles. My cock sprang forwards, glad to be released from the tightness of my jeans, but it was still confined within my white jockey shorts. I looked down as I stepped out of my jeans and noticed a large wet patch had started to leak through at the top where the head of my hard erection was poking up, making a tent effect and straining to get out.

Daddy had noticed this as well as he chuckled and said, 'we'll soon have this sorted out for you son.'

As he stood up again his fingers very gently scraped through the material of my jocks and over my tight balls. I had to steady myself as I could feel my legs shudder and my knees buckle with the sensations that he was sending through me. I felt my juice slowly leak out of the slit of my erect cock and my wet patch grew immediately bigger.

'Now for that massage young Aaron. Go and lie on the bed with your head facing one of the pillows.'

Obediently I walked over to the large bed and crawled onto the soft duvet. On all fours I slowly crawled towards the pillow with my arse stuck high up in the air giving daddy a good look at my willing invitation. Gently I lowered myself down, my face on the pillow and my wet hardness sticking into the comfort of the fresh smelling duvet.

I felt the extra weight on the bed as he climbed over me, putting his legs either side of my backside he sat down on me. He was naked now. I could feel the weight and heat of his bollocks and cock as they nestled themselves in between my cheeks. The hair on his legs tickled me as he pressed his thighs into mine and gripped me tightly.

'This might be a bit cold at first so be careful. I don't want you throwing me off with the shock of it,' he said.

I felt a really cold liquid being sprayed over my back. I was glad of the warning as my body automatically stiffened. The room filled up with the smell of baby oil. I felt it trickling down my sides and dripping on the bed covers. Quickly, he scooped it up and spread it all over me and then gently he started to massage my shoulders with his powerful hands.

I moaned out in pleasure as his hands worked their way around my back. With each muscle that he massaged he would start off gently and then gradually get harder and harder. Then gently again, slowly, he made his way to the bottom of my back. He pulled the top of my jockey shorts down ever so slightly, revealing the tops of my cheeks to him. As his fingers massaged me there his thumbs slid up and down the inside of my cheeks but only near the bottom of my spine.

He changed his position, moving down so he could work on my legs. He lent forwards and squirted more baby oil from the back of my knee to the top of my legs. He put the bottle down and started caressing my thighs slowly upwards. My body was on fire and I was tingling with excitement as he tickled the inside of my thighs at the very top. My arsehole was pleading for attention so I stuck it up in the air slightly as his fingers played with my thighs.

He asked me to give him another pillow, which I did, then he said, 'raise that arse of yours high up boy.'

As I did so he slipped the pillow underneath me. I lay down on it with my ever leaking hard-on pressing into it as his fingers found their way to the front of my thighs. He massaged them harder. I felt like a dog on heat with my upturned arse and my legs spread wide to let him do anything he wanted to me. I couldn't help myself and I started moaning with pleasure. After teasing me for a while his fingers gently slid up and down on my jocks between my bollocks and my arsehole.

'Are you enjoying daddy's little massage son?' he whispered as his finger pressed slightly into my hole.

'You bet I am!'

I was in a world of my own as I started to squirm on top of the pillow making my cock dig in deeper.

'God, your daddy's feeling hot boy. Now put you arms behind your back.'

As soon as I did so he sat on my wrists immobilising them at once.

I moaned out loud as he massaged the cheeks of my arse, spreading them wide with every hard caress. I could feel my hole winking back up at him every time he spread my cheeks open. Then without warning, and bringing me back into the real world I felt a slight slap on my arse cheek right in the middle.


'Are you ready for this boy? Are you really ready for your daddy to give you a long hard spanking?'

'Yes, oh yes please daddy,' I said with a muffled voice as my teeth bit into the pillow.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

He spanked my cheeks alternately leaving a second or two between, before he spanked me again. He started gently at first but got harder the more he spanked. I could feel my cheeks warming up and my cock felt ready to explode inside of my jockeys. I pushed my head further into the pillow and bit harder into it as the spanking got more intense. It wasn't long before my arse started to burn.

Smack! Smack!

Smack! Smack!


His hand didn't miss a beat as he covered my backside with his spanking. He even spanked the very top of my thighs. After what felt like ten minutes of constant spanking he said, 'right boy, lift up your hips.'

I could feel his coarse fingers on the waistband of my jockeys even before I'd raised myself up. Quickly he pulled them down to my knees. As soon as they were down he took hold of my tight bollocks and rolled them about in his giant hand. His hand felt hot after slapping my arse and I let out another moan.

'You've got one hell of a red arse,' he said, as his other hand massaged my cheeks. 'But still not quite red enough and my hand's starting to tingle so it's the belt for you now boy.'

His fingernails dug deeply into my sore cheeks and he scrapped them all over. Pain and pleasure shot through my body and I felt my toes curl up and my heart race. I didn't know if I could take any more but I'd put myself in this position and was determined to follow it through.

He let go of my bollocks and I felt the shift of weight change on the bed as he picked up my belt that he'd thrown there earlier.

Crack! Crack!

He brought the belt down hard twice. My whole body stiffened with the intense pain. After just those two slaps I could feel the welts rising. He took a breather and ran his fingers along the lines where he'd just hit me.

'That looks better,' he said thoughtfully. 'But I can't get a proper swing at your arse in this position. Go and stand at the end of the bed and bend over.'

I gulped and slid of the bed being careful not to let my burning skin touch the duvet. I was in so much pain.

As I got off the bed I took a quick look at him and saw his massive dick standing up proudly glistening with pre-cum. All this was going to be worth it if that was going to be my reward. I got around to the end of the bed and bent over as far as I could.

'Spread those legs as wide as you can,' he ordered as he stood behind me. My legs started to shake as I spread them until they were so far spread that the palms of my hands were balancing me on the floor.

'That sure is one fuckable hole you've got their sonny boy,' he said. His fingers slid up down either side of my crack but did not actually touch it. His other hand came around my waist and grabbed hold of my raging hard-on. I jolted slightly as his finger smeared my own pre-cum up and down it, coating me with my own gooey liquid. His hand slid my foreskin over the ridge of my cock-head at the same time as the fingers on his other hand started to rotate against my hot crack.

I started shaking my head as I felt the pressure building up in my bollocks I didn't want to cum yet but knew it wouldn't be long. The pleasure was searing through me as his fingers stimulated both my front and back simultaneously.

'Now to continue with your spanking lad,' he said as his hands came off of me.

Once more he picked up the leather belt and stood behind me. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth in anticipation of the pain that was going to land on my arse.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The belt landed on me. These weren't as hard as the previous ones but still stung on top of what I'd already been given. Again there was a pause as his hands roamed over his handy work. He let the pain subside slightly and then he continued punishing my sensitive cheeks.

Crack! Crack!

A bit harder this time and then another breather. By the time he'd finished using the belt my arse was on fire yet my hard-on had remained the whole time.

'Now hold on to the edge of the bed,' he said.

'I'm sorry, I don't think I can take any more,' I admitted meekly. I was scared that he was going to hit me with the belt again and that I couldn't take it.

'Don't worry son I've finished with the belt. I'm going to help alleviate some of that pain for you. Now put your hands on the bed like I asked you or you will get some more.'

I obeyed without hesitation, glad that he'd finished with his spanking.

I felt him kneel behind me on the floor. I flinched with the pain still bellowing from my scolded arse as his hands gently touched them. He spread my cheeks open and I felt his hot breath hover over my crack. Then I jolted again but this time through excitement as I felt his tongue flick over my hole.

Using his thumbs he spread my crack even wider and pushed his tongue right in. I closed my eyes and imagined what he was looking at as he delved in deeper, searching my insides with his long tongue. As he was deep rimming me his fingernails scraped across my burning arse, the pain and pleasure was so intense it wasn't long before my bollocks started to tighten up and I knew I was going to cum any second. Behind me my daddy removed his tongue and shoved in two of his large fingers, straight up without any warning. They sent me to the point of no return as I felt my cock swell and pulsate as I shot my load all over the bed. Using his other hand he quickly grabbed my bollocks and started to milk every last drop out of me.

'That's a good boy, cum for your daddy.'

I was moaning like crazy as I shot wad after wad and his fingers kept moving in and out of my arsehole.

'That's a good boy,' he repeated once I'd finished. 'Now turn around and suck on daddy's dick for a while.'

As I knelt into position my scorched arse touched the heels of my feet. The pain made me sit up higher.

'That's it, suck my dick,' he said. I took his thick member in my hand and pulled his foreskin back revealing the angry head beneath. I poked my tongue out and licked his pre-cum off and then licked around his ridge.

'I could get anybody to do that,' he said grabbing my hair.

He was talking to me like I was trash and I was turned on by it. I opened up my mouth and he tugged my head forwards using my hair.

'That's it, suck on my dick. Suck your daddy's dick for him.'

He lunged forward forcing his cock all the way in to the back of my throat until his pubes tickled my nose and his heavy bollocks slapped against my chin. He kept a tight hold of my hair as he slid his hard cock in and out like a battering ram. My lips started to feel bruised and were tingling as he face fucked me.

'Oh yeah! That's it boy that's the way to do it. You like to suck on daddy's dick don't you?'

I answered with a grunt as my mouth was full to the brim with his invading cock. At last he withdrew from my mouth, slapped his cock around my face a couple of times and then ordered me to stand up. He grabbed me by the ear and took me to the side of the bed.

'I'm not finished with that arse of yours yet,' he said with a lustful look on his face. Using my ear he stretched me over his lap. I could feel his wet erection hard against my hip. He wrapped one of his hands around my lower back so I couldn't escape and with his other hand started to spank my already tortured arse.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Smack! Smack! Smack!

His hand rained down on me unmercifully. I squirmed around on his lap in great pain but my cock got really hard again as he walloped my cheeks. The left cheek...

Smack! Smack!

... the right cheek...

Smack! Smack!

... and in the middle...

Smack! Smack!

My eyes started to fill up and I hollered out loud for him to stop.

'This is what you wanted boy so this is what you're getting!'

He spanked me several times more before he finally stopped.

I stayed over his lap, exhausted, as he caressed my raw cheeks. I was on fire but my erection had stayed and I was excited. Then his finger entered my crack.

'There there, don't worry. That's your spanking finished with for today. Now I'll make it all better for you,' he said in a tender voice.

He stroked my arse before spreading my painful cheeks with his other hand as his finger probed in deeper; in to my warm, moist hole. I let out a deep moan as he entered a second finger and massaged my prostate.

'Get back on the bed with your arse up and head down. I want to fuck your hot arse,' he said, giving me a playful slap as he withdrew his fingers. He left me feeling empty.

I did as I was told and he was behind me straight away.

His powerful hands gripped my hips and he thrust himself forward, pushing his cock all the way into me in one movement. I shoved my hips backward and met his plunging dick thrust by thrust. I could feel his heavy balls bouncing into mine as he ploughed into me. I put one hand between our legs and stroked his balls whilst he forcibly fucked me.

'I'm going to cum again,' I shouted as sweat poured down my face.

Daddy brought one of his mighty hands around my front and gripped on to my dribbling erection.

'So am I boy, so am I.'

The feel of his hand on my cock made me cum instantly. I groaned out loud as my spunk shot all over the duvet below me. As I came the muscles in my arse went into spasms, clenching tightly and milking the cock that was still deep within me. Even before I'd finished cumming he was moaning and groaning in unison with me.

'That's it boy, you're daddy's going to cum all over your hot arse!' he shouted as he withdrew his cock.

'God your arse is beautiful boy,' he groaned.

And then I felt the first of his hot cum shoot right onto my open hole as I spread my cheeks wide for him. Then more over my cheeks. And then even more cum over my crack. He came so much it felt like he was pissing over me.

By the time he had finished my arse was drenched with his warm cream and dribbling down the back of my trembling thighs.

'What a brilliant fuck hole you have,' he said as his finger slipped in between my sodden cheeks and pushed back into my still stretched arsehole once more. 'It feels just as hot in here as your cheeks did after I spanked them. But wait a minute before you lie down. I'm going to clean all this mess off you.'

He took his fingers out of me and replaced them with his tongue. He licked every part of his own cum off me. Up my arse, up and down my cheeks, on my cheeks and even up and down my thighs. Finally we fell into a heap, clinging onto each other on the wet duvet and there I quickly fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up with the sun streaming through the net curtains and the window open slightly letting fresh air into the room.

'Morning son,' daddy said as he came into the bedroom with a cup of coffee.

He was in his police uniform. He sat on the side of the bed and watched me drink my coffee as we chatted. As we talked he pulled the covers off me and played with my cock again until I came all over my smooth chest. Afterwards I jumped in his shower. The water stung my backside as it cascaded down, so I had to be very gentle washing myself, and even more cautious when daddy dried me off with a big towel.

'So, what are you going to be doing to do today then Aaron?' he asked as we left his house.

'To be honest dad, I'm going to go around and see if I can sort things out with Brian. It's been a great night but....'

'Don't worry lad, I know. You want to get together with Brian, and so you should,' he said giving my hand a squeeze.

'But I'll still be here if things don't work out for you, and even if they do, I'd like us to remain friends.'

'So would I, but I can't keep calling you daddy if I'm with somebody else, what's you're real name?'

He smiled at me with his gentle eyes and said, 'Ian, my name's simply Ian. Nice to have met you Aaron.'

'Nice to have met you too...Ian.'

And with that I drove away.


Neil Gosling

[email protected]


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