Bent naked over the policeman's lap with my hands handcuffed behind me, I felt my arse get hotter and hotter as he spanked me with his open palm. The sound of naked flesh slapping naked flesh echoed around his living room. My stiff cock was leaking so much pre cum onto his coarse uniformed trousers I felt I was having a non stop orgasm as he carried on spanking me.

'SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!' He spanked me on my left cheek and then my right.

'SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!' at the top and then the bottom of my reddening backside and even the top of my thighs. It started to hurt like hell and I began squirming around over his powerful legs.

'Stay still.' he demanded and began spanking me harder and faster.

I moaned out with pain mixed with pleasure as I felt my cock begin to throb. All of a sudden he gripped my right arse cheek and roughly spread my aching arse and began spanking the inside of my cheeks and then right on my arse hole. I screamed out as the room started to spin around and my cock exploded into his lap. Spurt after spurt of hot sizzling man cum ejaculated out like a raging volcano as he carried on spanking me.

'That's one red arse you have there,' the policeman said as he stopped slapping me and dug his fingernails into my fiery flesh. He scrapped my arse all over adding to the pain. 'Now get on your knees between my legs and clean up the mess you've just made.'

He helped me off his lap. I knelt down with my hands still handcuffed and was amazed at the amount of cum I had spilt on him. I could still feel my juices dribbling slowly out of my cock as I lent forward. I tasted myself as I began to lick his trousers getting closer and closer to the tempting bulge between his legs. I could feel my backside glowing like a beacon as he grabbed my head and rubbed his bulge onto my mouth making me taste and suck more of my own salty semen.

'That's a good boy,' he said, 'now for your reward.'

And as I knelt there he unzipped his trousers and pulled out his 9 inch dick. It stuck right up and I could see his pre cum glistening at the top of his meaty foreskin. Opening my mouth I licked his recently washed dick from the base of his shaft to the very top of his enlarged knob and tasted his sweet juices.

'Just suck it bitch,' he ordered. He grabbed me by my head and pushed it down, forcing his dick all the way down my throat. Tangling his hands in my hair he began thrusting his dick in and out of my mouth.

'That's it suck my fucking cock,' he said loudly.

I love to suck cock and am very good at it and with in minutes he was moaning with pleasure as he had his way with me. He quickly ejaculated deep in my throat.

'That was a bad thing to do making me cum so quickly,' he said, once he'd calmed down from his orgasm. 'Stand up.'

I stood up between his legs and watched as he unbuckled his belt and slowly pulled it out of the hoops in his trousers. My cock was rock hard again as he doubled the belt over in the palm of his hand. He hadn't even put his dick back in his trousers when he ordered me to bend back over his left leg. I quickly did as I was told. My nose was inches from the floor as my arse stuck up in the air.

'What's this?' he said as he tugged on the hairs around my arse hole. 'I thought I'd told you to shave this all off!'

'I'm sorry sir I didn't have time,' I meekly replied.


The belt bit into my flesh across both my scolding cheeks. My body stiffened with pain. Usually he started off more gently.

Rubbing my hot backside he said angrily, 'what do you mean, you didn't have time?'


'You always make time for me boy.'


'AHHHHH!!' I shouted out. My arse was burning like an out of control fire and yet my dick stayed rock hard as I squirmed over his thigh.

'Go and get my shaving equipment and remember I'm not finished with that arse of yours yet,' he barked at me. He unlocked my handcuffs but still kept them attached to one of my wrists.

As soon as I was in the bathroom I turned and looked in the mirror. My arse had never been so red. There were five angry welts stripped across both cheeks and the rest was bright red with the hand spanking. My heart pumped with excitement as I quickly poured warm water into a bowl, grabbed a razor, shaving foam and a towel and almost ran back into the living room. With delight I saw that he had stripped naked and once more his dick was fully erect. He was now smoking a cigarette.

'Put the towel on the floor and lay down on it on your back. And spread your legs and pull them up to your chest,' he ordered.

I put the towel down in the middle of the room and did as I was told. He stayed in his chair for a couple of minutes bathing me with his eyes as he finished smoking. The room smelled powerfully of man sex and was highly charged with expectancy as I saw his shadow falling over me. Looking down between my legs he said.

'You haven't even bothered to shave your bollocks or around your cock. I'm going to teach you a lesson you'll never forget.'

I heard a loud slap and then I noticed he had a large wooden paddle in his hands. Squatting down over my face he hooked my ankles under his arm pits and sat on my face with his hairy arsehole directly on my lips. It smelt musty and I felt my cock twitch; I desperately wanted to bury my tongue deep inside of him.

The room filled with the hard whacking sounds as he beat my arse all over. I moaned out loud but the noise was muffled by his arse covering my mouth. The pain became so intense I tried to get away but he held me with a vice like grip as he carried on abusing my tortured backside. Pleasure racked my body at the same time but just when I thought I was going to ejaculate for a second time he stopped. Keeping me in that position he once more tugged at the fine hairs covering my puckered up hole.

'Do you think you've learned your lesson now?' He spoke quietly as his finger circled my entrance.

'Yes sir.'

A torrent of hard slaps rained down on my spread hole.

'What was that? Speak up.'

'Yes sir!' I shouted as loud as I could.

'That's a good boy,' he said as he let my legs down. 'Let's get rid of all this hair then shall we.?' He gently moved forward and sat on my chest.

My arse stung to hell and back as it touched the carpet but I knew better than to show it as I felt the coolness of the shaving foam being massaged onto my bollocks and around my granite like cock.

With one hand he stretched my bollocks tight and then scrapped away the fine hairs that were there. Then he grabbed my cock and shaved the hairs above it and the ones leading their way to my stomach. After he patted it all dry with the towel he ordered me on all fours with my nose to the plush carpet. I felt totally exposed and vulnerable as he squirted the cream between my legs.

'Right,' he said, 'massage that foam up and massage it well.'

I put right arm between my legs and foamed up the cream, managing to even slip some into my tender hole.

'That's a good boy.' He spoke gently again as he tenderly massaged my burning buttocks and he watched me play with my hole.

Carefully he spread my cheeks apart and slowly he shaved me completely. This time after patting me dry I felt a new wetness there and sighed with new pleasure as I knew it was his tongue. I had been forgiven.

He licked all over then sat up and, before I knew it, hot come spurted all over my beaten cheeks. They were still smarting and I imagined smoke bellowing from them as each drop of pearly white spunk landed.

'That's enough for today, time for bed,' he whispered in my ear and gently helped me off the floor. I was desperate to ejaculate myself but I wasn't aloud to touch myself with out his permission. 'Good night sweet pea,' he said as he lovingly held me in his arms. 'Maybe I'll sort this out for you tomorrow, maybe not.'

He squeezed my still hard cock and let go and then we fell into a deep sleep with him cuddling into me.


Neil Gosling


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