Peter, a healthy nineteen year old, had been down on his luck and desperately needed a job.

'I'll give you a job,' the plump hairy captain of the 'Roger' had said to him as he stood at the harbour

'But you'll have to do as you're told or I'll throw you overboard myself. I don't put up with laziness.'

Peter had been warned.

Three days had since passed by and Peter, unused to the heavy workload of life aboard ship, was feeling shattered. Now he'd been ordered to scrub out the captain's room and, finding himself to be alone next to the bed, he thought to himself, 'nobody will miss me for half an hour so why not?'

He let out a big yawn and lay down on the comfortable bed, falling a sleep almost instantly.

He'd been asleep for a long time. He knew it as he lay there with his eyes still closed. But that was okay as his brother would wake him up when he was needed, he thought.

He was still not properly awake as the smell of tobacco filled his nostrils and he slowly started to remember where he was. He opened his eyes and sat bolt up right. Darkness had descended and for some reason he sensed danger in the room as he turned his head to look around.

Sitting at his desk smoking a cigarette was the burly captain. Peter felt his skin crawl in horror at the sight of him.

'Stay right where you are laddie and don't move,' the Captain's drink slurred voice growled menacingly through the darkened room. 'What have you got to say for yourself before I throw you overboard?'

'Please, please don't do that. I'm really sorry, please don't throw me overboard. I'll do anything but please don't do that I beg of you.'

Peter could hardly keep his tears at bay as he begged for his life.

The captain smiled knowingly at Peter from across the room. He had planned this scene since he walked into his cabin and found the lazing there. Standing over the sleeping figure he had felt the hardness grow between his legs.

The captain stroked his beard and took another sip of his rum, purposely not saying anything for a couple of minutes. He was enjoying this, knowing the lad would be sitting there sweating.

'You'll do anything then will you lad?' he said after enough time had passed.

'Yes captain, I'll do anything please I'll do anything you want as long as I'm not thrown to the sharks,' Peter replied softly, his lips trembling.

Another minute's silence.

The captain could feel his erection trying to burst free from his trousers.

'Okay then boy, but remember, as soon as you say no to anything, then you'll be whipped to an inch of your life. And then thrown over. Do you understand me?'

He spoke slowly, drawing the treat out for as long as possible.

Peter's heart leapt with joy at being given another chance. He hadn't expected this as, over the last three days, he had seen what a ruthless man the captain really was.

'Thank you sir, thank you captain. I wont disappoint you again I promise.'

Lighting a candle on the desk the captain said, 'right then, get you arse over here now boy.'

Peter jumped off the bed and almost ran to him, eager to do anything to put himself back in the captain's favour.

'Strip,' the captain ordered as soon as he was standing between his open legs. Without wondering why, Peter removed every part of clothing and within seconds was standing in front of his captain, stark naked.

'Kneel down between my legs,' the captain said. His mouth watered up at the sight of the hairless body in front of him.

Peter did as he was ordered. Without hesitation he sank to his knees. Then he glanced between the captains spread legs and, with horror, realised what was going to happen. He felt sick to his stomach, he was still a virgin with the girls, he'd certainly never done anything with a man.

He watched nervously as the captain undid his trousers with his big hairy hands.

'Suck on my dick,' the captain ordered as he took out his fat erection and waved it in front of Peter's lips.

Peter's eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets at the sight of the monster. But he knew he had no choice. He took a deep breath and gingerly lent forwards.

'Go on, suck my dick now or you go overboard,' the captain said. He grabbed Peter's hair and tugged his head downwards, forcing his youthful lips to open up wide as his hard dick slid into the warm mouth.

Peter couldn't believe he was actually sucking on another man's cock. He was scared and nervous at first but soon got the hang of it as it slipped in and out of his mouth. In fact, he realised he was enjoying it as the captain's pre-cum leaked out onto his tongue. His jaw started to ache and his lips felt bruised. They were tingling but he carried on with vigour as he found himself getting aroused. He could feel his own erection sticking up between his legs and hard against his flat stomach.

'That's enough boy,' his captain said, realising that he was close to shooting his load down the kid's throat.

'Bend over the desk, I'm going to fuck you. I'm going to fuck you like the whores in the harbour. You're going to be my own personnel whore while we're on this ship. Now bend over.'

He watched, smiling, as Peter stood up and bent obediently over the desk.

'I'm going to enjoy shoving my cock up your arse boy,' the captain said.

He looked at the smooth crack in front of him, then stood up behind the lad and placed his cock head right against Peter's as yet untouched hole.

Lying naked over the desk, Peter felt the captain's hard cock nudge in between his cheeks. He started to feel panic rise with in him but he didn't move. All of a sudden white hot pain shot through him and he thought he was going to pass out. The captain, using only his own saliva for lubrication, rammed his thick cock straight up into the boy's tight hole. Peter screamed out loud as the captain withdrew all the way and then ploughed his cock right back up again. To the hilt.

'That's it, scream you fucking whore. Scream!' the captain shouted as he kept on battering the insides of Peter's arse.

At first Peter thought he'd never known pain like it and he did scream, but the pain soon went away and he found himself thrusting his arse backwards, wanting more.

There was another pain, but not so hard, as the captain started to slap his arse with his hand as he banged away; touching Peter's prostate with his cock with every thrust. Peter, still clinging on to the desk for his life, soon felt his cock start to throb and with a loud moan he came under the table.

'Get back on your knees in front of me boy, I'm going to cum,' the captain ordered as he withdrew his cock from the Peter's warm, tight hole.

As soon as Peter was on his knees the captain stroked his hard cock a couple of times and let off a volley of hot cum right into Peter's upturned face. He watched in excitement as shot after shot splattered over the lad's astonished face and he watched as Peter licked the cum off his lips. When he was fully spent he slapped his cock around Peters face a few times, to remind him who was the boss.

'From now on you're going to be at my beck and call. Whenever I need my cock servicing you're going to bend over for me. I don't care where it will be on this ship or even if it's in front of the other men, do you understand me boy?'

'Yes captain, my arse is yours,' Peter replied. Only this time he was more than happy to oblige.


Neil Gosling

[email protected]


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