'Do you fancy a day in the country side?' Tim asked Jed one lazy blistering morning.

Yawning and wiping the sleep from his eyes Jed answered.

'Sounds a great idea, you make a picnic whilst I have a shower and we'll make a move.'

Tim rushed down the stairs to get ready whilst Jed got out of the bed. Tim could hear the radio going and the sound of splashing water as he busied himself in the kitchen. He could hear Jed's voice singing as he washed himself. Tim smiled. He was more than contented now that their sex life had been given a major boost and he was in full time employment. He had just finished packing the car when Jed came down the stairs smelling all clean and looking refreshed. They kissed each other affectionately at the door.

'You seem to have everything all in order where do you want to go?' Jed asked as they embraced each other lovingly.

'You only have this week-end at home so let me drive. I've seen a lovely quiet spot which will be perfect, and there will be nobody else around,' Tim replied giving Jed's hand a squeeze as he opened the car door.

'Okay then, you're the boss for today then. You lead the way.'

And they sped off out of the smoky jungle of the city and away into the plush country.

After eating the lunch Tim had made and after an expensive bottle of wine, they lay down under a big oak tree together. The sun was beating down hard on them and the sweat was running both down of their bodies. As Tim looked around at the rich scenery he turned his eyes to Jed.

'Do you realise we haven't seen a single soul all morning. Do you think it would be safe to take our clothes off and get an over all tan?'

'I don't see why not. That's a great idea.'

They quickly stripped off their clothing and lay down again on the green carpet of grass. Tim stretched and yawned, he was feeling tired after his meal.

'I'm going to have forty winks,' he said. He closed his eyes, turned over onto his front and lay totally naked under the midday sun.

Jed propped himself up with his elbow and looked down at the naked body next to him. He couldn't help admiring Tim's slender and youthful body and felt a twitch in his groin.

His hand idly danced down Tim's spine and his cock began to grow. He heard Tim let out a satisfied sigh as his fingers glided down to his arse cheeks. Using his finger nail gently he ran his index finger over the red lines imprinted on Tim's muscular cheeks. He'd put them there a couple of nights before. Unconsciously and naturally Tim parted his legs wider at the teasing of Jed's fingers. Jed lent over and kissed the marks he'd made and ran his hand up the back of Tim's spread thighs.

Tim made a purring sound as he felt his cock harden beneath him, pressing into the ground. It wasn't long before it became uncomfortable. He could feel Jed's wet tongue caressing his cheeks, moving closer and closer to the centre all the time. He brought his knees up under him and pushed his backside up into the air. He could feel the fresh air and sun on his arsehole and hanging bollocks as he spread his legs letting Jed's tongue go in-between his open cheeks.

Jed's tongue probed closer to its ultimate goal. His tongue lovingly circled the outer edge of Tim's pink crack. He breathed in the familiar musty smell and his cock twitched in anticipation. Using the thumbs of both hands he parted the soft flesh of Tim's entrance and let his tongue delve into the deep chasm. Tim let out a load groan of pleasure as Jed's tongue pierced through his sphincter and slithered in further...

Suddenly he froze in fear. He had heard somebody cough close by. Jed had heard it as well and quickly turned his head to look behind him in shock.

Standing not three feet away from him was a man with a double barrel shot gun under his arm and a half erect cock hanging out of his trousers.

'I didn't mean to frighten you,' he said. 'I was quite enjoying watching. I hope you don't mind.'

Both Jed and Tim looked back, bewildered. Neither of them knew what to do next. The strange man, on seeing the look on their faces, smiled.

'Please, carry on. I like to watch a bit of arse munching.' Then he realised they were staring at his shotgun and he started to laugh.

'Don't worry about this,' he said, leaning it against a tree, 'I'm the game keeper for this estate.'

Standing up straight again he took a couple of steps forward and ran his hand along his still half erect cock.

Jed and Ted looked at each other and, sensing this man was no danger, Jed nodded to Tim and then towards the man still standing in front of him.

'I'm sure we can let you do more than watch,' he said.

Tim crawled on all fours until he was kneeling in front of the game keeper. The man, not believing his luck, ran his hands through Tim's hair as Tim's mouth opened, his lips stretched open and he engulfed the stiffening cock.

Jed had never seen Tim have sex with anyone else before and was surprised to realise that he didn't mind. He began to enjoying watching Tim's head bob up and down on the game keeper's cock. Jed decided he wanted to taste this man as well so he knelt behind him and slowly pulled down the man's trousers and underwear, down to his ankles. Jed could tell the man had been working hard, he could smell a strong odour of sweat. He parted the cheeks and, as his face got closer to the man's hole, the heat from within blew back like a furnace. The game keeper let out a loud, guttural moan as Jed's tongue landed dead centre of his hot crack and stabbed its way in. The noise seemed to echo all around the small clearing.

Tim soon felt the man's sweating bollocks begin to tighten but didn't want him to come so soon. He took his tingling lips away and saw were Jed was. He saw his big cock standing up below the man's spread legs so he got on all fours and began sucking his lovers' cock. He noticed the difference in taste between Jed's more sweeter pre-cum to the other man's stronger and more pungent taste. The man above him took his shirt off, bent over and started to massage Tim's arse roughly, still moaning loudly with excitement as Jed still had his hairy arse plugged with his tongue.

Jed had beads of sweat dripping down his face so took his face away for some fresh air. The gamekeeper changed position and knelt at Tim's shaven backside, wet his dry finger and inserted it all the way up Tim's tight hole.

Tim nearly choked on Jed's cock as he jolted forward with the sudden intrusion but soon got used to it as the man carried on finger fucking him roughly.

'There's a condom in my trouser pocket if I'm allowed to fuck your friend here,' the man said enthusiastically. He gave Tim a couple of slaps on his backside at the same time. Tim nodded to Jed so Jed searched the man's pocket and threw him the packet.

'I've got to see this,' Jed said smiling down at Tim's glazed over eyes.

He silently slid under Tim's body so that they could give each other a blow job and give himself a close up view of somebody else's cock sliding in and out of his lover.

Their hot willing mouths hungrily devoured each others' hard cocks as the game keeper sank his meat deep into Tim. Tim's voice joined the man's, ricocheting back off the dense trees around them. For five minutes Tim watched as the man ruthlessly ploughed his cock into Tim's hole.

Both Tim and Jed exploded mountainous amounts of come into each others' mouths at the same time. The game keeper withdrew his cock, threw the condom away and splattered Tim's arse and Jed's hair with his thick gooey spunk.

Afterwards they all sat down naked and drank a bottle of wine while they chatted away. They quickly learned that the game keeper's name was Nigel. He was forty three years old and he was married with children. They also learned that this had been the first time he'd fucked a guy. He'd messed around before with a few blokes but had never gone all the way. Tim and Jed felt a bit sorry for him and were just about to invite him to their house at some point when they saw the man's face turn pale. He fell silent.

They both turned their heads to see where the ashen game keeper was now looking. They couldn't see anything wrong.

'What's the matter, what's up?' Tim asked, concerned at the sudden change in Nigel.

'My shotgun...'

They turned their heads again slowly and stared at where they'd seen him lean it against the tree earlier.

It was gone.


Neil Gosling

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