I had been waiting in anticipation all week. I couldn't keep my mind on my work and even got in trouble a couple of times with my boss.

I couldn't stop thinking about the previous Saturday, when I had been caught by the police. It had taken a couple of days for the stinging on my arse to stop and another couple of days for the welts to go down. My arse had really stung when I'd first got home and taken a bath that night. When I touched the water I yelped with pain and jumped straight up again. It took me about five minutes to actually sit down and afterwards I had to pat myself dry very carefully.

I went around with a constant erection and, after a few days of trying resist, even had to jerk myself off in the toilets at work as my dick was in so much pain, what with being hard all the time.

Saturday, the night of the 'party' the policeman had told me to come to, eventually arrived and I was so excited I kept shaking and knocking things over in the house. In the afternoon I decided to take a drive to take my mind off of what was in store for me. I went to a straight friend's house and we had a couple of joints together. Feeling a bit stoned I decided to tell him what had happened on the last weekend and what might happen again that night.

Brian, my straight friend, couldn't believe it and kept on butting in with, 'you're fucking joking mate. No!' and, 'what happened then?' The more I spoke the redder his face was getting and I noticed he'd crossed his legs and kept his hands between them. It was a hot day and he was only wearing a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. I'd always fancied him on the sly and I kept looking at his, muscular, hairy thighs. By the time I'd finished telling my story his face was as red as my arse had been last week.

Because I knew I was getting stoned, was feeling really fucking horny and had to go out later, I made my excuses to go. As I stood up so did Brian. His hand went to shake mine and I noticed a big wet patch on the front of his shorts. Had I turned him on so much he'd cum just by listening to me?

'Aaron I need to talk about something...' he started to say, nervously.

'I know mate,' I smiled. 'I really do. But I do have to go now.' I said using all my will power not to stare at him bulging shorts. 'I promise I'll come back, say next Friday night? We'll talk and have some more smoke then.' I felt guilty. I knew he wanted to talk to me about something important, or else hear more details of my story.

His face fell. 'Oh, ok. I look forward to it.' He finished off with a pointed, 'very much.'

I got in my car and drove home. You bastard, you stupid fucking bastard, I said to myself. I had known Brian for about four years and had fancied him from day one. He was the same height as me, moustached, muscular, dark hair, hairy and a few years older than me. I had always suspected that he might be gay but had never said anything except for the occasional remark when drunk. Maybe he was about to come out and I scared him off? 'You stupid fuck,' I berated myself again.

The only reason I hadn't stayed was because I was being selfish. I didn't want to use my energy up before tonight. 'What kind of a friend are you?' I asked myself as I went into my house. I sat down in my chair to think about Brian when, because of the couple of joints I'd had, I fell asleep.

When I woke up it was half six. 'Oh no!' I started to race around the house. First showering, making sure everything was well scrubbed. Because I was now in a panic I didn't realise until later that this was probably the first time all week I'd not had a hard on!

I quickly dressed, first putting on a pair of white, tight short underpants, then a pair of jeans, followed by a tight tee shirt that defined the muscles on my chest and stomach. I had decided to do away with the leather gear for that night. It was too hot.

I fled from the house, still telling myself off, this time for being late. I had to be there at eight and I had no idea where the policeman who had invited me lived. I should have looked it up already, maybe taken a drive over there. In the car I fumbled through the local A to Z and found that the house was on the other side of town, a little way out and off the beaten track. If I raced and didn't hit any problems I could just about make it. I put my foot down all the way, glancing from the map to the road and back and finally arrived there just after eight.

The approach to the house was by a long driveway that meandered from the side road and wound behind some trees. The place was isolated and I could see nothing beyond it but open countryside. I parked the car next to a few others and went to the front door, knocked and waited.

The door was opened by the same policeman who had stripped-searched and spanked me the previous weekend. He smiled.

'Only a couple of minutes late boy. But we'll deal with that later. Come on in,' he said whilst eyeing me up and down.

I was pleased to see that he was in his uniform and I immediately became aware of many other people in the house. Most were in some kind of uniform; a couple in army gear, some in navel dress but most were in police outfits. I was ushered through into the kitchen where the policeman said, 'o.k. boy, you have to wear this and serve the drinks to everybody until I tell you otherwise.' He handed me a tiny apron to wear around my waist.

I managed to hide my disappointment as I took it from him, put it on and removed my tee shirt.

'I said you wear only this,' he said angrily. 'Nothing else. Take those shorts off and hand them to me.'

I stripped obediently and quickly, noticing the feel of cool air on my naked arse.

'Now remember: you are to do what I, and anybody else, wants. And for now you are to serve drinks.' After giving me a tray with some beers on it, he took me into the smoke filled living room.

'This is Boy,' he announced. 'He is my steward for the night. His only job is to serve any of you that need it.' He smiled at his friends in the room.

All their eyes were on me as I looked around the dimly lit room. I noticed that the other guests were of all ages and sizes. A huge bear of a man, in police uniform, was sitting in what seemed to be the prime seat. He smoked a cigar, watched me coolly for a moment and then beckoned me over.

'Yes sir, how can I help you?'

'I want a beer and for you to pour in into my glass from where you are,' he said.

I looked down. Next to his leg, furthest from me, there was an empty glass. I pulled the ring on the can and had to bend right over his knee to pour. I was careful not to touch his legs.

'Pour very slowly,' he said and started stroking the back of my thighs with a gentle, smooth action. His hands went up and down, tickling me slowly. My dick started to harden and pushed itself into my apron, making it stand out like a tent.

'Will there be anything else sir?' I asked when I had finished pouring.

'Of course. Stand here between my legs so that I might take a proper look at you,' he ordered softly. 'And call me Daddy, not sir.'

I obeyed immediately.

'Now open your legs for me.'

I faced him and did so. Again he started gently stroking my inner thighs, sending shockwaves through my body. My dick was fighting for freedom against the course fabric wrapped around my waist.

'I see you have been taught well,' he said whilst stroking his fingers just between my scrotum and my arse crack.

My eyes strayed to his trousers and his huge bulge.

Suddenly little shooting pains began as he started to pull a bit on the hairs between my legs. 'Obviously not as well as I thought,' he said and shifted up in his chair a little. 'But, as you have looked... Do you like what you see?' He rubbed one hand over his bulge and grabbed my balls with his other.

'Yes sir, Daddy,' I stuttered, feeling my face turn red.

'Well, if you're a good boy I may give it to you later, but not just yet.' His hand was clenching and unclenching my balls, making them just sore enough for me to feel it but not sore enough to make my cry out, or resist. I started to feel the first trickle of precum start to moisten the apron where my cock was rubbing.

'I think you are a little nervous, Boy,' he said. 'Sit on my lap and I'll calm you right down. You are in for a long night.'

I did as I was told, feeling the rough material of his trousers against my arse cheeks as I sat.

'Do you smoke?' he enquired.

'Yes Daddy, I do.'

'Then this will help calm you down,' he said. He lit a joint and put it in my mouth.

I was shocked. We were surrounded by policemen and he was obviously one himself.

'We are all friends here,' he said noticing my concern and indicating the room. I saw several others smoking joints and so I carried on. What the hell!

Daddy started to gently stroke my back, up and down. Starting from my shoulders and moving in circles down to the top of my arse, then back up again. His other hand reached around me and did the same to my leg, reaching up to just below my balls but not actually touching them. By the time I finished my joint my balls were in turmoil, I was feeling so horny that I was ready for anything.

'Now, on your knees and face me, son,' he said suddenly and sternly.

Something had changed and I knew not to question him. I quickly got into the position he demanded and couldn't help but lick my lips at the sight of his bulge.

'I'm going to give you a taster of what is to come. Now undo my fly.'

I licked my lips with anticipation and slowly undid his zip, feeling the pressure of what lay within.

'Now take my dick out.'

I did, I felt it throb and felt the wetness on the tip. I pulled it out of its hiding place and noticed that it was the same size as mine.

'Get on all fours so everyone can see that arse of yours poking out. I'm going to put this monster in your mouth and you are going to suck.' He put his hand on the back of my head and put his hard dick in front of my lips.

I could smell the sweet smell of his precum and put my tongue out, lapping at the juice and savouring the taste. Then I slowly sucked his cock into the back of my throat, grinning to myself when his pubes brushed up against my nose, before letting it slowly out of my mouth again. I kept on repeating the motion, enjoying every minute, until I felt his hot dick growing even fatter. He quickly rammed my head forward as he spurted his hot cum in my mouth. I swallowed every last drop and kept his cock in my mouth until it went soft. All the time he was stroking my head and saying, 'good boy, good boy.'

Suddenly I felt a really hard slap on my arse. I released the dick from my mouth at once.

'Get up and serve some drinks!' It was the policeman.

'Yes sir,' I answered, starting to get up and adjusting my awkwardly stiff cock. I wasn't going to refuse, that slap had really stung.

SLAP! And so did that one, and the next two, slap, slap.

'That's the property of the police now boy. Touch it again and you won't be able to sit down for a week. Now get serving!' the policeman shouted.

'Yes sir, sorry sir.'

I started moving around the room, giving people what they drinks they wanted. After a while someone opened a window and the fog of smoke in the room started to clear a little. Through the haze I saw a figure I thought I recognised starting to come into focus. Someone familiar was sitting in the darkest corner, sipping from a glass and staring directly at me. Once I became aware that he was there I also became aware that he had been watching me for some time. I squinted. And nearly bolted from the room.


Neil Gosling

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