I have just bought some canes for my garden on the way to work, and I'm sitting in my shop looking at them feeling nostalgic.

I look at them with respect, fear, and excitement. It is a Sunday morning and I know I won't have many customers today so I begin to daydream whilst not taking my eyes off of them. There are four in all, and they are of two different widths. I can't restrain myself any more, it's like they are calling out for me to touch and stroke them. These bamboo canes were once the masters of men and I can feel my backside tingle at their memory. I pick up a wooden ruler and with a growing bulge in my tight black trousers I stand up and walk over to them. My hands almost shake with excitement as the memories come rushing back. With renewed respect I gently pick one up. I can't help myself from lovingly stroking its powerful length and hardness. Using my thumb and forefinger I stroke gently over the knotted ridges. The erection in my trousers gets uncomfortable as I count the five ridges down the cane. I have to put my hand down my trousers to change the position of my cock. My underpants have already got wet with my pre come and as I take my hand out, I lick the clear semen of the end of my fingers. My cock throbs as I bring the cane up to my nose and I smell its mustiness. That's not all I can smell. Even though I've not been to school for a lot of years, I can actually smell the chalk and dusters that were used for the blackboard. I quickly glance around the room and see the shop is still empty of people. I measure the cane's width, it's 10mm wide.

I imagine it slicing through the air and thwacking against my waiting backside as I'm bent over holding on to my ankles and the red, scorched line it would leave. I lick my lips with my salivating tongue and my head goes dizzy with uncontrollable yearning. The cane is 1016 mm in length and there are roughly 200 mm between each of the 5 knotted ridges. I bring the cane to my lips and kiss it as my other hand strokes it up and down. I close my eyes and, still stroking it, I rub the other end over the rock hard bulge in my trousers. My cock jumps at its touch and I feel it leak more semen into my underwear. A moan of passion escapes from my wet lips.

All I can see behind my closed eyes is me standing outside the deputy headmaster's room waiting to be punished. It was going to be my first taste of the cane and certainly not my last. The butterflies in my stomach were making me feel nauseated and the nervous sweat was pouring down my back. In reality, I probably only waited ten minutes before I was ushered in to the room but it felt a life time. My hands visibly shook as I walked in and saw the deputy headmaster sitting there in his black gown and mortar board. The feeling in my stomach began to intensify and I instinctively put my hands behind my back trying to hide my backside from him as he sat there giving me a lecture about my misdemeanours.

Eventually, after a long time, he stood up, walked to a large wardrobe and opened the doors wide. The feelings that ran through my body confused me. I was standing there like a scared puppy, yet, as I peered inside the wardrobe I felt myself grow instantly hard between my legs. Inside were two rows of different lengths and widths of canes hanging from a wooden rail. There were also a few trainers, a slipper and a couple of nasty looking thick leather belts.

Looking directly at me he pulled out the thickest cane and holding on to both ends he bent it slightly. I could feel my face go bright red with humiliation. He decided not to use that one and pulled out a much thinner one.

'Bend over and touch your toes,' he ordered strictly.

As I bent over I could feel my erection digging into my stomach.

'Spread your legs and bend over further,' he demanded.

I did as I was told and felt totally vulnerable as he pulled the bottom of my blazer up and on to my shoulders. The air was thick with fear and anticipation.

Back in the shop I lent against a wall. I used one hand to support myself. With the other I rubbed the cane across my backside and in between my cheeks. My cock was ready to explode at the memory and as the deputy head master pulled his arm back wielding the cane, I did the same in my shop.

'You are going to get six of the best young man, and you are to stay firmly in place. If you move we will start again from the beginning,' he continued. 'As soon as it's all over you can leave straight away and go back to your classroom.

'Yes sir.' I replied with a trembling voice.

My arm was pulled back in the shop,

His arm was pulled back in his room.


Back in the deputy's room my young body jolted with the intense pain that sent shock waves through my entire being as the cane struck hard over both my cheeks. I had never felt pain like it.

In the shop my cock throbbed as I bought the cane down as hard as I could manage.


My young backside was on fire, but at least I had stayed bent over throughout my punishment. With tears prickling in my eyes I shot out of the room as fast as I was allowed. I could feel where every slice of the cane had made its mark. I made for the toilets and as soon as I was there I pulled my trousers and underpants down and looked in the mirror. Five long red and hot marks had swollen very close together over both my cheeks in the middle and one long one just at the bottom of my cheeks, just above my thighs. I was in agony but I was so delirious with excitement that I went into one of the cubicles, locked it and, whilst feeling the hotness of my arse, jerked myself off.

A loud moan came out of my mouth as I whacked myself with the cane for the sixth time. I ejaculated into my underpants without even touching myself.

I don't think the canes will be used for my garden after all.


Neil Gosling

[email protected]


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