As I opened my curtains I noticed three male students moving into the house opposite. It was my weekend off so I knew I had plenty of time to watch them, unobserved from the safety of my living room. I watched them all day as they took various different boxes in and out of the house and as it was a hot day they rested a few times and drunk lager from their cans on the wall in front of their new house.

Two of the lads were about eighteen tears old with athletic looking bodies that were revealed when they slipped off their tops as the day got hotter. The other one, though a larger build, had the most handsome face I'd ever seen, with big chestnut eyes which screamed innocence yet at the same time said 'come to bed now.'

Another thing I observed as the day progressed was that between them they had no curtains. Without them I could see directly into their bathroom and one of the bedrooms. With a stiffening feeling between my legs I sat in wait for the evening in the hope I would see at least one of them naked under the shower. As my house was slightly higher than theirs I also knew I would be able to watch one of them as he slept.

As the sun went down I rolled myself a joint, took a couple of cans of lager out of the fridge and went upstairs into my bedroom. I put a chair in front of the window, stripped off, put on my dressing gown and turned off the light. Then I sat down and sat waited, watching through their naked windows.

After I'd finished my joint it didn't take long for me to feel as horny as hell, but I refused to touch my erection until I'd seen at least one of them totally naked. But without even thinking about it I started to play with my hard nipples.

I didn't have long to wait before I was rewarded when one of the lads with an athletic body entered the bathroom. I watched with bated breath as he turned the shower on and, with his back towards me, he slipped his shorts down revealing his tan line and muscular backside. I picked up the binoculars next to me and peered through to get a closer look. My erection throbbed. I could see right between his sculptured cheeks as he bent over. I felt my whole body tingle in anticipation as he stepped under the steaming water. I took my time as I looked at his face and slowly travelled down his naked body. His face wasn't much to speak of but his hard smooth body was perfect. I travelled lower and followed the small spray of pubic hair below his belly button and finally rested my eyes on his limp penis. It was of average size but with a huge sac dangling underneath. Then he started soaping himself up.

I could feel pre-cum dribbling down my shaft as I watched him slowly soaping himself to an impressive erection. This was more than I'd hoped for and found it hard to stop my hand that was holding the binoculars from shaking. Using his other hand the lad cupped his balls and again, slowly, he massaged the soap into them. His cock looked to be about nine inches long now that it was fully erect and I watched as his hand started to slide up and down, lathering up the soap as he went. I couldn't help myself and started to tickle my hairy bollocks as he pumped away totally oblivious that I was watching him.

I pulled my sight of vision back a bit when I knew he was about to cum. His eyes clenched tight and his body stiffened. I noticed the cheeks of his backside tighten up, his hips suddenly thrust forward as he shot out pearly white cum into the other end of the shower tray. Some completely missing it and landing on the wet floor.

I put the binoculars down but carried on watching him as he finished his shower. I started to jerk on my aching penis as I saw his soapy hand dip between his cheeks. I went into a world of my own as I jerked furiously whilst looking at him. In my head I was in the shower with him and my soapy fingers were gliding in and out between his tight muscular cheeks.

It didn't take long for me to cum and when I did my toes curled up and I even shot my hot sperm up to my face. As my spent cock went limp in my hand the lad turned off the light in his bathroom and closed the door.

'Welcome neighbours,' I said to myself with a smirk. 'Even though you won't know it, we're going to get along very well. In fact, perfectly well.'

And with that I fell asleep right where I sat.


Neil Gosling

[email protected]


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