Jed, a Forty five year old hairy truck driver had been home for only half an hour and was already annoyed. His house was a complete tip.

'What the fuck have you been doing with yourself all week?' he shouted to Tim his partner of two years. Jed started picking up dirty clothes that had been thrown all around the bedroom.

'You knew I'd be home today. It's not like you have a job to go to.' He carried on raging at him as he stood idly in the doorway. 'You've become really fucking lazy since you became unemployed, do you realise that if you were a kid you would have had a good thrashing from your father.'

'Yeah well I'm not a kid any more. Take a pill Jed and chill out for a change. You're far to wound up for your own good.'

Jed didn't know why he did it except for the fact he was really pissed. He glared at the 25 year old.

'That's it I've had enough!' he shouted. He ran to the doorway making Tim jump with shock.

'You're right you're not a fucking kid any more but I do feel like your father and I'm going to teach you a lesson you won't forget.'

And with that he reached out a strong arm, grabbed Tim by the scruff of his t-shirt and dragged him towards the bed.

'Get the fuck off me you big cunt!' Tim shouted back, trying to wrestle himself out of the firm grip Jed had on him.

This only enraged Jed even further. 'Not till I'm finished with you I won't,' he said as he sat on a corner of the bed and pulled Tim right over his lap.

'This is assault I'll have you arrested you fucking wanker,' Tim shouted, feeling scared now. He'd known Jed for two and a half years and never seen him this annoyed before.

'Have me arrested then, it'll be worth it,' he spat back as he pulled down Tim's jogging pants.

Tim wasn't wearing any underwear. He tried to put his hands over his naked backside but he was bent far to over. He had to keep his hands on the floor for support, so he began kicking his feet out instead.

'Struggle all you want to but it won't stop me from giving you a good thrashing,' Jed said as he started spanking Tim's backside with force.


The noise of flesh slapping hard onto naked flesh filled the bedroom and reverberated off the walls.

Tim was screaming with the indignity and humiliation of it all,

'You bastard, you fucking bastard!' he shouted with his nose close to the carpet. Jed didn't care anymore and continued relentlessly.


Tim hadn't felt pain like it. Not even when his father used to put him over his knee as a kid. His arse was actually burning and felt red raw.

'Stop it, stop it I can't take it anymore!' he shouted as he carried on thrashing around over Jed's knee, trying desperately to escape the hand that was seriously spanking him.

'This is nothing. I'm not finished yet,' Jed said as he looked down at the bright red cheeks. He'd noticed a leather belt discarded on the bed next to him and picked it up.

'This will teach you to put your clothes away in the future,' he said with sweat dripping down his forehead. The belt whooshed in the air as it came down hard.


'I'm sorry, I'm really sorry,' Tim screamed.

'I bet you are,' Jed retorted still angry with him.


He hit Tim's blistered backside another twelve times then pushed him onto the floor.

'I'm going out,' he said and walked out slamming the door behind him and making the windows rattle.

Tim stayed on the floor with his Jogging bottoms wrapped around his ankles for a few minutes in stunned silence before deciding to get up start cleaning up the house. His bottom half stayed naked though. He yelped in pain when he tried to pull up his joggers. His arse was burning hot.

A couple of hours later Jed came back, a bit drunk, to find a spotless house and a piping hot meal on the table.

'I'm sorry about earlier on,' he said to Tim sheepishly as he walked up to him. 'I don't know what came over me I flipped out. Can you forgive me?' he said taking Tim by the hand and looking directly into his soft brown eyes.

'I'm the one that should be apologising not you. I'm sorry about the state of the house. You're right, I'd got myself stuck in a rut and took advantage of you. Thanks for sorting me out, also I have some good news for you, I have an interview for a job in a few days time.'

'That's excellent,' Jed said genuinely enthusiastic for him. 'Come here and let me give you a hug.'

They put their arms around each other and their lips met. Their mouths opened and their tongues searched the insides of each other. Their bodies crushed into each other and their hands started roaming down their bodies. Tim jolted as Jed's hand touched his naked backside.

'Sorry, does it still hurt?' Jed said with feelings of guilt.

'Yeah just a bit. I don't think I'll be able to sit down for a while.'

'I'm really sorry. I went a bit mad. I actually went to the chemist and got some cooling cream for you if you want me to rub it in for you.'

'Come on then,' Tim said smiling and led Jed to the bedroom.

By the time they'd stripped all their clothes off their dicks were rock solid and standing to attention.

Jed led Tim to the tidy and clean bed and gently laid him down with his bruised and sore arse facing the ceiling. Then he climbed on top of his hairy thighs.

'This might sting at first but you should feel better after a while,' Jed said as he squirted the cooling cream into his hands.

'I think I'm already feeling better,' but Tim still winced in pain as Jed put his big paws onto his inflamed backside.

Jed was being very careful not to rub too hard and very gently caressed Tim's hot backside. He had to admit to himself, even though he still felt guilty over hurting Tim, he was very excited looking down at the cherry cheeks. He was enjoying their warmth as he continued massaging the cream into them. Tim was enjoying himself too and was purring like a kitten as he felt Jed's hands slowly spreading his cheeks apart. He knew he would be staring straight into his smooth fuckable hole.

Jed manoeuvred himself into a better position, bought his head down and kissed Tim's entrance. Like a snake his tongue followed and gently licked at Tim's opening. Tim bought his legs up until he was in a kneeling position but his face stayed in the pillow as Jed's tongue entered him. His breathing got heavier and his moaning got louder as Jed started stroking his balls that were now dangling heavily between his outstretched legs. Once Tim's hole was fully saturated with saliva Jed moved in closer, took hold of his hips and nestled his hard cock between Tim's warm and tender cheeks. He felt an almost over whelming love for Tim as he ground his hips into him.

'I love you Tim. I want to feel myself in you. Can you lie on your back?' he said with a croaky voice. 'I want to see your face as my cock goes in and out of your arse.'

Tim turned around, spread his legs and looked lovingly into Jed's eyes. Jed, kneeling between his legs bought his powerful hairy body on top of Tim's and they hugged, kissed and ground there erections into each other whilst Tim clenched his legs around Jed's muscular backside.

Jed lifted Tim's legs up and draped them over his shoulders and his wet hardness touched Tim's warm and willing hole. Their eyes locked lustfully as Jed slowly moved his hips forward and slowly slid his length into him. He moaned with passion as Tim's muscles gripped tightly around his cock and he carried on sliding in all the way. Tim was moaning in unison with him as he could feel himself opening up wider and wider and he felt every bit of Jed's cock as it buried itself deep within him. Their eyes had now glazed over with lust and their bodies glistened with sweat as they rode each other. Slowly at first but picking up speed all the time, until the room was full of noise from their moaning and groaning and the slapping of their sweating bodies.

'Oh god, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!' Jed shouted as he felt his whole body tingle and his bollocks tighten.

Tim clenched his muscles up even tighter around Jed's cock which suddenly seemed to grow twice its width and with that Jed came inside of him. His cock throbbed and spasm after spasm emptied his hot spunk into his lover. On feeling the hot liquid spurt deep into him Tim pulled on his own cock a couple of times and came over his chest. Their cocks were throbbing and coming at the same time and, when they were finished, Jed stayed in him for a while as they lay on top of each other stroking and kissing. Eventually Jed's spent cock slipped out of its own accord as it went limp.

'That was fucking great,' Tim sighed, smiling into Jed's face. 'If that's what happens after a spanking we'll have to do that again some time.'

'I didn't think you enjoyed being spanked.' Jed replied surprised.

'I don't, I mean I didn't, but if that's the kind of love making we do after then I'm up for it,' he said as he kissed Jed on the end of his nose and gave him a playful wink. 'But maybe not quite so hard next time.'

'We shall have to see then won't we?' Jed said patting Tim's still warm backside and grinning at the same time. 'We shall have to see.'

They both closed their eyes and fell asleep holding on to each other.


Neil Gosling

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