I was lying down in the burning vastness of the never ending dried out dessert dying of thirst and starvation. I was only twenty three years of age and had always been told I was good looking but now I was covered in scars caused by the sun beating down on my ravished, half naked body. I had been walking and stumbling in the eternal land of sand and sun for four gruelling days and nights after managing to escape from a prisoner of war camp. I could hardly breathe through the fire in my swollen throat and I had even stopped producing saliva which I had been using to moisten my engorged and badly chapped lips. My aching legs couldn't take my weight any longer and they buckled underneath me sending my sodden body into the hot soft sand which I had grown to hate so much. Moaning in despair I spent the next few hours trying desperately to crawl forwards using what energy I had left in my once strong arms. After what seemed like a life time my arms collapsed and I tasted the sand in the back of my throat as my body gave in and I went face first into the blazing white sand. Coughing I turned onto my back keeping my eyes closed as the sun blinded me. My coughing eventually subsided and I drifted of into a fitful sleep in the hope I wouldn't wake up again.

I heard a flapping sound far off like the beating of wings in flight but refused to open my eyes, too scared to look in case it was birds come to pluck at my ravished body even before death had taken me away. The noise got louder and louder until it was close by and, in my vague state of conciseness, I began to offer my body to whatever death had in store for me. At least it would be in an end to the pain.

Then came silence like I'd never known before. There wasn't a sound in the air and I couldn't even hear my heart beat or my tortured breathing. It was as if the world stood still. At first I thought I'd died but then I felt a renewed energy passing into my body and a feel of contentment filling my heart. I opened my arms wide and realised I couldn't feel the ground below me. Cautiously I opened my eyes.

Eclipsing the sun was the dark body of an angel floating down, standing erect with its feet crossed over each other and its toes pointing downwards. Its wings spread out in all their glory. I smiled as it came closer and I realised it was male, and naked. His body was sun kissed, bronzed and in perfect shape. He smiled down at me as he came to my side. My strength felt renewed and my heart sang when I looked into his twinkling eyes. He bent over and parted his full lips and put them near mine. My lips opened ready to receive his as his head came closer and closer. My body began to tingle from head to toe and I felt a stirring in my loins as his moist lips brushed ever so gently against mine. One of his hands cupped me behind the back of my head and he bought my head closer to his and I felt life flowing through my soul as his tongue flickered tantalising over my own and his other hand went over my leaping heart.

Warmth of a love never been told before washed into me as his lips covered mine and his hand cupped my left breast and began to gently massage my smooth chest. I stroked the arm that was massaging me with one hand and bought my other arm around his naked thigh and cupped his buttock with my hand feeling his smooth silky skin. As the hardness between my legs grew I realised I too was naked but I couldn't remember him or myself taking my clothes off. I could also feel his own erection against me as his hand descended onto my flat stomach. He took his wet lips away from mine and moved the rest of his body towards my head. His loving opal eyes looked into mine and he stroked my cheek as I turned my head and saw his semen glistening in the sun inside his foreskin as his erection stood proudly next to my mouth. I felt like Eve as she picked the apple and knew it was forbidden fruit so I looked back into his shining eyes and he nodded towards me and smiled. I turned my head back towards his hardness and using my hand I pulled his foreskin back and watched as some of his seed fell to the ground. Opening my mouth I slid my lips over his mushroomed head and tasted his sweet juice. His hands went gently on my head as I slowly worked myself down his length until my nose touch his smooth skin. I felt as though I was drinking from the fountain of elixir as my body and soul were renewed as I carried on sucking.

That's when I realised he was totally smooth. There wasn't one single hair on his beautifully formed body. I tightened my lips around his shaft and made love to him like I'd never done before. After a while he took himself out of my mouth and went to my feet. Never taking his eyes off of mine he spread my legs open and slowly walked between them until he stood between my naked thighs. I lifted my legs up in the air as his erection touched my testicles coating them with the milky semen that was still seeping from him. I quietly nodded back at him as his soft hands gripped my thighs and I felt his warm stiffness go between my cheeks and rest against my open invitation.

No words need to be said as I look at the love in his chestnut eyes as slowly his warm hardness enters me. Throughout my whole life I have never felt more wanted, needed and loved as I do at that moment. His penis fills me with passion as it slides all the way in. My own cock leaks its own juices freely over my flat, hairless stomach as he slides in and out of my tight grip. At some point he manages to turn my body around like a screwdriver into a screw and stays in me all the time. I see that I am floating in mid air and just below me lays my half undressed body. I feel nothing for it as my angel carries on making love to me. I can feel the build up in my loins as he quickens up his pace and I know we are going to ejaculate together. I erupt only a second before him and, as he fills me with his godly, seed I feel as if I'm being consumed with true love. I close my eyes as a wave of contentment runs through my soul and I am carried through the gates of heaven safely. My guardian angel protecting me.


Neil Gosling

[email protected]


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