It was my boss! I couldn't believe it, what was he doing here? And then he was standing in front of me and talking to me.

'Come here Aaron,' he said. 'I want a word with you.'

I felt giddy with nerves but managed to nod.

'I have something to show you boy. Come with me.'

I was still too much in shock to do anything but agree and let him lead me over to a large television. He sat me down in front of it and whispered, 'watch this.' And then in a louder voice he announced to the room. 'Gentlemen? The show is about to begin.'

The TV flickered into life and my boss started the video machine. A small crowd of guys gathered behind me as the tape started to play. I saw a place that I recognised and knew immediately where it was. And then I saw my car, me asleep in it, then the police car turn up, then me stripping and being spanked and fucked by the twp cops last weekend. But how did anyone know I was going to be there? How come I was set up?

As if reading my mind my boss whispered down to me, 'they're not real policeman Aaron. No one here is a real... well not all are at any rate. I saw you looking fed up in the bar that night and so called in a few favours to cheer you up. You clearly enjoyed yourself then and... you are clearly enjoying yourself now.'

I was getting very turned on by the video of me being spanked. I looked at the group in the room, to see what they thought of my performance. There were more than a few hard packets in the front of uniformed trousers, and a couple of guys had their cocks out and were slowly wanking themselves, or each other while their eyes stayed fix on the screen.

'I had to use a tripod you know,' my boss was still whispering proudly to me. 'My hands were shaking so much, from the excitement.'

I looked at him with shock.

'That's right boy,' he beamed, 'I was the one doing the filming. I came three times just watching.'

My dick was aching so much for release that I put my hand on it to adjust it.

'What did I tell you about that, boy!' The policeman stomped over to me, glaring.

'I am sorry sir, I forgot myself.'

'You certainly did! And you will certainly be sorry now. Stand up.'

I gulped and stood up. My legs began to shake as I knew what was going to happen next. I wondered if I could take all that punishment a second time.

'Clear that table Jack,' the policeman shouted to a younger man in police uniform who obediently stripped the dining table bare. Then he put his face right against mine so that I could smell his breath and he said to me, 'get over there and bend over the table. You are in deep shit boy.'

I nervously did as I was told and bent over feeling the hard wood against my chest and exposing my arsehole again to everyone in the room. Two cops grabbed a wrist each and held me from either side of the table.

'Spread those legs boy!'

A sharp slap on my arse and I obeyed straight away.

'Further!' he ordered, giving me an even harder slap.

All of a sudden I felt unseen hands tying my ankles to the table legs and my apron was ripped away from me. My head was turned to the side and I saw everyone had gathered around to watch. Some men were standing around stroking the bulges in their trousers whilst others had their dicks out and were playing with them. A couple of guys had even taken their trousers and pants off and had started playing with each other.

'I'm going to punish you first for being late by five minutes. Then for touching your cock, which belongs to us,' the policeman said loudly.

Smack! The first whack went onto my right cheek. Smack! The second on my left. Both stung like crazy. He left it for a few seconds, letting me get used to the feel and then: Smack! Smack! He repeated them again and again, always leaving a few seconds in between so that I would not go numb but would feel every spank.

Soon my arse was so very hot and my dick was once again rock solid, sticking up and rubbing on the rough underside of the table. Then he started to spank my arse harder and began leaving less time between each one. Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! The room was echoing with the sound of my arse being thwacked, my eyes started to water from the delicious pain. He spanked every part of my arse; the top, sides, right across my hole, even the tops of my legs and around near my hips. And each time the spank nearly drove me over the edge and nearly made me come.

After a few minutes of this he stopped and started instead to pinch my already sore cheeks and around my arsehole. It was ecstasy.

'That was for being late boy. Now you will be punished for handling stolen goods. And that deserves the belt.'

Oh shit! I didn't know if I could handle that. My cheeks quivered in anticipation as he stroked them roughly.

'You'll get twelve strokes boy and I want you to count them all. Miss one and I will start again from the beginning.'

'Yes sir,' I mumbled, wondering if I would ever be able to sit down again and that maybe I'd made a big mistake in coming to the house.

I heard a whoosh and then felt searing hot paid as the belt bit into my already burning flesh.

'One!' I screamed.

'That's a good boy.' I recognised the voice of my boss, he was stroking my head.

Whack! My eyes nearly came out of their sockets. I'd never been spanked this hard before not even as a kid.

'Two!' Shit, I'd nearly missed it!

'You're doing well boy,' my boss said again. This time his hands were stroking my neck.

I don't know how I got through the other ten but I did, with my cock dripping precum so much it felt like I was constantly coming under the table. On the twelfth stroke my arse felt like it was actually smoking.

'That's better. What a good boy,' my boss said, sliding his finger nails over my burning hot arse cheeks. And then I felt his hot breath over my arsehole, he gently pulled my cheeks apart and buried his tongue into me.

I moaned loudly and couldn't hold back. For the second time in my life I came without my cock being touched. Spurt after spurt of juice spilled itself under the table as I stuck my arse back into his face as hard as my tethers would allow. And his tongue kept going in deeper, all the time kneading my painful arse with his fingers.

The others had drifted now that the spanking was over and, after a while, my boss untied me. I glanced around the room and saw other people were now having sex; things had moved on. I saw, and heard, another man being well and truly spanked with a paddle. I'd never seen an arse so red and wondered what mine looked like. I moved my head a bit more and saw one of the Navy boys half undressed and bent over a chair. He was wearing a white jock strap and I could clearly see he had no hair on his arse at all.

It was hard for me, a top, to resist an offering like that as he face fucked a policeman. His arse cheeks seemed to shine in the dull light and all of a sudden I wanted to run up to him and shove my dick straight up that wonderful, hairless hole.

'Isn't that a fabulous sight?' My boss had noticed what I was looking at.

'What?' I stammered, coming back down to earth.

'Wouldn't that be a nice place to be,' he said nodding towards the blonde Navy boy bent over the sofa.

'Hmmm,' was all I could say.

'Well, he's being initiated tonight, just like you, so he's out of bounds for you tonight. But don't worry, I'll make sure you see him again,' he said. And then without warning he grabbed my head, pulled me to face him and shoved his tongue down my throat, pressing his lips hard against mine,

We started tongue fighting and grabbing each other's arses and pulling ourselves tightly together, feeling our hard dicks pressing against each other fiercely.

I was locked in a wonder-world and didn't want the ride to end.

We slid down onto the floor still sucking on each other's mouths. I ended up with my back on the floor and him on top of me grinding his stiff cock against mine. Then he sat up and pulled his shirt off revealing his very hairy stomach and chest.

Ever since you first came into my office with your smug attitude I've wanted to spank and fuck that beautiful arse of yours,' he panted hoarsely. 'I won't spank it tonight because it's had enough, but I will certainly fuck it.'

He stood up, sliding his trousers off, stepped over them and ordering me to kneel with my arse in the air. As I was doing that I saw the Navy boy getting a hard hit with a cane across his smooth buttocks, immediately here was another fresh, crimson line joining the others that glowed across them. I closed my eyes, wishing that it was me who was wielding the cane.

Again I was brought back to earth by my boss' finger shoving into my now ever ready hole. It started to explore. My dick needed release again but I fought the temptation to touch it. I felt another finger, then a third and I started moving my hips around, enjoying having all three fingers up there.

I tried to focus on the blonde Navy boy who was now being fucked up the arse and in the mouth by two hairy cops but I couldn't. I was so into my own ecstasy that I soon forgot what was going on around me as my boss exchanged his fingers for his dick. I was desperate to feel it in me, as soon as the tip touched my wanton hole I backed up onto it hard, leaping on it and groaning as I felt myself impale myself onto it. All the way back until his hairy stomach was scratching on my red raw flesh.

We fucked each other fiercely; him ramming his cock home as hard as he could and me banging my arse backwards to meet him. My flesh still stung, I could still feel the belt marks as he rammed into me. I was enjoying every thrust, grunting with the effort and the pleasure.

And then someone else was kneeling before me and pressing their cock to my mouth. I opened my mouth before I opened my eyes and swallowed all of whoever's cock it was. I was forcibly face-fucked while being arse-rammed and my own cock was hurting, skin stretched to the limit with its hardness.

Behind me my boss' thrusting got more urgent. Then he pulled out, let out a long, loud moan and poured his cum over my smouldering arse. His hot liquid added to my pain and pleasure as I felt it running down my crack and onto my thighs.

Within seconds someone else, a face unseen, entered me. He wasn't as big but I enjoyed it just as much. He had really heavy balls and they swung and crashed against mine as he fucked me. The guy in front of me pulled his cock from my mouth, took hold of my head and came across my face. Someone pushed him away and then there was Mike, the second cop from last week, kneeling in front of me, holding his fat cock just inches away.

'Remember this, sweet lips?' he grinned. I had to really stretch my lips to let it enter my mouth.

I was sucking hard on Mike's dick when the guy fucking me started to go faster and swell up in me. I could feel his hot come fill the condom inside me. Before he'd even finished jerking he was shoved aside and I heard the policemen's voice.

'I've been watching you boy,' he said while rubbing his dick up and down my crack. 'You've learned well. Now I'm going to give you what you deserve.'

With that he pushed his dick into me. It was bigger, longer, fatter than all the others, the biggest I'd felt. He banged straight into my prostate, my cock throbbed. I was being stretched from both ends. And then someone's hot, eager lips were on my cock, and they started to suck. There was no way I could hold back and I filled his mouth within seconds. Then Mike was filling my own mouth with his bucket load, so much cum crammed in around his huge cock that I had to keep swallowing, even then some leaked from my mouth and tricked onto my chin.

Then I felt the policeman pull out. He grabbed my by the hips and slapped his huge cock onto my burning flesh, spurting his thick cream across my back.

'That'll teach you, you fucking pervert,' he grunted, slapping my arse once.

Mike kissed me on the lips, tasting his own cum. 'We'll be seeing you again, sweet lips,' he grinned.

As Mike moved away I looked up and saw Daddy sitting in his chair, licking his lips. He bent down to me and dropped a card in front of me. 'Next time we meet,' he said, 'I will show you how to be really obedient. Your cum tasted sweet and so next time I am going to spank and fuck you so hard you will think that tonight was a Walt Disney film.' He kissed my forehead and walked away.

I got shakily to my feet as my boss said, 'time to go Aaron.'

I was delirious with sex as I put my clothes back on.

'Come, I'll drive you home,' my boss offered. 'And we'll collect your car in the morning.'

He helped me from the house and into the brittle night air. I tried to object but he wouldn't have it and, when I did try to sit down, I realised that he was right. I lay on his back seat all the way home thinking of what had happened.

For some reason guilty thoughts of Brian kept popping into my head. I resolved to phone him first thing in the morning.


Neil Gosling

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