They had found a nice secluded spot where no one ever bothered to come by. It was a perfect spot to have Ian pay his debt off and yet Scott felt slightly uneasy. After all Ian had been his target for the entire senior year and now, thanks to his skills at pool he was going to have what he had been dreaming about all year long.

The way Ian looked at him, the piercing eyes and cold stare, the lips held tightly together stirred the lust deep in Scott's heart and yet he knew that it would not be like the dreams. Ian's disgust was evident or so it would seem as he slowly unbutton the shirt and with a haughty expression he let the wind play with the checked cotton fabric.

With his head looking over the top of his own, Scott stared licking his lips as the tall torso was bared for his eyes to feast on. He saw the ribs sticking out and the defined belly glistening in the golden rays of the sun. It was more than he had hoped for in one sense as he took in Ian's firm muscular body.

His mouth went dry as he stared up at Ian, seeing the eyes fixed firmly on his own as Ian's hands moved down to the faded denim of his pants. The multi coloured boxers showing enough to make Scott's eyes water in anticipation. Glancing upwards Scott knew that Ian was wise to him and he struggled with the emotions. Would Ian continue or would he laugh and take off?

Scott could hear the roar of his heart pounding as Ian turned an glared at him with a strange almost sensual look. Scott felt the lump in his own pants jerk as he stared at the golden flesh being thrust at his eyes. The thin curl of Ian's lips almost inviting Scott to come forward to crush them with his own and yet he couldn't move. He felt paralysed by the stare and the radiant beauty of his high school friend.

The thin wisp of thick dark pubic hair that peeked out from under the pushed down denims only made Scott's body tremble with a strange sense of exhilaration. His forehead was beaded with his own sweat as he tried to remain calm, trying to act like this was merely him getting even, taking his reward but the look on Ian's face told him he wasn't succeeding.

Now Ian turned so his entire body was clearly facing Scott. The look grew more intense as both of his hands gripped the waist of the denim pants. The button popped open and more of the luscious dark pubic hairs showed thru. Scott could feel the pre cum dripping from his own blood gorged cock as he just stood there, drinking it all in, praying that it wouldn't end.

Slowly Ian turned away from him, showing him his side and with the white of his hips the denims were slipped down and out came the swollen cock. Scott heard his voice moan softly as he witnessed the uncut cock staring out, the head poking out as if looking to see if it was clear.

Without any word being spoken, Ian moved his hands to the back of the denims. Scott could feel his reluctance as he stood there, letting Scott gaze without hindrance at his manhood. He wanted to shout at Ian, to tell him to stop but the fever of lust held him in its powerful grip as he licked his own lips, wishing for more and yet afraid of getting what he wished for.

In a sudden push, Ian dropped the denims from his lanky body and turned slightly to glare at Scott. He was naked now. His eyes were sparkling with a sort of defiance as if to say: Fine, You won, This what you expected, Is It and yet even as the eyes seemed to glare Scott felt there was something more happening between them.

Sure there was a sort of anger and maybe in a way some hate flashing between them but there was also a sense of excitement that Scott couldn't quite fathom. Maybe it was like when you were a kid and you stole a cookie, you dreaded the consequences but oh man that cookie tasted good once you got it out of the jar. His eyes travelled up and down Ian's lithe body, drinking in every detail of the youthful figure.

Looking at Ian this way was making him hurt in not just his groin either. Scott suddenly felt ashamed of himself as he looked at the tilted head, the suddenly half closed eyelids. If he didn't know better he would swear that Ian was close to tears even, yet he had to be mistaken. Nothing every shook Ian, not even losing the game of pool to him seemed to have had any impact on him. Ian was here, just like he had said he would be, and more than that he was naked just as they had agreed he would be. Still the way he looked, the way the lower lip trembled a little made Scott wonder if perhaps he had gone too far this time.

It wasn't any good pretending he thought as he lowered his head, glancing up thru his own fallen locks of blond hair to see the expression on Ian's face. A sharp stabbing pain lanced thru his heart. Even the vision of Ian's firm buttocks wasn't enough to take his eyes away from the turned back face. The eyes were misted, he was certain of it and he could even see a small tremor race across Ian's cheeks as he let Scott gaze at his backside.

Despite the feelings of guilt he couldn't bring himself to tell Ian to stop. Instead he stood there, in the grove of bushes as Ian once more turned to face him. The eyes bore deep into Scott's soul as he stared back at the young man who had been his nemesis and idol all at once. In his mind he had dreamt of this time, wishing he could find his voice, wishing too that Ian would say something instead of just staring at him with those burning orbs.

Well McKenna, happy now?

The harsh sound of Ian's voice finally made him look into the eyes. It wasn't what he had expected as he merely nodded at his naked friend, wondering if they would ever speak to each other again after this.

Is it what you thought?

I guess…

You guess? Shit man, what did you think I would look like, haven't you ever seen an uncut one before?

Yeah… just that…

That what? You didn't think I'd do this, did you? Come on, admit it, you figured I'd chicken out or something… right?


Yeah… well I didn't, so now it's your turn.

Huh? My turn? For what?

What do you think McKenna, let's see yours, looks like seeing mine has you a bit, stiff? So come on, let's see just how hard it is…. If you are man enough…

Scott stared at Ian with his mouth hanging open. The idea that Ian wanted him to strip was frightening and yet at the same time thrilling. His body grew still as his green eyes stared at Ian. There was something about the glint in Ian's own ebony coloured eyes that made his groin begin to ache.

Without even realizing it he found he had his shirt off. His arms crossed in front of his toned muscular body as he continued to try and make sense out of Ian's sudden interest in seeing him in the raw. Could Ian be like him? Could he be 'family' or was he just taunting him, daring him or perhaps there was more to it.

Scott found himself sprawled out on the white beach with his eyes shut as he tried to figure out just what Ian could be up to. Was he trying to embarrass him or go one up on him? After all Ian certainly had the better body, Scott could see that easily and compared to him his smaller frame and smooth body was no comparison. Ian won that one hands down.

Finally he made up his mind as Ian just stood there, hands on hips waiting. Scott stood up and without a word or even a second glance he undid the button on his pants. He noticed with satisfaction that he had taken Ian by surprise as he wasn't wearing any underwear.

Scott's semi hard uncut cock poked out from the pants, the zipper giving him a slight tingle as he let the milky white penis stick out, staring at Ian's already naked body. Inside Scott smiled as he saw the head of Ian's own uncut beauty begin to stiffen.

Ian licked his lips in an involuntary movement that made Scott's heart skip a beat or two. There was no mistaking the lust that was slowly building up in Ian's face as Scott stood very still. The pants had started to slide down his lanky frame, his hands resting now just under his hips to keep them from falling to around his ankles. If it was games Ian wanted then Scott knew exactly how to play them.

Without even looking away Scott let his hands move away and come to rest across his flat stomach. His belly button glistened in the sunlight as the blue pants slid down his legs, resting just above the knees. It was all there now, his dark pubic hairs glistening from sweat and the sun, his uncut penis pointing down at 45 degrees, for the moment.

A soft thin smile crossed his pale pink lips as he could feel Ian's growing desire. The look was intoxicating to him as he felt the desire reaching for him, making him feel like he was something special. The wager no longer important to him as he let Ian drink in all of his naked body, from the top of his wiry dark hair to his toes. It felt good to be admired this way he thought as another idea came to him.

Running he splashed into the ocean and felt the spray against his toned body, making it glisten even more in the golden rays of the sun. He sat down on the wet beach to stare up into the twinkling face of Ian. A broad smile now crossed his face as he felt the exhilaration of finally having something good happen, instead of being totally disappointed.

Ian's 6ft frame shook a little as he turned around to give Ian a chance to glance at more than just his stiffening uncut cock. His small firm buttocks was clenched tightly as he twirled around, feeling a sudden ache growing between the two white orbs. God he hoped this wasn't just some crafty way of getting back at him, but then he saw Ian's smile.

Glancing over his shoulder he could see the obvious excitement in his friend's naked body. Ian's own uncut penis now showed clearly, the foreskin virtually stretched taut as Scott continued to parade around the beach area, strutting and arching his body in provocative poses. It was having the effect that he had only dreamed of.

No words had yet come, no grunts even of encouragement or displeasure which made Scott pause for a second or two. Could he be reading more into the look on Ian's face? Could he be merely imagining the look of lust and desire because it was his own secret hope? Was he that desperate? His heart fluttered a bit as he stood there, the warmth of the sun caressing his toned 150 pound body.

His eyes glanced upwards, staring up at the clear blue sky as he sensed that both he and Ian had come to a crossroads. Would it go further he wondered as he stood there, his own arms clutching tightly at his stomach, feeling the burning pain of doubt within.

The rustle of movement got his attention as he turned around and there near the fallen foliage he saw that Ian had laid out the flag along with both of their discarded clothes. He stared at it as Ian looked at him and then looked down at the pile of clothes. Scott moved forward tentatively and then let his body sprawl down on one side of the flag. He stared up with a quizzical expression, hoping that Ian would explain or at least give him some sign, some indication if the wager was finally over.

His body suddenly stiffened as Ian came to let his own 6ft tall naked body rest on the spread out flag. Scott turned to him as he felt the fullness of his desire beginning to stir the blood in his groin. His balls tightened up under his penis as he looked deeply into Ian's ebony eyes. The desire that engulfed him was not a dream and he felt the hard beat of his heart as he looked at the moist lips that were now parted, inviting him closer.

Scott moved inwards, his hand reaching across his aching groin towards Ian's still body. The sun was reaching its zenith as Scott felt the warmth caressing his own body as Ian's breath wafted across his face, his own lips parting now as he moved closer to the figure laying next to him.

The touch of his hand on Ian's chest made his body tremble. He could feel the wild beat of the heart in the boy's chest or was it his own heart? It didn't matter as he felt the sudden jolt of pure fire deep within his body as Ian's hand lightly touched the inside of his thigh. Fire seemed to suddenly engulf him as he felt the light touch growing harder as the fingers moved up his leg.

Scott laid on his back now as Ian's body moved closer and leaned over him. He could stare into the ebony eyes that now seemed to loom over his body. The sun made a sort of crown of golden shards around Ian's head that only made Scott breathe that much faster. It was too much for his mind as his eyes fluttered, the vision becoming a blur as Ian's body now moved to where it touched with his own in several spots.

His penis grew hard as the foreskin was taut, the ooze of pre cum dripping unheeded onto the firm golden flesh of Ian's body. Scott felt the firm press of a finger near his groin and he sighed softly as the finger began to slowly move around his trembling penis. He dared not look at Ian, fearful that he would suddenly find it all a dream.

The touch when it came was unlike anything he had ever imagined. For the first time he felt like his heart would leap from his chest. The pain grew more intense as Ian's body now came and pressed hard into his own. He smelled the scent of sweat knowing it was from Ian. The warmth now became sticky hot as the finger slowly moved up the trembling cock shaft. His body cried out in agony as his mind shuddered to the wild new sensations that filled his whole body.

Nothing he had read or watched had prepared him for this moment as his body lunged forward. His pelvic bones moaning from the sudden thrust forward and the tip of his hard cock suddenly nestled into the hot sweaty belly of Ian. The touch of that forbidden skin against his own made him cry out as his eyes opened.

There was Ian's face an inch from his own. As his cry echoed amidst the noise of water lapping on the shore he saw the mouth open. Everything became a whirl of new emotions as Ian pressed his lips down onto Scott's mouth. In that brief and passionate moment, his body jerked hard forward, grinding his blood gorged cock into the soft hot belly. His body shuddered as the blood drained from his head and rushed to fill the urgent call from his groin.

In that moment he felt the passion wash over him as his body bucked and his lungs collapsed from oxygen starvation. His body and voice shouted loudly as his white creamy man juice came flooding out to splatter across the tight belly that rested firmly against the head. His body sagged in disbelieve and in exhaustion as his juice came flooding out non stop for second after second. The strange jolt of his hips moving in and out in such rapid succession took what little breathe he had left and he felt dizzy as the orgasm welled up inside of him.

It had taken seconds for him to release a lifetime of dreams and hopes. His body shook as now two strong arms encircled his trembling body. The press of a hot mouth on his own only adding to the building fires within his body. His mind was lost to the tidal wave of emotions that filled his body.

Scott could hear the harsh sound of his gasping voice as his body continued to shake, held firmly by Ian's strong arms. His head now rested deep within the comfort of those arms and he felt the sun shining down on his body. The sweat glistening as he realized that the wager was over, the bet no longer of importance as he finally had all that he had ever dreamed of. He had Ian.




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