Some of the bushes were clearly feeling the summer's draught as was Adam. It was his favourite part of the woods as it let him do his own thing without anyone bothering him. It was after all the only time when he could be himself and let his dreams take hold. Just standing among the bushes with his semi erect penis hanging out added to his inner excitement.

Adam's hazel eyes widened as he let his mind explore the secret thoughts & desires that came to his young mind. Nothing was taboo within the confines of his mind and just like in his all time favourite book, Lord of The Rings, he felt the excitement of the unknown and the wonders of things not yet discovered.

His hand moved down to push his pants further down off his hips. He felt the small warm breeze across his belly and the backside of his naked torso. He loved the feeling of just standing there, amongst natures own wonders while his mind conjured up the images of Middle Earth. It was how he knew that he could face another day.

The tube of lube came out as his pants slid down to his ankles now. The solitude of the bushes and the gentle whisper of the wind thru the hollows only heightened his desire to let his mind wander back to a time when life was simpler and easier to cope with. The warm goo spread on his hands as he then gently applied the thick lubricant to his erect cock that dangled impatiently in front of his toned body.

With a blank stare outwards, he began to see the coming dreams of which he excelled in. He now rode beside the blond elf Legolus with Strider in the forefront. His thoughts made his hand move along the shaft of his thickened cock as he felt the wisp of blond hair pass across his cheeks.

Adam could feel his buttocks tightening as his hands worked their swift magic along the throbbing cock shaft. His mind could feel the smell or what he thought an elf would smell like. For Adam it was the scent of freshness, of clean untouched life just as the woods smelled to him after a night's cleansing rain. This was how he imagined it as his hands pulled slowly along the long shaft.

Glancing down at his work he felt the heat radiating from his groin. The sun beating down on his shoulders only adding to his dream of riding the horse of Rohan along with other tall blond Rider's of The Mark. It was his dream and he could feel it welling up deep down in his soul now as the lubricant eased the passing back and forth of his hand. The fullness of his cock making him feel as tall as any of the warriors that he now rode shoulder to shoulder with across the wide plains of Middle Earth.

Adam could hear the blood rushing inside his body just as he could hear the wild beat of hoofs on the ground as he rode stride for stride with his heroes. The sounds of their horns sounding much like the wild cries of joy that he knew he would shriek out soon as his hands moved just that much faster now.

Everything about the day was as he expected. Legolus stood tall in the saddle with the bow across his slender effeminate backside. Yet he could see the rippling muscles as the elfin cloak blow from the wind of the ride. His own body felt the warm breeze too as he spurred his own steed on. His mind grew hot as the motion of the ride jolted him and run up his spine.

The wild sounds of a 1000 horses riding together was no louder than the urgent beat of his heart as his hands slowed down, unwilling for the solitary seduction to end just yet. He wasn't ready for that right now as his mind rebelled against the urgent call of his groin.

His hands dropped to his side as his penis now jutted outwards. The hard thick member staring out lost without the guiding stroked of his hands. It stood there, unsure of what to do next or of what would happen next, just as the Riders of the Mark knew not what lay over the next hill. It was all a part of the mystery that he let his mind seize and hold.

Adam's body was hard and taught as the sun beat down on him and on his dreams. The hills were still far away but he was coming closer to them with each beat of his heart, with each thunderous thud of the hoofs of his steed. It was as he dared to dream and yet his body remained rigid as the images came to him.

Easily he was reaching the final point when he and the Warriors of Rohan would top the crest of the coming hills. The green lush grass swayed to their passing just as his own cock arched itself upwards as if it too was seeing the crest of the hill approaching. Like a faithful dog finding the scent of his master, his cock reached up heavenwards, waiting for the frantic signal of its master.

Adam's body shuddered now as he waited, willing himself to have control without the need of hands or others. It was his solitude that would give him the pleasure he desperately craved now, it was his time just as it was Frodo's time and as his cock stuck straight out from his lithe body, Adam felt the rush of pleasure building in his balls. Slowly, ever so slowly he felt them slinging up to rest tightly into the shaft of his blood gorged pole.

His eyes were glassy now as he stared off into the distance. The bushes that surrounded him were gone from his sight as his mind took him deep into the world of Middle Earth. The smell of the horses and the scent of men sweating with the ride filled his nostrils now. His body felt the jolt as each hoof hit the ground, his lungs breathed deeply of the rich scent of testosterone that surround him as he rode with the Men of Rohan. He too was now a Rider of the Mark and ahead he could see Theoden, the King himself and his heart grew happy as he saw the rich golden hair flowing back as the horses gathered speed.

Adam's body shuddered again and again as his mind showed him the scene around him. It all grew quickly as now they came to the top of the hill and for a brief moment the entire horde of warriors were held in check by the beauty of the valley spread out below them. The sun glistened high up in the sky and below all lay green and rich with wonder as they stood there.

The tremble inside of his body grew now as he felt the blood leaving his brain, the images of the valley suddenly growing faint as with one single loud cry, with sword held high the King himself shouted and with the wild cry of a thousand hearty male voices, they were off down the sloping crest of the hill. He felt it come to him as he too felt himself suddenly leaning forward as his horse took him along with the others down the slope towards the full valley.

It was at that precise moment that he looked up to stare into the blue eyes of Legolus, seeing the smile and pleasure that the elf was enjoying from his naked body. His mind surrendered to the dream as his jizz came flooding out and splattering far away from his trembling body. His hands were numb as they lay rigid by his side while his legs shook and his chest heaved.

The release of his man milk made him pant as the wild beat of his heart now rose above the other sounds that echoed in his head. No more did the wild beat of 1000 hoofs pounding on the ground echo as the sound of his heart was louder. The cry from his voice made no warrior turn but he heard the sudden rise of horns being blown as his body shuddered with the final spurt of cream.

Once more he felt the joy of his solitude, once more he slowly came back from riding along the lands of Middle Earth to gaze at the trees and bushes around his own place on earth. His eyes grew moist as once more he had seduced himself with the fantasy of being a Rider of the Mark. He smiled as he felt the blood gradually returning from his still shaking cock.

A smile crossed his face as he let his body slowly return to normal. The thick hard penis gradually growing soft as his eyes continued to just stare off. His mind felt relaxed and he thought that maybe tomorrow he would let himself be seduced by the solitude of Fangorn Forest or perhaps along the battlements of Helms Deep. Whatever it would turn out to be at least he knew that when it was all over with there would be no dishes, no nagging, and no disappointment.

He reached down to pull his pants up, feeling once more like he could get through this day until the next solitary seduction.




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