Max had approached him when he had been walking along the beach. His head had been off trying to come up with some scheme on how to wangle a few hundred bucks off his parents so he could pay this months rent. He hadn't even seen Max until he had walked right into the guy. His surprise was hilarious really as he thought about it now. There he had been, walking down the beach thinking of scoring some cash and walked right into a virtual ATM machine in the guise of some photographer.

Deon had to laugh to himself as once more he struck his pose, turning his head as he stuck his butt outwards. To think that he had literally walked right into the guy and here he was now, standing stark naked letting some guy take his picture. Shit, the smile on his face was hard to control as he leaned down, to undo his belt.

It really had been simple when he thought about it. He was wearing his black t-shirt and pants trying to come up with a way to make some cash, to pay for the rent when this guy suddenly appeared in his way. Their collision was funny in a sense as Max went flying, the camera in his hand hit the golden sandy beach with a dull thud while Max hit the sand with a loud curse and bigger thud. He hadn't budged really, just his forward momentum had stopped but he was merely stunned as he stared at the fallen photographer.

Man could he curse too as he sat up and stared upwards at the cause of his downfall. After all Deon was 6foot and well built. His toned body had taken a lot worse pounding from the surf and withstood it, so a skinny little toothpick of a guy was no match. He stood there, his arms crossed as he stared at the fallen Max and just let him rant for a bit, before offering him his hand to yank him back to his feet.

Despite being dumped on his ass, it didn't Max long to convince Deon that he should model for him. Mind you needed the money that Max talked about helped make his mind up fast too. It wasn't just the notion of posing and being immortalized on film that did the trick. In all honesty, it was the cash and after several interesting beach shots and the promised C note, the suggestion of earning some more of those crisp bills was enticing. Hell that is why he was here now, his clothes off to one side and his golden flesh glistening under the studio lights.

Deon was proud of his body and so he should be. Years of surfing and taking care had paid off as his 6 foot frame had filled out to become well proportioned. He wasn't your typical 18 year old either as he didn't look scrawny or eat junk food even. He liked fish and enjoyed the feel of the sun against his naked body. Even just thinking of it made him smile which also had become one of his major assets. Seems the girls enjoyed it and though he hadn't thought about it, some guys would like it too.

Striking a pose with his head tilted, his pants off and just a black t-shirt on, he thought about that end of it. Not once had he though Max was queer, until he had made the offer of paying him to strip and let him take his pictures. Even then he wasn't sure the guy was bent that way until Max told him he worked for some adult online sex site. Man that sort of blew him away.

The idea that strangers would be paying money to see his naked body though rather excited him. He didn't realize how much until looking up at Max. Shit the way his eyes were bulging you would have thought they guy had just won the sex lottery or something. Fuck they were big as he had stared down at Deon's bulging crotch. Well fuck, he had thought, the guy is gay and he had money.

It didn't take him long to agree to Max's impulse offer to get sucked off as well as photographed. Shit, in for a penny, in for a pound Deon thought as he had reached down to undo the belt on his pants. It seemed unreal to him but it also made him horny. That in itself was strange because it was Max, not Maxine and to be honest, he had always figured himself strictly a Maxine type person, never a Max.

The blow job wasn't something he would write home about, though he had to admit it was a damn site better than his latest girl friend. She was okay, and wasn't into fucking, but man she did enjoy sucking on his cock. He had thought it was good until he felt Max's mouth moving up and down his penis. Fuck, now that felt so much better as the man's tongue had snaked out and under his cock shaft. It tickled a bit as it moved along the underside, the rough raspy tip tickling his balls. He had nearly lost it then and there but held on somehow. The way Max's had moved around on his cock only made his legs tremble more and his resolve to hold on grew more intense. He wanted to cum so bad it was hurting something fierce.

The way Max had held his buttocks was unusual. The one finger kept pushing up and down his crack, swirling around his fuzz covered butt hole while the head and mouth kept up a constant back and forth motion on his dick. God he had to admit that it felt 1000 times better than any girls had given him, still it seemed like Max was holding back. Maybe it was that he was paying for it instead of it being given freely? He doubted if that would really make much of a difference, but the idea of finding out intrigued him as he rocked his hips in and out.

The warmth of Max's mouth and his magic tongue didn't take long to work their will on him either. He felt his body shaking and the growing need to shoot his cum. It made him close his eyes and sling back his head as he kept up the motion, adding to the rush of emotions inside. The finger probing his virgin ass was the last straw. It made his body surrender and for his first time, Deon felt the joy of a hard rolling orgasm that made him reach down and hold tightly to Max's own quivering shoulders. The Cum came flooding out of his body as his cock jerked and heaved within the Max's throat. He could feel it slam up into the roof of the mouth, the hot flesh burning or so it felt like. The pain made him cry out as his cum came spurting out in a solid white jet. The hot milk seemed too much for Max as it dripped down from both corners of the tightly held lips. His own blood gorged jerking cock wedged tightly within the grasp of the pink pale lips.

It ended as quickly as it had begun. Maybe if it was free there would be more he wondered as he went into the studio room to begin his photo shoot. Hell, for the money he was getting to take his clothes off, jerk off later, for some Gay Sex Site, he would have let the guy suck him for free. Maybe there would be repeat business as he felt the growing bulge and smiled. Seems his body didn't object either to the idea of more of Max and his probing fingers.




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