The beach was deserted now, the stars were overhead but it wasn't a typical night, the smile from his face was gone as he walked along the empty beach. His body moved sluggishly as he could barely lift his bare feet up to plunk them down ahead. There was a sadness inside that he didn't understand as he moved aimlessly down the sandy coast line.

How could this have happened he wondered as he turned his head to one side and stared out at the empty expanse of the ocean. What did he do that was so wrong that he was here instead of back there, with him? Everything had seemed to fall in place earlier and yet now, was in total disarray.

Lestat sighed as he continued his lonely journey along the sandy beach. It had all started out so good that he felt like maybe he was in shock. How in hell could such a good beginning be ending with him alone? Christ it wasn't like he was a dog, or had some hideous features that made people squirm. He was nearly 6 foot tall and had what he knew was a well toned, well proportioned body. Shit he even had natural blonde hair so why the fuck was he here, alone tonight?

His feet were like lead and the loneliness had him near to tears which wasn't like him. He was strong, willing to take risks that others might shy away from yet right now he felt so alone, so empty that he couldn't believe it. Sitting down on the wet sand, his knees drawn up to his chin he stared outwards, seeing nothing, feeling only numbness.


The voice startled him as he turned quickly to stare up at the tall figure who had suddenly appeared. His heart skipped a beat not from being startled but from recognizing the figure standing near him. He felt a lump rise in his throat as he just looked upwards, trying to read the darkened face that peered at him.

Lestat: Uh, Hi, uh… didn't hear you…

Sid: Kind of noticed that, you left pretty fast

Lestat: Guess so…

Sid: So uh, why? I mean… did I do something to piss you off?

Lestat: You? No… I thought that… I mean… shit Sid, I uh…

He turned his head away to glance aimlessly at his bare feet. Lestat didn't know what to say. Things suddenly seemed different yet he couldn't figure out why. His heart pumped a bit faster as he listened to the slightly uneven breathing coming from Sid. The thought that maybe he acted impulsively, had screwed up all on his own made his slender frame tremble as he sat there. Could he really have read Sid wrong? Did Sid really want him or was he here simply to be polite or worse, out of pity? Gawd he couldn't handle it if Sid pitied him, though he wasn't even sure why he was thinking all this.

Sid: I am sorry, I mean… It is just that you are so, well you know

Lestat: What? I don't…

Sid: It is just, well hard to believe that you might be interested in me, shit dude, you can have anyone you want, you know that.

Lestat: I do? No Sid, I don't, I mean…

Sid: You gotta know that, shit man everyone always looks at you when you show up, hell everyone keeps pushing to catch your eye or get near you.

Lestat sat there unsure of what to say. In the back of his mind he knew what Sid said was true, but he never really thought much about it, least not consciously. As he sat there he could feel Sid's breath as the guy sat down next to him on the beach. He could feel his presence and the desire within only become stronger inside his body. How could he have missed it, missed Sid's own nervousness?

Christ he thought Sid was one of those types, the popular ones that everyone desired. Somehow he didn't feel like he was in Sid's league and yet Sid was saying the same thing but about him. Man what a screwed up world as he tried to figure out what to say.

Sid: Don't you believe me?

Lestat: I suppose, just well, it was kind of what I was thinking of you

Sid: Me? You kidding?

Lestat: Shit no, I mean you have the looks, and hell anyone would kill to be invited to one of your parties.

Sid: That's only for the free booze, or maybe for the fact that guys like you seem to show up, sure ain't to see me.

Lestat: You are wrong dude, its to be near you man, Christ you have it all, the money, the looks, the personality, everything dude.

Sid grew silent as he stared ahead at the rolling waves coming in from the ocean. His breathing was laboured as he tried to piece it all together, as he tried to gauge whether Lestat was leading him on or was serious. Inside he wanted to just reach out and grab the 21 year old but he was afraid, uncertain whether he would wind up flat on his back from a hard right fist or from something else. In his heart he wished it would be the latter, would be from a desire on Lestat's part to have him, but was he reading him wrong?

Sid: Bit strange all this isn't it?

Lestat: What do you mean?

Sid: You think they come to see me, I think they show up to see you and yet here we are, sitting on the beach together & I bet no one back at the house even know we are gone.

Lestat: I didn't think you'd notice me gone

Sid: I noticed

Lestat: So I see

Sid: And?

Lestat: And what?

Sid: I dunno, guess maybe I am hoping that uh… well…

Lestat turned his face away from the emptiness to stare into Sid's face. He could see the way the guy's face was twisted, looking so anxious & yet afraid of what he might say. It made him want to reach out, to touch him but he was still uncertain, still afraid. Yet as he continued to stare at Sid, he noticed how Sid wasn't turning away, wasn't trying to look away.

Without even realizing it he felt his hand move from his side and rest lightly on Sid's bare leg. The touch sent a wave of electricity into his body that made him shake. His heart fluttered a bit as he sucked in some air, almost as if someone had given him a shift kick in the chest. He felt a rush of heat swarm through his entire body.

He saw Sid's eyes move away from him and glance down at his hand on Sid's leg. He could see the quick jab of the tongue licking the pale thin lips and in that instant Lestat knew that what he was feeling for Sid was mutual. Somehow he had read it all wrong back at the house and as he lifted his face slightly, Sid's hand haltingly moved to rest on top of his own.

They looked into each other's eyes for maybe a second or two but for Lestat it felt like time had suddenly stopped moving. His heart thundered in his head as he saw the wave of lust and desire cross Sid's angular face. In that mere moment he could feel his own body harden as the blood begun to flow hotly from everywhere down to his groin.

The ache in his body seemed like it would make him explode as he found his hand reaching out to touch Sid's shoulder. The press of his fingers on the hot warm skin made him tremble even more as he could feel his body moving in closer. Sid's own shuddering body seemed to be like stone, as it waited for Lestat.

Without even thinking he felt himself moving, his arm gently guiding Sid down onto the sand. His own legs moved to stretch out as his body twisted and began to press up against Sid's own nearly prone body. His mind reeled as his eyes fluttered. It was like every part of his body was suddenly focused on the anticipation of what was to come. His legs grew hard while the press of his own side began to sweat from under his arms. The tiny little rivers running down his own burning flesh as it moved closer to lay against Sid's body.

The press of his chest now slid slowly onto Sid's torso. Lestat could feel the trembling desire in Sid's taut belly & stomach. The lust grew within as his breathing grew faster with each passing second even though he didn't even realize that time continued. As his body pressed down onto Sid's Lestat felt the pain in his body grow more intense. His hands now moved along the trembling side of Sid's body, feeling the muscles twisting and turning & growing hard.

Every nerve in his body seemed suddenly on edge as his hand moved down to Sid's waist, feeling the tight band of the shorts. His own body bucked as Sid's free hand had moved down Lestat's back and was tugging now at the back of his shorts. He lifted his body slightly and felt the cloth of his shorts being pushed down, so his naked groin could press down into Sid's own body.

The press of a hard pole stuck into Lestat's inner thigh and he felt the body squirm as his hand pushed down on the resisting shorts. With a grunt and push of hot breathe, Lestat managed to wiggle the shorts down so now he could feel the hot burning head of Sid's pole dig into the side of his thigh. His own released penis was wedged up against his and Sid's belly.

His eyes closed as his mouth found the thin pale lips of Sid's. He felt them touch, the burning sensation rolling deep down into his body as his tongue flicked outwards to rub against the lips. He felt the raspy edge slide between the lips, tasting the inner flesh of the lips, touching the hard enamel of the teeth that begun to spread apart. In a second his body shook while his tongue darted inwards, taking advantage of Sid's sucking in of air through the mouth.

The stars might be shining but Lestat didn't notice as everything was tuned to Sid's moving body and touch. He could feel the hands moving quickly across the expanse of his buttocks, pressing the flesh inwards as the fingers spread out, searching & seeking his hidden hole. His own hands were just as urgent in they searched for Sid's trembling groin.

Waves were coming in faster and even as the warm water lapped at the stretched out feet of the two young men, neither noticed as their bodies seemed to melt into each other. The deep hard kiss grew more intense as both of them struggled to satisfy the lust within their hearts. Lestat could feel his body growing harder with each flick of his tongue deep down Sid's eager throat. He could taste the man as his lips pressed hard into Sid's.

Lestat's finger tips touched the hard shaft of Sid's blood gorged pole that made him moan slightly. The answering groan came from Sid's full mouth as Sid's fingers pulled apart the soft fleshy cheeks, to tickle the puckered pink hole that now lay exposed to it. Leaning in more, Lestat felt the blood rushing from his legs, no longer even feeling them as he let his knees encircle the thighs of the struggling body beneath. His buttocks was raised slightly and then came down hard onto the thick pole, pushing it between his body and under his full balls. His own hard cock now slid easily up the trembling belly, the hot pre cum aiding in the motion. The touch of his dick against the hot flesh drove him further, making his tongue dart deep down into Sid's throat.

Sid could not longer keep his upper torso up and his hands flopped to the side as he let his body be driven deep into the warm sand. Lestat was on top kissing him now, moving his hot lips to lick and kiss at the growing stubble under the chin. His mouth pressed hard, forcing Sid's head deep into the sand.

The hot burning kisses made Sid moan louder and even thrash around a bit under Lestat's weight. His body ached so much that he didn't think he could wait another second for more. He cried out, urging Lestat to take him but instead of being turned over, instead of feeling his legs being tossed up in the air he felt the body shift upwards, and as he opened his eyes, he stared up at the hot dripping cock.

Sid saw the pre cum dripping from the dark coloured cock head. He saw it twist around under the head and as his eyes opened wider, he could see it coming closer to his own face. His hands reached up to hold onto the sweaty hips that rested firmly on his chest. He could see the white flesh of Lestat's chest as it hovered over his face. Opening his mouth to cry out, was all that Lestat needed.

In that brief moment Lestat moved his body downwards, pushing his aching penis downwards into the opening mouth. He felt the lips spread apart, taking the oozing drops of pre cum across their expanse. The teeth scraped against the sensitive cock head sending shivers of excitement into his body as he plunged down now, sending the huge shaft passed the surprised mouth.

The feeling of the hot moist mouth encasing his hard throbbing pole made him shiver. His body grew more taut as the waves of pleasure made his head giddy with the feeling. His legs tightened around the sides of Sid's struggling body as he thrust in even further, feeling the hard throat muscles surround his head. Every part of him was waiting, sensing each sideways twist in advance and reacting to it, keeping his pole buried deep into Sid's mouth.

As much as Sid's throat gagged Lestat could feel the lips tightening around his massive cock. He could feel it holding on as he began to pull back, reluctant to let the hot flesh out and he tossed his head, feeling the drops of sweat go in all directions. His groin ached beyond reasoning as he pulled back and then pushed back in quickly. He couldn't let it stop, not now as his body was in sync with the sudden urgent rhythm of his pounding of Sid's mouth.

The hands on his hips tightened their hold as the body beneath no longer squirmed but merely trembled in urgent desire. Together they let nature take hold. The lust grew on them both and Lestat's hands dug deeper into the wet sand above Sid's head. His whole weight was going up and down as he thrust in and out with his hips.

As the blood boiled within he felt the sharp jerking motion of Sid's body beneath his. Lestat felt the hard sting as Sid cried out loudly, filling the quiet night with his voice. Even before his mind could associate the sound with the stinging splash of hot liquid on his belly his own body began to shudder. His own voice now mingled quickly with the dying sounds of Sid's cries.

In that single instant he felt the hard rush of his own milk come roaring up from his balls. The hard slap of them against Sid's chin hurt as his body suddenly pulled back and then lunged forward harder & faster than he could imagine. The touch of his cock head deep down in Sid's throat made him cry even louder as the gushing torrent of his milk finally exploded outwards. The stream heading straight down the open gullet. The throat muscles suddenly overwhelmed by his milk tightened even more around the pulsing pole.

The sound of Sid gagging and yet refusing to relinquish hold on the throbbing pole never registered. Lights flashed before his eyes and sweat now rushed down from his forehead unheeded or noticed. Lestat felt the muscles inside uncoil as every ounce of his body had been spent in that brief instant. The cock head reared back and then pushed ahead, several times. Each time it filled the mouth and throat with more of his hot milk, so much that a small river seemed to flow from around the tight pressed lips.

He could feel the hot milk around his entire cock shaft, as his body suddenly began to collapse and his strength grew weaker. The race of his heart was thundering in his ears as he felt himself fall, the hands now losing their power to hold him up. His body came down onto Sid's heaving chest and then rolled off to the side. He couldn't contain himself and he felt his cock sliding out of the mouth, cum dribbling down from the open mouth as it eagerly sucked in air.

A cough and gag sound finally registered but he was powerless to do anything but lay in the wet sand. It had been like a flood had come and was now receding yet he could still feel Sid's chest heaving as his lifeless arm lay across the cooling flesh. In that moment he realized how much he had wanted Sid, had needed him.

The tide had slowly come in and yet neither really seemed to notice as they struggled to regain their breath & strength. Sid's coughing had eased now and even his panting had grown softer as now the sound of the water lapping up against their prone bodies became noticeable. The warm ocean water cooled their burning flesh but not their ardour as they both managed to stare at the other. In both pair of eyes, there rested the promise of a lot more to come as slowly their strength was growing in anticipation for the next stage of their new found acceptance of each other.




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