James stared off into space as he stood there on the balcony of his apartment, his deep brown eyes blank as he thought back to last night. He wasn't sure how he felt right now as things seemed all messed up inside his mind. Inside his thoughts he still was trying to figure out what it was that made him feel this way. Sex wasn't the problem as he figured he really wasn't all that much different than any other 18 year old.

Still it kind of gnawed at him, the way he had agreed so easily to Bill's suggestion. Maybe it was the shots of Vodka or maybe it was that he hadn't eaten much during the day but that shouldn't make him feel this way. He leaned over the railing and stared out the picturesque scenery in front of him. The view didn't register as all he could see was that dingy room and the bed where it all had happened.

He sighed a little as he thought about it, wondering if maybe this time he had let himself go too far? Maybe not he thought but down inside he knew he was just kidding himself. Least he would have the rest of the weekend to think about how he would deal with it come Monday which was a plus. Course too it would mean he would spend the next few days worrying which wasn't cool.

Hell not much had really ever gotten to him like this and it made him nervous. James felt a small chill yet the temperature outside was warm. He could feel the sun shining but it didn't warm him like normal. Maybe another hot shower would help but he doubted it. Shit he had already taken three showers since getting home and they hadn't helped ease his mind. He supposed that maybe he just thought too much about things but he had a rep to maintain.

At school he was this 6 foot tall slender jock that had it all. He lived on his own and didn't have to work because the courts had made his parents pay for his living costs. What he got he had managed to make do with, besides the apartment cost less than his folks thought which gave him a few extra hundred each month.

Friends and even one or two teachers had taken it on themselves to have him for dinner so that for most of the week he had his meals taken care of too. Again that added more money for his own needs and he wasn't a big doper or drinker so yeah, in some ways he did have it made.

So with all that why had he done it? It irked him that he had fallen for that line by Bill but shit, the cash was enticing. Still, he hadn't really needed it. His bank account had a balance and he had good clothes in the closet, so why had he fallen for it? What had made him eager even to go along with Bill and his scheme?

Leaning against the wall of his building, staring out blankly he knew the answer. He simply had wanted Bill, had always wanted him. This was his chance to get in with him, to get tight so to speak and maybe then he could realize his fantasy. Trouble was that Bill just wasn't a nice guy. He knew it but still he had gone for the deal, putting himself right smack into it. There would be no escape as he stood there, reliving last night's whole debacle.

It had started fine, the drinking and back slapping. In many ways he enjoyed it more than later but now he felt like he should never have gone out with Bill. But fuck, what was he do to? He wanted him so badly that he let his dick rule or was it his heart? After all he was a romantic, or liked to think he was. Now come Monday he'd be in school hell and he only had himself to blame for it.

The party had gone on and Bill had kept him well supplied with all he needed. The private little whispers to loosen his resolve, the constant supply of Vodka shooters. He knew now it was all part of Bill's grand scheme to nail him and he let it happen. That is perhaps what him so upset this morning, he had let it all happen.

The drinking had made him talk more, and Bill seemed to know exactly what to say to get him going. James still wasn't too certain at how it had come about but somehow Bill was talking about doing guys, about making some extra cash from this old guy who wanted him and a friend. The way Bill had said it all made it sound like it was something Bill did often but he knew that wasn't true now. Bill was as straight as they were but damn he seemed to know all the right phrases, all the right terms and words.

He shook his head as if that would clear his fogged mind but all it did was make his head hurt more. The pain inside wasn't from the Vodka but from how betrayed he felt. Why had Bill gone to such lengths just to out him? What had he done that made Bill hate him? James wished he knew, and yet all he could see in front of him was that smirk on Bill's face at the end, when the joke had run its course.

They had left the party together, he leaning bit close to Bill but now, thinking a bit clearer he realized that he never was able to get touching close. Sure their shoulders had touched a few times and always Bill would smile as he pushed him away. Damn he should have recognized it then but he hadn't wanted to. He let his pent up desire for Bill rule and now he was totally fucked.

If that hadn't been a tip off the dingy place they went to should have been. No way would some dude willing to pay a few hundred in cash would take them to such a dingy place. Thinking back on it, James realized that it had to be the boiler room of Bill's own apartment building. God, how stupid could he be? He should have recognized it right off but again he had let his desire stifle his reason.

James closed his eyes as he saw it all happening again. His hands clenched as he shivered remembering how they had walked in down off the street, into the creepy dimly lit hallway and then past the creaking old battered door. The smell of the room was a mixture of diesel oil and dirt. He could smell it once more and his body shuddered.

They walked in to the room and Bill turned on a small lamp that threw a dim yellow glare into the place. He could see the iron framed bed stuck up against the wall. The mattress had a white covering on it and not much else. It looked messy and unkempt but he was pretty certain no one ever slept on that bed. Off at the foot of the bed was a partition that you knew was rarely in place. It just looked too out of place even though it was dirty and old looking. That should have tipped the balance he thought as his eyes clenched tightly as if to hide from the images flashing before them.

He had tried to change his mind. James was certain he had mumbled something to Bill but he let himself be soothed, be convinced. The way Bill's voice had sounded, telling him softly how he really needed James' help in this, how it would be kind of cool for the two of them to be on the bed, stroking each other off, touching each other in intimate ways. It was what he had wanted so he believed the soft whispers in his ear. He let Bill convince him.

Bill had him believing it all. Even when he told him he'd only be gone a few minutes to get the guy and collect their money up front he had bought it. When Bill suggested he strip off while he was gone he didn't even think twice about it. Instead he watched Bill leave, a small wink back at him as Bill had left only made him quickly toss off his clothes into a hurried heap on the floor near the head of the bed. Even his underwear was off as he pulled the clean white sheet over his lower body, not wanting to let Bill see him totally naked the instant he walked in.

It had seemed like an eternity until Bill had returned. Then he had come in and walked up to the bed, switching off the light. Oh he had all the right words too, explaining how the guy didn't want to be known to James, so he would come in and go behind the screen in the dark. James didn't even flinch when he heard the sound of the door open and someone go quickly past, banging into something on the way. All he could manage was to stare up at Bill who sat on the bed next to him, whispering the details.

The original scheme had called for them both to fool around and then jerk each other off. Now Bill told him the guy wanted to have James jerk off first, then Bill would do it and then the two of them would get on the bed and do each other again. James started to protest but Bill quickly informed him that it would mean an extra hundred each. James didn't really care about the cash but Bill more or less begged him to go along. He said he was desperate for the cash and so once more James had ignored the warning voices within. He really did want Bill and while it wasn't going to be as planned, least at the end it would work out so he naturally agreed.

Bill moved away and let James push the sheet down a bit. He didn't even see that Bill never once glanced down at his naked body nor his semi erect penis that poked up from his dark bush of pubic hairs. All he could think of was that he and Bill would be doing it, would finally be realizing his fantasy. His eyes had nothing to look at but the dark shadow of Bill who moved behind the partition. He could hear a hurried whispering going on then Bill reappeared or at least his shadow did.

He moved away from the bed and switched on the light again, but this time he flicked another switch as well. The room was suddenly bathed in a brilliant white light that made it seem like middle of the afternoon in the place. James' eyes opened wide in fear but it passed as he focused on Bill's tall slim figure standing off to the side. The curling of his lips into a strange smirk didn't even register as he lay on the bed, his own hairy legs showing, the darkened pink of his semi hard cock slowly retreating.

Bill's voice startled him then as he asked James what was wrong. He seemed concerned, really did or so he thought and when he said nothing was wrong, he felt dejected with Bill's response. He glanced down at his softening cock and reached down to grab it with his hand. Bill just urged him onwards, telling him that the guy wasn't paying for some straight dude to get nervous, that he wanted a real queer boy to strut his stuff.

James had felt like bursting into tears at the harsh voice and words. Yet he began to pull on his cock, desperate to show Bill how it looked hard. His eyes were fixed on Bill as he moved his hand up and down the shaft, willing it to thicken. All he could think of was that he couldn't let Bill down, that Bill needed him to do it right so he could get the cash. The idea of him helping Bill made all the difference.

His thoughts of Bill and the way it would feel to hold him, to feel his long slender fingers wrapping around James' cock made his body grew warm. He felt the blood tingling as it began to flow towards his groin. The heat made him close his eyes as Bill's voice echoed in his ears, telling him to moan and show how much he liked jerking his cock. It was all he really needed to hear as his hand moved faster and faster along the thickened pole of his dick.

The lights no longer bothered him. The sound of whispers didn't even register as all he was thinking about was that he would soon feel Bill next to him. It was going to be a night he would always remember or so he thought as he felt his legs straighten out. The blood was beginning to flow faster with each pulsing beat of his heart now. His breath became more shallow as his hand moved faster and his mind conjured up more images of a naked Bill.

He had seen Bill naked once before in the locker room at school. James knew he had a large uncut cock and that while he was hairy on the legs Bill was smooth as a baby's ass. He couldn't believe how he would soon be seeing that hard firm body doing what he was doing himself this second. More he couldn't believe how it would feel to be next to Bill, smelling his man scent as they would touch each other and enjoy the presence of each other's hard bodies. Screw the money he thought as his hand moved faster and he bit his lip, tasting the saltiness as knew he would do this for nothing, just as long as Bill was the reward.

His breathing grew more ragged and he could hear Bill's voice giving him commands. First he told him to spread his legs more, to show off his balls, to pull on them and then to tell him what he was thinking, to describe what he wanted while he stuck a finger in his hole. Bill's voice was hard and yet James never noticed it then, all he could hear was the words and his mind was quick to make him obey. He could hear his own voice as it spoke of his desire for Bill, of his need to feel his cock inside his ass.

The sound of his hand slapping on his groin with each pull of his now hard thick cock only added to his fantasy. He could hear his voice now begging for Bill to split his ass with his own cock while his finger pushed in between his shaking ass cheeks. He could hear the noises behind the partition but ignored them. All of his mind was now lost in the fantasy of Bill and he felt the bed moving under him as he rolled around, pulling on his cock several times, then spreading his legs, bringing his knees up and reaching underneath his ass cheeks to push a finger, then two deep into his own rectum.

His voice seemed to echo as he begged for Bill, crying almost for his touch, for his caress. His body shook as he once more started to pull on his dick, his mouth crying out strange sounds intermingled with words begging for Bill's cock, for his touch. James' body lurched and shuddered as he felt the blood rushing now from his arms and legs towards the pulsing pole gripped tightly in his hands. The precum already spilling down the sides of his burning cockhead. It all was flashing before him once again as he tried to control his breathing, feeling the searing pain deep down in his lungs as his body continued to ache for Bill.

As his body shuddered to the coming explosion of his cock, the harsh brittle laughter from behind the partition finally registered. His hand was pulling hard on his cock and his eyes were shut tight as the cum came rushing up his throbbing pole to explode on his trembling stomach but the joy was gone, the sheer ecstasy of his explosion was suddenly snatched from him as the voices became clearer to him.

The stinging shots of hot milk that burst out onto his tight stomach were lost as the cruel words finally registered inside his mind. The whirling sound was no longer a mystery to his mind as he knew it was the sound of a video recorder. Panic seized him as he lifted his head up to see Bill staring at him with a look that made his cock suddenly go limp. He knew in that second that he had made the biggest mistake of his life as he saw the partition was no longer covering the back corner.

A camera on a tripod stood in plain view as did two of his schoolmates...




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