It wasn't supposed to be this way, or so Shane thought as he stared out at the lonely beach. Chris was late or maybe he wasn't even going to show up? He still had no idea why he had agreed to this rendezvous but here he was, waiting none the less.

Strange how he could do something this out of character for him. It wasn't like he was exactly a virgin but then again he was no professional either. Still it was like he couldn't refuse Chris even though they hardly knew each other. Nathan had introduced them which maybe was one reason why he was doing this, to show Nathan something.

Exactly what it would prove to Nathan, Shane wasn't sure, but maybe it would help erase the feeling of being a total loser that Nathan seemed to feel he was. It really wasn't his fault that he blossomed later than Nathan. Hell he only realized he was queer after High School, until then he thought he was just a poor excuse for a teenager. Now he knew better.

Perhaps what really pissed Nathan off was that he was cut and Shane wasn't? It seemed that in some ways it always was something that Nate kept harping on, telling him that it looked weird and didn't taste right. Christ it was cock, how could it not taste like any other but then Nate was the more experienced one.

The idea of being so inadequate for sex just made matters worse for Shane. He knew he wasn't a raving beauty but he didn't think he was a total dork either. Okay so he had an uncut dick, it wasn't exactly a small one though and the few times he had managed to be on top the feeling was unreal. Yet Nate kept telling him he couldn't be feeling what he had. How the fuck would he know he wondered as he stood there, waiting and hoping.

Chris seemed different but he was supposedly a good friend of Nathan's. So was this a test? Was it maybe just one more way for Nate to put him down? Shane didn't think Chris was that way. Still it could be possible as Nate had shown he could be quite the asshole if he wanted to be.

Shane felt the sudden flash of heat as his mind continued to day dream. His clothes were pretty well already strewn out on the empty beach as he waited, hoping for what he wasn't quite sure.

Maybe all that would happen would be that they'd sit around and bullshit while drinking beer. Course he was hoping there would be a bit more as he did think Chris had one great looking ass. His mind could imagine his uncut dick growing and the pre cum oozing out as they would lay there, soaking up the sun or maybe just feeling the cool ocean breeze blowing across their naked bodies.

Either way he was sure that if he was naked that Chris wouldn't let it go unnoticed. He just hoped that Nate hadn't fucked this up for him as he felt the sun baking down on his nude frame. Just standing there, naked was something he would never have dreamed of doing two years ago, now it was almost second nature.

He really didn't give a shit if some bloke came walking by as he just wanted to feel at one with the wind and the sun. His body wasn't that bad and he was slowly beginning to think that Nate maybe had been jealous of it.

His eyes moved across the wide expanse of empty beach and he wished Chris would show up. The sea was so inviting that he thought of maybe just wading out there while waiting. It might be a nice way to be if Chris showed up. To see him knee deep in the warm ocean, his cock maybe being partially hidden by the water might entice Chris faster than if he was just standing on the beach nude.

Shane felt the strange exhilaration of desire as he planned how to seduce Chris, though he was pretty certain it wouldn't be necessary. After all the idea of coming down here to nude sunbathe had been Chris'. The glint he had seen in the blonde boy's eyes had hinted at a damn sight more than just baking in the heat.

Yet Chris wasn't here so maybe he had imagined that glint, or maybe Nate had said something. Nate was one jealous fuck at times.

Shane's face grew a bit hard as he thought again of Nate and all the shit he had gone thru with him. His eyes clouded over a bit and then he heard the voice calling his name and he turned to see a figure off in the distance.

A huge grin broke over his face as he sat down in the warm ocean water. His body radiated with pleasure as he could see Chris off in the distance, slowly trotting along the golden beach towards him. In one hand he held a cooler and over his shoulder it looked like he carried a two four pack of beer. Perhaps this was going to work out as he had hoped.




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