Jordan could feel the anger inside as he walked along the beach towards his meeting with Cayne. His jaw was set and his eyes glared out at the wide empty expanse of the beach as he thought about Cayne and all that had gone on the last few weeks. It was getting rather tiring really as he strode along the water's edge, feeling the warm water and fine grained wet sand squish between his toes.

If anyone was to see him up close right now they'd notice the pouting face. The way his eyes were fixed and set to his firm jaw. It all added up to one pissed off Jordan but then why shouldn't he be? His mind was whirling away at the way Cayne had behaved lately and this was it. Today would be the day when either Cayne put up or else he would simple walk.

As he purposely walked thru the lapping water he turned slightly to stare off into the distance. His firm body glistened in the afternoon's sun as he thought about Cayne and everything that was on the line today. He just didn't understand it, he had thought they had something going but all he had gotten so far was a few kisses on the cheek and one brief fleeting kiss across his firm lips. It just wasn't enough and he had clearly indicated all that to Cayne several times already.

What with the beating sun and his own rage, Jordan decided he needed to cool off before going further and his meeting with Cayne. Carefully he let himself stretch out in the shallow water beneath him. He let his whole 5ft 10in frame rest in the cooling water as his mind conjured up all the possible scenario's that were before him.

Either Cayne would or he wouldn't and at this particular moment he really just didn't give a damn which it was. Course that wasn't quite true as he really dug the 18 year old and he had thought it was mutual. Still the one thing Jordan hated was a tease and he had the notion that Cayne was just one of those cock teaser types. Well, enough he thought as he stood up and went up the beach to where his stuff was. Today was it, his mind was firm on that.

Grabbing his football he turned to see Cayne slowly coming from down the beach. Well if he was going to play the cock tease game two could play that he thought. He quickly pushed his white beach pants down so his nearly erect penis could stick out. Inside he smiled as he set his face to an impassive look, a more daring glare really so that Cayne would know that he wasn't just fooling. The excitement of watching Cayne walking towards him was having its effect on his lanky body as his mind planned his next move.

The head of his uncut cock was slowly beginning to force the foreskin back, gradually coming out from hiding as he stood there, hands on his hips waiting. It was all he could do to contain himself as Cayne really was a hottie. Still he wanted more than just a peck on the cheek this time around. In fact the idea of making Cayne get on his knees before his naked smooth body was a thought that made his lips curl a little in anticipation.

Cayne was taking his sweet time but Jordan could see that he had noticed the way he was standing. He grabbed the flag and draped it over his broad shoulders, dropping his pants to the ground. His hand on his hip he stared out at the approaching 18 year old, defying him to turn away, knowing that his finely toned body would keep Cayne's interest.

Coming closer Jordan saw the surprise look wash across Cayne's face as he quickly dropped the flag and placed the soft pastel beach towel across his shoulders. If Cayne was into games well this time he will have met his master or so he thought. He couldn't help but feel a bit excited by his own mood of defiance. The effect was rather striking he thought as he could feel the blood slowly starting to flow a bit faster from his body towards his groin. It ached a little but he wanted it to ache a damn site more, preferably with Cayne's lips around it.

He held out the football towards Cayne, as if to suggest that they really were here to just toss it around. He crouched down a little, spreading his legs wider, letting his dangling cock take centre stage. After all there were other types of 'football' they could play than the one in his hand. His eyes grew narrow as he saw the way Cayne was slowing down, the uncertainty growing in his face as he watched the way Jordan was posturing.

With a flick of his wrist, he took the soft coloured beach towel and wrapped it around his waist. He let his almost erect uncut cock rest over the top of the towel, a further show of bravado and innuendo that he could see wasn't going missing on Cayne. His hands grew tight around the edge of the towel, holding it in place.

Now the towel covered his front as he slowly turned his back on the approaching boy. His firm buttocks was facing the coming young man and he looked backwards towards him over his shoulder. His eyes peered straight towards Cayne's own crotch and he saw the hesitation as Cayne's steps faltered just a bit. It was working he thought as he watched him coming closer, each step coming slower as they came closer.

The towel dropped as he whirled around to face the approaching young man. His hand picked up the football and like some Greek statue he held it aloft in the palm of his hand. Just like the discus thrower or flame holder he posed with one hand outstretched upwards, the other flung backwards. His penis clearly visible as he felt the head growing more and the foreskin tightening.

His hand dropped to his side as he turned slightly, giving Cayne his profile to stare at. It was all working just as he had imagined it. He could feel Cayne's uncertainty and desire as he came close now. There was no mistaking that his naked body was holding Cayne's attention. Jordan could feel the brown eyes staring at his dangling cock. His cock wasn't yet totally erect but damn it was looking solid as it slowly jerked to the sudden rush of fresh blood coming to it. He breathed out slowly, trying to control the raging hormones inside. He wanted this to last and to get his point across to the dark haired beauty that now stood almost within reach of his arms.

With a sort of casual 'I don't give a damn' attitude Jordan turned his back on Cayne. He felt the deflated sigh as his entire backside was presented to Cayne. A warm breeze seemed to cross his back but he knew it wasn't the wind, but rather the expelled breathe of desire from Cayne himself. It made him smile but he didn't let on. This was exactly how he wanted it to be as he stood there, slowly counting to ten, showing Cayne just who was in control here.

Finally with his mind set, he walked over and sat down on his knees. The flag he had earlier warned spread out on the fine white sand of the beach. He kneeled there now, his head to one side as he stared over at the figure that stood on the precipice of the secluded spot. Jordan's cock was erect now, the head fully exposed as he just looked over at Cayne, his eyes daring the dark haired young man to either come forward or turn and run. His hands lay at his side, his legs slightly parted, inviting the boy to take the next step. In his mind he waited, knowing that this was the moment, this would determine what future the two of them would have.

He had watched Jordan coming along the beach from up by the rock outcropping. He could see the purposeful stride of the 20 year old man that had captured his heart but he still couldn't seem to make up his mind as to what to do about that. Jordan was so powerful looking and experienced that to be honest he was frightened of him. Yet, watching him walk along the water's edge made him tingle in a way that he simply couldn't ignore.

Leaning against the cool rocks he felt the desire welling up inside of him. His body ached for Jordan and yet each time when he thought it would happen, he had somehow found himself backing away or just ignoring the obvious signals. Least he thought they were obvious but what if they weren't? What if Jordan wasn't really into having sex with him?

Cayne knew he couldn't put it off anymore so down from the rocks he came. His body trembled as he watched the way Jordan was acting. There was little room for doubt as to what Jordan had in mind and as he walked towards him he hoped that this time he could go the distance. This time he wanted to get past his own shyness, his own fear and realize the dream he had about Jordan and the two of them.

It was frightening really to realize just how much the slightly shorter guy meant to him. All he could do was dream though because each time he came to be with Jordan, his heart grew cold and scared. His body would shake inside and he dreaded that he wouldn't be adequate for someone as well built as Jordan was. God the way he looked right now, the football outstretched in one hand, the beautiful hot pole that seemed to be staring right at him. It was almost too much as he thought about turning and running away but the image of Jordan's strong muscled naked body was overpowering. He had to go on if for nothing else but to see more the naked toned body.

He stood at the edge where Jordan was kneeling. Cayne stared down at the perfect body, the hands inviting him to come closer but as he stood there he realized that his fear still held him in check. As his mind urged him to turn and run his heart began to beat strangely in his chest. He felt the beat growing and without even thinking he could feel his hands moving to the new beat of his heart. Cayne's hands moved to unbutton the top of his white shorts and open them up so that Jordan could see.

It had been a tough choice but now he was glad that he had opted not to wear any underwear. His virtually hard cock stuck outwards as he stared down at Jordan's figure. God how handsome he looked, kneeling on the flag, waiting patiently for him. Cayne felt his body tremble as the excitement of the moment rose inside of him. His mind no longer able to control his actions.

There was no mistaking the pleasure that Jordan was showing as his dark brown eyes seemed to be riveted to the dark patch of Cayne's pubic hairs. Maybe he had been wrong, maybe his body wasn't undesirable. The look Jordan was giving him seemed to dispel that.

Suddenly he felt free as his clothes were quickly dropped to the earth. He stood there now, slightly turned to one side in all of his natural beauty. Good or bad he wasn't sure but suddenly he felt free as he adjusted the cap on his head. The arms raised upwards only helping to show off his toned brown body. The muscles were coiled within as he stood there, enjoying the arousal that his posing was giving him.

Course it all helped that Jordan was glued to his every movement. The way his dark brooding eyes seemed to follow him as he stood there in profile. It was all intoxicating to his young mind and all that he had dreamed came rushing up to his mind now as he felt the eyes watching him. The rush of blood to his cock was making him feel giddy as he let Jordan gaze at him.

Turning slowly around, he crossed his arms in front of him, giving Jordan a full frontal view of his young body. His hard penis jutted outwards and he could feel the pull of his balls up against the shaft of his penis. It ached in a way he had never really felt before as he trembled a little. The notion that Jordan seemed pleased only adding to the joy that was now rushing up and down his spine.

With a flash of inspiration he turned his back to Jordan. Just as Jordan had done to him only moments earlier he now showed Jordan his firm buttocks. He let the moment build too as he tried to control himself. It was his way of slowly calming down because one thing he didn't want to happen was to suddenly let his thoughts make him shoot his load.

He'd die of embarrassment if that happened as he thought for sure he could feel a small drip of pre cum at the tip of his hard cock. Turning back he let his hands cover his erect dick so as to wipe away the tell tale sign of his overpowering urge to cum. It was like a game really and yet as he smiled with a nervous twitch at Jordan he couldn't help but think of how drop dead gorgeous Jordan was. The way he was still just kneeling there, his eyes devouring every part of Cayne's nude body.

Now he emulated Jordan's own pose. He let his hand move towards his side, exposing once again the fully erect cock. The pre cum casually wiped away on one palm and yet standing there he felt the thrill of being stared at. It was a struggle to hold himself erect as he stood there letting another look at his naked body for the first time in his 18 years. It was more than he had ever dreamed of.

He let himself bend down to crouch in front of Jordan and the blanket. His legs spread apart as he saw the way Jordan was licking his lips. It was just as he had seen in the movies, the lust growing clearer with each passing second. He felt strange really as he realized just how much Jordan really did desire him. It wasn't what he had expected and yet maybe it was exactly what he had thought.

With Jordan's pants in his hand he stood up smiling. It was clear that Jordan wouldn't need them at least in his mind it was. Now all he had to do was let Jordan know that at last he was truly ready for more than just a peck on the cheek. Looking down at Jordan he could sense the fire that was burning inside, a fire that he felt flickering inside his own body.

Jordan's timbered voice broke his reverie and he stared down at him. The smile on his face made it all seem worthwhile as he stood there, enjoying the words as they filled his mind with even more wonderful images. It was like his dreams but this was real. He quickly agreed to Jordan's offer.

Cayne reached down for the orange shirt that he had brought with him. Donning it he stood there staring up at the sun hanging in the sky. It was turning out to be one hell of a great day as he tried to think if he had ever been happier. Inside he knew that for now the answer was no but if what Jordan had suggested came to pass, then this was just the beginning of many more enjoyable times.

Looking down now he felt the warmth filling him and standing there, the shirt draped over his shoulders he couldn't help but feel like he just couldn't wait anymore. His eyes flickered as he felt the slight jerk of his hard cock and a big grin crossed his face as he realized he didn't want to let this end even for a few minutes. His mind was made up as he made his choice.

Why wait?

Jordan couldn't believe it as Cayne spoke softly to him. His eyes bore hard into Cayne's face as he realized that it wasn't just a tease, Cayne actually was into it and judging by the fully erect cock that now stared at him, a small white drop of pre cum showing, Jordan realized that his plan had worked. He had finally broken down the barriers that were between them in the past.

He smiled and stretched his hand towards Cayne. He saw the smile growing on the black haired boy and as their fingers touched Jordan felt the electricity passing between them. He had been right and as he waited, he felt the stirrings inside as Cayne came to him. Carefully Cayne lay between him now, spread out on the fallen flag now beach blanket.

They looked into each other's eyes and then slowly Cayne let his lips move closer, his eyes fluttering as Jordan watched them close. He struggled to keep his own open willing his body to obey as he felt the lips brushing against his own mouth. The jolt that run up and down his prone body only made him groan with pleasure. The kiss was light at first but his arms encircled the body that rested atop his and he pulled Cayne inwards.

The touch of Cayne's hard penis against his own erect one added to the sudden swelling of emotions that threatened to overwhelm his mind. His body shook as he held tightly, opening his lips a bit to entice the boy above. Before he could even blink he felt the hot raspy tongue snake deep between his wet lips, pushing his mouth open even wider as it stroked the roof of his mouth. The hot flesh of the tongue rubbed past his teeth and he tasted Cayne's boyish flavour.

His body bucked a little as the boy now collapsed fully onto Jordan's shaking body. He could feel the desire surrounding him as now Cayne hugged him back. He felt the dig in his belly and could feel the warm sticky pre cum that oozed across it. His mind became obsessed now by the action of Cayne's own trembling body. He felt each shake, each tremor and added his own as they held each other, slowly kissing and drinking in the sweet taste of each other's mouths.

The hard press of Cayne's tongue inside his mouth grew more intense as their two bodies shook and now rolled to one side. Quickly he felt the rush of blood from his head and his eyes glanced once more at the dark hair and soft golden face that was drinking so deeply of his. His legs stretched outwards as his hands moved down the lanky body. Jordan could feel the hot flesh trembling to his touch and his own eyes finally closed as the vision was too much for his mind to continue drinking in. He shook hard as Cayne's hands began to roam all across his shoulders and then down his side, pushing past the arms to grasp at the hard flesh around his sides.

A soft moan escaped from between them, and Jordan felt the fires inside. His body was like a sudden blast furnace as he shuddered once then twice as Cayne's eager penetration of his mouth grew more intense. The tongue raked the top of his mouth then the sides and he could feel the hot flaming tip of it reaching down deep into his throat. He struggled with the rushing sensations that came flooding upwards from his body as his mouth and throat eagerly opened even wider. The pain in his jaw ignored as he clutched at the hot rigid back of Cayne's body.

The gyration of their perfectly toned bodies made them both sweat. Cayne could feel the drops dripping from his brow but he didn't care as his mind grew faint. The blood was rushing out of control and while his hands moved up and down the firm chest, he could feel the hot scent rising up from between their soaked bodies. For a brief instant he thought he was actually melting, the heat was so intense but it was merely an illusion as he struggled to hold on, fighting the urgent cries of his groin and of his pent up desires.

Jordan's hand reached down between the two bodies and as the tip of his index finger moved down the hot sweaty pubic hairs he could hear the sudden cry from Cayne. He felt a rush of hot warm air blow deep down into his mouth as the tip touched the burning root of Cayne's hard penis. His mind suddenly went blank as his body arched upwards, his hand sliding down to envelop the hard thick pole and in that moment, he felt the lust overtake his control.

Cayne's body jumped at the sudden touch and then as he felt the tightening grip on his penis his body surrendered to the screams of his desire. His body ground itself down and into Jordan's own arching body. They came together in that brief second and Cayne felt his lungs collapse as the blood drained from his entire body, filling the already throbbing cock with even more of his boiling blood. In that moment he heard his own shouted cry of pleasure as his body exploded.

He felt the darkness closing around him as his body shook and shuddered. His voice yelled out loudly to the empty beach as he felt his milk come roaring up along the throbbing cock shaft. In that instant he knew it was over for the moment but as much as he wanted to prolong it, he couldn't. His body convulsed on top of Jordan and he felt like suddenly he was off on a cloud, floating without feeling. His legs were numb and his arms were nowhere to be felt.

The force of his explosion stunned him as he could feel the thick liquid gushing from out of his cock and moving up and between his and Jordan's trembling stomachs. He could actually feel its thickness he thought as the darkness closed over him for just a second or two. His heart was now thundering so loud that he couldn't hear anything else, not the wind nor the water lapping up on the beach. In that second he felt total exhaustion along with complete satisfaction.

Jordan was digging into the hot sandy beach as he felt the hot cream burning across his shaking stomach. The flesh seemed to just melt as the river of boy milk came rushing up towards his chest. His nipples were hard and painful as a few drops swirled around one of them. His body shook as he realized that it was all happening in the blink of an eye and yet seemed to be so excruciatingly slow that he could feel each drop of hot cum as it moved up his trembling body.

With the fresh cum slowly beginning to cake his stomach, Jordan realized just how much he was glad that he had waited for this moment. It was all and more than he had hoped for as he felt his own body shaking. With each growing tremble he knew his turn was about to come and he cried out, adding his own groans of satisfaction mingle with Cayne's.




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