He had met Brad along the beach. Like it was the perfect place to cruise for hot young studs and not have much left to the imagination. Brad had been one of those that turned out to be a damn bit more. To begin with the guy had no shame and the way he walked along the beach in his shorts, well it was evident to Troy that this guy knew he was hot. Fuck, the sway of the hips and jutting out of his crotch each time he walked past, had to be intentional.

It took Troy maybe 2 or 3 walk pasts before he was certain that Brad was cruising him instead of him doing the cruising. Just the look that last time was enough for him so he found a way to approach him and talk. God the guy had one sweet accent to this voice where Troy fround out his name and all he needed to know to take the chance meeting back to his place.

If he had only known then what he knew now he wouldn't have waited for Brad to walk past so many times. Shit the guy was on the prowl too just as he was and it wasn't long before he was sharing some of his more juicier details with Troy, while cleaning himself at one of the many public water sprays.

Watching the way Brad moved around as the water rinsed his golden body of the salt was enough to give Troy a hard on. He couldn't wait to get this little beach bunny home and into his king size bed. The more that Brad talked, the hornier Troy felt as he stood there enjoying the tell tale bulge that if it was soft, was enough for any size queen. Hell if it was hard it would still be enough as it really didn't leave much to imagine, other than to see if it was choice uncut cock or not.

He did have a preference for the uncut meat, simply as it led to some added foreplay which is one thing Troy loved almost as much as taking a dick in his ass. Okay so he was a typical 20 year old 6ft beach whore. He didn't care too much as sex was something he felt natural about, and enjoyed. Sort of like what they talked about in some of those blog things. It was what he liked and fuck, so what if he did it a few times a week if he was lucky enough. Shit, if he could, he'd be naked with some bronzed stud every day sucking and getting sucked or better yet, riding one of those hard thick cocks he loved to taste so much. Sex was fun, and he'd be old soon enough, so at least he'd have some hot memories to enjoy then.

The way Brad had stared at him, with the water cascading off his chest clinched it for them both. Immediately Brad started talking about how pissed he was at the latest bullshit as his favourite online site was being ripped by the Feds. Troy didn't bat an eye either when he realized Brad was talking about a gay adult site that he had heard about. Fuck this guy was pretty brazen about it and he smiled, which got him a wink from Brad. Shit the look he got, it was nearly enough to make him cum then and there. Brad knew it too which only made him smile more as they headed away from the beach towards Troy's loft apartment a few blocks away.

He had barely let Brad walk in before he felt the salty hot taste of Brad's lips on his own. It stunned him really as he staggered back a bit against the closed door. The knob hit him in the back and he yelped out loud before realizing it. That didn't seem to even stop Brad as he quickly ran his hand down Troy's flat stomach till it reached the bulging groin. The fingers dug into the hard flesh and squeezed as the tongue did wide sweeping runs deep inside his mouth. His breath grew ragged as the sudden onslaught made him gasp for air. It was already more than he had hoped for as his own body reacted naturally to the sexual innuendo of his new found friend.

Brad certainly wasn't bashful as he groped Troy's package. He prodded the dangling balls and soon was ripping at the pants, pulling and tugging at them until finally Troy stepped back. He reached down and popped open the button and let gravity takes it course. Brad's shorts were already down at his own ankles and the Speedo type shorts were stretched way out by the bulging dick inside. Troy felt the situation continue to leave his control as Brads tongue ruled inside his own mouth. His body shook as he felt the hands yanking at his own shorts, pulling them down so that his own blood thickened cock was exposed.

Without even batting an eye, Brad had him naked and ready to cum. The press of lips suddenly changed to hard pressing kisses that crushed his own lips, adding to the moment's passion. His body trembled as it realized the lips were now eagerly devouring his own warm flesh, pressing and kissing first his chin then under the chin and finally down his throat. He struggled to stay standing as his body felt the warm caresses of Brad's hands along his sides, grabbing at last his hips and reaching slowly around to curl deep into the soft pliable flesh of his buttocks.

He stood there shaking as finally the sweat coated hand wrapped itself around his pulsing dick. Then the warmth of Brad's mouth was covering the hot head, devouring it as the lips tightened around the flesh, tasting and making it impossible for Troy to escape, as if he would want to.

The blow job hadn't taken long as his own control had long since given in to Brad's mouth and actions. It was without a doubt the best he had experienced. Brad didn't seem to find it unpleasant either as he had stood up and for the rest of the day they had rolled around on the bed, screwing and exploring each other's bodies as if it was their first sexual experiences. Nothing he had done before had prepared him for the wild drive of the blonde brown eyed surfer he had picked up.

Even now, watching as Brad coated his toned body with soap and let the shower's spray caress where Troy's own fingers had been a few moments ago still managed to keep him aroused. Christ he thought he was on Viagra or something the way Brad's supple body had kept him aroused and horny. Still hours later, as Brad showered and he watched, he felt the lust waiting, wanting more and it surprised him with its intensity.

For a moment or two he contemplated stepping into the glass enclosed shower to join the 6 foot hunk but he hung back, not sure if he was welcome or not. Hell, he still felt like some virgin who had been with a working girl to show him the ropes, yet in his own right, Troy thought he was pretty experienced. Brad was simply more so.

As he held the hand wand of the shower, and let the spray trickle down his legs, Brad turned towards Troy. The deep smile on his face was almost as if he had been reading Troy's mind. The lust inside wasn't totally satisfied as he felt his well used cock stir again. Just the look seemed enough as he moved closer, hoping for some sign that his presence would be welcomed.

The quick turn showing those wonderfully shaped orbs of ass stopped him dead in his tracks. His own body ached as suddenly Brad turned around and leaned into the corner of the shower. His spray soaked skin glistening in the bathroom's light, his cock looking so frigging inviting. It was a sign he couldn't refuse.

Brad had himself wedged nicely into the corner of the shower. The glint in his brown eyes showed he wanted Troy as badly as Troy wanted him. As he moved forward to step into the shower, he felt the lust once more taking hold of him. He had no idea how much more he could handle, but fuck caution, this is what being 21 was all about for him. Brad might be 18 and know a thing or two, but now it would be Troy's turn to take charge. The eager expression on Brad's face, the water cascading down his body was enough of an inspiration for him as he stepped into the shower for more.




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