As he smiled into the camera he thought that maybe this was going just a bit over the top but hell sometimes if you wanted something bad enough you just had to take a risk or two. This certainly was that as he stared into the lens wondering what would come from this little plan of his.

Striking a classic pose as he waited for the tell tale click of the camera and the automatic timer to finish its cycle he realized that this could ruin his chances with him. On the other hand it just might be the ticket to make the guy sit up and actually take notice of him. Hell it was worth it for that alone as he heard the click.

With his pants to his knees he turned now while the automatic timer whirred and made that funny sound again. His firm buttocks was jutting out and he sure as hell hoped the bloody camera was in focus. Nothing worse than seeing a fuzzy looking pair of ass cheeks he thought. Still he did think his ass looked kind of nice, and hell if the bloke was into asses this could send him over the top.

Okay he was being a bit egotistic about it as he struck the next pose. Why wait he thought as he placed his hands on his hips, letting his full frame fill the camera lens. Let the bloke see that he wasn't some skinny little stick but a full bodied stud that needed some loving. His dick wasn't small but he didn't think it was average either as the click finally sounded.

He loved to have fun as he aimed his semi erect penis towards the camera. Robert wanted to make sure that the bloke would see it all, the way the foreskin folded around his shaft, the way his balls hung low making an inviting taste treat if that was his thing. Hell he didn't care what the guy's thing was as long as he did with him. The smile grew on his face as he thought about the guy who would soon be getting some interesting photos once he got them developed.

Positioning the camera on the floor he thought a nice artistic approach could help his cause a bit. Nothing like making it look bigger than it was, though he kind felt that he had more than enough to satisfy the guy. Still you never knew so why not take advantage of that course from the community college and add a bit of perspective to the whole thing. Shit he had seen a lot worse and besides, it would show off his muscular thighs, the nice layer of dark hair that coated his legs.

Swinging to one side he tried to strike one of those classic poses. His smile was making his jaw ache a little as he kept wondering what kind of reaction he'd get for all this effort? After all it wasn't easy to keep moving the camera then rushing back to wait for the timer to click the shutter. Still as he twisted his body around he prayed that his efforts would be rewarded with at least a chance at more with the guy. That really was all he wanted, just a chance.

Flattening himself out on the carpet and positioning the camera made him feel a bit tired. Hopefully the guy enjoyed a good ass shot cause it was hard work getting that camera aimed what he hoped would be right. Still if he had it right the guy would be treated by his tall body nicely stretched out, the firm hairy cheeks would give him an eyeful, least he hoped so.

Okay the bed was a good prop to add some suggestive hints for the guy. Now he wasn't exactly cute but he did think he had a rugged look to him so he stretched his hands outwards over his head, letting the shot be more of his long torso so he could maybe build to the next sequence of shots. Maybe a drink before adjusting the camera would be in order but then maybe not. He did want to get this going while on a roll.

The camera seemed to be taking forever to finish the time sequence as he held the new pose. His ass off the bed and knees on the ground should help get a whistle or two he hoped, waiting for the click. Okay so he was a bottom, what was the harm in letting the guy know that? Hell it could speed things up.

Now for another rear shot but from a more straight on angle. That should get the point driven home he thought as the whirring timer continued its annoying sound. Man maybe he should have turned on the radio but that might only distract him from figuring out all these poses and how to get the stupid camera aimed right. Maybe he should have rented a video camera instead but too late now for second guesses.

Fuck he knew he should have brought some toys with him. Props always were a good idea he thought as he stared at the camera with his belt between his legs. It might look a bit hokie but he didn't care. After all this was supposed to be humorous not just sexual. Still the idea of the belt was kind of lame maybe or it might just give the guy some odd ideas which come to think of it might not be a bad idea.

Robert stared into the re-positioned camera lens, taking the belt to squish his balls up into his groin and making his cock stick out to one side. Hell if this didn't get the guy thinking he doubted if anything would. Might be kind of an interesting idea to kind of watch him as he looked at the pictures too. Hell it could give a whole new meaning to visual aid.

He had to admit, this whole thing was making him feel rather hot too. Maybe he would have to suggest some different things if it all worked out the way he wanted. Hell if not he could always keep the negatives and try with someone else who might grab his fancy though he kind of hoped he wouldn't have to go on looking. Still the idea of the belt did kind of make him feel a wee bit hot under the collar, if he had been wearing one that is.

This would have to be the last shot so he put the camera on the far end and jumped onto the rumbled bed. Hell, he sure hoped that by the time the bloke got to this picture this is exactly where he would want to be with Robert. After all that was what Robert wanted.




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