At the time it had seemed like a good idea or so Ken had thought. In so many ways it was exciting for him, the star of his High School football team. Being a Senior and 18 had its perks but if his real life had ever gotten out among his classmates he'd be toast. He knew it, which added to the thrill of him being here now, waiting for Nick to start the fun.

He still wasn't too sure how Nick had convinced him to try this, but the idea had given him a boner which is probably why he had agreed. Ken had never met someone like Nick before, someone who was only a year older but seemed a hundred years smarter, specially when it came to sex. It was still a mystery to him at how Nick had known he was gay, but he had circled him at a victory party and finally had cornered him outside, where he had made his move and now here he was, in Nick's living room waiting for his Master as he had been told to call him for now. He also had to remember the special word they had agreed on if things were too much for him, but thinking of letting Nick do what he wanted, he had trouble imagining having to use it, but still he kept mumbling it to himself, slightly afraid he might forget it.

The idea that Nick might push him too far had his dick aching as he waited, unsure of what tonight would mean. All he knew for certain was that he would be tied up and made to service Nick in any way Nick wanted. He hoped Nick wouldn't want to fuck him. He still had a virgin ass and the idea of cock pounding into it made him sweat a little. Ken wasn't exactly unused to pain but that kind of pain scared him a little. Something he didn't like to admit either. After all he was the tough football hero and real men never showed their emotions, or so he believed.

Soon as he had arrived, Nick had tied up his hands and then made him get on his knees. It was strange the way Nick had commanded him to strip off his shirt, shoes, and socks, so that he was only wearing his pants.

It didn't take long either for Nick to get Ken to kneel and just wait. Man he didn't know what to expect as Nick spoke softly to him, giving him the last minute instructions and making sure Ken knew that he could stop the fun anytime but simply uttering one single word. He had picked it out too for him, and even as he explained things, he insisted Ken end all of his answers with 'Yes Sir'.

The harsh tug on his pants and sliding them down surprised Ken as he had knelt there. The thrill too though was rising as he wondered just exactly what would Nick do to him and would he manage to stick it out. The uncertainty of it all added to the thrill and eased the rug burn on his knees as he knelt there with his pants at his ankles, his black boxer briefs and firm ass fully exposed.

Turning around slightly he saw the little smirk on Nick's face and his heart skipped a beat or two. There was something almost evil in that grin and yet pleasing too. Ken felt totally helpless even though only his hands were bound behind his back. He could see Nick admiring his firm ass too and it gave him a nice warm glow even though a bit of chill entered his mind as he noticed the long chain and other goodies that now were next to Nick. Shit he wondered what the chain was for, though he knew what the other stuff was for.

There was more rope too and he figured that would be for his feet but what the fuck was that long rubber thing for that had rings on either end? That kind of had him a bit nervous as Nick just stood there, staring and licking his lips. The silence was unnerving to Ken but he kept quiet, mumbling over and over the safe word for fear of forgetting it. Still the thrill was making him horny too and even the prospect of getting it up the ass no longer seemed unattractive to him. Hell, he knew he'd try it eventually, so why not with Nick?

Nick reached down and he had no idea how, but his pants were gone in a flash. The feel of the pants being pulled hard from his body made him tremble a bit. The sudden slap of Nick's hand on his firm ass surprised him too and it wasn't a love tap either. It fucking hurt and then as he wondered about even letting this go further, he felt the soft cotton around his ankles, then the quick jerk as Nick wrapped more rope around them. He could feel him pulling the rope and his feet together and it tingled now. Well something did and he could still feel the sting from the slaps on his ass cheeks. They didn't hurt now but felt a bit warm and inviting as the thought of ending this session evaporated very quickly.

Glancing up he noticed the large hook in the ceiling and he wondered what the fuck it was for. Then it dawned on him as Nick wrapped wrist bands around his wrists and took out a long belt like piece of leather. It was black and felt cold as Nick wrapped it around and then in a sudden show of strength pulled Ken up to his feet. A small step stool suddenly appeared and Nick climbed up on it pulling at Ken's arms till they were over his head.

With a giant heave and puff of hot breath on his head, Ken felt his feet lift up for a moment and suddenly he was hanging off the hook. He knew now what it was for as he stood there, supported by the hook and his feet barely touching the carpet beneath. It hurt and ached as his arms were holding his entire body weight. The ache though was nothing compared to the thrill in his groin as he let himself relax, a rather hard feat given how his heart was pounding.

Nick still hadn't said a word since his first instructions. Ken felt apprehensive as he dangled there and took in the room. A small bamboo styled shade seemed to cover one wall and as he hung there, Nick placed a black piece of fabric under him. It was a drop cloth and his imagination suddenly went into overdrive.

What the fuck would he need that for he wondered as he hung there, unwilling to ask or speak. It all felt so unreal to him. He was used to giving the orders on the field and hell, even at school most deferred to him but now he waited, letting someone else take charge, make the decisions for him.

Again Nick stood on the little stool and this time there was no glint or hint of a smile as he reached around and placed a collar around Ken's neck. From the collar hung a chain and he let the cold metal drape down the front of Ken's chest. He said nothing as he gave the chain a quick jerk then ran his hand down Ken's chest. His fingers played with the exposed nipples but only for a second. As he was about to step off, Nick pinched one nipple hard, twisting it in his grasp and making Ken yelp in pain.

Before he could even think, Ken felt his black briefs being tugged and his hard cock was suddenly sticking out over the elastic waistband. Then he felt the back as his buttocks was also exposed and he felt the excitement rising as he realized that it was all beginning now. Nick was going to do him and he smiled relishing the concept. The joy quickly disappeared as several hard slaps crossed his bare ass cheeks.

Warm oil was suddenly dripping off his chest as Nick poured it over him. The tingle in his cheeks felt even warmer now as he stared at the now naked body of Nick. Well almost naked and he wondered if Nick would suck him off now or wait a bit? He didn't have long to think about it though as suddenly Nick reached out and gave his dick a quick yank. It wasn't what he had been used to as Nick played with his balls, slapping them a little and even pulling on them. It hurt but as he cried out a little, he felt like a wusse. Fuck he had felt worse and so he bit his lip as he let Nick toy with his exposed body. The  pain really wasn't bad and after the initial shock he realized a nice warm glow seemed to creep inside his body. It kind of made him want more of the little jabs of pain, just so he could enjoy that growing warmth that would come to him.

The press of Nick's finger down his back made him arch outwards, and his body trembled a bit as Nick's hand moved down to his ass. He wondered if a few more slaps were coming and he tensed up a bit, but no slaps, no whacks on the ass but instead the finger moved slowly down his crack, spreading the cheeks instead. It felt odd to have his hand wedged into his cheeks and the finger had stopped around his hole, lightly moving around it and then above or below to just more or less circle him.

It reminded Ken of that time at the victory party where he first encountered Nick and he smiled. The smile changed to a look of surprise as a sudden jab of pain lanced upwards from his ass. The finger had stopped circling and had suddenly dug itself deep into Ken's rectum. He felt the finger wiggle as it dove in past his protesting muscles. The pain grew even as the first glow of warmth began to be noticeable. He didn't know what to make of it as the finger dug in deeper with each cry from his mouth.

Shit he didn't even realize he was crying as his virgin ass was suddenly being spread open to the probing finger. Before he could control himself, he felt a second finger reach into his body. Now he had two hard fingers probing his innards and he felt his body surrender, giving in to the digging fingers. Despite the pain, it felt good to him as he wondered if that is how being fucked would feel when he finally did let someone enter him?

The constant thrust of the two fingers made him sweat and yet it felt good, and once more the safe word was kept inside, unspoken as he hung there, letting Nick explore him fully. The fingers touched him in spots that made him groan with pleasure. He had never felt this good before and hoped it wouldn't end but just as quickly as the fingers had entered him, Nick pulled them out.

The sudden emptiness made him speak, asking for more but he had forgotten to say Sir and it earned him a hard whack across his lower buttocks. It wasn't Nick's hand either and he cried out in pain as the stinging sensation filled his mind. It reminded him of his orders and with a shaken voice he added the sir to his repeated request for more finger fucking. That stopped him from being whacked a third time, and he wondered if maybe he hadn't spoken too soon. The warmth was again filling his body as Nick now reached around to cup his balls and stroke his throbbing cock. He felt the fingers wrapping around his stiff pole and it was unbelievable at how good it felt. He could also feel the cum inside wanting to be released which surprised him. He usually wasn't his ready to shoot his jizz but the ache inside was nearly too much. Nick seemed to sense that as he let go of the hard cock and stepped back, holding the blindfold now before Ken's relieved face.




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