Kristian glanced at his watch and knew he was early once more. Leaning against the metal walls of the abandoned shed and the creeping vines only made him think how much he wished they could meet somewhere else. Sure the place was convenient for them both, close to where they both lived and it was secluded. No one could creep up and surprise them still it felt a bit, well uncomfortable. Leaning there, his shirt open to take advantage of what little breeze there was made him wonder about the whole last year.

Staring out towards the road, he wondered if this was all worth it? He had met Craig at a bar and they had clicked or so he thought. Now a year later they were still meeting once a week here at this old shed for the brief moments of sex and passion that lasted only for the afternoon. It was they had, nothing more than one phone call a week to confirm the tryst here at the abandoned field.

It wasn't like he couldn't get other guys, or that Craig couldn't either. It was simply that the two of them led a different life when they weren't together and this was their solution. It didn't sit right but what else could they do? If they were public about it or weren't careful then people might find out. For him that would most likely mean a lot of hazing from his friends. Most of them didn't get the whole gay thing and some might even do a bit more than shout derogatory names.

This was the damn problem with showing up early. His mind would always turn to dark things instead of thinking about what lay ahead once Craig showed up. Christ the guy was hot and the streaked blond hair always made his heart go a little giddy. Course the fact that Craig was damn good at making his body hurt from the ass pounding and his mouth sore from the face fucking added to the reason why his heart would race at the thought of him. But it was a bit more than that too, after all he could get fucked by a few other hotties if he tried. Still he had stuck it out meeting Craig once a week here.

Thinking here alone he could still feel the excitement rising. The lump in his pants certainly proving how much he really enjoyed being with Craig. Hell he could feel his shirt sliding off his shoulders in anticipation. Funny how thinking about Craig here always got him horny so that by the time the poor guy showed up he was generally already naked, hard, and filled with an urgent lustful desire.

No one else had ever piqued his desire so much as Craig did. He loved the feel of his arms around him or caressing his own lanky body. The way Craig's hand could twist and tweak his nipples made him flush as he sat on the fence, waiting and thinking about his dreams with him and Craig. God if only they could come true he thought, as he stared out at the deserted field.

Leaning against the fence he could just imagine what it would be. Craig would show up and there he would be, naked with his cock hanging out waiting. Maybe he'd be elsewhere though as he did like to change things just a bit. Well not things, just where he would let Craig first spot him. That was always a thrill, to see the guys open wide when he did finally spot him. Part of their little routine that had become rather meaningful actually.

He could hang from one of the rafters perhaps with just his black shorts on. That always seemed to excite Craig and it did make for some rather hot passionate sex at the beginning. Course their first sex was always rushed and hot. After all it had been a week apart for them both.

Then again hanging from the rafters was a bit tiresome and he didn't really feel like wasting all that energy when there were more important things to spend his strength on. So maybe just leaning up against the post would work. Stripping he checked to see how it would be. He kind of liked the idea of just casually standing there with his head on his upraised arms staring out.

Course that would mean that Craig would spot him sooner rather than later. So moving over to the fence he thought about just leaning against the dried vines. That way Craig would have to look a little before finding him and then too, this way Craig's first view would be of his totally naked front. Craig did like the way Kristian's cock hung and to be honest, he kind of enjoyed seeing Craig's eyes going up and down his tall body, always resting for a brief moment on his exposed package. The guy did love his cock.

While the dried vines rubbing against his ass wasn't the most comfortable of feelings it did kind of arouse him too. After all eventually Craig would get around to easing that ache he always seemed to have there just after spotting Craig. Still he did like to show off too and so as he leaned against the fence he could feel the blood flowing a bit faster down towards his uncut cock. The head was starting to stick out and his balls hung a bit low as they slowly were tightening in expectation.

As the time was growing near he grew antsy. He walked back to the shed and hung from the centre beam. His long legs dangled downwards slightly spread apart just in case Craig showed up early. That way he'd certainly get an eye full of his manhood and hell it might be an interesting way to have his dick sucked. To hang there, while Craig stood in front, sucking and playing with his balls.

Then that wouldn't work because he doubted if he could hang on while Craig sucked him dry. Maybe if he sat on the fence itself, that way Craig wouldn't have to kneel and he could hang onto the top rail easier than from the beam. Least he kind of thought he could but given how much he wanted to shoot his load he might just wind up falling backwards off the blasted fence.

Christ all these choices and he didn't know which one to stick with. Maybe simply standing in the middle of the shed with his arms outstretched would work better. Least he wouldn't fall over or down. This way he could just stand there, legs apart and hands leaning on either side of the shed's frame. Then Craig could either kneel and do it or maybe just shuck his own clothes and nail him in the rear. Now that would certainly be different for them, to start off with one good hard butt fucking.

The notion of being fucked first was more and more becoming his choice. He quickly moved inside and let his hands rest up against the wall. Now instead of his firm erect penis Craig would get to see the fleshy white cheeks instead. It would certainly give him a different view from all the other times and hell, he kind of wanted to take it up the ass first this time around. Then maybe he'd do Craig before they went running around the place? He turned his face to stare out and he was certain he could hear Craig's footsteps coming along the path, his cheeks tightening as he held his position, the decision finally made.

Once more Kristian had surprised him with his choice of welcome. It always felt good to come a bit late to their weekly tryst just to see what new way Kristian had come up with to greet him. It made him feel rather special. It was always hard for him to not strip naked before showing up but he knew Kristian enjoyed watching him rip his clothes off in those first wild moments.

Craig loved meeting out here in the country away from all their friends and prying eyes. Least here they could have fun without worrying who might see them or catch them. Besides where else could you go running thru trees, climbing rocks without clothes on? Not like they could do that in the park in town or out by the school yard or even on the college campus. Least here they could have fun and still enjoy the other person's naked body.

He enjoyed these hours after their first wild meeting. It was fun to sit on a fallen tree trunk and play with his dick knowing how much it would excite Kristian. Course Kristian did it too which always got him horny and aroused. Still he seemed to be the one who teased the most which was fine, cause it usually meant he got a damn bit more of Kristian's hot body.

There were times when he all he had to do was stand there, staring off at Kristian and in minutes if not seconds he'd feel the hot mouth on his own throbbing cock. Just putting his hand around it or lifting it up from its downward angle would be enough to have Kristian on his knees in front. And Kristian did know how to suck cock. God it always felt so damn good.

Sometimes he could just stand by a tree or something and fold his arms and look right at Kristian. He could watch the way his friends body would get rigid and how his cock would suddenly seem to thicken right before his staring eyes. Man it felt exciting at times to see how just a look would make Kristian tremble and even show some pre cum. Those moments only made him feel hornier than he ever imagined possible.

Craig waited on a cut off tree trunk. Kristian had stepped off to take a pee. The idea came to him to sneak up behind his friend and hell, maybe he could help him aim a little and then, well who knows. Perhaps right there he could slip his own dick into those nice firm cheeks. It really did feel good to slide his dick into that tight ass.

Kristian certainly seemed in a butt fucking mood this week and it brought a smile to his face not to mention helped to make his dick even harder. His own muscular body trembled a little as he thought about once more spreading the firm white cheeks of his friend. It was the way their meetings seemed to always go, never quite the same as the last time and yet they were familiar with each other in a way that they both knew what the other wanted at any particular moment.

Like this weekend Kristian seemed to want to be the bottom and have Craig pursue him. He also was in the mood for just that. It was part of why he enjoyed this one day of his week more than any other. At least during this time with Kristian he didn't have to worry about his college friends or about tests or even work. He could just let himself go and have fun.

The sound of Kristian breathing made him look down from the top of the small outcrop of rock. He saw him standing there, his hands on his hips but it was like he was waiting for someone. Craig knew that Kristian had anticipated him and was just waiting for him to get there. He felt pleased with himself for catching up on the signal too.

Course maybe it was time to turn things around a little. He stood up by the tree and held his cock in his fingers. He had to take a whiz to so maybe he should just stand there and let Kristian come up and give him a helping hand. Mind you it might be hard to take a piss with Kristian's hand holding his cock but so what, he could piss later if he had to. A thin little smile crossed his face as he heard Kristian coming up to him.

He covered his groin in a teasing manner and stared out at his friend. Craig saw the semi glazed look cross over Kristian's face and it made his heart beat a bit faster. Thoughts of taking a piss quickly vanished as he recognized that look. He smiled inside as Kristian came closer to him. Craig could smell the sweat and aroma of his friend mingling with the fresh outdoor scent. It made his body shudder a little in eager expectation.

The wind blowing gently through the trees made Craig turn to stare back at Kristian's naked figure. He really wished he could take a picture of him, the way his long legs moved and the way his very definitely erect cock swayed between was a sight he wished he could always have with him. His chest ached a little as he thought about maybe it being time for him to have the itch in his ass satisfied.

His balls felt heavy as they hung down from his cock. Craig felt the need rising inside of his rectum as Kristian came closer and he just looked at him, feeling the warmth and affection which made his body tingle. He really did wish things could be different, that their once a week tryst could be every day and night but not where they lived. Maybe if they were in some big city but not here. It was too dangerous and the fact made him feel a bit, well, angry.

Still as he saw the way Kristian's eyes stared at his buttocks, the anger of the moment quickly passed. Least they had found this place and had their one day each week. It was special and he could feel the dull throb inside his ass as he waited for Kristian to come and give him what he now needed.

Craig stared directly into Kristian's face as he finally made it up the small little hill. He felt the eyes staring at his cock just as he stared at Kristian's. They just looked at each other enjoying the beauty of the other's naked body. He could feel the eyes devouring every inch of his nude frame, knowing that the images would be replayed over and over again until it was time for their next meeting. Time was slowing coming to when they would have to part, but as he stared into Kristian's face he knew that right now all that mattered was the moment. He began to push himself up, knowing that he needed to have Kristian.

Kristian towered over him but all Craig could think about was having him. He moved in to the open arms of his friend and felt the soft caress of Kristian's hands on his head. He felt the shiver running up and down his body as he leaned in and smelled that special aroma that was Kristian. His nostrils flared as he breathed in deeply, enjoying the fragrance that wafted into his memory.

His tongue flicked out as his head was level with Kristian's chest. He tasted the salty flesh and then felt the body stiffen as he found one of the dark pink nipples. His mouth closed lightly around the firm flesh and he bit down tenderly, tasting the hard flesh between his teeth. He heard the soft moan as Kristian's arms wrapped tightly around his muscular body, holding him closer.

His own body shook to the hard embrace as his mouth pressed hard onto the nipple. He tasted the flesh and then slowly licked the hard jutting skin. His breathe was laboured as he moved his face over to kiss the valley of Kristian's chest. The tiny hairs already matted by sweat now were coated with his saliva. He felt the groan more than he could hear it as the beat of his heart was drowning out all other sounds. The thunder that echoed in his ears only made him sweat more in anticipation as he moved his face downwards. He wanted to taste all of Kristian's body and his legs grew weak as he struggled to stay standing.

The hands resting on his head continued to press down gently as he slowly let his body move down to the ground. His lips pressed hard against Kristian's hot steamy flesh. He licked at it and kissed it deeply, tasting every inch as he felt his body slowly sinking to his knees. He wanted to enjoy the hot milk that he just never seemed to get enough of as his body shook with each flick of his tongue.

He could smell that man scent growing stronger as his body continued to sink downwards. His knees were resting on the hard ground but all he could think about was Kristian's hard body. The way the muscles were coiled inside and how they shook to the press of his lips made his own muscles tingle. His nerves were on edge revelling in each sensation as it passed thru them towards his mind. He felt so alive, so wanted as Kristian's body continued to shake to his touch.

The taste of the treasure trail made his heart quicken its beat. His palms were sweaty as he let them caress the hard thighs of the boy in front of him. His mind no longer noticed the time of day or even where they were. All he could see was the growing beauty of the flesh that glistened from his mouth. The blonde hairs matted by his tongue. He could see the rolling muscles of Kristian's belly as he kissed it hard and then as he rolled the tip of his tongue into the soft belly button.

His legs were numb as he finally moved down to kiss the wiry bush of pubic hairs. He felt them brush across his lips and tickle his nose. The sigh made Kristian's body tremble as the heat from the hard cock under his chin added to the fire growing inside. His own breathing was becoming shorter with each passing second as his head moved to one side, eagerly licking at the exposed flesh of Kristian's thighs. He dug the rough edged tongue between the groin and the legs. The legs would quiver and he could feel the hard cock jerking with each flick of his tongue. First the one side then the other and each time he would slide his tongue across the very edge of Kristian's pubic hairs. The belly would tremble and Craig could feel the desire building up beyond toleration inside of Kristian's body.

The hands now moved from his head to dig deeply into the flesh of his shoulders. Kristian was moaning deeply now as Craig continued to lick at the soft warm insides of Kristian's thighs. He could taste the sweat and even the dried cum from early. It all added to his own growing desire as his body shook and shuddered with each tremor that came from Kristian.

The constant rub of his chin against the hard throbbing pole only made him sweat more and ache too. The pain in his groin was becoming almost unbearable and yet he continued to ignore it as he kissed and licked at Kristian's groin. He moved his face down so that the side of his face was pressing against Kristian's hard cock. His lips first kissed the full balls that hung below and then his tongue began to lick at the rough sac, tasting more of the dried cum.

Slowly he let his mouth open wider and wider. The full sacs gradually came closer and then with one long pull of his lungs he managed to envelop one of the balls within his mouth. He felt the shudder and his own body trembled with excitement. He licked and sucked on the full sac, pressing the edge of his tongue up into the leathery skin, pressing and rolling the full egg to each side as his body continued to shake.

His eyes were closed but he could see the smiling face floating before him as he let the one sac fall out of his mouth. Quickly he pushed himself over to the other side and once more he drank of Kristian's flesh. The full sac being bit every so lightly by his teeth. He felt the hands digging deeper now and the tips were grinding deep down on the very bones of his shoulder.

Craig felt more than heard the sucking in of breath and he knew that Kristian was close. His own cock had been dripping for what seemed ages as he let loose the other ball from within his hot mouth. He heard the ragged breathing coming from above him as he quickly started to lick at the hot solid lump of flesh that pressed up against his forehead. He could feel the passion inside now as his tongue licked and licked at the hot sweat soaked flesh. The salt only making him want more and more of the flesh.

His eyes flickered as the pain in his shoulders were suddenly gone. In an instant he felt the force of Kristian's hands gripping his hair and twisting the strands around the long firm fingers. Then with a will of strength he let his head be pushed up and then down to the arched groin. Kristian's hard throbbing pole now rested across the side of his face, then down and across his lips the hot pole came. The wet sticky pre cum helping to move the hot flesh towards its masters goal.

Craig smiled inside as his heart continued its wild beat. He felt his lips opening slowly as the cock came across his mouth. The hot taste of the pre cum making him see lights and weird flashes of dots and other assorted shapes. His mouth opened wide suddenly and the hard throbbing pole was suddenly once more inside the mouth. His head was now suddenly pushed forward sending the hard pole deep down to the back of his throat. He gagged slightly but quickly recovered to swallow the head of the fiery cock. His body shook as the cock moved down then back up.

Kristian was moving his hips in a gyrating motion and he was going faster with each thrust of his hips. Craig held on tightly, wrapping his hands across the inside thighs of both legs. The fingers splayed outwards, forcing the legs to open wider so that the groin was totally exposed to his face. He felt the hard press of Kristian's groin into his face, felt the pubic hairs now digging into the soft flesh of his face. His nose was pushed to one side as the young lithe body continued to crash into his face.

Craig braced himself as he felt the tremor coming. He could feel the balls suddenly lifting up and pressing tightly into Kristian's groin. The moan now grew into a loud shriek of pleasure and in that very instants, the body in his hands began to tremble with a tremendous force. His hands were hard pressed to hold on as the shaking body moved from side to side and the cries only echoed back from the empty fields and bushes.

In less than a second he felt the jerking cock go rigid and then before he could even blink the hot flood of milk came gushing out to fill his throat and mouth. Craig coughed and then swallowed hard tasting the hot cream sliding down the throat. His body now grew rigid as the second stream of Kristian's milk came rushing out to mix with the first load. His mouth was full of cream and some began to dribble out from the corners. He sucked quickly, forcing the flood of hot cum to flow down his throat. His legs were cramping as he held onto the swaying body.

In less than 30 seconds the cock was still in his mouth, its force expended and the cum beginning to dry on the corners of Craig's lips. His hands were stiff and yet he didn't move as he continued to enjoy the sensation of Kristian's explosion. He could taste the cream still as his mouth was now empty of the precious fluid. His body shuddered as finally the fingers released his shoulder.

He didn't want to let the soft cock out but he knew he had to. Another tryst out in the country was nearing its end but he didn't want it to end. He still wanted it to continue even though he knew it couldn't. His eyes were glassy as he tried to hold on even though he knew it was futile. His shoulders sagged and finally he let his head move back. The plopping sound of Kristian's cock coming free from Craig's mouth suddenly making Craig feel sad. It would be another week before they could start all over again.




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