He had gone by the old Victorian house countless times without a single spill or slam until yesterday. Man what a drag that was he thought as he stared down the sidewalk. His heart was pounding a bit as he recalled the slam. Course there also was a bit more to it than just falling off the board and his body still ached a bit, just that Graham couldn't tell if the ache was from the fall or Mr Warden.

Nothing looked any differently then or now. It was the same old weather beaten house. The shutters were still more or less closed across the big windows and it looked like it had looked for years, ever since he could remember. It might have been a bit neater looking back then, but that was all. Now it was almost as if it was deserted, despite the new owner Mr Warden.

Graham had watched him move in with the rest of his pack. They just stared at the lean older man standing by the wrought iron gate, checking off stuff as the movers kept up a steady pace. The furniture didn't look all that much even if it was all wrapped up in plastic and blankets over it. Kory had made some remark about the guy not wanting jizz on his precious sofa that had them all laughing. Christ if Kory only knew the truth.

Standing there with his board in one hand, resting more or less on it he wondered just how was it that he hadn't noticed that new groove in the sidewalk? He was certain it hadn't been there the day before. It was almost as if someone had deliberately cut it in, to trip one of them up or something. Graham's eyes narrowed as he glanced over at the big two story house, wondering if Warden had done it?

Didn't make sense as they really weren't that noisy or obnoxious. Sure they might talk bit louder when passing down the street but most folks in the block just shook their heads or waved. No one seemed too upset by them skating past two or three times a day, so how did that groove get there? Did someone drag something by accident or was it on person?

He felt his legs shaking a bit as he stared at the gloomy old house. Had Warden done it to trap one of them? Standing there he recalled how he had come down the block, flying with a bit of speed as the sidewalk had a really great slope to it. Made the skate feel real good and he didn't have to concentrate or push off too much. That was his first mistake. Any real skater would always check out what was ahead. Instead he had been day dreaming, enjoying the warm wind across his face, feeling his long blond hair streaming out behind him as he twisted from side to side on the pavement.

It had felt good until suddenly he was off flying in the air. His board had gone off one way, his body the other and in a second he felt himself hitting the man that had just appeared at the gate. In one way that was good as he was pretty certain hitting the iron gate wouldn't have felt better than hitting into Mr Warden.

Graham hadn't seen him come out even but as he lay there, his legs across Mr Warden's lower torso, he wasn't thinking of being set up. Instead he was trying to get over the shock of his sudden slam. Then too when he managed to glance over at the man, he felt a bit worried that a big stink would be made over the simple accident. The local cops weren't keen on any kids on boards. They even opposed the use of the small little park that had an old cement wading pool for their use. Cops, always bitching about something and if Mr Warden complained, well it wouldn't be fun for a while.

Getting up he reached out to offer his hand, apologizing at the same time to the man no one knew really. The man muttered something about kids and their toys as he stood up and towered over Graham. It gave him an uneasy feeling as the man looked down on him. After all Graham was only 5ft 10in and Mr Warden had to be at least 6ft 3in. Still he tried to not let it show as he kept telling the guy he was sorry, despite the pain in his own body.

One thing about him and his pack, they weren't out to do anything but enjoy the ride their boards gave them. The odd trick down the street but normally they just set up obstacles at the park, in the empty pond. Some practised at home but they didn't block off the streets or use people's driveways. Kind of one reason why most didn't go along with the cops argument, instead letting them use the park. Now this had to happen just when the cops were trying to stick them with some purse snatchings.

One thing he did remember was how solid Warden's body had been. It wasn't soft like you would think, but hard as if the guy worked out, which he must. After all he did have all that gym stuff in the house, and it did look like he used it. Still he couldn't quite make out at first what was Warden's game, still didn't know even though he kind of figured out some of it.

The guy had cursed a bit, but didn't seem to pissed at the time, though that changed once he had helped him into his house. It was like Heckle and Hyde really how the guy suddenly grew angrier once Graham had helped him inside. Soon as the door closed the guy began to threaten him with calling the cops, talking about how he and his pack were always around. It didn't make sense but Graham had enough smarts to try and cool the guy off.

He apologized and offered to do whatever it would take and that was how it started. He sighed a little as he realized how easily he had been played into doing exactly what the creep had wanted. Shit, he wondered if he had any brains at all the way he had walked into that trap. Yet once in, he had no choice but to deliver. The guys wouldn't appreciate it if the cops got to harassing them more simply because he was a wusse.

His real problem wasn't that he objected to being played, just that it bothered him that maybe he had been targeted by the guy. Was he that obvious or did Warden just aim for whoever? The guys didn't know about him either, which was how he liked it but he didn't think they'd bitch if they knew. Still you didn't go around telling your buds that you enjoyed sucking cock or sticking in some other guy's ass. Some things you just kept to yourself. Being queer was one of those things.

It really wasn't the first time he had some older guy want to suck him off, or other stuff. What was how easily he had been tricked into just giving it away. Mind you he wasn't so sure it was all bad. The guy knew how to please so that was something. So many really hadn't a clue how to suck a cock, but Warden did, that was for sure.

Graham always had a rule when doing it for cash or whatever. He never came. Made it less distasteful in his mind but Warden, well that was different. His control over his body was useless the second Warden started working on his dick. Man, he knew how to touch the right spots at the right time. The whole thing didn't take him long either.

There wasn't any beating around the bush either. Warden simply told him what he expected. There was no pretence, he simply told him to drop his pants, to let him suck on it till he came or got horny enough to enter him. That simple, that cold and calculating. It didn't phase him one bit as he simply dropped his pants then and there.

He noticed how Warden smiled and even gave him a compliment. It helped as the older man knelt before him, the words of praise for his dick still sounding in his ears when the man's tongue flicked out and touched the soft limp head. He shivered as the raspy edge of the tongue eagerly caressed his foreskin, tasting it while making it sound special. The noises were different, strange to him as he stood there feeling just the warm tongue touching his cock. Didn't take long for his peter to stiffen either.

That was when Warden gently touched him with the tips of his fingers, lightly brushing his pubic hairs as his mouth kissed the now swollen head of his cock. It had felt too good and he felt his own hands suddenly leaning on Warden's shoulders. His body moved in closer too, wanting the man to taste all of him, which he did.

As soon as his mouth was over Graham's erect cock, he felt the press of the fingers around his butt. The firm young cheeks trembled too as the man's fingers pried the firm flesh open. They moved inwards, lightly at first, then gaining firmness as they came closer to his anus. He moaned without even thinking as his body shook to the sudden engulfing of his entire cock. The soothing warmth and probing fingers made him tremble from head to foot.

His mind couldn't recall ever feeling this way as he swayed to the long hard sucking of his dick. It made him groan as his breathing became labored. The press of Warden's fingers deep into his hole made him arch backwards, thrusting his cock even deeper into the older man's mouth.

The whole sensation was too much as he felt the urge growing with each thrust of his cock into the willing mouth. The press of the man's lips adding to the growing need to satisfy the ache in his whole body. No one had sucked him this way before as he surrendered without even realizing it.

The waves of pleasure came unexpected. His legs grew weak as he leaned forward, only Warden's firm grip around his thighs held him now as he arched outwards. Graham could feel the blood rushing away as his eyes misted over. The flash of brilliant colors made his head swim as his body took control.

With a loud scream he felt himself giving in. The hot milk was running now, flowing out of his body into the waiting mouth. His hands dug deep into the solid shoulders of Warden. Not even a flinch betrayed the mans own emotions as Graham felt his body give. The heavy load of his cream didn't even cause a slight gag or grunt from the man kneeling before him.

It really was amazing as he stood there, shaking and shivering from his release. Warden merely stood up and wiped his face as he undid his own pants, letting them slide down his lanky body to reveal a thick throbbing cock. He just smiled at Graham and with one hand turned him around. Graham could still feel the pressure on his shoulder as he moved to obey the man he had knocked down with his skateboard.

The hand was firm as it pressed down on the back of his neck, insisting on him bending over. Graham did as he was guided to do, bending down while pushing his legs apart so as to allow Warden a clean straight in shot. His legs were still weak as he leaned down, the blood rushing back to his head from his still dripping cock. The thrill now becoming a bit less as he realized that Warden was going to plough his ass with a cock that looked more like a thick piece of steel.

He heard the condom going on, the sound of rubber and he tried to breathe in and out, to relax his muscles as first one then two fingers were quickly inserted into his rectum. Graham cried out at the sudden hard quick thrusting fingers. They pushed aside his muscles with ease as the power of the man was tremendous. His body tightened a bit as the fingers dug in deep, touching him roughly.

Graham could still hear himself yelling as Warden inserted a third finger and probed hard and quick. It was like being stuck on a spit he had thought as the man's hand was wedged deep between his cheeks. The sound of heavy breathing came to him as the fingers twisted and turned inside him, making him ache with pleasure.

Then it was all over, the fingers were out and his body was suddenly at peace. He felt himself relax and the muscles grow lax as it recovered from the hard pressing finger fuck they had endured. He let his head lean down now, the long hair cascading down in front of his eyes as he gulped in fresh air feeling suddenly empty. It didn't last long.

The loud stinging slap on his cheeks startled him and then the press of something gigantic began to wedge itself between his cheeks. In that instant he knew what was coming but before his brain could signal the rest of the body, the searing pain of entry made itself known. The hard quick jab of a huge cock made Graham scream with pain. It tore deep into his whole body long before the head cleared his tiny pink hole.

His thighs shook as the hard thick head split him open, followed by the steady filling of his rectum by the thick pulsing pole. It hurt like nothing had ever hurt him before yet even as he let the pain wrack his body, he felt the pleasure of being so full. His muscles protested as he struggled with the thrusting pole inside. Every part of him ached including his cock, that once more seemed hard as the sounds of flesh striking flesh echoed in the large room.

Graham didn't know how long it was as each thrust merged into the next. The waves of pain mixed with pleasure roared inside of him as his body jumped. The legs were numb as sweat dripped from his forehead. The long strands of hair were matted together from the perspiration as his body glistened under its sheen. The sounds made him groan, the thrusts made him writhe in sexual pleasure.

Just as suddenly as it all began, it ended. The collapse of the man briefly on his back made him stumble and nearly fall but he held, barely. The pain was suddenly gone as the huge cock was slowly pulled out of his aching hole. The sudden emptiness made him quiver and for a brief minute he wanted more, to feel it all begin again. But he bit his lip as the pain of each thrust still lingered deep inside his young body.

Graham put his skateboard down and began the ride down, to once more travel the route he always took. This time his eyes were where they should be as he came nearer to the old Victorian house. He had seen Mr Warden at the gate, and he smiled inwardly. Not this time sucker he thought as he saw the new groove in the pavement.

With an expert lean he moved around the rut etched into the sidewalk and brought his skateboard to a stop just past the iron gate and the waiting Mr Warden. He looked at the sidewalk then at Warden. With a slight curling grin he just turned and dropped his board back down to the sidewalk. As he was about to push off, Graham turned around to give Mr Warden one parting shot.

“Nice, but no more freebies. $50 for a blow, $100 more for a fuck”

With that he pushed off, enjoying the wind once more blowing into his face, his long blond hair flowing outwards as he headed towards the park. Somehow he knew that he'd have a job to do on the way back home.




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