Tyson stared at the blank piece of paper in front him, wondering what the fuck was he going to write. It wasn't like he was Tolstoy or anything, besides the jack ass English moron made it a point to say it had to be only a thousand words tops, no less than six hundred. So no great American novel he supposed but still, what was he going to write?

Okay so the asswipe had given them the topic of detailing their latest romantic encounter which had everyone in the damn room giggling. Couple of cat calls too from the guys at the back of the classroom, but what was he going to write? Hell, could he even write about his last romantic encounter without being outed?

Sure he had sex and in fact had a super time with Jeremy, but that was just it. It was with Jeremy and not Jennifer or Jasmine or some other girl. It was with a guy and no way would old man Harkins find that entertaining. Though in all honesty Tyson did kind of suspect the old fart might be bent, but not like he wanted to find out either. Shit the guy was old, had to be at least 40 if he was a day.

So what would he write? If he wrote about the experience, of how Jeremy had shown up all dressed up, suit and tie and no sneakers, would Harkins freak or worse, make him read it out loud? God, he didn't think of that prospect. The fuck did like to make people read their assignments, which was okay if you were nerdy Gene or Miss I Know The Answer Annabelle, but he also had people like Case read out loud too. Shit the notion that Case might find out about him was too frightening to think.

Trouble for Tyson was that he really had enjoyed his night out with Jeremy. The guy wasn't exactly a raging Brad Pitt or Heath Ledger, but he was hot in his own special way. To begin with the guy had curly black hair that never was straight. Even after a shower, the hair seemed to naturally dry into those locks, and fast too.

Thinking of that gave Tyson a wicked little smile. It brought back that night rather vividly too. Least the sudden jerk of his cock seemed to enjoy the memory of it all. Fuck, so did he if he was honest. Jeremy was an ideal date in that he went to another school, so no way could they fuck up and out themselves with some stupid act or look in the hallways.

Also no way could they get into trouble after Gym either. Least this way no sudden hard-on's to get the guys talking either. It was perfect really except for one thing, it also meant they didn't get to see each other too often. That part really sucked which was why Tyson felt so elated when Jeremy showed up that night, all dressed up.

Christ he could see that wicked smile beaming at him as he had opened the door. The guy was definitely hot but more than that, he was nice. They had been friends for a bit and fooled around some but nothing ever serious until that night. Course he should have suspected something was up when Jeremy had casually suggested they go out. He just hadn't connected that invite with the fact that it was Valentines day. Shows you where his head had been but fuck, what did anyone expect from a closet case?

Wasn't like any of his straight friends even bothered all that much. Yet he wasn't exactly one of the in guys in any of their cliques either. He was a loner for the most part which was okay, as it more or less kept him out of trouble. Though he wished it could be different he wasn't stupid either. The closer he got to any of them, the higher the risk of being found out. That was something he didn't want to face which was one more reason why he loved his friendship with Jeremy. It was safe.

Seeing Jeremy in a suit and tie made surprised him a bit. Even more so was his shock when Jeremy insisted he get gussied up too. Now that was fun, as Jeremy didn't wait downstairs but had gone up to Tyson's room with him. Rather hard to change when the guy kept smiling and checking him out. No way could he hide the boner he had either which didn't seem to bother Jeremy. In fact, the son of a bitch had commented on it, wondering what he was thinking about. Like as if he didn't know.

Still it had been kind of fun. He had thought about changing his underwear just to see what Jeremy would do but then he wasn't the type who pushed. Besides, he kind of thought that later on they might fool around some and it was early. So he had changed and out they went where he had another surprise in store. Jeremy had somehow managed to get his Father's car which wasn't the staid old jalopy that Jeremy normally drove. Instead it was one of those new Tahoe trucks. Well okay more than just a truck but still it was a damn site more comfortable than Jeremy's old beater.

He had no idea where they were going either until they pulled up at Luigi's Italian restaurant. It was considered to be one of the places to get Italian and everyone it seemed wore a suit and tie there. Hell the waiter who greeted them at the door was in a bloody Tuxedo. That made him nervous actually as he rarely went to any place fancy. Their family wasn't exactly what you would call diners. They were more of the Burger King or Denny's type.

Looking at the paper he smiled a bit more, remembering how nervous he had felt as they were seated off to one side, away from everyone. It was dark too with only a candle providing them light. He couldn't help but notice how Jeremy kept looking at him, smiling all the time. No doubt he had some wicked plan up his sleeve but Tyson just didn't care. To be out, sitting next to Jeremy in some swank joint seemed, well, normal.

He hadn't ever thought about it before but as they had talked about school and just enjoyed the quiet atmosphere while waiting for their food, it felt so right. It was a feeling he hadn't really experienced either. When ever he had been out with another guy, there had always been a sense of caution. Yet here, it just seemed like all that was pushed away.

The dinner was good though he really didn't remember much about the food. The waiter had simply shown up with stuff, first a salad then some pasta dish. Seemed Jeremy had arranged it all beforehand which made the whole experience even more romantic for him. Tyson simply forgot that he was with another guy, instead all he could think of was how good Jeremy looked, how sexy it made him feel to be treated this way. Course the lump in his crotch didn't ease once through the entire meal. The little brush of Jeremy's leg against his made sure of that.

Man would he be dead if he ever wrote about that. To think what the guys in the back would do knowing that Jeremy had given him a single flower, that was set in a small vase on the table. That every few seconds or two Jeremy's hand would be under the table, lightly touching Tyson's thigh, with a wicked little smile on both of their faces.

As much as he had enjoyed the dinner, it was afterwards that he remembered the most. The drive not home but out towards the lake. He still didn't know the name of the town, but he sure new the Star Light Motel. How could he forget that place anytime soon? It was a nice little motel just outside some small town by the lake.

When they pulled in, and drove to the small isolated cabin set off just in front of a thicket of trees, Tyson had been duly impressed. Jeremy had already registered and had the key so no quizzical glances from the proprietor. Instead they just parked and went inside. Inside the room was nothing special with the one exception. A small little teddy bear was resting between the two pillows on the double bed. It had a small little red ribbon around its neck that made him giggle when he saw it.

That was when it all changed too, as he felt Jeremy's hands on his shoulders, turning him around. The giggle ended as he saw the warmth in the dark green eyes of his date and he felt the desire too. The face looked at him and seemed to come closer as the eyelids closed. He watched awe struck as Jeremy leaned inwards, pulling Tyson closer.

The press of Jeremy's body into his was amazing in itself, but when those thin pale lips pressed up against his mouth, it was like the heavens had opened up. The room seemed to have spun and flashes of lights made his eyes water as he felt the hot breath mingle with his own. It really was something to feel, and even now made his heart skip a beat or two.

Tyson stared down at the paper, noticing he had written down all that he had been feeling. He read it over and over again, knowing it would never be turned in. Still, it would be nice to show Jeremy when he next came over. He smiled as he pushed away from his desk and laid down on his bed. His eyes closed as he let himself once more go back to the Star Light Motel.

As that night in the room played over again in his mind, he felt saddened that he couldn't share his romantic night out. No one would understand what it felt like, to have Jeremy take him that night, to be the first to ever take him fully. It still tingled when he thought about it and still hurt too. Yet as he lay there, he felt elated that at least it happened with someone who cared for him. It felt good too that it hadn't happened in some back alley or in the backseat of an old jalopy.

That night had made him realize that being gay wasn't something to be ashamed of either. It showed him that given a bit of luck, a bit of imagination, that romance could come. Shame they couldn't walk down the street holding hands like the others, but one day.




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