The older man stared out at Brett standing there in front of him. He saw the blank stare that made the boy's sapphire blue eyes look dull & a bit lifeless. Despite that the older man still felt a strange exhilaration as he looked at the boy with the open checked shirt. The hint of golden flesh showing adding to his thoughts about the young man he had picked up on the road. The way the light brown hair blew across his thin face only added to his fantasy about Brett. Strange, he never brought one of his pick ups here before but there had been something in the boy's look that made him throw caution to the wind.

They had agreed on the price fairly quickly actually and now as Brett stood there, he watched as he slowly reached down to undo his pants. It was like Brett was no stranger to this side of life and yet he still had a sort of innocence that belied his obvious experience. The older man kept his distance, waiting to see his treat being slowly revealed.

The full lips were curled slightly down and Max wondered if perhaps the whole business was distasteful to Brett. He never had given it much thought before but as he studied the slowly emerging body from under the layer of clothing he began to think about it. The appearance of the white underwear a startling contrast to the golden flesh of Brett's exposed upper torso. Still the frown and distant look in the eyes made him wonder more about what Brett was thinking than how he would look naked.

He didn't even notice the pants coming off to expose Brett's naked legs. He didn't even really see the way Brett's package was bulging pushing at the white fabric of his underwear. Instead he noticed how Brett had turned away to gaze off into some far off distance. He thought for a second of saying something but then the lump in his own pants seemed to bring him back to the moment.

It was almost as if Brett had sensed his wandering thoughts as now he turned his full figure towards Max. The boy stood only 5ft 9in he thought and yet he seemed to be able to command Max's attention at last. Spreading the shirt wide Max was able to look at the golden flesh that was Brett's torso. He saw the fine pink nipples and the flat washboard stomach of the thin boy. Did he eat regularly Max wondered?

The wind was blowing a bit strong today and Max noticed how the front of Brett's hair kept blowing across the forehead. Yet even as he watched Brett turn once more to give him a profile look Max noticed the extended rib cage. He could just imagine how it would feel to run his hand along that thin body as his eyes travelled down to see the taunting image of the bare hips. Brett was gently and slowly pulling the thin white underwear down, exposing part of his hidden waist. It really was intoxicating in one way and yet troubling in another sense.

Brett stepped closer now, his body angled but more or less facing Max. The hands had managed to push the underwear down his legs and Max could see the long thick pole of Brett's nearly erect cock. His mouth grew dry as his eyes watered a bit at the strange scene being played out before him. A small hint of a smile came across Brett's thin face that only fuelled his imagination. Just what was Brett thinking as he slowly undressed for him? Was he thinking of the money or was there some other thought going thru Brett's mind as he let his naked body be exposed to a total stranger?

The plain checked shirt flapping in the small breeze made Max start. His eyes now focused once more on Brett and he saw the innocent beauty totally exposed for his pleasure. His eyes moved down the large well proportioned torso towards the belly. The small treasure trail lead his eyes down towards the thick cock that dangled downwards from the brown growth of pubic hairs. Max licked his lips as he stared at the long thick penis, realizing that looks could be deceiving. He never thought that Brett would be that size and yet in all truthfulness it seemed to fit the boy.

Again Brett turned to give him a side view. It was beginning to feel to Max that this was all just part of the boy's normal routine. He felt a bit disappointed at that and yet what had he expected? There had been no doubt that Brett had done this before so why shouldn't he have a set pattern, or routine? Yet as he thought about it he could sense a strange mood of almost, well, disdain coming from Brett. Okay maybe the fact that he was 60 and Brett couldn't be more than 18 or 19 might be a bit much but then Max thought that at least he wasn't some fat balding old geezer. He looked after himself and he felt a little perturbed by the vibes he was getting.

The flash of white made Max suck in his breath. Staring down at the perfect set of ass cheeks made him feel a bit dizzy. The contrast from the golden flesh of Brett's backside and the small firm whiteness of his ass made him lick his lips and reach down to adjust his own hard erect penis. He had to give Brett credit, he might be looking like he wasn't liking what he was doing but the boy knew how to excite another despite it.

Max knew it was his time to join in as he slowly let himself get down to his knees. His eyes though couldn't help but focus on the naked Brett that now moved a bit closer to him. He could smell the scent of stale sweat that came from the boy and despite the hard ache in his groin his mind still pondered on what was Brett thinking? Was he totally disgusted by seeing some old man kneeling in front of him, waiting to partake of his thick boy meat? Was he maybe repulsed by the sight or was he maybe thinking of something else?

His eyes stared directly at the uncut cock that dangled from between Brett's legs. It had softened a bit and felt that it was his fault. Perhaps the image of his own older body had turned Brett off? Maybe the boy had simply let his disdain break his concentration or something and yet as he gazed at the drooping penis, his desire seemed to only heighten.

Max lifted his face to find himself staring up into Brett's sapphire eyes. He saw the blank stare break for a moment and then as his eyes moved back to Brett's groin he noticed how the hidden cockhead was once more pushing out from under the foreskin. His heart began to beat a bit faster as he took in the beauty of that long thick pole.

He could feel his desire welling up inside of him and yet just when he thought it was his time to finally taste that young hot boy flesh, Brett stepped back from his opening mouth. He felt suddenly cheated as he looked upwards, seeing Brett tilt his head once more off to the distance. Anger began to well up inside of him as did the sudden need to want to have his face buried in that wiry pubic bush of Brett.

It didn't seem to matter to Brett as he placed both hands behind him, his legs closing to push the erect penis out. His head was still looking away from Max and again he couldn't help but wonder why was Brett doing this? What was it that he was thinking as he stood there, naked with an erect penis dangling in front of some guys open mouth. Did he even care that Max thought he was gorgeous or did he even think about what Max might think of him? Did it matter?

The ache in his groin made him move closer to the boy. Max could feel the sudden tension as Brett's body grew rigid as he reached out with his hand to touch the hard lump of boy meat. He felt the electricity rush thru his body as he leaned in closer. The scent of sweat permeated his thoughts as he brought the erect penis up towards his waiting mouth. It was all so amazing, the touch, the smells, and even the sense of tension.

He let the tip of the penis brush up his chin and then his lips. Max could feel the heat in his fingers as they held the throbbing pole. The warm sticky taste of pre cum on his lips made his heart beat faster as he let his tongue flick out to wipe away the growing gob of pre cum. It tasted so sweet with just a hint of salt that he sighed. Brett heard the small moan and moved his body in a bit closer, his hips pushing out just a bit that suddenly sent the head of the aroused penis up and beyond the pursed lips. Max could feel the hot flesh sliding past his lips and into his mouth.

The pole was thick causing him to open his jaw wider. He could feel the thrust now as he let his own hands fall to his side, moving his head inwards to meet the firm outwards thrust of Brett's body. The taste of the pre cum filled his mouth as did the huge thick pole. He felt the head bang up against the roof of his mouth before moving further inwards, reaching for his throat.

Max reached out with both hands to grip the firm legs that now stood directly in front of him. He felt them tense up to his touch but his mind was too thrilled by the sweet taste that filled his mouth. The hot boy scent filled him with even more lust as he moved in closer, pulling with his hands. Brett obliged him and stepped in closer now and he could feel the thick pulsing head stretching his throat muscles. He could feel the heat rising up as he eagerly sucked on the pulsing pole.

Brett moved his hips in and out slowly at first, letting Max get used to the thickness inside of his mouth. He could feel his tongue being pressed down and yet he still tried to lick and taste every inch of the hard throbbing pole. His body grew rigid as Brett increased his gyrations. The hard cock moved in and out faster with each passing second and Max struggled to keep hold of the tasty piece of meat that made his head swoon.

He felt his hands reaching around to grab firmly against the white flesh of Brett's cheeks. Max felt his fingers digging deep into the soft flesh of those perfect orbs as his mouth was being pounded by the groin. The dark wiry pubic hairs tickled his nose as the groin ground into his face. Brett moved in a steadily faster movement and Max hung on as he let the boy do the work for him.

It didn't take him long as the thick pole quivered deep down in his throat. He sensed it before feeling it as his body grew rigid in anticipation of the coming explosion. His fingers held tightly to the small cheeks as the body moved like a blur in and out. The throbbing pole banging hard against the insides of his mouth and down his throat. Pain lanced down but he ignored it as he kept sucking deeply, knowing that any second now he would taste the pure milky cream of the young man. His body ached as suddenly he heard a soft gurgled cry from above him just as the boy's hips came thundering down into his face. His head flung backwards from the force of the crushing blow and in that instant the flood of cream came gushing out into the back of his throat.

Max gagged on the first load of hot sweet milk that threatened to drown him with its thick load. He coughed but now Brett's hands were holding his head firmly to his crotch. The second thrust released even more of the heavenly mixture of sweetness and salt. Tears came to his eyes as he let the thick fluid flow down his throat towards his stomach. It all tasted so wonderful that he couldn't find the words to describe the moment.

His body ached as the boy dug his cock deeper into his mouth. The head wedged hard into his throat as the second load of hot juice dribbled out and added to the swirling mixture of cum and saliva. He coughed again as slowly Brett began to pull his cock out from deep in Max's throat.

Max's jaw ached as it was suddenly empty of the hot throbbing pole. Brett was finished and he swallowed several times, tasting the remnants of the cum. It had happened so quickly that if not for the lingering taste of salty sweetness he might have said that nothing had happened. Yet the pain in his jaw from the brief thrusts of Brett's cock reminded him of the moment's pleasure.

He looked up to see that already Brett had his pants pulled up. His shirt was still open but the eyes still held that same empty look. It was all over and as he kneeled there, recovering from the quick & sudden encounter he again wondered what it was that Brett was thinking? All emotion seemed to have been walled off and yet the boy had blown a hard thick load, so he had to have thought about something, but what?




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