Ch. 17

The doorbell brought me out of my slumber. “Alright, alright,” I say as I get out of bed and put on some pants and a shirt. “Hold your horses.” I say. I open the door to see my mom, dad, and my little brother Brian who is 9. He's on our dad’s  phone playing games. That’s right, Brian was born a year after we graduated high school.

“Hey guys,” I say grinning.

“Hey Bran,” my mom and dad say.

“Morning,” Brian grinning looking up from the game and gives me a hug.

“Morning to you too, slugger.” I say. “ I will get Ben.”

“BENJI,” I yell. “People are here.”

“Why?” Ben yell back. “I need sleep.”

“Get your butt out here,” I say. 

“Fine,” Ben yells. “Why you have to be such an--” My mom cover Brian’s ears as he continue playing the games happily.  Ben continues “I swear if you get my ass out of bed for nothing---” Ben stops and see that our mom, dad and brother are here.

“Language,” my mom says. 

“Sorry,”Ben says. “Hey Bry,” 

“Hi,” Brian says looking at Ben. “How are you?”

“Good slugger,” Ben replies. “I miss you.”

“Miss you too,” Brian replies. He then continues “Mom can I go watch something on their netflix?”

“Sure,” my mom says. “Why don’t you go to Brennan’s room? But first ask him”

“Okay,” Brian says. “Can I watch Harry Potter?”

“ Sure. Come with me,” I say. “I will show you my secret hide out.” 

“Okay,” Brian replies. He walks with me to my room. 

I turn to look at Brian and grin. “I hear you are powerful witch.”

“I am,” Brian says

“Really?” I ask. “Can I see?”

“Okay?” Brian says. He throws up the donut I have in my room, freeze it, moves it across the room, and blew it up within mere moments.

“Wow,” I say. “You know the rules right?” I ask

“Yeah,” Brian says. “No magic around people and school.”

“Good boy,” I say. “Mommy told you this for a reason. You know that right?”

“Yes,” Brian says. “I use it to help people people, protect them not for revenge or punish the guilty. Also not to use it  to help me with school. She wants to protect our secret.”

“Yes,” I say. “Good boy. Wanna watch something?”

“Sure,” Brian says. “How about something scary since mom and dad are not around.”

“No,” I say. “I don’t want you to get nightmares and have mom and dad blame me.”

“Fine,” Brian says. “How about Harry Potter?” 

“Okay,” I say. “Come sit next to me,” patting the spot next to me on the bed. Once Brian is in his place, we begin to watch Harry Potter. After finishing the movie , Brian turns to me “I am kind of like the characters in the movie, huh?” he asks

“Yes,” I say. “You are buddy. So are Ben and I.”

“”Cool,” Brian says. “The characters are so awesome.”

“They sure are bud,” I say. “You hungry?” I ask.

“Yeah,” Brian says as he jump off my bed and walk out of my room, and I followed him.We walk out to the family room quarters/kitchen to see that our parents and Ben are there. 

“Brian here is hungry,” I begin. “So am I, so we’re going to lunch. Does anyone want to join us?”

“Me,” Ben say raising his hand. “You know what I am in the mood for?”

“What?” Brian asked curiously looking at Ben.

Old Spaghetti Factory, Ben yells. 

“Cool,” Brain says grinning. “I wanna go.”

“Okay,” I say grinning. “Is this okay with you guys?”

“Yeah,” our parents says. “Go have fun you guys. We will be back here around 7. Is that alright with you guys?”

“Yeah,” Ben and I say. “We are so down to have some brotherly bonding time.”

“Okay,” our parents say. “If you need us, call us.”

“Will do,” I say grinning. 

“Bye Brian,” My mom says. “Be a good boy to your brothers.”

“I will,” Brian says grinning. 

“Bye Brennan and Ben,” my mom says. “Look out for him.”

“We will,” we say together.  “Bye mom.”

“Bye guys,” our dad says.

“Bye dad,” Ben, Brian and I say. We watch our parents walk out of the apartment door and leave.

“Ready to go to Old Spaghetti,” I ask grinning.

“Yeah,” Brian say. We all walk out of the apartment with Ben talking up the rear and locking the door. 

“Ready?” Ben ask looking at Brian.

“ Yeah,” Brian says. He takes both my hand and Ben hands. We walk to the elevator and take it down. We walk out of the lobby and into the parking garage. There Ben walk to his car and unlock it. Brian got into the back seat while I took shotgun.

“Ready?” I ask Brian as I buckle up my seat belt.

“Yup,” Brian say as he fasten his too.

“Old Spaghetti here we come,” Ben yells, laughing. Brian joins in too. Ben starts the engine, backs out, and we are on our way to Old Spaghetti Factory.

“So what are you going to get?” I ask Brian

“Mac and Cheese,” Brian says. 

“Okay,” I say. “I am getting Meat lovers.”

“Cool,” Brian says. “What you getting Benji?”

“Me?” Ben asks. “Well little old me is getting a lasagna,” Ben says as he’s driving. After a ten minute drive, we finally arrive at the Old Spaghetti.

“Ready?” I ask Brian. 

“Yup,” he says as he unbuckled his seatbelt opened the door and got out. 

“Wait for us,” I say say grinning. I finally get out and along with Ben. 

“Hold our hands,” Ben say holding out his hand, knowing how much Brian hates this.

“No,” Brian says. “I can walk by myself.  I am 9 not 3”

“Sorry,” Ben says ruffling Brian’s hair. “I am so sorry, I forgot. You are still so adorable. Yes you are. Yes you are and pinch his cheeck”

“Shut up,” Ben says fixing his hair.

We walk into the restaurant and I tell the hostess how many people are there and my name. 

“Great” the hostess says. “The wait time is 10 minutes.”

“Thank you,” I say. After waiting for ten minutes, a hostess takes us to our table and we sit down. 

From there, the waiter introduces himself and takes our orders. After a couple minutes of waiting, our bread and drinks are ready. We start to eat the bread, soup and salad. 

Soon enough our food come and we all eat in silent. Once we are done and finish the ice cream for dessert,we catch up and ask Brian how school was.

“School is good,” Brian says. “We are learning about history, math, the regular stuff”

“Cool,” I say. 

“Can I have the check?” Ben asks the waiter to bring the check.

“Sure,” the waiter says. After we received the check, Ben pays for it. Once that is done, we sit around for a while to talk. Once we are done, we leave the restaurant.

“Thank you for lunch,” Brian says. 

“You are welcome buddy,” I say grinning. “What you want to do now?”

“Hmm,” Brian says. “How about a movie?”

“Alright,” Ben says. “What movie?”

“How about Kubo and the two strings?” Brian asks.

“Okay,” we both say. We drive to the theaters and park. We all walk in and see that Kubo is playing today. I buy the tickets and pay for them. We walk in and and give the ticket to the ushers. Once we did that, we walk to the movie theater and choose our seats. Finally the movie starts.

After watching the movie for and hour and 40 seconds, it finish. After finishing the movie, Brian is so happy with it and excited.

“I really love that movie” Brian says. 

“Me too Bry,” I say. “It is really good.”

“I agree,” Ben says. “I am wiped. I wanna go home to take a nap.”

“Okay,” Brian says. “ I want to watch another movie on netflix. Is that alright Bran?”

“Sure,” I say, grinning. We walk to the parking lot, when we see a random demon going after an innocent. 

“Great,” I say, “out of all the days, they decide to attack.”

“Really?” Ben asks. He sees the demon also. “Why is their timing so off. I just want a day off to spend time with my brother. Is that too much to ask?”

“Hey,” Brian says. “Stop complaining, we have an innocent to save.” Brian then runs after the demon out of the parking lot and into the alley.

“Come on,” I say to Ben. We run after our 9 year old brother.


I see the demon was holding the innocent. 

“Hey big scary demon,” I say. “Pick on someone your own size.”

“What are you?” the demon says. “You’re like 5. You think you can take me?”

“Yeah,” I say. “I am nine actually!”  I use my freezing power which freeze the demon and the innocent. I tap on the innocent and she unfreeze. 

“Go,” I say. “Its okay” I say. .From there she runs from the alley

“You little bastard.” the demon says as I get back into position and unfreezes him.  He throw the fire at me but I levitate off the ground. It misses me. I flew to the demon and kick him square in the jaw. 


We are running when we past an innocent running past us. We follow her footsteps. Once we get there we see the demon throwing a fireball at our brother. He levitates and it misses him. He flew into the demon and kicked him hard. He lands back on the ground. 

“Why you little brat,” the demon says going after him. He throw the fireball at Brian but he close his eyes and deflected it with a force field. It rebounded and hit the demon, who blew up in flames. Another demon appears and throws the fireball at us and Brian freezes it in midair along with the demon. He blinks and the demon and the fire ball goes up in flames.

“That wasn’t so hard.” Brian says grinning.

“How?” I ask shocked.

“I have you guys powers plus the force field and levitation.” Brian replies. “Hey, don’t act so surprised. You know that I am powerful.”

“Yeah,” Ben says, “not that powerful. You didn’t blink when the fireball came at you.”

“Yeah,” Brian says grinning. “That demon is not my first demon. I vanquished 2 or 3 by the age of 5.” 

“Seriously?” I ask.

“What?” Brian says. “Mom didn’t tell you?”

“Tell us what?” I ask

“About the time the demons attack me when you are away for college? Dang she was happy that I was alright but furious that I use powers recklessly which involve the demon attacking me. Anyways I kicked their butt.”

“Well can you blame her?”  I ask.

“Hey,” Ben says. “Lay off him. He protected us and himself. Plus that was totally badass.”

“Language,” I say. 

“It’s fine,” Brian says. “I won’t tell about the cursing if you don’t tell about the demon vanquishing.”

“Deal,” Ben and I say. We walk back to the parking structure and walk to our car. From there I drive home since Ben is so tired and called shot gun. After driving for fifteen minutes, we finally arrive at our apartment, Ben jumps out of the car and runs to the apartment and to his room. 

“He’s crazy,” Brian says laughing. 

“I know,” I say grinning. “But he’s our brother. What can we do?”

“Yeah,” Brian says. We walk to the apartment to see that Ben is in his room already. 

“Where do you want to watch the movie?” I ask.

“Hmm, out here.” Brian says grinning.

“Okay,” I say. We jump on the couch and turn on the tv. From there we go to netflix and watch two Harry potter Movies. After the second movie is done, knocks on the door. I walk over to the door and look out of the peephole to see my mom.

I open the door.

“Hey mom,” I say.

“Hey,” my mom says “Is Brian ready?”

“Yeah,” I say. “Brian, mom is here.”

“Hey mommy,” Brian says grinning.

“Hi sweetie,” my mom replies. “How’s your day?”

“Good,” Brian says. “We had lots of fun.”

“Good,” my mom says. “Did you thank your brothers?”

“Thank you,” Brian says. 

“You are welcome bud,” I say grinning. “If you ever want to hangout with us again, just call us and we will plan something bud.”

“Okay,” Brian says

“Bye guys,” I say

“Bye Brennan,” my mom and Brian says and close the door. After the door is close, I continue with the Harry Potter Marathon and make dinner. I wake Ben up for dinner and we eat in silence. Once we are done, we rinse our dishes and load it in the dishwasher and I start it. After that is done, We watch more Harry Potter and finally go get ready for bed at 11:30 and hit the sack at midnight. 




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